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		 Integration Overview

Ariel Kelman, Platform Product Marketing
June 2009
Safe Harbor

Safe harbor statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: This presentation may
contain forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. If any such uncertainties
materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect, the results of, inc. could differ
materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make. All statements
other than statements of historical fact could be deemed forward-looking, including any projections of
subscriber growth, attrition, earnings, revenues, or other financial items and any statements regarding
strategies or plans of management for future operations, statements of belief, any statements concerning new,
planned, or upgraded services or technology developments and customer contracts or use of our services.

The risks and uncertainties referred to above include – but are not limited to – risks associated with developing
and delivering new functionality for our service, our new business model, our past operating losses, possible
fluctuations in our operating results and rate of growth, subscriber attrition, interruptions or delays in our Web
hosting, breach of our security measures, the immature market in which we operate, our relatively limited
operating history, our ability to expand, retain, and motivate our employees and manage our growth, new
releases of our service and successful customer deployment, our limited history reselling
products, and utilization and selling to larger enterprise customers. Further information on potential factors that
could affect the financial results of, inc. is included in our annual report on Form 10-K filed and
our quarterly report for the most recent fiscal quarter ended October 31, 2008. These documents are available
on the SEC Filings section of the Investor Information section of our Web site.

Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other press releases or public statements are not
currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase our services should
make the purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available., inc. assumes
no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements.
The Real-Time Cloud

      The world’s most complete cloud.

      The fast way to build in the cloud.

      The world’s first real-time cloud.
The Real-Time Cloud

 Unlimited Real-Time     Granular Security      Programmable         Real-Time Workflow          Programmable
   Customization            & Sharing            Cloud Logic            & Approvals              User Interface

 Real-Time Mobile           Real-Time            Integrated               Real-Time              750+ Integrated
   Deployment               Websites           Content Library            Analytics               Applications

     ISO 27001               Proven                Proven,             Real-Time Query            Real-Time
  Certified Security        Reliability      Real-Time Scalability        Optimizer               Upgrades

       Proven           Real-Time Sandbox        Salesforce to       3 Global Data Centers   Real-Time Transparent
Real-Time integration     Environments            Salesforce          & Disaster Recovery       System Status

                                               Multi-Tenant Kernel
Integration is Faster, Easier and Lower Risk

                                          Web Services API
      100+ Million                        Interoperability with Leading
  API calls per day                       Cloud Platforms
                                          Back-end and Desktop
  > 50% of traffic:                       Integration
   API integration                        Packaged SAP & Oracle
                                          Consume and Publish web
                                          Over 40 Certified Integration
                                          Middleware Partners

           All Integrations Are Upgraded With Zero Customer Effort
Three Styles of Integration

             Interface        Screens exposed to the end users

              Logic           Your business logic

               Layer          Your Data Model
Integration Pattern 1: Data Integration
Invoice Example

                                               Salesforce Account

                                          SAP Material Master
                                          Integrated to SFDC Custom
                                          Object via API
Integration Pattern 2: Logic Level Integration
Master Account Check

                                                 Real-time Call Out
Integration Pattern 3: UI Layer Integration
Baan Orders Mashup
Integration Pattern 3: UI Layer Integration
Peoplesoft Hurricane Tracker Mashup
The Foundation for All Integrations with

 The API securely exposes data to other systems
    – Standard objects
    – Custom objects
 The API is secure
    – Supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol SSLv3
    – Username/Password Credential Authentication
    – Support for SAML and other token mechanisms
 All integrations are upgraded with zero customer effort
The Two Types of Integration Design Mechanisms

         Synchronous                        Asynchronous

 SFDC Integration Mechanisms:        SFDC Integration Mechanisms:
  Composite Application / Mashup     Outbound Messaging
  Apex call outs                     Inbound Replication To Salesforce
      Consuming external services    Outbound Replication From
  Apex Web Services                   Salesforce
      Exposing web    Salesforce – to - Salesforce
       services to other systems
Apex Web Services
Publishing logic as an external web service

       Apex Code

                    Web Service
                                                     External service
                                  Legacy Systems     initiates transaction

     An Apex Code Class can be exposed as a Web Service by annotating
      the Class as a “webService”
     The webService Apex Code Class becomes an Apex Web Service that
      can be invoked by any external or internal application Callouts
Calling out to logic and data in external services


                                                           Web       Legacy Systems
Apex code initiates                      Apex              Service
                                         Web Service
the transaction                          Client            Amazon


       Callouts is a powerful capability of the Apex
          programming language.
         With Callouts, developers can leverage Web services
          from anywhere, and build them into their cloud applications.
Connecting the Clouds

