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                               TAPED TRANSCRIPT OF MR. DOMINIC CASEY


                                       CASE NUMBER – 08-074777

                                             JANUARY 7, 2009

                                       JA – SERGEANT JOHN ALLEN

                                 NS – SPECIAL AGENT NICHOLAS SAVAGE

                                      BC – BRAD CONWAY, ESQUIRE

                                          DC – MR. DOMINIC CASEY

JA: Alright, today’s date is, uh, January the 7th, uh, 2009. The time is approximately 1900 hours. Uhm,
the uh, the following will be a taped interview regarding, uh, case number 08-74777. Uh, this is
Sergeant John Allen. Uh, with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. I’m at, uh, 390 North Orange Avenue,
Suite 1630, uh, the law office of Brad Conway. And, also present, uh, in the office is, uh, Attorney Brad
Conway, uh, Special Agent Nick Savage of the, uh, FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), and, uh,
Dominic Casey. Alright, Dominic, can you raise your right hand for me? Do you swear and affirm the
statement you’re going to make will be true and correct?

DC: Yes, sir, I do.

JA: Okay. Alright, Mr. Casey, uhm, you agreed to meet with us here at, uh, uh, Mr. Conway’s office to
talk to us about, uh, our investigation into the death of Caylee Anthony. Is that correct?

DC: That is correct.

JA: You understand you’re being tape recorded?

DC: Yes, I do.

JA: You have no issue with that, right?

DC: No, sir, I do not.

JA: Okay, Mr. Conway, you understand that the interview’s being taped?

DC: Yes, sir.

JA: Okay. Alright, uh, Dominic, could you, uh, j…just kind of start from the beginning; uh, and, and, uh,
we, we’ve talked a little bit about this tip that you got, out on, uh, uh, Suburban Drive. Can you kind of

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
start from the beginning; and, just explain to us, uh, uh, uh, you know, and, tell us how you came to, to
be out there searching?

DC: I was not out there. My, the beginning is this. There was a meet and greet on the Saturday
morning at the command center.

JA: Saturday? Could you recall the date?

DC: November the 15th.

JA: November the 15th? Okay.

DC: November the 15th.

JA: Okay.

DC: At the meet and greet. I was headed out to the meet and greet. And in Kiomarie Cruz’s statement;
she stated that, that was a hangout where they hung out. That was one thing in Kiomarie’s statement
that I had not seen or verified; so I thought on Saturday, when I go to the meet and greet, then I will go
ahead and run by there; and, and just take a look at it and see if it’s a hang out.

JA: Okay, this was…

DC: (Inaudible).

JA: …this was uh, this was Saturday morning that you were going to go by the meet and greet?

DC: The meet and greet began on Saturday at 10:00 a.m.

JA: Okay, and that would have been November, the…

DC: The 15th.

JA: …15th? Okay.

DC: Correct.

JA: Alright, so you, you, uh, on the way to the meet and greet, you decided to stop, uh, you, to stop by,

DC: I received a…

JA: …Suburban Drive…

DC: …I received a telephone call. What I had done, I had called James Hoover, a couple days before;
and, invited him, at the request of the family, to be at the meet and greet.

JA: Okay.

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: So the arrangement was, I would meet him at my office so that he could follow me down, or
whatever. When I go, got over to the office, he was there, sitting in the parking lot; uh, and he said,
“Why don’t we go in, go in my car, there, instead of taking both?” So I said…

JA: Okay.

DC: …”Sure, that’s fine.” On the way over, I had received a call from Ginnette Lucas.

JA: Okay. About what time, did you receive the call from Ginnette Lucas?

DC: I’m going to say, it’s got to be between seven and eight.

JA: Okay.

DC: Eight o’clock.

JA: What time did you meet, uh, uh, what time did you meet James Hoover?

DC: He wasn’t much, much, much longer, after that.

JA: Okay. So you, you, you got the phone call from Ginnette before you had met Hoover?

DC: That is correct.

JA: Okay. So you, you get this phone call from Ginnette.

DC: Uh-hum (affirmative).

JA: Uh, she, and she, (inaudible) she’s a psychic?

DC: That’s what she’s indicated to me.

JA: Okay, she told you she was a psychic?

DC: No, she didn’t tell me she was a psychic. She was telling, she told me she was some other, just
some other name. I don’t know what it was, that she used. And, she had this image, this whatever. So,
I’m freaking out like…

JA: An image, like a, uh, I mean did she describe, I mean how, how were these images…

DC: She described…

JA: …coming to her?

DC: …that she had, uhm, she had seen Caylee Marie.

JA: Not physically seen her? Seen her like in a clair…

DC: Not physically seen her…

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
JA: …clairvoyant…

DC: …but seen her in a, in a presence of, whatever, that may be. I don’t know what.

NS: I’m confused about, you said, who was using a different name?

DC: Excuse me?

NS: Who was using a different name?

DC: Who was using…I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

NS: I believe you said…

DC: Ginnette Lucas.

NS: Yes. And…

DC: What’s the name? What’s the name on the card.

NS: And she contacted you…

BC: (Inaudible).

NS: And she contacted you as Ginnette Lucas?

DC: Ginny.

BC: (Inaudible).

DC: That’s her.

BC: Okay

DC: Ginny. Ginny is what, is what she goes by. Ginny.

NS: Okay.

DC: But her full name is Ginnette Lucas.

NS: Okay, well…

JA: Okay, so, but what, you, uh, uh, we want to be clear about what we’re saying. Ginny, Ginnette, or
Ginny, called you.

DC: Called me.

JA: …uh, Saturday morning, and told you that she had a vision of some sort?

DC: She had a vision.

                                 Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
JA: Okay.

DC: And she had a vision of seeing Caylee Marie Anthony.

JA: Okay.

DC: And she described where it was.

JA: Okay.

DC: So…

JA: And how did she describe it? How, how did she tell you, that she was on Suburban Drive?

DC: She didn’t say Suburban Drive.

JA: Okay.

DC: She said it’s an area, she said, at the end of Hope Spring Drive. She said, “I don’t know what it is.
But there’s a school nearby. There’s some woods nearby. There’s a house on the corner. If you look at
the house on the corner, and you follow the fence line down, it opens to woods, and there’s…

JA: Okay.

DC: …and there’s woods in there. And, if you go down,” and she said something like how many yards,
whatever, it may be.

JA: Okay.

DC: If I’d walk in, she said, “I believe that’s where you’ll see three concrete paver, concrete blocks.”

JA: Okay.

DC: Is what she described them as, as concrete blocks. So, I said, “Okay.” And when I pulled up, when I
pulled up, when I first, when we first pulled up at Suburban, she called me again and said, “Are you, are
you there? Have, have you seen it?” I said, “Yeah, (affirmative), I’m,” and I walked away from James
Hoover. And I walked away from the truck; and, I’m talking to her. So, I said, “Okay, I’m here.” I said,
she said, “Okay, tell me what you’re seeing.” And so I was telling her, “Well, I see woods at the end of
the house.” She said, “How far down?” I said, “I don’t know, maybe thirty, fifty feet, whatever it is.”
She said, “Then walk in.” Then she said, “And, and you’ll see some concrete blocks.” So, I go walking in,
and I say that was about twenty-five to thirty feet, uh, maximum. And, all you could see was—you
could see trash. You could see garbage, beer bottles, or beer cans, and, uhm, then some water. And
there was a, I remember seeing a toilet sitting there.

JA: Okay.

DC: And, and then I looked across; because, uh, I’m turning around; and, I looked across. I could see
these pavers. I was not on the phone then and I saw these pavers; and, then I’m totally freaking out.

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
JA: Okay. And you’re freaking out because…

DC: Because, I’m, uh…

JA: …she’s telling you…

DC: She’s telling me what, what I’m supposed to find. What, what’s supposed to, what she’s seeing.

JA: Okay.

NS: When you were driving there, what did you tell James Hoover; what, that you were doing?

DC: I told James Hoover, I said, uh, I said, “We’re going to the meet and greet.” I said, “First of all, we’re
going to, uh,” I said, “We’re going to have breakfast with, uhm, uh, Michelle.”

JA: Uh-hum (affirmative).

DC: “We’re going to have breakfast with her at the hotel.” But, I said, “First of all, before we go there,” I
said, “I’m going to stop down on Suburban Drive.” I said, “And go take a look in these woods.” I said, “I
just re…just got a call, uh, a tip.” I told him it was a tip.

JA: Okay.

DC: I did not tell him it was anything other than that; because, I’m thinking like, (sigh), how am I going
to tell anybody it is a psychic? Just why am I following some psychic, whatever. I’m not even, I wasn’t
even going there for that, anyway, to begin with. Here I am, just going there, just to rule something out.

JA: Okay.

DC: And I’m getting this call from this person.

NS: And, again, just so I’m clear, what were you trying to rule out?

DC: Rule out that it was a child hang out of Kiomarie Cr…; Kiomarie Cruz had said in a statement that it
was a, they all used to hang out there; do whatever they did, party, whatever.

BC: That’s what I wanted to clarify, Dominic. Were you already on your way, because that’s what you
were going to do?

DC: Correct.

BC: And then you got the call?

DC: That’s correct.

JA: So, you were driving down there, to rule out whether or not this wooded area was a, uh--how were
you going to rule out, that it was a childhood hangout? I’m, I’m not sure, well, what were you going to;

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
what would you see that would tell you--this a childhood hangout; this is not--what was, what was going
to be the d…decider for you?

DC: The decider for me was like, you could see; like s…somewhere where people have been sitting
around, like makeshift whatever, beer cans, the usual stuff you see with teenagers, or whatever.

JA: Okay, I’m, I’m, I think you lost me. Casey’s twenty-two, now. I mean, how, uh, you, you…

DC: That’s correct.

JA: I mean, how were, how were you going to determine whether this was a place she hung out, when
she was a child? Uh, I’m, I’m…

DC: To my understanding, it was a, this was a place that teenagers hung out. That’s the impression that
I had…

JA: Okay, well…

DC: …teenagers.

JA: E…even still, I mean she, she hadn’t been a teenager in, uh, you know, three years. Uh, how, how,
when you got, uh, well, what--in your mind, were you going to go there, and you’d walk into the woods,
you would see, what, that would make you think--this is somewhere Casey hung out, versus,
somewhere Casey didn’t hang out? How, how were you going to determine that?

DC: I would determine that, looking, just, I was (sighs) looking for, just to see if there’s anything that
would show me it was an actual hangout; that people hung out, or, is it just a, just a wooded area.

NS: If you had made that determination, what would have been your next course of action? That you
corroborated that this was a teen hangout, and, I mean…

DC: That was it.

NS: S0, (inaudible).

DC: (Inaudible) there was no, there was no…

NS: I’m just confused as to why you would drive to that location, and confirm whether or not Casey
hung out there as a teenager.

JA: What, what would you derive from that? If, if you, if you had gotten there and you had found, well
yeah (affirmative), this is probably a place she hung out when she was a teenager; you would--what
would have been your next step? What would you, what uh…

DC: There would have been no, no next step. I would have eliminated that last final part of the
statement. Because I had gone through all of the questions, and all of the answers, on the Kiomarie

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
thing, statement, that she made; looking to verify everything, as I went through all of the statements.
And that was the one thing that, that was still out there, that I didn’t have.

JA: And if you had gotten there, and you determined that it was a child hangout…

DC: Right.

JA: …what would you have done then?

DC: Determine that it was a childhood hangout, that was it.

JA: Okay, so had you, if you determined it either was or wasn’t, it wasn’t going to make a difference
either way?

DC: It was not going to make a difference either, either way.

JA: What would be the point? I, I guess I’m, I guess I’m, I…uh, you’re losing me here.

DC: The point was because somebody had made a statement that, that’s where they hung out. Simple
as that. I already knew that the place had been searched three times prior by uhm, EquuSearch, I
believe; it was (inaudible) three, three times prior. So, I knew there was nothing there, anyway.

