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Google apps by lsy121925


									Google Docs
This application is very useful for collaboration—
where comments, suggestions, variations, and even tangential or unrelated
information can often expand everyone's thinking and "take" on a topic
in new and useful ways. Of course it can also lead to chaos, but if there are
several collaborators, there's usually someone who can get everyone back
on a more linear course, if that's what's needed.

Google Image Search
The color matching feature could also be very useful in finding graphics or other images for
webpages, where the color palette should be unified (not a crazy quilt). I'm not necessarily
advocating copying Google images for use in webpages, blogs, wikis, etc. (though plenty
of people do just that), by the way. Many times what I personally am looking for is how a
particular kind of image would look in a specific color palette. Often, i can then create an
image myself that's similar to what I've seen online.

The mashup possibilities make Google Tools fascinating —and potentially very useful

Google Maps

Google Earth or Sky

Google Reader

Google Scholar
It can be used as a search engine to track scholarly articles by year. Once you find what
you are looking for, retrieve the article from the UOP library and print it out.

Goggle Blog Search

Google Notebook
Google notebook pages can be saved as a free standing URL. That means that you can
set up a nice little classroom area as a freestanding URL and link to it from a variety of
other resources. Here is a page to show you what is meant.

Google Notes
It looks like a personal notespace for you which can of course be shared. There's a lot of
potential to be gained from splitting things up into sections, and of course opening
numerous notebooks, some or all of which could be shared.

MOST of us already have these accounts. That's one of the elegances of Google's
offerings. If you have a Gmail account then you have an ID and login to this range of other

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