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Jareth Diary Entries 2


									                     Changing Jareth - Diary Entries
This assignment entails you to write TWO diary entries for EVERY chapter in Part
1: Corruption. This is an on-going assignment that will be handed in at the completion
of chapter 9.

Entry 1: Write a personal response to the happenings of Jareth in the chapter. This
means you write YOUR thoughts and feelings about Jareth’s character, as well as his
actions and thoughts.

Entry 2: Choose any character appearing in the chapter and write the entry from
THAT CHARACTER’S perspective. It should include the character’s reaction(s) to
Jareth, and their thoughts and feelings about his actions and thoughts. Even though
you are writing as a character, it should still be in first person point of view.

The length of these entries should be no more than a half-page for each entry. In order
to create entries that are acceptable, this means you must be clear and precise.

Each chapter will be marked as follows:

Content:                           /5
 1 st person point of view

 Response to Jareth’s actions/ dialogue
 Second response written as a character
 Shows insight and detailed thought (no plot summaries)

Spelling and Mechanics            /3
 Complete and varied sentence structure (no run-ons or fragments)
 Proper use of punctuation (capitals, end punctuation, etc.)
 Proper spelling

Organization and Neatness:          /2
 Chapters labelled
 Entries labelled
 Character Identified in label

Please Note: If I cannot read your work, you will be required to redo the assignment
or receive a mark of zero.

Total Per Chapter    /10

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