         What if you could combine platforms to
         create the best of all worlds? and Amazon Web Services Succeed in the Cloud for Amazon Web Services

                                Bring Amazon Web Services
                                To Applications
                                    Develop in Java, Ruby on Rails,
                                    LAMP Stack
                                    Access Mega Storage from
                                    Amazon S3
                                    Burst a App to
                                    Amazon EC2 and Facebook Bring Social Apps to the Enterprise for Facebook

                      Developers Build
                               Social Apps for The Enterprise

                               Facebook Users Access Apps
                               on Sites
Announcing: for Google App Engine
Developers Can Now Leverage the Best of Both Platforms

        150,000 Google Developers           100,000 Developers
        Can Now Build Enterprise Apps       Can Now Use Google App Engine
Proven Integration Success to All Types of
 Application    Customer       Process                    Path        Time

               Heald College    Student recruitment     Oracle BPEL 60 days

               SPSS             Customer Support        Partner     20 days

               Karl Strauss
                                Order Management        Partner     30 days

               Symbol           Forecasting and order   Native
                                                                    120 days
               Technologies     management              Connector

               Lightwedge       Quotes and Invoices     Partner     2 days

               Open Text        Order Management        Partner     5 days

               Lawson           Order Management        Partner     5 days
Integrated Order Management via Mobile Devices

                                                                                Great Plains

Challenge                                          Solution                                             Results
 Needed to compete with beer order and delivery    Selected Scribe Insight, the Scribe Adapter for     Expanded sales volume and reach of sales
  capabilities of larger rivals                      Salesforce, the Scribe Adapter for Dynamics GP       team without expanding in-house processing

                                                                                                         Created competitive advantage through superior
 Sought to improve customer interactions by        Streamlined Sales Order Processing to handle         customer service
  delivering to sales reps in the field key          high order frequency and higher sales volume, as
                                                                                                         Immediately eliminated three-to-five man-hours
  information from Microsoft Dynamics GP             well as eliminate a manual, dual-entry process
                                                                                                          of processing a day

                                                                                                         Sales management can use Salesforce to track
                                                    Improved accuracy and timeliness
 Required solutions that were cost and resource                                                          account activity, including sales
                                                    Order confirmation can occur while on-site via      Marketing can tie activities directly to sales
                                            Mobile                                     volume filters
 Wanted a technology solution with future                                                               Costly order entry mistakes are avoided with
  expansion and flexibility                                                                               new audit procedure

        Approved Through Scribe
Integrated Customer and Material Master with SAP

                                         Enterprise ESB

    Pricing Optimization                                                            SAP BW

Challenge                                              Solution                                             Results
 Inconsistent processes and data across the            Deployed a centralized ESB strategy with SOA        Adoption of sales force automation
  multiple business units                                based middleware

 Needed a common platform to unify 21 impacted                                                              Improved lead & opportunity management
                                                        Consolidated four disparate business units onto

 Valuable company data in several static,                                                                   Data model configured to meet integration and
  disparate systems                                     Implemented four projects in parallel – SAP, SAP     visibility requirements
                                                         Business Information Warehouse, price
 Limited visibility into pipeline for each business     optimization software, and
                                                        Deployed integrated solution to 1,100 current
 Expensive maintenance costs for multiple               users; 900 of them are new users
  disparate databases (legacy CRM systems)
Customer Master & Sales Order Integration with Multiple Systems

Challenge                                           Solution                                         Results
•   Acquire and rapidly integrate, or be acquired   •   Selected Cast Iron Integration Appliance     •   First project delivered within 20 days

•   Wanted to simplify credit-check process         •   Facilitated SOX Compliancy
                                                                                                     •   No coding approach

•   Needed to simplify “lead-to-order”              •   Eliminated custom code, Tibco, and BizTalk
                                                                                                     •   2006 APPY for “Integrator of the Year”

•   Custom code not scalable and labor intensive
                                                                                                     •   Integrations no longer hinder acquisitions

•   Cost of changing was SAP prohibitive
                                                                                                     •   Five month ROI payback