JA: On November the…

DC: (Inaudible).

JA: …15th, how did you know that particular location, had been searched? How, I mean on
November…you, you said that you knew; you knew, going there that, that place had been, that p…that
spot, had been ruled out by, uh, Texas EquuSearch. How did you know that particular spot had been
ruled out in November?

DC: What particular spot?

JA: The spot you were going to, right there where, where the, where the, uh, where the pavers were.

DC: There wasn’t a particular spot that I was trying to rule out. I…I mean, you’re confusing me, here.
I’m not, I’m not understanding what you’re saying, here.

JA: Alright, well, uhm, alright, I’m (inaudible).

NS: I think we’re actually a little confused.

JA: Confused, yeah (affirmative).

NS: Yeah (affirmative).

JA: Well, we’re confused because you, you, uh, you, you, you, say that you went there to rule that spot
out, whether or not it was a, a childhood, or a teen hangout, out?

                                    Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: Okay, that’s correct.

JA: Uh, but you’ve also said that if you got there and it was a teen hangout, it wouldn’t have mattered if
it was or wasn’t a teen hangout. You were just trying to determine that for…

DC: That is correct.

JA: …for no rea…but not for any reason?

DC: It was for a reason of eliminating that, that part of the statement, saying, okay, what she said, here,
was correct.

JA: Okay.

DC: That was the only purpose.

JA: And, then, and then, but you’ve also said; that you knew that location had been ruled out as a, as a
possible location for where Caylee is, because, you said…

DC: No sir, I did not say it had been ruled…

JA: Okay.

DC: …ruled out. That’s your words.

JA: Oh (sighs)…

DC: What I said was that it had been, it had been…

JA: Searched?

DC: …searched.

JA: Okay.

DC: I knew that area had been searched prior.

JA: Okay…

DC: So…

NS: I think you said three times? Is that accurate as well?

JA: And you said that you knew she wasn’t there?

DC: To my, to my understanding, from what I had heard through the, all the whatever; that, uhm, it had
been, that area had been searched three times by EquuSearch and others, or whoever.

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
NS: So, as you were going there, what was Jim Hoover led to believe you guys were doing by driving
there first?

DC: I told Jim Hoover that I had received a tip, that there was a possible location of Caylee Marie in
those woods. That’s exactly what I told him. And, I said, “I don’t want to talk about it. Just leave it at

NS: So obviously, obviously, it would imply that it was her remains? Is that accurate?

DC: That is correct. Well…

NS: So…

DC: …it would not be a live Caylee Marie.

NS: So, if Jim Hoover believed you guys were going there to look for the remains of Caylee Anthony,
that would be correct?

DC: That would be correct.

NS: Okay. But you didn’t tell him exactly how you came across this information?

DC: I told him, I, I have just received a tip.

NS: Okay. What else did you talk about on the way down?

DC: I just said, “I, I hope to God it’s not.” I said, “I know this area’s been searched,” and I said, “I just, I
just hope--this is not something I want to do. I don’t want to go in there. I don’t want to see anything,
and I don’t want to, I just don’t want to do this.”

NS: So, when you got there, you provided instructions to Hoover. What were those instructions?

DC: We went ahead, and we got out of the vehicle. I said, “I’m just going to,” I said, “I’m going to go.” I
said, “You just stay, stay, stay here; and I’ll go walking, and see if I can see what, whatever, I see.”

NS: Did you ask him to video tape?

DC: No, I did not.

NS: Did he ask you if he could video tape?

DC: No, he did not.

NS: So, you were surprised? You, you were surprised to learn, at some point in time, that that
occurrence was in fact videotaped?

DC: I’ll tell you what happened. I was inside the woods and was standing here. And I turned around
and here he was; well, he was as far away as that wall, which should be about ten to fifteen feet. And

                                    Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
he’s standing here, like this, with a video camera. I said, “What the hell are you doing?” He said, “Oh, I
just thought I’d tape. I have my video camera with, with me; and I thought I’d tape, so you have a, a
tape of, you know.”

NS: Okay.

JA: So, we could expect to find that comment on the video tape? You telling him, “What the hell are
you doing.” That should be on the video tape, if you turned around on the video tape?

DC: It should be something. I’m like, “Jim, what are you doing with a video tape?:

JA: But that’s my point. And you’re saying to us, that while he was videotaping, you turned around; and
said to him, “What the hell are you doing?”

DC: I made a comment to him about a…

JA: So…

DC: …video tape because I didn’t know that he was videotaping.

JA: So we, we should find that on the video tape?

DC: You should.

JA: Okay.

DC: Well I, I had my still camera with me, and I was taking pictures of what I was seeing.

JA: But, we’re trying to verify what you’re saying. And, and, and what you’re saying is that you’re
certain, that you turned around to him, and said to him, “What the hell are you doing,”-- while he’s
videotaping you.

DC: Words to that effect is what I said. I…

JA: Okay.

DC: …turned around, I was shocked that he was standing there, with a video camera.

JA: Okay.

DC: I did not know. I did not ask him to use a video camera in any way, shape or form. I didn’t even
know he had it. I didn’t even know he was there.

JA: And this was the first, this was when, when you were at the, when you first got there.

DC: That is correct.

JA: This is, this would have been when you first got to the, the, the site, there, on Suburban?

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: What would have been?

JA: That you made this comment.

DC: This would have been when I was in the woods. When I, when I, walked in.

NS: Well, how long had transpired from the time you got there, until the time you made that statement
regarding the video camera?

DC: I have to be guesstimating. Now, I ‘m going to say, we were; no, we weren’t, there any longer than,
to the best of my recollection, thirty minutes, maybe forty minutes.

JA: Alright.

DC: So, it had to be somewhere within a thirty minute period or whatever.

JA: Okay.

NS: So then, he may have been videotaping you upwards to thirty minutes before you noticed that you
were, in fact, being videotaped?

DC: That is a possibility.

NS: Would that be a fair assessment?

DC: Yeah (affirmative), that’s a possibility. Yeah (affirmative), it’s very possible, yeah. (affirmative).

NS: Were you making any phone calls, at the time?

DC: I came out of the woods, no, in the woods? No.

NS: While you were on the scene.

DC: In the street, I called Ginnette Davis, uh, Ginnette Lucas. I’m sorry.

NS: Now, I heard somewhere, that you may have been talking to your sick daughter, at the time.

DC: That would…

NS: Would that be correct?

DC: That would be correct.

NS: So you called…

DC: No, I did not.

NS: …Lucas, but, so you, you’ve spoken to more than one person, then?

DC: I spoke to two people.

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
NS: Okay.

DC: I spoke to two people.

NS: While you were there on-scene? And, that would have been your sick daughter, and Lucas?

DC: That is correct.

NS: And no one else?

DC: Nobody else.

NS: How many times did you talk to Lucas, while you were on-scene?

DC: Twice, maybe three, three times.

NS: Did you call her, or did she call you?

DC: I called her and said, “I haven’t seen anything.” So I, I just, there’s nothing here. There’s, all I see is
trash and, whatever. She said, “You’re in the right, the right location. This is what I’m seeing.”

NS: And you didn’t ask Hoover for his help, to maybe help locate what you might have been looking for?

DC: I may have made a comment to him about there being three concrete blocks. You could see three
concrete blocks while he was in the woods.

NS: So, at what point did he get in the woods?

DC: After I realized that he was there with his video camera.

NS: Okay.

DC: So, that’d have been fifteen, twenty, thirty minutes. I’m not sure. (Inaudible). Well, I wasn’t in, in
there, in there that long, though.

NS: Twenty minutes is a long time.

DC: Yeah (affirmative). So, I mean, I’m just, I’m just, I’m just guesstimating it, so.

JA: Alright. Did, did, and at, and at, some point, you guys were in this little wooded area, where the
blocks were in, and you moved to a, a house, an abandoned house?

DC: Across the street.

JA: Okay, how did y’all get there?

DC: Ginnette. She said, “Look for the fence.” So, I said, “Okay, there’s a chain link fence right across.”
She said, “Do you see any water?” I said, “I see some water. There’s a retention pond.” She said,
“What else do you see? Tell me what you see.” I said, “I see a pop up, uh, (inaudible)…”

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
JA: Did you guys, did you guys walk there, or did you get back in his car?

DC: Back in, back in his car, uh, because this is the next street across.

JA: Okay.

DC: That’s the only way that you can get there.

JA: Right. Okay, did he, did he video tape there?

DC: To my knowledge, no.

JA: Okay, so you, you, you, you, he wouldn’t have, there would be nothing on that, on that video tape
with him standing right there by you, videotaping you digging with a small garden tool? Uh, we won’t
find anything like that on there, right?

DC: I’m not saying that you wouldn’t. That’s highly possible. He’s, he’s a sneaky devil. I…

JA: He’s a sneaky devil?

DC: If he, if he does, if…

JA: What…

DC: …there is something on the video tape, well…

JA: But, if he did it, it would have been…

DC: …I, I would, (inaudible)…

JA: …you wouldn’t have, you wouldn’t have known it?

DC: Excuse me?

JA: If he did do that, you wouldn’t have known that?

DC: I would not have known that.

JA: Okay. So, he probably would have been at some considerable distance? He would have been far
enough away, where you couldn’t have seen him videotaping you, right? He certainly wouldn’t have
been right up there with you, standing right next to you, while this is going on--he’d have, he’d have
been some distance away for you to not have known it?

DC: I wouldn’t necessarily say, say that. He was no farther away, than; he was he was probably as far
away as you are, or maybe a little, maybe another two or three feet.

JA: Are you saying, that I could stand this close to you, and videotape you; and you not, you wouldn’t,
you wouldn’t know that? I, I’m, you…

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: I’ve seen him on s…on, Hope Spring, with protesters, with his video tape, and his, and his; he had it
here, like this, under his jacket.

JA: Okay.

DC: And, and, he’d been standing there holding it, and, uh, and I’ve been like, “What have you got?”
“Oh, I was just looking at those people, there.”

JA: So, if he videotaped you at the house, he would have had that videotape, somewhere, in his coat;
and, he wouldn’t have been standing right up on you, like this? Because, uh, I don’t think he, I mean, I
certainly don’t think, I could stand this close to you, with a video camera, up here, pointing it at you;
without you at least seeing me.

DC: To my recollection, I did not see him with a video camera, video camera, uh, videotape. To my
recollection, there was no tape in there.

NS: Well, how long were you at that house, and what…

DC: (Inaudible).

NS: …were you doing while you were there?

DC: Walked in, and the purpose was, was not the house; it was to look at that culvert.

NS: Okay. So , you didn’t look at anything around the house?

DC: Yes. We walked to the fence; and, I, and there’s a fence there. And I looked in, and you could see
the culvert. Or, it’s like a, it’s an overflow thing—it’s what comes out of the retention pond.

JA: So, you were looking around the retention pond?

DC: Through the fence. Didn’t actually go over the fence to the retention pond. Looking through, I
could see this…

JA: But that’s where you (inaudible)…

DC: …inside.

JA: But, but, but, the psychic told you that she was by the culvert, so you looked there? You didn’t look
by the house. You looked where the psychic told you? Is that accurate?

DC: That’s correct.

JA: Okay.

DC: That is correct.

JA: Okay.

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: And, then coming out of the yard, coming out of the yard…

JA: Uh-hum (affirmative).

DC: …walking out of the yard; and I, and, I saw (inaudible). And there’s, like, uhm, I think, there’s a flat
bed trailer in there. There’s all kinds of, uh, uh, appliances, trash; and, I just kind of walked, just looked
around to see if there’s anything disturbed or anything. There was nothing that didn’t appear like
anybody had been there forever. Like it was very well overgrown. Walking, coming back out of the side
of the house, I looked; and, I saw, one, two, three, I believe, it was three—it may have been four; but, I
believe, it was three, pavers. I thought, “Shoot, here’s three more pavers.” Concrete blocks.

