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									Other Christmas Events                             The City of Bangor                                       Welcome to
The Dean and Chapter warmly welcome other          and the Cathedral                                        Christmas
organisations and charities to the Cathedral to
celebrate Christmas to which the public are most
welcome                                            About the year c525AD a man of noble birth named
                                                                                                            at Bangor
Wednesday 1 December
                                                   Deiniol settled on this site. Having been given land,
                                                   probably by Maelgwn, King of Gwynedd, he enclosed        Cathedral
18.30 World Aidsí Day Service                      it with a fence constructed by driving poles into the
                                                   ground and weaving branches in between them. The
Thursday 2 December                                native technical term for this type of fence was
19.00 Ysgol Friars School Carol Service            ëbangorí. Within this enclosure Deiniol built his
                                                   church. He and his followers erected huts or cells in
Saturday 4 December
                                                   which to live. They were missionaries, going about
19.30 Cantorion Menai Christmas Concert
                                                   to evangelise and encouraging others to join them.
       Admission by ticket at the door
                                                   All who came, individuals and families, built their
Monday 6 December                                  own dwelling places and all would worship together
19.30 North Wales Combined Emergency Services      in the little church. Thus a Celtic monastery or Clas
      Carol Service                                was formed. As sometimes happens, the word
                                                   ëbangorí was transferred from the original object ñ
Wednesday 8 December                               in this case the fence ñ to that closely associated
19.00 Alaw Cancer Ward Fund Raising Group          with it ñ the settlement within. That is how Bangor
      Carol Service                                got its name.

Thursday 9 December
19.30 Bangor University Christian Union            The Rt Revd Andrew John The Bishop of Bangor
      Carol Service                                The Very Revd Alun J Hawkins The Dean of Bangor

Friday 10 December
                                                   The Revd Canon Dr Sue Jones The Residentiary Canon
                                                   The Revd Michael Outram The Succentor
                                                                                                               We invite you to
11.00 St Gerardís School Trust Carol Service       The Revd Lynne Perry The Chaplain
                                                   The Revd Dr Randolph Ellis High Street Chaplain           celebrate the joy of
                                                                                                                    Advent and
Sunday 12 December                                 Mr Graham Eccles The Director of Music
19.30 Gwasanaeth Ysgolion William Mathias          Mr Martin J Brown The Chapter Clerk & Administrator
      Carol Concert
      Admission by ticket at the door
                                                   For more information about the work of the Cathedral,
                                                   please contact the office (01248) 353983, e-mail us on
Monday 13 December
                                          or visit our website
                                                   by going to and click on the
19.00 Bangor University Carol Service              link to Bangor Diocese
Thursday 16 December
18.30 Rotary Club of Bangor Carol Service
                                                   A Welsh Language version of this leaflet is available        Bangor Cathedral
                                                                                                                 Regular Services
Christmas Services and Concerts                                                                People have been gathering to worship God in
                                                                                               Bangor Cathedral for nearly 1485 years. Visitors are
                                         Tuesday 21 December                                   invited to attend our services
                                         12.00 A Christmas Sequence of
                                               Readings and Music                              Sunday         08.00   Holy Communion
                                                Led by Professor Colin Price                                  09.45   Cymun Bendigaid
                                         17.30 Choral Evensong and Carols *                                   11.00   Choral Eucharist
                                                                                                              15.15   Choral Evensong
                                         Friday 24 December                                    Monday         08.30 Yr Offeren / Eucharist
                                         16.00 Childrenís Crib Service
                                         23.30 Midnight Mass of the Nativity *                 Tuesday        10.30 Yr Offeren / Eucharist
                                               President: The Dean of Bangor                                  17.30 Choral Evensong
                                               Preacher: The Bishop of Bangor
                                                                                               Wednesday      10.30 Yr Offeren / Eucharist
                                         Saturday 25 December                                  Thursday       10.30 Yr Offeren / Eucharist
                                         08.00 Holy Communion                                                 17.30 Choral Evensong
                                         09.45 Cymun Bendigaid
                                               Pregethwr: Esgob Bangor                         Friday         08.30 Yr Offeren / Eucharist
Sunday 28 November                       11.00 Choral Eucharist *
17.30 Advent Carol Service *                   President: The Bishop of Bangor
The Advent Ceremony of Music,                  Preacher: The Dean of Bangor
Readings and Procession
Free admission
                                                                                                                   Cathedral Shop
                                         Sunday 26 December
                                         10.30 Carols and Readings                             Located at the West End of the North Aisle, the
                                               with Holy Eucharist                             Cathedral shop is open Monday ñ Friday 10.30 ñ
Wednesday 15 December                                                                          4.30 (3.30 in winter) and 10.30 ñ 13.00 on
19.30 Carols by a Thousand Candles *     * With the Cathedral Choir                            Saturdays. The shop sells a wide range of books,
A programme of popular Christmas Music                                                         cards, CDís, gifts, Fair Trade products, plus much
and Readings                                                                                   moreÖ..
Admission £5 & £3                        A warm Christmas welcome at
                                         Bangor Cathedral

Sunday 19 December                       This leaflet is to help you find out more about our                   Where to find us?
15.15 Cathedral Carol Service *          2010 Advent and Christmas events at Bangor
The ever popular Festival of             Cathedral. We hope you will have the opportunity      The Cathedral sits in the very centre of Bangor, on
Nine Lessons and Carols                  to join with us at some point in our celebrations     the High Street: nearest Postcode LL57 1LH
Free admission                           this Christmas

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