              Approved for Public Use
Integrated Lead Tracking and Marketing Accountability

                                                                                   Legacy ERP

Challenge                                           Solution                                                Results
 Needed to consolidate seven disparate customer     Deployed globally across all sales      Standardized employees across 18 countries on
  databases                                           teams                                                   Salesforce platform
 Wanted to Integrate Web mail solution with CRM     Integrated core back office processes such as          Reduced the number of internal calls to check
  app                                                 customer master, quotes, orders, invoices, and          order status by 70 percent by increasing
                                                      RMAs, with legacy ERP application
 Sought to improve customer visibility across 18                                                             visibility
                                                     Bi-directional sync of front office and back office
  different countries.                                                                                       Improved accuracy of forecast and pipeline
                                                     Implemented Mobile best practices
 Fragmented customer data hindered                                                                           information
                                                     Integrated product configuration and quoting
  collaboration across sales teams                                                                           Ability to monitor marketing ROI including lead
                                                      process across Salesforce and ERP systems
 Required improved lead tracking processes and                                                               generation spend and matching campaign
                                                     Extended standard data model to integrate
  marketing accountability                                                                                    revenue
                                                      custom objects from external systems
                                                                                                             Preintegrated applications from the
                                                     Installed six applications from AppExchange to
                                                      improve efficiency of sales, marketing, and HR          AppExchange extend the value of the core
                                                      processes                                               Salesforce applications
Lawson: Rapid Data Migration and Integration with ERP

Challenge                                                  Solution                                       Results
 Data Migration/Integration needs:                        Cast Iron Integration Appliance                 Integration completed in 5 days
     – Siebel to                             Simple “No Coding” approach                   80 hrs of coding time replaced by 8 hours
                                                                                                            of configuration
     – Intensia SMS to, etc.                 Connects with:
                                                                                                           Labor savings of $513,000 over first three
 Integration critical to Pipeline data                         – Lawson,. Data Warehouse, Custom Apps
 Two main integration needs:                               Appliance used as integration standard for
     – Speed – Urgent need to meet deadline                  front to back office integration
     – Flexibility - to interact with variety of formats    Eliminated: Custom code
       (SQL, Web Services, Flat File, etc

                                                                                                                                      Internal use only
Virtual Call Center Delivers Improved Customer Renewal Process

                                                                           Oracle database
                                                                           Data cleansing services

Challenge                                            Solution                                              Results
 Needed to contact customers faster in order to      Selected Scribe Insight, the Scribe Adapter for      Increased efficiencies for contacting customers
  increase renewals                                    Salesforce                                            by 20 percent

 Required a technology solution to support a         Streamlined renewal processing                       Increased renewal rates by 15 percent
  virtual call center                                 Improved timeliness and number of renewal calls
                                                                                                            Eliminated more than $100,000 in manual labor
                                                       and eliminated manual error-prone process
 Needed a flexible integration tool to handle its                                                           costs
  unique needs                                        Provided this capability to telemarketers across
                                                       the country using Salesforce to support a virtual    Reduced address and phone data errors from
 Required solutions that were cost and resource       call center                                           25 percent to 8 percent
                                                                                                            Simplified updates from “Do Not Call” list to
                                                                                                             ensure compliance

                                                                                                            Provided ability for telemarketers to up-sell
                                                                                                             additional services
Productivity With Consolidated Environment and Quality Data
                                            Oracle 11i                Manufacturing Data Systems

                                                                               i2 Demand

                                              Data                              Costing

                                                         Multidimensional      Apps
                          Remedy Support
                                                         Revenue Forecasting

Challenge                                       Solution                                      Results
 Reduce IT spend - over 50 percent of           Standardized Enterprise                      Realized ten-fold improvement in productivity
  budget spent on custom integration              Integration on Informatica                   Only eight weeks to complete development,
 Address inconsistency in business data          PowerCenter for integration                   QA and production rollout with two resources
  caused by data fragmentation across             between both operational and                 Two months to deliver 50 interfaces between
  enterprise                                      analytical systems, and for a drag            Salesforce and the data warehouse
 Migrate over 300 sales personnel                and drop approach vs. “code from
                                                                                               Improved data confidence through enterprise
  worldwide from home-grown SFA                   scratch”
                                                                                                data management meant the company
  system to                       Selected PowerCenter, the same                achieved consistent reference data between
 Synchronize internal operational, HR,           integration platform embedded by              Oracle 11i and Salesforce
  and accounting data to Salesforce               Oracle and i2, the company’s two
                                                                                               Increased performance gains by over 300
                                                  core applications
 Leverage Salesforce data for                                                                  percent
  operational and financial reporting and                                                      Over 200,000 records loaded nightly from
  analysis                                                                                      Salesforce and the data warehouse
Global Efficiency Improvement with SAP Integration

                                                                                       “Salesforce can integrate seamlessly with
                                                                                       our SAP back office and scale to multiple
                                                                                       time zones, geographies, and currencies.“
                                                                    SAP                Toby Fox, Assistant Vice President Project and
                                                                                       Application Delivery, Kone