JA: Uh-hum (affirmative).

DC: So, I went over there, and, I, I looked; and, I turned the pavers over. And, I went in; and, I, I pulled
some of the dirt back. You know, looked; and, it was all clean. There was nothing there.

JA: Okay, so…

NS: So, what’d you do after, after all that?

DC: After all that, just scraped it back. Left the house. Came out in the front. Little sand spurs. Pull
them off. Got in the truck. Drove to the, uhm, hotel. Have breakfast with, uh, Michelle. Then to the…

JA: Okay. Alright, uhm, did you guys discuss, on the way to having breakfast with Michelle; did, did you
and Hoover discuss, what had taken place, there? I mean, did you say to him, on the way--well, I’m glad,
you know, God, I’m glad; we didn’t find her. You know, uh, we got that out of the way. Or, was there
any discussion about that? Or, did he say that? Was there any discussion, between the two of you,
about--wow, you know, the, the; I’m talking about this Saturday, you, that you guys went there.

DC: He was saying, he kept saying, saying to me, he said, uhm, he was saying things like, “Wow,” he
said, “That’s very specific, about these concrete blocks.”

JA: Uh-hum (affirmative).

DC: So, I said, “Yeah (affirmative), it is.” And, he said, “That’s, that’s, “, uhm, he was making comments
about, about that; and, I’m like, “Yeah (affirmative).” I said, “It’s, uhm,” and I was, I was freaked, I was
freaked out.

JA: You were freaked out because of the pavers?

DC: Yeah (affirmative), and, I’ve got somebody at a distance, that’s un in Virginia; telling me that,
there’s, look for…

JA: Right.

DC: …something and (inaudible).

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
JA: Were you guys pretty much, I mean, were you relieved that you had gone there; and, you’d
searched, and, and, uh, it was over with?

DC: I was relieved that I did not see or find anything.

JA: Okay.

DC: I was totally relieved at that. And, I said to James, I said, “I’m going to come back tomorrow

JA: Okay.

DC: “I’m going to come back tomorrow morning; and, I’m going to go back over there, to Suburban, is
what I’m going to do.”

JA: Did you go back?

DC: Yes, I did.

JA: When, when did you go back?

DC: The next morning.

JA: Now, were you by yourself?

DC: No. James, James said, “Well, if you want me to come, I’ll come with, with you.” So, I said…

JA: Okay.

DC: I said, “I’ll, you know, I’m going to, I’m going to be there early in the morning…

JA: Did he, did he…

DC: …like seven or eight.”

JA: Did you guys drive down together? Did you, uh, how did you, how did y’all get there the next

DC: The same, the same way, uhm, he met me in my office, in the parking lot.

JA: You weren’t upset with him? I mean, you let him go again the next day. You weren’t upset with him
on the videotaping.

DC: No, I wasn’t upset, about that. I didn’t, I didn’t think…

JA: Well, why’d (inaudible)…

DC: I was, I was upset that he videotaped without my permission…

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
JA: Okay.

DC: …yeah (affirmative), number, number one, yeah (affirmative).

JA: But did, why did you take him back the second day? I mean, obviously, he videotaped you. You
didn’t want, uh, you, you clearly didn’t want him videotaping you without your permission. He snuck, he
did this kind of, kind of in a sneaky way. Uh, why, why did you take him back the next day?

DC: I didn’t see it as any, he offered to come the next day with me.

JA: Alright.

DC: And…

NS: And, why did he believe he was coming? What, why did, why did he think he was coming? What,
why did, why did he think he was coming back to look?

DC: Why, why would he think?

NS: Yeah (affirmative). Why did, why did you want to go back; and, and, look a second time? Why was,

DC: Because I saw the pavers that Ginnette had said about. So, I said, “I want to go back, and I want,
uh, to walk back through there; because, I want to walk distances around, and just see. I want to see
around the area.”

NS: So, it was solely for that purpose; and, not because it was, it may have been a teenage hangout or
anything like that? It was for the…

DC: At…

NS: …purpose of…

DC: …at that particular time, then, it became, okay, I’ve got to eliminate that there, there is not
anything here; and, like, this lady is telling me.

NS: So, let me ask you this. Obviously, you felt compelled to be out there a second time.

DC: Correct.

NS: Did you notify anybody in this room that…

DC: No, sir, I did not.

NS: Okay, why?

DC: Because, there was nothing there; and, that it was part…

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
NS: But you went back and looked a second time. Obviously, you felt there may have been something

DC: No, I didn’t feel as though there was something there.

JA: And…

NS: So…

JA: …why’d you go back?

NS: Exactly. Why’d you go back, again?

DC: Just to get set in my mind that I was comfortable, that there wasn’t. Simple as that.

NS: So, who’d you tell about the initial incident?

DC: Who did I tell about the initial incident?

NS: The initial tip, and the fact that you may have been there; and, may have either corroborated
something, or ruled something out?

DC: The only person I spoke to about it was Jim Hoover, was James, James Hoover. That’s the only…

NS: So, there was no mention, to anybody, during the greeting, the meet and greet?

DC: No. Absolutely, not.

NS: So, then you decided, on your own; to go back the next day, the next morning?

DC: Yes, I did.

NS: To help clarify whatever issues…

DC: Just to…

NS: …you may have had, in your mind?

DC: Just to get a comfort level. Just to get a comfort level; because, I was, I didn’t sleep that night, on
the Saturday night. I was, I was extremely upset that somebody would call me with this information. I
was worried to death that…

JA: That?

DC: Maybe, maybe there’s a little girl out there. I was, and if, and in my mind, I had set in my mind that
if there is; then, somebody overlooked it, in the prior searches. And I just needed to rule this out. If, if
Caylee Marie’s there, then she needs to be found, in a, in a respectful manner. And so I need to look;
and, just make sure that she’s not.

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
NS: Now, at that time, you were also forwarding information and tips to us, though, regarding sightings.
Is that right?

DC: That is correct.

NS: Okay. Well, but not regarding (inaudible).

DC: No, I was done. No, that’s…

JA: How many, how many…

DC: No, (inaudible)…

JA: Hold on. Hold on. Oh, uh, let me, let me ask you this. This really freaked you out, right, this, this…

DC: This person.

JA: …sighting? This tip from the, from the psychic. Did you, did you ever, during the entire time you
were looking for Caylee Marie, did you ever get any tips from any other psychics? Or, was she the only
psychic you spoke to?

DC: No, she was not the only psychic.

JA: What did you do with the other psychic tips?

DC: One of them called me from El Paso, Texas.

JA: Okay.

DC: And she had some weird dream. Uh, it was, it was just, it sounded off the, off the wall.

JA: So you talked…

DC: And (inaudible)…

JA: …to two psychics?

DC: No. (Sighs.) One, the one that called me from El Paso, Texas; and, I listened to her. And then she,
she started talking on the phone as though she was Caylee Marie.

JA: Okay.

DC: Uhm…

JA: Uhm, let me, let me, let me, I’m going to try to ask the question; maybe, another way—it’s easier to
understand. During the, the course of your investigation…

DC: Yes.

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
JA:…and your search for Caylee Marie, how many psychics did you talk to?

DC: Maybe a half a dozen.

JA: So, about six, you, over that, over, uh, uh, well, that entire time; you talked to about six psychics?

DC: Correct.

JA: How many of those psychic tips did you follow up on?

DC: One.

JA: Okay, that was the only one you followed up on?

DC: Yes.

JA: Okay. Was there a reason, you didn’t follow up on the other five?

DC: I had somebody on the phone talking to me like it, she was, Caylee Marie.

JA: All f…all of the other five talked to you like they were Caylee Marie?

DC: No, one of them was that. Uhm, another one was, she called me and he, she said, “You need to
notify law enforcement.” And, I believe she was from Kentucky. “You need to notify law enforcement
that I know where Caylee Marie is.” So, I said, “Okay, tell me where that may be.” She said, “She’s in a
gas tank of the car, the Pontiac.”

JA: Okay.

DC: So, I said, “Okay.” I said, “Then I’ll, uhm, I’ll certainly keep that in mind, and thank you very much
for your call.”

JA: Okay. So that’s three. What about the other three?

DC: I’m not saying there’s specifically six, so let’s clarify that.

JA: Okay.

DC: I’m saying about…

JA: About? Okay.

DC: …about a half a dozen.

JA: Alright, well, what we’re…

DC: Uhm…

JA: …trying, what I’m trying to figure out is…

                                    Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: ..they were, they were just freaky, John. They were not…

JA: Okay.

DC: …they, they just didn’t seem like credible people. I mean…

JA: So this one…

DC: …somebody telling me that…

JA: Okay.

DC: Somebody’s telling me to look inside the…

JA: Alright.

DC: …gas tank of a car.

JA: Okay, just so we’re not confused, you talked to about six psychics, roughly? It could have been five,
it could have been seven, but around six?

DC: Over a six month…

JA: Okay.

DC: …period.

JA: Okay. Five of them you found not to be credible, and you did not follow up on those?

DC: That is correct.

JA: One of them, you did find to be credible; and, you followed up on that?

DC: No, I did not.

JA: You didn’t follow up on it?

DC: Yes, I did follow up on it. I, I followed it up, up on it; and, as much as I was going out there, for one
specific purpose. I already had planned to go out there, and the call came in.

JA: Okay.

DC: So that was—call it coincidental; or, you can call it, uhm, maybe, she was reading my mind, as
whatever. But it’s like, it freaked me out, her calling me; and, I’m going out there, on that particular day.

JA: Uhm…

DC: Uh, it’s, it’s like…

JA: You, you found it…

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: I…

JA: You…

DC: …I, I, I almost did not, I tried to stop myself from going, because of receiving the call. I didn’t want
to go there.

JA: Okay. Uh, but uh, let’s say--so you got the call. You tried to, you, uh, at that point, you tried to stop
yourself from going out there to follow up on the Kiomarie, uh, the Ki…the Kiomarie information. Is that
right? But then you went anyway.

DC: I said to myself, I said, “I don’t, I don’t need to go out, out there. This is just too, too upsetting.”

JA: Okay.

DC: And, and then, it’s like, “No, I’ve got to go out there,” so I went.

JA: Okay. And you, you found the information credible enough, that you went back a second day? Is
that right, or no? I want to make sure, I’m not messing up here.

DC: No, let me…

JA: Did you go back a second day, or no?

DC: No, let me clear this, this up. You keep saying, you keep saying that I found the information
credible. I didn’t, I did not rely on the information to be credible. I didn’t rely on, on anything that I was
being told to be credible. What I relied upon, was when, when the lady had said about the, the concrete

JA: Uh-hum (affirmative).

DC: …that stuck in my mind. I thought, how would she know about these concrete pavers?

NS: That stuck in your mind as being credible?

DC: No, it stuck in my mind, how is somebody in Virginia, and I’m in Orlando; know about concrete
pavers, sitting in a, in the woods? I’m like, I got to rule this thing out. I got to, I’ve got to get to a
comfort level, where I’m comfortable. I don’t want-- if Caylee Marie is there, If Caylee Marie is there.

JA: Okay. You did go back a second day, is that what…

DC: Yes.

JA: Oh, okay. Alright. Uhm, what, what, and you went back the second day because of the pavers?

DC: Uh, I went back to get, the sole purpose on the second day, was to get my own comfort level, that
there was nothing there.

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
JA: Okay. Alright. And…

NS: And James volunteered to go with you?

