Google_Earth_Assignment by lsy121925


									Google Earth

Let’s go on a short field trip around the world!

In the “fly to” bar, type in Eiffel Tower.

You will need to use your scroll button on your mouse to get a closer look.

Next type in Grand Canyon. Make sure that panoramio is clicked on in your

Click on some of the blue squares and check out the pictures.

Next click Google Sky on the tool bar at the top of the Google Earth page.
On your fly to bar, type on Saturn. Now you can click on Saturn and it will tell you when
the image was taken and some information about Saturn.

Now click on

And click on the dropdown menu and go back to Earth.

Click on historical imagery

Type in Appomattox Elementary, Appomattox, VA

Use scroll on mouse and scroll in. Now go to the historical slide bar .

Slide back to 1996. What do you see? How could you use Google Earth in your
classroom? Email at and tell us. Subject line Google Earth.

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