Challenge                          Solution                                          Results
 Needed to fully integrated CRM    Integrated of SAP customers master data          Pilot program went live within three
  system with SAP back office        and transactional data such as orders,            months
  systems                            contracts and tenders, with Salesforce
                                                                                      Plans to integrate Web-based
 Required rapid deployment to      Integration also included systems for
                                                                                       automated lead-management
  more than 1,800 users in 43        prospect tendering, order processing, and
                                     customer billing.
  countries within 12 months
                                    Solution included both bulk data migration
                                     and traditional integration component.
                                    The integration component synchronized
                                     data account and equipment data between
                                     regional SAP instances and Salesforce,
                                     enabling bi-directional publishing of account
                                     data and unidirectional publishing of
                                     equipment updates
Increased Sales Productivity with Integration to
Oracle 11i Connect for Oracle 11i and Fusion Middleware

                                                                                Oracle 11i

 Challenge                                         Solution                                             Results
  Inconsistent view of customers across            Used ConnectOracle 11i, a            Higher sales productivity
                                                     native connector from Salesforce, to synchronize
   multiple applications since                                                            Sales can now access critical ERP data via
                                                     customers across systems; including custom
   was implemented company-wide a year ago           Oracle programs to enhance functionality             Salesforce
   resulted in reduced sales productivity           Customer master integration will serve as the       Reduced time per sales call
                                                     springboard for process integration via Oracle      Synchronized Customer Master across front and
  Sought to return sales productivity by            Fusion BPEL manager
   providing critical customer data to sales                                                              back office
                                                    Next phases:
   teams through a single interface                     –   Contacts
                                                                                                         Highly reliable, hybrid solution installed in
                                                        –   Web Portal                                    minimal time under budget.
  Highly technical, resource intensive build of
                                                        –   Install Base                                 Higher quality data, better communication
   integration versus vendor provided                   –   Items, Pricing                                between Sales and Finance departments
   integration appliance                                –   Order Entry
Sales Order Visibility with JD Edwards

Challenge                                             Solution                                             Results
 Deep integration with JD Edwards back office        •   Selected Cast Iron Integration Appliance for a    Complex integration delivered within 25 days
                                                          simple “No Coding” approach
 Customer master integration                                                                               Awana Account reps have better ability to close
                                                       With bi-directional integration with JD Edwards,     prospects
 Give Sales reps visibility to critical order data     the organization can:
  from ERP                                                                                                  Simplicity of integration a major factor in the
                                                       Synchronized end accounts & contacts between         decision to choose Salesforce over Microsoft
 Expose invoice data to sales teams for more           Salesforce and JDEdwards                             CRM
  effective account management
                                                       Synchronized sales orders and invoice from JD
                                                        Edwards with the API

              Approved for Public Use
Complete View of Advertising Pipeline Increases Competitiveness

                                                    Advertising Data Warehouse

  Challenge                                    Solution                                          Results
   Wanted to integrate Salesforce with its     Selected Bluewolf’s Integrator & Professional    Bluewolf’s Integrator is delivering deeper
    advertising data warehouse in order to       Implementation Services to train about 400        and more meaningful integrations than Dow
                                                 sales people on system                            Jones initially envisioned
    streamline and improve the sales process
                                               • Implemented in five months                      • Ability to deliver a complete view of
   Needed a complete customer                                                                     advertising relationships (from actual ad
    synchronization                            • Deeper level integrations are happening and       spend to planned future spend) without
   Other key requirements included pipeline     evolving out of the company’s use of the          running custom reports
    and forecast management                      system and innovations within the Bluewolf      • Improved employee productivity and insight
                                                 Integrator product                                into the company’s accounts and
   Required deeper insight into actual and                                                        relationships (brand, agency, advertiser)
    planned advertising spend by account
   Sought to keep abreast of competitive
Customer Master Integration with Peoplesoft and MS SQL Server

                                                                                On DB2

Challenge                                        Solution                                            Results
   Track Fundraising information from donors       Deployed the Cast Iron Integration Appliance       Integration completed in 25 days

   Multiple systems included;       The appliance provided a multi-directional         Implemented directly by the customer
    PeopleSoft on DB2; and a fundraising             integration solution for the PeopleSoft donor
    gifting application)                             process; Salesforce accounts, opportunities,       Improved tracking and visibility of fund-
                                                     and campaigns; and SQL Server 2000 donor            raising efforts and campaigns
   Manual data entry solution was error prone       information

   Considered custom code unscalable               No coding approach

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