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                                                                                             Application 2: Live Flight updates
KMP have been digital partners with                                                          via Twitter
                                                                                                                                                Although KMP was happy to set up and
                                                                                                                                                manage both campaigns in the initial
Manchester Airport since 2000. Recent                                                        While building up the Twitter followers            launch and development periods, we
                                                                                             through incentive based viral marketing,           felt it was important that Manchester
discussions between KMP and various                                                          KMP put the finishing touches to an                Airport continued to build and sustain the
departments at Manchester Airport have                                                       application that would continue to benefit
                                                                                             the followers of @manairport long after the
                                                                                                                                                relationships in the long run. This would
                                                                                                                                                not only ensure that any future offers or
focused on how KMP’s knowledge of Social                                                     vouchers had been redeemed, providing live         promotions could be sent out to all followers
Media in general and Twitter in particular                                                   flight information for all flights in and out of
                                                                                             the airport.
                                                                                                                                                with immediate effect, but it would also
                                                                                                                                                allow the Airport to find their own voice
could be used to best serve Manchester                                                                                                          within this social media space and engage
                                                                                                                                                in real time with their customers.
Airport and its customers, focusing
especially on its summer retail campaign.                                                                                                       The Results
                                                                                                                                                At the time of writing, 1 month since KMP
                                                                                                                                                launched the Twitter account, @manairport
The brief:                                                                                   As Manchester Airport are continually              has attracted over 700 followers (August
Manchester Airport requested that KMP
                                                                                             devising ways to improve the customer              2009), with 300 of these being in the last 5
design a solution to take advantage of the
                                                                                             experience, this application was designed          days since the launch of the applications.
real-time micro blogging capabilities of
                                                                                             to not only benefit travelers, but also people
Twitter in order to engage their customers
                                                                                             dropping off and picking up.
in a number of ways;
                                                                                             •	 	 he	user,	if	not	already,	follows	
•	 	 o	promote	the	re-launched	retail	
                                                                                                @manairport and is followed back.
   facilities within the Airport
                                                                                                This is important as the service
•	 	 o	enable	the	Airport	to	communicate	
                                                                                                uses direct messaging and relies on
   directly with an audience from a wide
                                                                                                information being passed back and
   age group within its target market.       The KMP Solution                                   forth between customer and Manchester
•	 	 o	provide	useful	functionality	and	     KMP devised and built two Twitter                  Airport, you can only send DMs to users
   information to Twitter users              applications that aimed to encourage new           who are following you.
•	 	 o	reach	new	markets	who	previously	     followers and then provide them with long-
   had no exposure through traditional       term value.                                        T
                                                                                             •	 	 hey	then	send	a	DM	containing	the	
   channels.                                                                                    flight number, confirmation and a flight
                                             Application 1: Follow for vouchers;                status update is received immediately or
                                                                                                as soon as the app can retrieve it.   
                                             Re-tweet for Prizes
                                             As Manchester Airport was new to Twitter, it       T
                                                                                             •	 	 he	application	uses	the	same	
                                             was important to generate as much interest         information as the Arrival and Departure        As the campaign matures we will be able
                                             and as many followers in the initial stages        boards. As long as your flight is due to        to assess the followers’ interaction with
                                             as possible.                                       arrive or depart within 12 hours, the app       Manchester Airport, including number of
                                             Everyone likes things for free, so as an           will have the information, if it doesn’t, a     followers that came via each application,
                                             incentive to attract followers and promote         link to the full flight list is sent instead.   the number of voucher RT’s, the number of
                                             Manchester Airport’s retail and catering        •	 	 he	user	will	then	receive	an	update	by	
                                                                                                T                                               vouchers redeemed etc.
                                             outlets, KMP built a Twitter application that      DM every time the status of the flight          However, the campaign has caught the
                                             encouraged its customers to ‘follow                changes until the plane has either taken        attention of the media, filling numerous
                                             @manairport for vouchers and re-tweet for          off (departures) or the passengers are          column inches, both locally and nationally,
                                             prizes’.                                           collecting their baggage (arrivals).            including New Media Age, Revolution
                                             People arriving at     •	 	 f	they	wish	to	stop	receiving	updates	
                                                                                                I                                               Magazine, Opodo and How Do. Most
                                             Twitter are invited to connect with the            before then simply send a DM with the           importantly though, it is the followers who
                                             application to confirm they are following          word CANCEL.                                    will determine the ongoing success of the
                                             @manairport and are then given access to                                                           campaigns, through tweets and re-tweets
                                             5 special discount vouchers. To spread the                                                         they will be the heartbeat that enables it
                                             message further the follower is then invited                                                       to grow.
                                             to tweet a prepared message to be included
                                             in a prize draw for chance to win £500 worth
                                             of goods from Manchester Airport retail plus
                                             a stay in a hotel and free airport parking.

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