DC: James, I told James, I said, uh, on the, when we left the meet and greet; and, we were headed
home, I said to James, I said, uhm, I said, I said, “Why don’t,” uhm, he, he, there was talk about, about
like “Are you going to go back, back there,” or whatever. I’m like, “I don’t think so,” or whatever. And
then, by the time we got back to the office, the parking lot, in between then, I’d already made the, I
said, “You know, I’m going to have to go, go back out there-- just, just to get a comfort level. Because, if
there’s something there, and I’ve over…and I’ve, and I’ve, overlooked it--I just need, for my own piece of
mind, to go out there, and take another look.” He said, “Do you want me to come look with you?” I
said, “Yeah (affirmative), I’d appreciate that.”

JA: Alright. Why, why did you, uh, given, given the fact that, uh, all of this, uh, these, these sighting tips,
uh, were forwarded to us. Well, why didn’t you forward this information to us; about the, uh, about the
information you had out there on, uh, uh, you know, at the, at the, in the woods, at the school.

DC: Absolutely nothing panned out about it.

JA: Okay.

NS: What time’d you arrive on…

DC: It didn’t…

NS: What time’d you arrive on the scene, the second time? You, you made mention that you met
Hoover again at your office; and, you drove down together. What time did you get there?

DC: Nick, I’m going to be guesstimating; now, when I say this. I’m going to say, it’d be eight, nine;
somewhere within that range.

NS: Did you call Lucas, and tell her you were going back?

DC: No, I did not.

NS: So how long were you and Hoover there the second time?

DC: I want to say it wouldn’t have been more than fifteen or twenty minutes.

NS: Were there video, or photographs, of that, there?

DC: Not to my knowledge. Not to my knowledge.

NS: So, if there were photographs, or, or videotapes…

DC: I have the still, the still, photographs, is what I took.

NS: Okay.

                                    Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: I…

NS: But that was the first day, or the second day?

DC: I’d have to look on the date on that. I think it was the first day, Nick. I believe it was the first day.

NS: So, you’re either unaware; or just, I guess, you would then be unaware; uh, if, if there are video, or,
or, still images, of the second time?

DC: Now, you’re asking me to think back, and verify factually. I’m going to say, I’m not sure if I took the
photographs the first, or the second day. So, let me put it that..

NS: Okay.

DC: …that way.

NS: Alright.

DC: So, uhm, but I did take photographs.

NS: Okay.

DC: And, as far as the photographs (inaudible), it was what? It was about nine (inaudible) or twelve.

BC: Yeah (affirmative), about nine or ten.

JA: Alright.

DC: Nine or ten.

JA: Uhm, I, I want to, I just want to cover this for the record. Who are you contracted to work for?

DC: I have a, a letter of engagement with uh, the Anthony’s, George and Cynthia Anthony.

JA: George and Cindy.

DC: And, I have a letter of engagement with Casey Anthony.

JA: Okay. How long have you had the letter of engagement with George and Cindy?

DC: I have to look at the dates, but…

JA: Can you get, can you guess? I mean, is it, is it recent? Is it, I mean how, how, how, how long?

BC: You want the dates?

JA: Yeah (affirmative), I’d like to have the dates?

DC: I think that, that goes back to October.

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
JA: Okay. October’s fine.

DC: No, now let’s…

JA: Uh, okay.

DC: …no, let’s get it right.

JA: Alright.

DC: Let’s get it right. I don’t want to get it wrong, here.

DC: It was when I terminated my services with Baez, I entered into a letter of engagement with the

NS: Okay.

DC: Prior to, prior to that, I was providing services to the Anthony’s. (Inaudible).

JA: Prior, prior to the, when do you, at some, at one point, were you, were you contracted to Jose Baez?

DC: Yes, sir.

JA: Okay. And, you terminated that contract with him?

DC: I terminated that.

JA: Okay, and at that point you, you, uh, engaged in a, in an agreement, with George and Cindy?

DC: Correct.

JA: Okay.

DC: But I had already been working with George and Cindy.

JA: Prior to that?

DC: Prior to that…

JA: Okay.

DC: …throughout the whole period of time.

JA: Okay.

NS: Hmm.

JA: Well, when did you enter in, into an agreement, with, with Casey? You said you had a contract with
Casey, as well, or…

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: Yes, sir.

JA: …letter of engagement with Casey?

DC: I don’t know, but it’s right here. (Inaudible) September 12, 2008. September 12, 2008.

JA: Alright.

NS: And, just for the record, the information that we’re talking about, does not relate to any
information that Casey provided to you? So, what we’ve been discussing, is not information that Casey
provided; so, you would work on that behalf. Is that correct?

DC: That is correct.

NS: So, you were doing this on behalf of the Anthony’s’? Would that be accurate, or correct?

JA: What, what, uh, uh, and, and, I, and what, what services were you engaged to, uh, contract to
George and Cindy? What was your, you were doing, what, for them?

DC: To investigate the disappear…the circumstances regarding the disappearance of Caylee Marie

JA: Okay, how about for Casey Anthony?

DC: To investigate the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Caylee Marie Anthony.

JA: Okay.

DC: I believe their letters of engagement say the same (inaudible).

JA: Okay. So, you, you, and, and, and, and when, do you, do you recall the date, that you engaged in a
contract with, with Casey?

DC: (No verbal response.)

JA: Alright, September the 12th.

DC: That’s, that’s the Anthony’s. July 29th.

JA: Okay, so; and, you have one…

DC: (Inaudible.)

JA: You have one with George and Cindy, date…dated July 29th.

DC: No, no. No, no, no. No, no, no. Jose Baez, July 29th.

JA: Okay. July 29th—Jose Baez. When did you terminate with Jose Baez?

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: The termination was October the 1st, the effective date. In fact, here it is.

BC: There you go. It was October the 6th.

DC: (Inaudible.) Uh, no (inaudible).

JA: Alright. Just, just…

DC: No, we got. No, no.

JA: Just (inaudible).

DC: No, no, no. No. No, hold on a minute. Get this right.

BC: October 1st.

DC: October 1st. October 1st it was terminated. That was the effective date of term…that I terminated--
D & A Investigation terminated services, effective October the 1st with the Baez Law Firm.

JA: Okay. Uh, but it, and, and, and, on September the 12th you did engage in, in a, in, in, in, an
agreement with Casey Anthony? Is that…

DC: That is correct.

JA: And are you still working for Casey, or have you terminated..

DC: That is not terminated.

JA: Okay.

DC: That is, just, still, in full force and effect.

JA: Alright, well, let me ask you this. On, uh, (coughs), were you, uh, were you engaged in a contract
with Casey Anthony on December the 9th?

DC: December the 9th?

JA: Yes, sir, the…

DC: No, the last time I saw…

JA: No, I’m, I’m…

DC: No.

JA: Were you engaged, were you, well this, this is dated, September the 12th, 2008.

DC: That’s correct.

JA: This is an agreement you have to work for Casey.

                                      Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: That is correct.

JA: Correct? You have not in, you haven’t terminated that agreement, correct?

DC: No, sir, I have not.

JA: So, on, on, December the 9th…

DC: Uh-hum (affirmative).

JA: …which is subsequent to September the 12th…

DC: Uh-hum (affirmative).

JA: …2008…

DC: Uh-hum (affirmative).

JA: …were you working for Casey Anthony?

DC: I am still in, yes.

JA: Okay, Alright. Uh, that’s, that’s, that’s important; because, I, I have a, an e-mail, here, from you, uh;
and, I know there’s been some talk about people getting to other, and into other people’s, e-mail
accounts and sending e-mails--I have an e-mail; uh, it, it, I…uh, it appears to be from you. Okay, it’s
dated December the 9th. And, it says, uh, it says, here, well--I’ll let you read it, okay? It, it says that you,
you’re working for George and Cindy.

DC: That is correct.

JA: Okay. It also says that, uh…

DC: That is correct.

JA: (Sighs.) Okay, uh, for the sole purpose of finding Caylee Marie. John, D & A Investigations, do, uh,
do work (inaudible) disclosed of, of, and, and, and, uh, and are not connected, uh, nor does D & A
Investigations find any, uh, kind of services, uh, to the defense team.

DC: That is correct.

JA: Okay, so it, it’s somewhat confusing. You say that you’re working for George and Cindy, but you’re
also working for Casey. And, Casey’s charged, and…

DC: Let me clarify that, John.

JA: Okay, that would be good.

DC: Alright. I have not spoken to--I have not seen Casey, since, that would be Sunday, October the 12th.

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
JA: Did you send me this e-mail?

DC: Yes, I did.

JA: Okay. So, nobody else got into your e-mail account and sent this? You sent this e-mail as it, as it
reads here, correct?

DC: I sent that e-mail?

JA: I’m asking you, did you…

BC: Read it and make sure.

JA: Read that e-mail, and tell me if you sent that e-mail.

DC: I did send you this e-mail.

JA: Alright, thank you. Alright.

DC: As of effective October the 12th is the last conversation, or whatever, that I’ve ever had with Casey
Anthony. I’ve not provided any services from that day forward.

JA: Okay.

DC: And, exclusively, from that date of only being providing services to George and Cindy Anthony.

JA: Alright.

DC: Jose Baez went ahead, and, and blocked any contact. As far as I’m concerned that was, uhm, that
was in, uhm, in effect. But there’s been no services provided.

JA: Who, who decided, who decided--the tips that were sent to us, these sighting tips that you were
following up on; who decided how, whether that got sent, who decided what tips that you got and
worked, and worked on, and what were forwarded to the police?

DC: Ninety-nine percent of the tips that D & A Investigations received, John…

JA: Uh-hum (affirmative).

DC:…Caylee’s tip line, or, uhm, people sending in, sending tips to the Anthony family.

JA: (Inaudible).

DC: And they would forward it to me.

JA: But my question to you is this, okay? Who decided which of those tips were forwarded to us?
Somebody made a decision—this one should go to the police; this one should not. So, this one should
go to the police; this one should not. (Inaudible)…

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: All credible tips were forwarded to…

JA: Okay.

DC: …(inaudible).

JA: Who determined, uh, let me, who…

DC: It was a joint…

JA: Uh…

DC: Okay, who joined…

DC: …(inaudible).

JA: …in this decision? Who, who, who, had, who, collectively, made this decision?

DC: That would be George, Cindy, and myself.

JA: Okay. So, you and George and Cindy, decided which information should be sent to us, and which
information, should not. How did you make that decision? What, what criteria did you use? How did
you sit down and decide--well, this we’re going to send to the cops, this we’re not. Obviously, the one
where there’s, uh, you know, you’ve got this information about a dead Caylee being on Suburban Drive.
Somebody made the decision--well, we’re, not sending that one to the police; but, we’re going to send
these. How did you guys—there must have been some criteria that you used to reach that decision.
What, what would that criteria be?

DC: The criteria would be when a tip came, came in; it’s not automatically to call law enforcement, and
say we received a tip. I think we’d drive you crazy if we called you (inaudible).

JA: I understand that. But what I’m trying, I’m trying to figure out, is how you guys decide which ones
you should send, and which ones--I mean, you didn’t, uh, you didn’t randomly do this. There was some,
somehow, you looked at them; and, you decided which ones you should send, and which ones you
should not.

DC: We would look, we would look so far in to a tip; and, if it was, if it appeared credible, and there was
something to it, then we…

JA: Okay.

DC: …that would be forwarded directly to you.

JA: But how did you, how did you, what’s, well, how did you determine, which ones were credible and
which ones were not?

DC: Well, we’ll go to the Florida Mall, for one example. The Florida Mall tip, and I can’t, we, we got that

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
JA: Uh-hum (affirmative).

DC: A tipster called from the mall. Helena called from the mall. And called, and left a voice mail on, on
our office phone. I returned her call. I called her up, and she said that she’d seen who she believed to
be Caylee Marie Anthony at the Florida Mall. And she had photographs. And, and it was on a, uhm, one
of them phones, uh, a Blackberry phone, or whatever you call it.

