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1--Google Apps Technology Task Sheet by lsy121925


									         Google Apps Technology Task Sheet: Using your resources effectively
                  Your Name and Per (Type here before printing):
A. Google Apps Procedures: You will be able to access your Google account from any computer.
   1. Log on, Go to the ETHS Home Page, Click on Google Apps (lower right hand corner), Sign in
Now, only 1 person in your pod completes these steps for your group: Your Google Pod Owners:__________________________
   2. Click on Documents (above the ETHS photo), Click on Create New and select Presentation
   3. Save, Change Title of Presentation to Pod Name and Period: Example: West Side Period 3
   4. Click on Share (upper right hand corner) and select Invite People
   5. In the Subject box, type your full name
   6. In the Invite box type in my Google Apps account:
   7. In the Invite box type in the Google Apps accounts for everyone in your pod. Get their ID numbers from each member.
   8. Check the box To Edit (this will allow me to see and grade your work and make sure your pod members can see it, too.)
   9. Make sure it lists you as the owner and my email and your pod members’ emails as Can Edit, then Save and Close
Now, everyone should be able to see and collaborate at the same time on your pod’s presentation:
   10. Click on Documents to see the title of your pod’s presentation. Click on it and start adding slides. Refresh, if you need.

B. Google Apps Presentation: Work as a group to prepare a slideshow to present to the class.
    1.    Slide 1: Introduction: State the prompt question and group/pod names, and pod location: Example: West Side Period 3.
    2.    Slide 2-6: Responses: Make sure each member of your pod puts their name next to their topic and response.
    3.    Using Quotations: Remember to put quotation marks around the lines and the author’s name in parentheses (Benatar)
    4.    Suggestions:
              a. Click on Insert for putting in text boxes, images, drawings, shapes, etc.
              b. Click on Format to change the background
              c. Click on Slide to add slides
Other Tasks:
    1.    Teacher Web Pages: ETHS Home page, Teacher Web Sites, my name
          --Read the announcements.
          --Find the 1--Google Apps--Technology Task Sheet in the attachments list in your class folder.
          --Print one copy. Print your name and period on this sheet before printing.
          --Open, save as: Tech Tasks Google-1 (you will always have these instructions when you need them).

    2.    HAC (Home Access Center): ETHS Home page, HAC button
          --Use your password to log on to this site. See me or the BCC staff, if you need help.
          --Review your class grades, lists of assignments, categories, attendance, and SOS options.
          --Record current grade ____________________ current date____________________________
          --You should check your grades often from any computer at ETHS and outside of the school.

    3.    Reflection on Technology: Now how well can you use technology? How well could you apply these technological skills
          to other classes and outside of school (work, home)? What do you want to learn more how to do technologically?

Effective Effort: To get a lab grade you must complete the following and turn this sheet in with your work.
   Note: While in the lab you must only work on our class assignments (even if you finish early).
    1.        Respect/Time on Task/Helping Peers: How well did YOU respect and help others while keeping FOCUSED? Circle
                ------- All the Time ------- Mostly ------- Sometimes ------- Rarely ------- Not at All -------
    2.        Writing Tasks: What did you work on today? Circle assignment.
                   Type of assignments: Paragraph, Essay, Research, Creative, other: _______________________
    3.        Technology Tasks: What kind of technology did you use in the lab today? Circle all that apply.
                   Type of technology: Word Processing, PowerPoint, Publisher, Inspiration, Google Apps, HAC, Library/Resources
                   Search, Internet Search, other: _____________________________________
    4.        Lab Grade: Circle grade that best describes your EFFECTIVE EFFORT in the lab today.

Grade: Exceeds: A —Meets the Standards and Expectations: B / C—Approaches Standards: D—Does Not Meet/Not Done: F

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