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Chris Pearson Roadshow presentation London


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Welcome to the RBS Intermediary Roadshow
Chris Pearson, Director of Intermediary Sales

The RBS Intermediary Roadshow                   September 9, 2008
The RBS Intermediary Roadshow

    Group results

•    Operating profit of £10.3bn, up 9% in

•    Interim results 2008 - underlying profit
     £5,1bn. Write-downs of £5.9bn. Headline
     loss of £691 million.
•    Benefits from ABN acquisition revised
     upwards by 33%.

•    40 million customers world-wide.

•    Market value.

•    Economic footprint.

The RBS Intermediary Roadshow

     Group facts

      – 40 million customers in over 50 countries.

      – 170,000 employees in over 50 countries, speaking over 30 languages.

      – Each week we invest more than £1m in communities around the world.

      – 11 million transactions a day.

      – 6th largest employer in the FTSE 100.

The RBS Intermediary Roadshow

     Balance sheet lender

 •   LIBOR, cost to the customer.

 •   No reliance on the sale of
     mortgage assets.

 •   A stimulated market may first
     have appetite for quality prime
     mortgage assets.

 •   Main mortgage originators now
     balance sheet lenders.

 •   Strong capital base.

The RBS Intermediary Roadshow

 Rights issue

 •   Supported by 95% of shareholders, we are well placed to
     continue growing our business and supporting our

 •   We have acted decisively in light of the unprecedented
     changes and challenges experienced in global markets - this
     is an issue for the whole industry.

 •   Our appetite is stronger than ever

 •   We are very much open for business and expect to do a
     lot more business in 2008.

The RBS Intermediary Roadshow

  RBS IP update

     A period of great progress:

      – Start of the journey 1st May 2007
      – Re-aligned sales structure.
      – Fast-track.
      – Income verification.
      – Know your customer (KYC).
      – Investment in products, process and service.
      – Residential valuation panel.
      – High value mortgage proposition
      – Enhanced income types acceptance i.e. family
        tax credit, My ChoiceHome Buy
      – Shared equity schemes - “My Choice” home
      – 110% rental cover for B2L
      – LiveTalk
      – New products

The RBS Intermediary Roadshow

       Our Roadshow

   •    We’re here to demonstrate
         – Our commitment to the market.
         – Other opportunities which exist in the
           market that will add real value to your
         – How we can help you capitalise on
           these opportunities.
         – Our breadth of offer in the
           intermediary sector.
   •    For you
         – Get closer to RBS
         – Get close to the Claret Jug and RBS
           Six Nations Trophy,
         – CPD accredited.

The RBS Intermediary Roadshow

     RBS Intermediary Roadshow

      Agenda for the day

        – Keynote speakers
        – Business development
           – Buy-to-let
           – Current account mortgages
           – Commercial finance
           – Bridging finance
           – Offshore finance
           – Rural Mortgages
           – TCF
           – Marketing your business
           – Mortgage:brain
           – Trigold
        – Q&A panel session


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