JA: Well, I’m familiar with the tip. I, what I’m, uh, maybe I’m, maybe I’m not making the question clear.
How did you determine, I mean, in other words, uh, did somebody sit down and look at that tip and say;
obviously, you looked, somebody looked, at that tip and decided--this is a credible tip. I, I know the
information that she was, you know, she was allegedly seen at the Florida Mall.

DC: Uh-hum (affirmative).

JA: She was supposedly seen down there, okay? Somebody must have looked at it, and said this is, this
good, credible information; or no, this is not. And obviously, you guys (inaudible) decided it is. Did
somebody look at this go, wow, the kidnappers must have decided today’s a good day to take Caylee to
the mall and let her go into the mall here in Orlando and hang out in the playground. How did y’all
reach that decision? What, what kind of, what things would you discuss?

DC: How can I respond to a theorizing when you’re saying about kidnappers? I’m not saying about

JA: Well, uh, well, uh, well, you…

DC: So you…

JA: …you’re right. But, but let’s, uh…

DC: Let’s just say, as far as the, as far as the Florida Mall goes…

JA: Uh-hum (affirmative).

DC: I went out and I met with the tipster. The tipster who had these photographs. We got the
photographs, looked at the photographs. Got the photographs to the Anthony’s. Let them see the
photographs; and, uh, there’s a distinct resemblance to Caylee Marie.

JA: Uh…

DC: (Inaudible.)

JA: …I understand all that. What I’m asking you is…

DC: So that, at that particular point, it’s then determined, okay, then there’s credibility to this. We
forwarded it to you.

                                     Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
JA: But you, you must have decided at some point, h…h…I mean, how would Caylee have gotten to the
mall? I mean, you said, well, I’m jumping, I’m concluding there’s kidnappers. Caylee would have been
three at the time. I mean, she couldn’t have, she couldn’t have gotten herself to the mall. How did you,
how did you look at that? H…I mean, what was going through your mind when you, when you decided
that somehow, it, it seems likely that Caylee must have gotten, uh, taken to the mall, the Florida Mall,
here in Orlando? How did you reach that? What, what, what information made that credible?

DC: The tipster said that, that the person that she believed to be with Caylee Marie was, was a lady.
She was with a female. And the female was a, uhm, Spanish origin. She appeared to be Spanish. Or,
she did in fact, she’s, uh, I believe the tipster said that she, only, did speak Spanish. So, and she took
photographs. And there was two tipsters, in fact. There was another girl that came up, that actually,
they both work at the mall, in the same store. She believed, and she went ahead, and what she did at
first, was called the tip line. I don’t know if it was Crime Line; or, whatever it was, but she, she…

JA: Alright.

DC: …she called law enforcement. So that’s, that’s where they began--was calling law enforcement.
Uhm, they weren’t, they weren’t, seemed, to be getting through to anybody, or the right number, or
whatever it was. One of the tipsters, called her husband, and said can you look on-line or whatever.
Where, where do I call.

JA: Okay.

DC: (Inaudible) Caylee Marie.

JA: Now, we’re, we’re, we’re, getting away from the, the question that I asked, okay?

DC: Okay.

JA: And, and, and what I’d like, what I’d like is, is the criteria that you use to decide what information is
credible. Not a kind of a recap of who called who, okay? Uh, well, you looked at this information; and,
somehow, you looked at this, and you decided, you guys, collectively, decided—this is credible
information, that, that, she could have been there. And, I’m asking you, what information, how did you
reach that conclusion? I mean, did you think, I mean, were you thinking--well, somebody took her to
the mall; and, let her go into the playground; or, did you think she got there herself? I mean, how, how
did, what were you, how did you reach the conclusion that she was…

DC: John, you’re like theorizing here. Let me, let me…

JA: Okay.

DC: …let me just say, say this. I saw the picture. The picture, to me—I said to myself, this looks like
Caylee Marie. Am I a hundred percent sure this is Caylee Marie? No. Let me get these pictures to
George and Cindy. They look at the pictures; and, it’s like, it’s a, it’s a possibility. Was it a hundred

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
percent, certainty? No. With there being a possibility; and, we’d, we’d all determined that, looking at
them, they were forwarded to…

JA: Okay.

DC: …John Allen and to Nick Savage.

JA: Okay. Uh, I guess, the bottom line, here, is…

DC: So that was, uh…

JA: …is, is…

DC: …that was how, the, how the criteria was, was done. It’s like you’re looking at something; and, is it
credible, or is it not. (Inaudible) credible.

BC: Was it up to you alone, or, or did Baez, I mean, was he…

DC: I never spoke to Baez, so Baez had no…

JA: So, I, I, guess, what I’m trying to determine; and, and, obviously, I, I, don’t know that you’re going to
be able to answer this for me.

DC: Sure.

JA: Is it, did, did you, how, what criteria, what, what, what factors, did you use, to decide which tips
were credible; and, which ones were not? That’s the question, I’ve, I’ve been trying to ask. I, I’m, does
it, does it make sense, or no?

DC: Yes, it makes very good sense.

JA: Okay. Did you guys have a criteria as to how you made these decisions? Was there something in
place as to…

DC: Each, each tip…

JA: Okay.

DC: …was treated independently.

JA: Okay.

DC: And, tips that came from the Anthony’s, directly to us—that they believed certain information was
credible, they would…

JA: Okay.

DC: ..ask us to look into it. We would look into it.

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
JA: Okay.

DC: That would, that would be the criteria; because, most of the tips would, would come from the tip

JA: Do you have any more questions about the tips?

NS: Well, I’m curious to know, with the tip that you received on Suburban; were they included in that
criteria, whether or not to forward it to law enforcement?

DC: No, there was nothing to it. I dispelled it.

JA: Uh-hum (affirmative)

NS: Okay.

DC: I dispelled that as being nothing.

NS: And how many, how many times did it take you, going to Suburban, before you dispelled that?

DC: Three.

NS: Three?

DC: Uh-hum (affirmative), three.

NS: No more than three?

JA: And, we, we know now about two. You’ve told us about two. When was the third time you went
down there?

DC: A few days after, going by. And, I just kind of, I didn’t even go in the woods. I just looked. I just
walked up and down, to see if I could see any points of entry, or any kind of differences. That was it.
And, I was by myself.

JA: During the time you looked into this, how many tips did you get forwarded to, uh, indicating that
Caylee was deceased?

DC: (Sighs.) That Caylee was deceased?

JA: Yes.

DC: We didn’t get any tips, just saying that Caylee was deceased. We used to get threatening, oh, you…

JA: Okay, so you, so…

DC: You would, you would…

JA: Uh…

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: …get tips saying…

JA: Uh…

DC: …why are you looking…

JA: Okay.

NS: So I…

DC: …when you know she’s dead.

JA: Alright.

NS: Uh, so, I guess the question is…

JA: Is this…

NS: Luc…Lucas was implying that Caylee was playing in the woods, where Casey used to drink?

DC: No.

JA: Okay.

NS: Caylee…exactly…

JA: Uhm, uh, uh, well…

DC: No, no, no.

JA: Well, here’s…

DC: (Inaudible.)

JA: Let’s try, well, what I’d like to do is try to stick to, and, and, and, and, and, uh, uh, and, I don’t think…

DC: You’re confusing me.

JA: We’re not asking complicated, I’m not trying to confuse you. Uhm, if, if you can help out, maybe, if
you understand the question. Okay, what I’m asking is how many tips did you get indicating Caylee was
dead. Is there a way, you can put that into a more understandable way?

BC: Is Ginnette’s phone call to you, the only tip that you got where you feared she was dead?

DC: Yes.

JA: Did anybody else call; and, say that, that, that, she was dead; or, was, was that tip the only tip you
got indicating that she was deceased? Was there, did you ever get any other call saying, like this one,
Caylee’s dead. She’s here. Caylee’s dead there. Is that the only tip that you got, uh, uh, I’m, I guess ,

                                    Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
what I’m trying to figure out is—you got one tip, from Ginnette, that Caylee was dead,; and, you got no
other tips indicating she was dead. Is that accurate or not?

DC: I got, I received calls from people that said why are you looking? She is dead.

JA: Okay.

BC: But, just answer back…

DC: But…

BC: …the question first.

DC: …as far as…

BC: Were there any other tips that said…

DC: To my knowledge, no.

BC: …hey, Caylee is dead, and she’s here…

DC: To my knowledge…

BC: …or Caylee’s dead?

DC: No.

JA: Okay.

DC: The, the only things that we would get; John, we would get calls criticizing us for looking for a live

JA: Okay. I got that. Uh, actually, I got it a couple times. I want to make sure that I’m clear; because,
uh, uh, well, all of my questions, I guess, seem confusing. You never got any other tips, other than the
tip you got from this one psychic, indicating that Caylee was dead?

DC: There was the one that said Caylee was in the gas tank of the Pontiac car.

JA: Okay.

DC: I remember that one.

JA: So you got two indicating that she was dead?

DC: Correct.

JA: Okay. That, that tip?

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: No, out of the other four, five or six psychics total, that had called, that I had spoken to, they all had
theories of those things.

JA: Alright.

DC: I listened to them.

JA: So, you got, you, you got about five or six tips indicating that she was dead. No more than that.

DC: (Inaudible).

JA: You didn’t get twenty or thirty?

DC: No, sir.

JA: Okay.

DC: No, no.

JA: Alright. And, and, how many tips did you get indicating that she was alive?

DC: (Sighs.) Triple digits.

JA: Okay. Okay. And, of those tips, how did you determine which of those were credible; and, which
ones were, were not credible?

DC: We followed up on every single tip. We came in…

JA: Okay.

DC: …and, it would lead somewhere, or it wouldn’t.

JA: Okay.

NS: I need a little clar…a little clarification. I mean, triple digits means one hundred through nine
hundred and ninety-nine. There’s…

DC: Right.

NS: …a vast difference. So…

DC: I’m going to say, say, we looked into several hundred; three, four, five hundred maybe.

JA: So, you got about…

DC: It was, it was, it was like many tips would come through the Caylee tip, tip line.

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
JA: Okay. So you got about five or six indicating she was dead. One of those was credible; and, the
other four or five were not; and, you got between three and five hundred, roughly three to five
hundred, indicating that she was alive.

DC: Uh-hum (affirmative).

JA: And, you followed up on each and every one of those?

DC: Called every single one.

JA: Okay.

DC: Or followed up.

JA: Okay.

NS: Okay.

JA: Uhm…

DC: The most recent one, right here (inaudible).

JA: Now, at, at some point, you were, you were, you became aware that we found a, a, body out there;
in the area, that you were, had been searching.

DC: Yes, sir.

JA: Yes? How, how did you become aware of that?

DC: The news media. I heard it on the radio.

JA: Okay, you heard it on the news, and what…

DC: I’ll tell you where I was. I was at Tip Toe, uhm, nail salon in Sanford.

JA: Okay.

DC: And, there was something that came on the TV.

JA: Alright. What was the first thing you did?

DC: The first thing I did?

JA: Uh-hum (affirmative).

DC: I walked out, and I called, uhm, the Anthony’s. They were in California.

JA: Okay.

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: And, I said, “There’s reports coming on the news. They said that something has been found on
Suburban Drive. I don’t know what it is. But, I’m just letting you know; because, I know you’re going to
be getting on a plane soon. So, as soon as I hear more information; then I’ll, then I’ll, let you know.

JA: Okay.

NS: Had they heard anything, at that point?

DC: They hadn’t heard anything at that point.

NS: And, what time was that? What time did you make that phone call?

DC: Between nine and ten. It was probably about nine-thirty, or so, I believe, that, around that time.

NS: Uh-hum (affirmative).

JA: Okay. Uhm…

DC: And, then as I heard more, I called again; and, I remember Cindy saying that she received a call from

JA: Okay.

BC: Guys, can we take just five seconds?

JA: Sure, go ahead.

NS: Absolutely.

TL: Uh, Brad, do you need me, just talk to me about anything, or?

