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LESSONIA got a great success at In-focus Amazonia


									               LESSONIA got a great success at
                            In-focus Amazonia

  During In-cosmetics 2006 issue, Lessonia introduced ingredients
  coming from the Amazonia. These ingredients were shown at the In-
  Focus Amazonia and at the Lessonia’s stand.

  We got a great success as these ingredients correspond to the trend
  of natural cosmetics and are nourishing our wide variety of natural
  ingredients. Lessonia’s proposal offers now a very complete
  panorama of SPA ingredients coming from different parts of the

  At the very beginning the company was just offering ingredients for
  “the celtic thalassotherpy cures” but quickly Lessonia has increased
  its proposal. It is now offering ingredients dedicated to various SPA
  treatments and SPA products:
  • Cocoa for “the Incas’luxury jewel”
  • Grape for “the bordeaux epicure”
  • Cranberry for “laplanders’ legendary strength”
  • Green tea for “the Japanese ceremony”
  • Ginger for “the Bali stolen secrets”
  • Orange for “the Middle Orient ritual”
  • Amazonia for “the Amazonian tribes rituals”

                        Le Drevez vraz – 29290 Milizac – FRANCE
Tel. 33 (0)2 98 07 23 65 – Fax. 33 (0)2 98 07 23 66 – –
           From Amazonia: Non-refined sugar cane
           A superior product 100% organic and equitable

   Non-refined and organic sugar cane
   It is in the fertile earth of the South America’s rainforest that sugar cane
   is grown, harvested and used to produce organic sugar cane. This non-
   refined product retains the nutrients of the virgin sugar cane. The
   process used for making it does not use any artificial methods, it just
   consists on an evaporation of the raw juice extracted from the canes.
   The syrup is dried to obtain an organic brown powder containing sugar,
   various vitamins, mineral and trace elements.
   Iron            : 0,8% - 1,0%                  Magnesium : 1,5 – 2,0 %
   Calcium         : 2,5 – 3,0 %                  Phosphorus : 3,5 – 4,0 %
   Potassium       : 22 – 30 %                    Vitamin B1, B2, B5

   Equitable sugar
   Most of the time it appears that small sugar cane farmers receive prices
   for their canes that are less than the costs of production, forcing them
   into a cycle of poverty and debt. Equitable trade is a viable solution to
   this crisis, assuring consumers that the sugar cane is purchased under
   fair conditions. Equitable sugar cane is produced by local farmers and
   cooperatives in different villages in the South America’s rainforest. It
   permits the cosmetic manufacturers to certify their products as “Fair

   Uses in cosmetics and spa products
   The non-refined sugar cane is used for specific SPA products and
   cosmetic products. It can easily replace the purified sugar used for
   making body scrubs, exfoliants. Sugar, as honney, as always been
   used for their natural moisturizing and nourishing properties for skin and
   the hair.
   Using non-refined sugar cane allows the cosmetic manufacturers to
   certify their products as organics and from equitable trade.

                        Le Drevez vraz – 29290 Milizac – FRANCE
Tel. 33 (0)2 98 07 23 65 – Fax. 33 (0)2 98 07 23 66 – –
                    Other Amazonian ingredients

   Guarana Exfoliator
   Guarana Exfoliator is manufactured from the Guarana seeds known for
   its toning properties. It contains guaranin a substance very similar to
   caffein. Lessonia offers the Guarana Exfoliator into three grades
   depending on the particule sizes.
   Guarana Exfoliator 2000
   Guarana Exfoliator 1000
   Guarana Exfoliator 500

   Luffa Annatto
   Throughout the South America’s rainforest, indigenous tribes have used
   annatto seeds as body paint and as a fabric dye. It has been traced
   back to the ancient Mayan Indians, who employed it as a principal
   coloring agent in foods, for body paints, and as a coloring for arts,
   crafts, and murals. Lessonia, who is processing luffa for making
   cosmetic exfoliant, is now increasing its range of coloured luffa by
   introducing Luffa colored by Annatto.

                                               A range of 50 natural exfoliants for cosmetics

                        Le Drevez vraz – 29290 Milizac – FRANCE
Tel. 33 (0)2 98 07 23 65 – Fax. 33 (0)2 98 07 23 66 – –
           Products available for In-focus 2006

   SPA Ingredients
   Guarana Exfoliator
   In three different grades
   Luffa Annatto
   A famous natural exfoliator colored by Amazonian annatto.
   Organic sugar cane
   This sugar cane is 100% organic and is certified from equitable trade.

   SPA products

   Body polish Amazonia
   A body scrub based on Organic sugar cane with an outstanding aspect
   of a hand-made marmalade.

   Amazonian oil
   A massage oil formulated with jojoba oil and cupuaçu butter

   Self-heating Amazonian body pack
   This nourishing and toning body pack is one of the solution offered to
   the cosmetic brands specialised in the SPA markets. This body pack
   will be included in a complete natural and efficient program. The self-
   heating process offers a real fell of well-being and relaxation during the

                        Le Drevez vraz – 29290 Milizac – FRANCE
Tel. 33 (0)2 98 07 23 65 – Fax. 33 (0)2 98 07 23 66 – –

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