Native Digital Ink by ashrafp


									Research Proposal – Native Digital Ink
Title: The use of native digital ink for personal note taking - contact Janet

Project Description: Digital ink is a file type that can be used in two different
ways. In one instance, the ink is captured, converted to text and then saved.
This process introduces errors and results in the need for error repair at the
point of its creation. An alternative approach is to leave the digital ink as ink
(referred to as native ink), where it can be searched and saved in much the
same way as text, and to only convert it into text if needed.
When digital ink is used for note taking, as in a lecture, or during a meeting, it
is often not essential to have a text version; therefore this latter approach may
result in a better user experience.
This project will investigate the use of digital ink for personal note taking using
digital pen technologies.
Training provided:
      University Cert in Research
      Modules from the MSc in Human-Computer Interaction, as appropriate.
       These would probably include the modules on ‘Users’, and on
       ‘Computer Assisted Learning’.
      Training would also be provided on digital ink and research using text
       as well as statistics.

Uni Cert work, and MSc modules. Literature Review on digital ink and
notetaking, training in text based research including language modelling.
Training on the use of statistics, main period of experimentation.
Complete data gathering and write thesis. Co-write journal paper on methods
and results

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