BC: No.

TL: Okay.

UM: Are you done?

BC: Yeah (affirmative), I’m all done.

UM: You have anything?

TL No, do you guys need me. They need me for anything?

BC: I don’t think so.

TL Alright. If you do, just give me, tell them to give me a call.

BC: Okay.

TL: Alright, I’ll see you guys.

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
BC: (Inaudible).

TL: Yeah (affirmative), I’m going to (inaudible).

BC: Okay.

JA: Okay. Uhm, and, and, you met them at the airport.

DC: Off the airport property.

JA: Okay. Who was with you when you met them?

DC: O.P.D. (Orlando Police Department).

JA: Okay.

DC: And James Hoover.

JA: Okay. How did, how did Hoover get involved?

DC: Hoover called me, and said, “Did you hear the…” I said, “Yeah (affirmative), I’m all over it.” And,
he’s like, “Do you, do you want me to come on down?” So, I said, “Sure, if you want.” And, uh…

JA: Because…

DC: I said, “I’m,” I said, “I’m going to pick up the, the Anthony’s, at the airport.”

JA: Okay. And, where did you meet Hoover?

DC: Bennigan’s parking lot, on 436, right before you get to the airport.

JA: Okay, and where did you meet the Anthony’s?

DC: Bennigan’s parking lot on 436.

JA: Okay, and what, what did you do then?

DC: We got, uhm, (sighs), we got into a car; and, we drove to a hotel.

JA: Okay, uh, and where, where did you drive to?

DC: The Ritz, is what it’s called, the Ritz Carlton, was it? The Ritz Carlton Hotel.

JA: Okay, and what did you guys do after you got there?

DC: What did we do after we got there? We got settled in the, in the rooms. They were beside
themselves, uh, upset. Uhm, and just basically want, you know, needed time, time alone.

NS: Did you facilitate the, uh, the meeting with the Anthony’s? And, did you facilitate the
transportation; and, the hotel arrangements?

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: I did not facilitate the hotel arrangements. They were all done by Michelle Bart.

NS: Okay. So, how were you made aware that, that there was hotel arrangements; and, where they

DC: Michelle Bart e-mailed me. Was it Michelle? Yeah (affirmative), Michelle Bart had made some
arrangements. And, she was calling me. She was back in, where does she live, in Oregon, is it; or,
somewhere up, somewhere up, there. Somewhere on the west coast.

JA: Okay, so…

DC: And, she was going to fly up…

JA: Okay.

DC: …to Orlando. And, she said she was going to be in Or…in Orlando, and, that; and, she’d already
made arrangements. Uhm, that the Anthony’s would go to a hotel…

JA: Okay.

DC: …instead of going to their house.

JA: Alright. And, you guys got to the, got to the hotel. And, you, and, you’re saying Michelle Bart is the
one who, to your knowledge, made the hotel arrangements?

DC: She made those arrangements.

JA: Okay. And, who did you guys meet, at the hotel, when you got there?

DC: (No verbal response.)

JA: Did you meet anybody, when you got there; or, did you just check in, and that was it? I mean,
what’d you guys do?

DC: Yeah (affirmative), we checked in.

JA: Okay.

DC: Uhm, it was Caitlyn, there. Caitlyn, uhm…

NS: Who’s Caitlyn?

DC: Caitlyn is with ABC.

NS: Do you know Caitlyn’s last name?

BC: Yeah (affirmative), it’s…

DC: Folmer…

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
BC: Folmer.

JA: Cait…Caitlyn Folmer?

BC: Folmer or Fulmer.

DC: F-O-L-M-E-R.

BC: F-O-L-M-E-R, or F-U-L-M-E-R.

JA: Okay.

NS: Okay. Do you know Caitlyn?

DC: That was the first time I had met Caitlyn. I had spoken to her once before on the telephone.

NS: Okay.

JA: About what?

DC: She called me…it was probably two months before, or a month. I’m not sure why, but the
Anthony’s were up in New York, on the Today show. So that would be maybe Sep…September or
something like that.

JA: Okay.

DC: I’m just guesstimating at that, so.

JA: Alright.

DC: And, I received a call; and, it’s this girl called Caitlyn. And, said, “Hi, I’m Caitlyn and I’m with, uh, I’m
a producer with ABC.”

JA: Okay.

DC: So, I said okay. And, uh, she said, “I’m just giving you a call; and, you know, I wanted to.” I said, “I
don’t want to talk to you.” That’s, that’s the first thing I said. I said, “I don’t, I don’t want to talk. I
don’t, I don’t talk to media.” So, she said, “Oh, I’m here with the Anthony’s.” So, I said, “No, you’re
not.” And, the next thing, the phone was handed to, I think, it was handed to Cindy.

JA: Okay.

DC: And, Cindy said, “Oh, it’s okay to talk to her. She, she’s okay.” So, I said, “Oh, okay.” So, and we
just chit, chit-chatted. That was it.

JA: Okay. Why didn’t you want to talk to her? What about her made you not want to talk to her?

DC: She’s a media person.

                                    Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
JA: Okay, so you don’t, you don’t like, you don’t talk, you don’t, you generally don’t talk to media
people? You don’t have conversations with them, or…

DC: Yeah (affirmative), I’ll con…yeah (affirmative), I’ll converse with, with them…

JA: Okay.

DC: …when I’m talking to somebody from a long distance.

JA: Okay.

DC: But I’m not, I’m not, I’m not one of the ones to be on TV…

JA: Okay.

DC: …every single night…

JA: Okay.

DC: …on these…

JA: Right.

DC: …TV shows.

JA: Right. Now, uhm, you, you guys met Caitlyn out at the hotel. What happened next?

DC: What happened next? We had dinner. I mean, the Anthony’s stayed in their; uhm, I think you
came out Brad. Brad came out to the hotel.

NS: Who else was there with you?

DC: Brad came out to the hotel. Uhm, there was Caitlyn. Oh, and then Lee and Mallory…

JA: Okay.

DC: …came. Uhm, I spent time with George and Cindy.

JA: Okay.

DC: Uh, and, then while we were having dinner, when we were having dinner; there was, let’s see,
there would be George and Cindy, Lee and Mallory, Caitlyn, James Hoover, myself.

JA: Okay.

DC: We were sitting there having dinner, and then Jose Baez arrived.

JA: Okay.

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: And, we were probably, three, three quarters, of the way through dinner; and, Jose Baez arrived.
And, I think, he just, I think he’d just been, I think, he just visited with Casey, I believe. He may have

JA: Okay.

DC: So, he just stopped by; and, he was there for maybe fifteen minutes, twenty minutes. I’m not sure.
It wasn’t very, very long. And, he wanted to come by; and, and, let George and Cindy know that he had
spoken to Casey and…

BC: And this was after I left…

DC: (Inaudible.)

BC: …because…

JA: Right. We know you were gone when dinner (inaudible), right. Uh, now who…

BC: So, I don’t…

JA: And, he said, I’m, I’m just, I’m, now, I’m confused. Uh, you’re saying he just kind of came and left.
He, Lee didn’t order dinner for him?

DC: Lee ordered dinner for him.

JA: For, for Ba…for Mr. Baez?

DC: Right. I’m not sure who, uhm, Jose Baez called, somebody. I don’t know who it…

JA: Uh-hum (affirmative).

DC: …who it was. And, and I remember there was conversation going, going back and forth; about,
about, are you going to eat or whatever, or whatever. And I think, so, and Lee ordered a steak for Jose.
It sat there on the table.

JA: Okay.

DC: And, uhm, I guess that’s what, what Jose said, I’ll have a steak.

JA: Okay.

DC: But, I remember when he, when he came in, he didn’t have a lot of time. He was kind of in a rush;
and, he made it clear that, that he just wanted to see George and Cindy and let him, let them know, that
he’d spoken with, uhm, Casey.

JA: He didn’t have any conversation with Caitlyn?

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: Well, uh, yeah (affirmative), there was conversation back and forth, sure. There was conversation
between, you know, idle chit-chat, but.

JA: Okay. What, what was the idle chit-chat about? What were you guys talking about.

DC: I wasn’t, I wasn’t really paying attention. I was eating my, it was not, between Caitlyn and Baez?

JA: I mean, all of you sitting there together. I mean, you guys…

DC: Oh…

JA: …were sitting there having dinner.

DC: …it was, uh, it wasn’t, no, hold on a minute. It was a, it was a somber. It wasn’t, it wasn’t, uh,
sitting there like you’d go out to dinner; and, you’re all talking, like a party or that type thing. It wasn’t…

JA: Did, well, what…

DC: The, the mood was not…

JA: I’m, what, what did you guys talk about? What, did, what were you guys discussing at dinner?

DC: (Sighs.) I remember James, James was sitting at the other end of the table; and, I was sitting at this
end of the table. And, James was sitting, across from James was Caitlyn. And, to his side was Cindy. So,
there was a conversation at the end of the table, whatever that was. Over at this end of the table, I
wasn’t really con…uhm, (inaudible) conversing with anybody, really. Just, uhm, and the mood was
pretty somber. James was very talkative. And, I guess, he was, he was talking about how he used to be
a body guard for Howard Cosell; and, how his son had said you need to go help the Anthony’s, and…

JA: Uh-hum (affirmative).

DC: …just all that nonsense. There, there really, there, there wasn’t really conversation, John. I mean,
there was conversation, but nothing, you know…

JA: Alright. What time’d you guys get done with dinner?

DC: (Sighs.) I have no idea. I have no idea.

JA: (Inaudible).

DC: I think that dinner probably took maybe an hour.

JA: Okay.

DC: So, uh, until…

JA: What’d you guys do after dinner…

DC: …probably about eleven.

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
JA: What’d you guys do after dinner?

DC: We went to the rooms. Was that the night of the search warrant, John?

JA: Oh, I just ran, oh, I just ran out of…

(Interview stops and resumes.)

JA: Alright, we’re back on tape at approximately 2015. We’ve, uh, switched recorders. Uhm, my
recorder had run out of room on the, uhm, run out of memory. Alright, Dominic, I, I, apologize, or,
we’re back on.

DC: Sure.

JA: If you want to go ahead and finish. Uh, after that was the night of the search warrant; and, uh, I
guess where we stopped.

DC: Right.

JA: Uhm, what happened later, that, what, happened, after dinner? You said, about eleven, you guys
went to your rooms.

DC: We went to our rooms.

JA: Okay.

DC: Uhm, James and I were in, in the room next door to George and Cindy’s room.

JA: Okay.

DC: And, probably, we were there probably thirty minutes, or so; and, Cindy asked me if I would walk,
came, she knocked on the door; and, she said she needed to walk.

JA: Okay.

DC: So, I said, “Okay, I’ll wa…I will walk with you.” She was upset. We…

JA: Okay.

DC: We walked to the elevator. Got down the elevator, into the lobby. And, walking to the lobby--we
were walking through the lobby, to walk outside. And, sitting in the lobby there, uhm, Michelle Bart was
there. Caitlyn was there. And, Cindy said to me, she said, “Uhm, Michelle and, uhm, Caitlyn are on the
staff.” So, I said, “Who’s staff?” And, she said, “With ABC.” And, I said, “Oh, okay.” So, we just started
walking around (coughs). And, then we ended up sitting at the, she said, “I need fresh air.” So, I end up
sitting on a bench right out there in front of the hotel. As you walk out the door, it’s to the right.
There’s another entrance to the hotel, at that entrance, sitting at a bench there.

JA: Okay.

                                    Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: And, then a telephone call, uh, we received a telephone call, I believe, from, from, you, saying that,
uh, somebody needed to come to lock up the house.

JA: Right.

DC: And, uhm, James had come walking down. And, he called me; and, he said, he said, “Where are you
at?” I said, “Right over here. Look over here, you’ll (inaudible), you’ll see the (inaudible), just keep
looking for the (inaudible) where the…

JA: Uh-hum (affirmative).

DC: …where the white car is; and, you’ll see us right across there, at the bench. So, he came, he came
walking across. And, uhm, I said, I, I’m, not sure, I, was it you that called Cindy, or…

JA: Yeah (affirmative), I believe. Uh, who made the decision that, that Hoover was going to come to the
house, uh, and, and, (inaudible).

DC: He volunteered.

JA: Okay, but who made the decision-- okay, that’s okay, he can go to the house; and, lock the house
up? Who, I I’m not saying whether he did or didn’t talk to you. What I’m asking, is, is that who okay’d
that; who approved for James Hoover to come meet with us at the house? He could have volunteered
to do anything. Somebody could have said no. Who said—okay, fine, go to the house? Who made that

DC: Cindy.

JA: Cindy did? Okay. So, Cindy, uh, Cindy, Cindy sent him to the house?

DC: She, yeah (affirmative), she let him (inaudible). I said, “Yeah (affirmative), that’s (inaudible) if it’s
okay with, with you, that’s fine.”

JA: Okay. Alright, so Hoover came, met with us, locked the house up.

DC: Now hold on a minute. I don’t know that Hoover did that.

JA: Okay, Hoover came…

DC: (Inaudible).

JA: …Hoover came and met with us. Right?

DC: Hoover left…

JA: As far as you know, Hoover left to meet with us.

DC: Correct.

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
JA: With the approval, of everybody there?

DC: Correct.

JA: Okay. Nobody said, no, you’re not going. I’ll send somebody else?

DC: That is correct.

JA: Okay. Alright, and do you recall, what time he got back there?

DC: I’ll say, it’d have to be around three, John.

JA: Okay. What happened the next day?

DC: Three or three-thirty.

JA: What happened the next day?

DC: The next day would have been a Saturday, wasn’t it? So, it was Saturday, Friday, what happened
the next day? Got up, had breakfast, uh, we just basically (inaudible) George and Cindy and myself
(Inaudible) or the later in morning (inaudible) once George and Cindy left the, left the room, uhm, they
went to go for a walk. The three of us, are walking all around the golf course.

JA: You and who, three of, uh, who, who, (inaudible)?

DC: George, Cindy, myself--went walking around the golf course. I think that’s the day that James left.

JA: Okay.

DC: He left one of the days; and, I think, well, no, no.

JA: How long did you…

DC: (Inaudible.)

JA: You, you guys are how, there, how long? How, how long, were you and George and Cindy, there?

DC: Up until Sunday evening. Well, no, the Sunday morning. We left on the Sunday morning.

JA: To come back to the house?

DC: No, we went to the service at the church.

JA: Okay.

DC: The eleven o’clock service at the church.

JA: Okay.

DC: And then took them over to their house.

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
JA: Okay.

DC: And…

JA: Well, uh, uh, you, did you all check, did you check out on Sunday?

DC: Yes, sir.

JA: Okay. Caitlyn checkout on Sunday? (Inaudible).

DC: Well, I thought Caitlyn, Caitlyn left on, I believe, it was the day before.

JA: On Saturday?

DC: Either, the Friday afternoon or the Saturday morning. I’m not sure. I think it was the Friday she
(inaudible). And, she said she had to go to somewhere after another story, wherever that was.

JA: Okay.

DC: And, she’d be back, on the; I think, she came back on the Sunday.

JA: Okay.

DC: I believe, I’m not sure if she got back; she wasn’t back by the time that we left.

JA: Okay.

NS: Did you ever have any conversations with Caitlyn, just the two of you?

DC: The two, alone?

NS: Uh-hum (affirmative).

DC: No, now, I’ve never been alone with Caitlyn. I’ve never, I’ve never been alone with Caitlyn.

NS: You’ve never had a (inaudible) conversation (inaudible) between the two of you (inaudible).

DC: (Inaudible) no.

JA: You didn’t have a…

DC: Oh…

JA: The two of you didn’t…

DC: Well, no, no. No, the (inaudible), as far as she would, she, she’d call, you know.

NS: In person, not then, no?

DC: In, in person? No.

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
JA: The two, so we won’t find anywhere on hotel security video, the two of y’all sitting together for an
hour, by yourselves?

DC: (Sighs.)

NS: Or standing in a hallway?

DC: (Sighs.) That is possible. But, uhm, I don’t, I don’t recall, I don’t recall. I mean, oh…I’m sure we’ve
had a…

JA: What’d you guys talk about?

DC: What did we talk about? (Inaudible) how upsetting the, the whole situation was. Uhm…

JA: For an hour?

DC: Excuse me?

JA: For an hour?

DC: I’m not saying it was an hour, John.

NS: What was she doing there?

DC: What was she doing there?

NS: Yeah (affirmative).

DC: She was (inaudible).

NS: Why? She just happened to be in town? And, you guys just happened to be…

DC: No.

NS: …(inaudible)?

DC: No, I found out, I found afterwards, I found afterwards; uh, I found out, uhm, that was the
arrangements that Michelle Bart, I believe, had made.

BC: Dominic, just tell them that ABC paid…

DC: ABC paid for (inaudible)…

JA: (Inaudible) Dominic, we know, we’re asking questions we know the answers to, okay?

DC: The, ABC paid. I found that out after. ABC did pay for the, for the hotel.

JA: Do you, do you know why they; I mean, out of the goodness of their heart? I mean; and, they just,
they showed up, and…

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: I remember, now, I’ll tell you a conversation I did have with uhm, (inaudible).

JA: Can you help? Uh, uh, are we asking, I mean, if, if, you’re…

BC: Just lay it out there. Uh, you know why she was there. She was there, she wants a story.

DC: Yeah (affirmative), she wants a story. I’m sure she wants a story. But she kept reassuring me, she
kept saying, saying to me, “Don’t think there’s any, any ulterior motive here.” (Inaudible) “Give me a
break. I don’t, I don’t believe (inaudible.)”

JA: Who there, who there, believed, that, you know--was there anybody there that believed, that, uh,
this was, that, that, that, there wasn’t going to be talk of a story; and, there was going to be money paid
out? I mean, well, no one there believed.

DC: (Inaudible) there was, there was never any money…

JA: No, no.

DC: …(inaudible).

JA: No, I didn’t say there was money paid out. (Inaudible).

NS: Did Jose Baez come back any more; or, the only day he was there, was the first day?

DC: To my knowledge, that’s the only time (inaudible). I never saw him (inaudible).

JA: So, to your knowledge, uh, there’s not, there, there, she’s there for a story, but there’s not going to
be any payment for the story, there? She’s getting the story for free? Uh, I’m not, I’m not sure, I

DC: No, I didn’t say she was there for a story. She kept reassuring me, she said, she said, “You know,
Dominic,” she said, “I, I’ve, you know, I’ve gotten to know George and Cindy.” And, she said, “I’m not,
you know, it’s not how we’re, uhm, we’re not after interviews or anything else. It’s just, sometime, in
the future, if they would like to, that’s okay. And, if they don’t, then they don’t.” And, and I would say
to her, “Look, you don’t need to be pushing these people, or whatever you do. They’re, they’re
distraught right, right now.” Now, that would be the tone of the conversations that I ever have with

JA: Hmm.

BC: Did her and Baez talk alone while you, while, over dinner; or, leave the table together, or…

DC: I believe, I believe, they had a few, a few minutes (inaudible).

NS: Was there any sort of discussion about (inaudible); or, just maybe talk the day after?

BC: With Attorney Baez, and…

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: I didn’t, I didn’t hear any conversations. In fact, there was (inaudible).

NS: Okay. So, you were sitting away from…

DC: Uh, the table was probably, it was, like, two or three tables were side-by-side.

NS: Okay.

DC: So, you could, like, they’d be at that end of the table.

NS: Okay.

DC: So, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t even, I wouldn’t even hear (inaudible).

NS: Okay.

BC: Did Caitlyn talk to you about money?

DC: Talk to me about money?

BC: Yeah (affirmative).

DC: No.

BC: None of you?

DC: No.

BC: Did she talk about money for videos, or pictures, or videos, or anything?

DC: No. She never talked about money. She never talked about pictures, videos. Uhm, she, she, did
make the point to say, I remember, her making a point that she, that she said (inaudible) she must have
said it a half a dozen times, (inaudible), “You know there’s no ulterior motive here. We’re, we’re just
doing this,” basically, I was (inaudible). I’m like, “Yeah (affirmative), right. I can believe that one.”

JA: At some point, later, did George or Cindy, or anybody—say well that’s awfully nice of them. They’re,
they’re, they’re going to do this, and they’re not expecting anything in return?

DC: Yes. Yes, they did.

JA: Well, they did say that?

DC: Yeah (affirmative).

JA: That, that, that, there’s, that, you know, that they did all this; and, there’s…

DC: Correct.

JA: Wow, wow, that’s, okay.

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
NS: When was the last conversation you had, with Jose Baez? (Inaudible).

DC: The conver…oh, the last, the very last conversation, I had with Jose Baez?

NS: Conversation—where you may have been working on behalf of Jose Baez? I want to make sure that
nothing I ask…

DC: Working on behalf of?

NS: ..you, yeah (affirmative).

BC: Do you understand?

DC: Yeah (affirmative). That would be when, I, that would be in September. The last conversation, the
last conversation?

JA: Yeah (affirmative).

DC: Well, that would have been in September, yeah (affirmative).

NS: Let me ask you this. Were, were you privy to a conversation in the Anthony home--where there
were many people there, including Jose Baez?

DC: Yes.

NS: Can you tell me a little bit about; well, let me ask you this. How many incidents like that were

BC: That there were other people around, Dominic, that were not associated with the case, or retained,
or working for Baez, that’s not privileged? He’s waiving privilege. So, if that’s a concern of yours; if
there are other people around, there’s no privilege.

DC: (Inaudible).

NS: (Inaudible) if, if James Hoover were present, I mean, that would clearly be a party who wasn’t really
working for anybody. So, if he would happen to be there, information shared during these
conversations wouldn’t be privileged, as an example. Or Kid Finders, or things like that.

DC: So, you’re talking about Baez?

NS: Yes. He may have been in that room, in, in, in the Anthony home, where you may have been in;
and, you may have been discussing things.

DC: After the 11th?

NS: Let me ask, let me…

DC: (Inaudible)..

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
NS: Let me, let me just narrow it down.

DC: Okay.

NS: Let me ask you; specifically, after the remains had been found…

DC: Uh-hum (affirmative).

NS: …well, were you, did you happen to be in a room?

DC: Yes.

NS: Can you tell me about, about that incident; or, about that, uh, occasion, I should say.

DC: Yeah (affirmative). Uhm, Jose Baez came. Linda, and I don’t know what her name is, but the other
attorney, with the blonde hair.

NS: Linda (inaudible).

DC: Okay. Yeah (affirmative), that’s the one. And, then there was a, there was another guy, who was
like a young guy. He introduced himself, as like, doctor something other, whatever, he was.

NS: Okay.

DC: I have, I have, I have, no idea who he was, or what he does. Uh, and there was a private
investigator (inaudible) that worked for Linda.

NS: Okay.

DC: Uhm, and, I believe, that was it, that I saw. And, then it would be, it would be George, Cindy, and

NS: Okay.

DC: And, I don’t believe that was anybody there.

NS: Did anybody mention that you’d been on Suburban during that meeting? Was there any
discussion—hey, Dominic, isn’t that interesting that you were out there? I mean (inaudible), did
anybody know that you had been out there on Suburban; basically a month prior, in close proximity to
where the remains were, had been located?

DC: I told, uh, I told the Anthony’s

NS: Okay. So George and Cindy were aware?

DC: Right.

NS: Okay. Anybody else? And, obviously, Hoover, yourself, George and Cindy.

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: Well, oh, I didn’t, I didn’t (inaudible). Uhm, no, that’ll be it.

NS: Was Jose Baez aware?

DC: I would not have spoken to him. And, now the Anthony’s may have mentioned it to him.

NS: But he may have been, I mean, uhm, let me ask you this. So, he could have been aware of it? But,
but if so, you wouldn’t have been aware…

DC: Correct.

NS: …(inaudible)?

DC: Correct.

NS: Let me ask you. I’ll just flat out ask you?

DC: Sure.

NS: Did you find Caylee Anthony’s remains, while you were out on Suburban, on those dates, in

DC: No, sir. No, sir.

NS: And, would you have done, if you had found?

DC: What would I have done?

NS: Uh-hum (affirmative).

DC: (Sighs.) I wouldn’t have moved. I would have said a prayer. I would have called 911. And, I would
have stood right…if I were to have found Caylee Marie, I would not move from that spot.

NS: 911?

DC: That would have been the emergency number, 911. So (inaudible).

NS: Who’d you notify after 911?

DC: Nobody.

NS: Would you call George and Cindy? Would you call George and Cindy, and tell them (inaudible)?

DC: I would have waited for law enforcement to arrive.

NS: Would you feel as though you were under any obligation to call anybody, other than law

DC: Absolutely not. Absolutely not.

                                    Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
NS: Was it one of your goals, through being retained by the Anthony’s to, to find Caylee Marie?

DC: Correct.

NS: Whether that be alive or deceased?

DC: I never believed that she was deceased.

NS: But you believed there was a chance in November, that she could have been deceased?

DC: There was a chance, through the, uh, through the psychic. (Inaudible) I didn’t really see it as a…

JA: Was it enough of a chance you went there three times?

NS: And, again, I asked this once before, you didn’t expect to find her playing out in that field?

DC: No.

NS: So, if she was there, she would, she would have been deceased.

DC: That would be correct.

NS: So, you knew, on these three occasions, there was a chance that you could have found…

DC: That’s correct.

NS: …the remains of Caylee Marie Anthony?

DC: Yes.

NS: Okay. How long, how long would it probably be before you notified, at least, to let the Anthony’s
know about that tip; and, about what you had found, or not found?

DC: I’d say it probably would be about two weeks after.

NS: Would they have been upset, or were they upset, knowing that there was a period of time, a small
period of time, when you were looking for a deceased Caylee? Were they upset with you for doing this?

DC: Not that I was told. I was following up on the Kiomarie Cruz (Inaudible), wanted to let you know.
Okay, I didn’t want any more time going by. (Inaudible) to let you know (inaudible) go back in there,
back into that wooded area.

NS: Did they believe you were going in there, under the Cruz tip; or, did you at least elaborate, that you
received other information?

DC: I elaborated I received other information; coincidentally, at the same time as (inaudible).

NS: I mean, were they made aware that, that she could have been deceased; and, located there?

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: Were they made aware?

NS: The remains. I mean, uh, (sighs)…

BC: Did you tell them what Ginnette told you, exactly?

DC: Excuse me?

BC: Did you tell the Anthony’s exactly what Ginnette told you?

DC: I did not tell them all the details. I did not tell, uh…I didn’t tell all of the details that, uhm, Ginnette,
told me. Uhm, I told them I was--I went there. I did not find any remains. I did not see anything. There
was nothing there, uh, that I observed. Now, that’s not to say that there isn’t, or wasn’t.

NS: Did you ever discuss with the Anthony’s what would happen, if you were to discover the remains of

DC: Yes.

NS: Okay. And tell (inaudible) when you had that conversation, what was…

DC: (Inaudible) conversation…

NS: Okay.

DC: …that I…

NS: Well, at any given time, when you were working for the Anthony’s, did you discuss what would
happen if?

DC: Yes.

NS: Okay. Can you just briefly tell me about that?

DC: I told them, “That, you do understand, that I would, I would, uhm, I would have to call 911. That,
that’s what I would have to do.”

NS: Were they okay with that?

DC: Yes. They said, I remember specifically both of them; had, well Cindy, and (inaudible) saying, “I
wouldn’t expect anything else. That’s, that’s, that’s what, that’s what, we would expect you to do.”

JA: Okay.

NS: Was there ever an occasion, where you had any contrary instructions; if, if you had found the
remains of Caylee Anthony? I mean, was everybody on board with, if you found Cay…Caylee Anthony--
yeah (affirmative), you were going to call 911; and the proper steps, would, would have taken place?

DC: With who are you talking about?

                                    Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
NS: Anybody. I’m just, I’m just curious. I mean, if you ever had an opportunity, where somebody had,
had talked; you know, said anything to you, that would have been contrary to that?

DC: Yes.

NS: Somebody had said something that was contrary to that?

DC: Yes.

NS: Who was that individual, or individuals? Was it somebody within the Anthony house?

DC: No.

NS: Is it somebody working on behalf of the Anthony’s?

DC: No.

NS: Well, who was…

DC: No, I’ll tell you right out. I’ll tell you right out.

NS: Okay.

DC: I’ll tell you right, right out. Uhm…

NS: We can stop for a second, if you would like to, to…

DC: Please.

NS: Would you like to talk to…

DC: (Inaudible).

NS: …Mr. Conway or…

DC: No. (Inaudible) just stop for a second.

NS: Stop the tape?

DC: Yeah (affirmative). Can you pause that, John?

JA: (Inaudible).

NS: (Inaudible).

(The interview stops and resumes.)

JA: Alright, uh, 2115. Uh, we’re back on tape with Dominic Casey. Alright, Dominic, uh, we, we went off
the record earlier; because, you wanted to talk to us. Uh, you were, there were some things that you’re

                                     Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
uncomfortable saying. Uh, there were things that you had some concern that might, that might be
privi…uh, that might be privileged information; that you were going to provide. Is that correct?

DC: That’s correct.

JA: And, we’ve had some conversation since then; and, now, we’re, we’re, we’re going back on the
record to, to finish up your statement.

DC: Yes, sir.

JA: Do you understand that? Okay. Alright. Alright, uh, I think we were talking, uh, uh, uhm, uh, I think
we, did we leave off, uh, uhm, and, and there was a, a point in time, where we, where we saw you
again. We executed a search warrant at the Anthony home. When we finished up out there, uhm,
recovering the remains of Caylee. Do you, do you recall that?

DC: Yes, sir.

JA: Okay. Uh, we came there. We were there for a, a, well a, a brief amount of time. Uh, you were
there. Uhm, George and Cindy were there.

DC: Yes, sir.

JA: Uhm, the two people that, uh, from Kid Finders Network, uhm…

DC: They’re Dennis and Sherry.

JA: Dennis and Sherry were there? Okay. Uh, we came there, we did a search warrant. Uh, we took
some items in…into evidence. Uh, you guys sat out on the back porch, at that time, right?

DC: That is correct.

JA: Cindy stayed in with us. What, what did you guys talk about out there on the back porch?

DC: My main focus was, uhm, George was upset that you were coming back in with a, yeah (affirmative,
obviously, you saw that.

JA: Uh-hum (affirmative).

DC: And, my main focus, was, was to, was calming George down. Uhm, I wanted to, uhm, you know; I
was reassuring him that, that, “Now, they had to do a job. Let them, you know, I know you, I can
understand, you being upset and all that stuff. They had to do a job. Let’s just be calm.”

JA: Okay. So, you were reassuring him that we were just simply there to do a job?

DC: It’s your job to…

JA: Yeah (affirmative), yeah (affirmative), yeah (affirmative).

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: …(inaudible).

JA: I understand that, but, that’s what you guys were talking about out there on the back porch, right?
You were telling him, what?

DC: I was just trying to keep him calm, so that he wouldn’t, you know, be upset about it.

JA: Okay.

DC: (Inaudible).

JA: Alright. What, uh, what did you guys discuss after we left?

DC: What did we discuss after you left? (Sighs.)

NS: (Inaudible) pretty heated after we left, because, basically…

DC: George was…

JA: Hmm.

DC: …kind of…

NS: Well, yeah (affirmative). I mean, he was screaming at (inaudible) walking out of the house.

DC: George was upset.

JA: Yeah (affirmative).

DC: George was upset, and it was an invasion of privacy. Uhm, when is this going to stop? I mean, it
was just terrible. And, I was, you know, I can, I can see…

JA: What, what the, I’m sorry, I may have missed you. What was the invasion of privacy?

DC: Well (inaudible) coming back, uh, when is this going to stop? When is, when is an end going to
come to, to the…

JA: Oh, was there…

DC: …coming…

JA: Was there some, some, was there some discussion indicating that we probably should stop trying to
find the truth; or I, I don’t understand.

DC: Absolutely, no.

JA: Okay.

DC: Absolutely, no. Uh, no, that wasn’t it, John.

                                  Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
JA: Okay.

DC: It was just, they, they’re not, you know, the main thing was; it was, like, the prior search warrants,
and that. Uhm, you know, the house was a mess. The house was a bloody mess. There was broken,
they were, a table was broken. Uhm, there was, things were just, it was, it was a mess. And, and they’d
just gotten the house cleaned back up. They got the carpets cleaned. Uhm, and then, then; here you
are, coming back again. So, it’s, I’m just getting the house straightened back up. Everything’s cleaned
up. And, now, now, we have a mess again.

JA: Where did that…

DC: (Inaudible)…

JA: …rank importance of finding the truth about what happened to their granddaughter? And, which of
those two issues were more important?

DC: Finding the truth about their, about their granddaughter was more important. That’s, that’s always
been primary…

JA: Okay.

DC: …(inaudible).

JA: Were there some discussion that we were there; and, we weren’t trying to find the truth; or, I mean,
I, I, I mean, was there some indication to you that you, uh, did somebody say to you--I can’t, uh, you
know, that we were there for some other reason other than to, to get to the bottom of things?

DC: No, (inaudible) being specific, John, but really, really (inaudible) or anything, you know.

JA: Alright.

DC: Oh, people, people upset, talking

JA: Right.

DC: (Inaudible).

JA: Alright. When we left George, uh, I think, uh, I think, uh, uh, uh, he made the statement to me, uh,
“Take your fucking flunkies, and get out of here.” Do you know if he, was he referring to somebody in
particular; or, uh, uh, uh, when he, when he, when he said, when he used the term flunkies? Was he
referring to all of us, or was there somebody in particular that he, that, that, he’s referring to; or, or, do
you know the answer to that?

DC: I don’t know the answer. I didn’t…I didn’t hear, I did not hear George say, say that. I know, I know
you reached out to him with your hand.

JA: Right. I tried to shake his hand.

                                   Casey, dominic.1/Case #08-74777/GG
DC: Right. And, I know he made a comment; and, it was so quick, I don’t, I don’t; I know, it was
something like just get out of here.

JA: Yes.

DC: Right.

JA: Okay. But, you don’t know what it, well, uh, you, you don’t know; uhm, you know, what he, what he
said was--“Take your fucking flunkies and get out of here.” And, you don’t know if he was referring to
somebody in particular when he, when he used the word flunkies, or if he was talking about all of us,

DC: George just wanted everybody out of the house.

JA: Alright. Uhm, do you have anything else?

NS: Uhm, no, but I’d just like to, to ask, obviously, (inaudible) at some point in the future (inaudible)
clarify something, if we can (inaudible).

DC: (Inaudible).

NS: (Inaudible) come back, and, and sit down; and, have a discussion if things need to be, clarify
something (inaudible).

DC: Absolutely.

NS: (Inaudible).

DC: Absolutely.

NS: And, Mr. Conway, that, that’s okay with you, as well?

BC: It’s okay with me. You guys just contact me. You both know how to reach me.

NS: Right.

JA: Okay. Raise your hand? Do you swear and affirm everything you told is true and correct?

DC: To the best of my knowledge, yes sir (inaudible).

JA: The time is approximately 2125 hours and this concludes the interview.

End of recorded statement.

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