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									 LICENSING                     Annual General Meeting
                               Friday 12th October 2007
                               The Victory Services Club, 63-67 Seymour Street, London W2 2HF

                               Guest Speaker
                               Baroness Ruth Henig CBE DL
                               Chairman of the Security Industry Authority

                               Searching for National & International Media news items
                               Mariarosario Zullo, Account Manager, Factiva

                               Unlawful Acquisition of Information : The Information Commissioner’s Position
                               Glynn Silcock, Head of Investigations, Regulatory Action Division

              The Professional

Summer 2007      FULL SCREEN                       The Institute of Professional Investigators
Institute of Professional Investigators           Dear Member
Bank House
81 St Judes Road
                                                  The IPI will be holding its Annual General meeting in London this year. The
Englefield Green
                                                  AGM will be followed by two speakers.
Surrey                                            The first speaker will be from Factiva and will present a talk on searching
TW20 0DF                                          for editorial and pictures in the national and regional newspapers and trade
                                                  journals. This is an extremely useful tool for investigators, no matter what
                                                  their area of expertise
Tel: 0870 330 8622
Fax: 0870 3308612                                 The second speaker is the Head of Investigations in the Regulatory Action
Email:                           Division of the Information Commissioner’s Office. This is an excellent
                                                  opportunity to hear the Information Commissioner’s current take on Data
                                                  Protection issues and, no doubt, will include some interesting case studies.

                                                  We are also delighted to welcome Baroness Ruth Henig, CBE, DL, Chairman
                                                  of the Security Industry Authority. Baroness Henig will be speaking after
                                                  lunch. This is an ideal opportunity for you to raise any questions you may
                                                  have on the subject of licensing.

                                                  I look to forward to seeing you on 12th October.

                                                  Nicola Amsel
                                                  Principal, IPI

                                                  Note: All necessary booking forms can be downloaded off the IPI site

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                                                    Letters to the IP
News Roundup >                                     Dear Members                                     Dear Editor

                                                   “I have recieved a request from a person         The new magazine is definitely the way
SIA Approved Contractor Scheme Failing >           who has graduated with a BA(Hons) degree         to go. Good content and presentation.
                                                   in Criminology and Social Policy and would       Thanks.
                                                   like to gain some experience in order to
Civil Search Orders >
                                                   become a Professional Investigator. The          Just as a matter of interest, in the article
                                                   person lives in Lincolnshire. Is there           on the history of passports, P21 eludes
Tamil Tigers Behind Credit Fraud >                 someone that would offer some work               to the error of the EU’s ways in forcing
                                                   experience ( unpaid if necessary ) please?       us Brits to use the first red passports
                                                   I have in mind that with regard to the very      (80s and 90s) with the photo etc on
Long Firm Fraud >                                  wide sphere in which our Membership work,        the inside back cover. I am well aware
                                                   both public and private sectors, perhaps a       that both MPSB and HM Immigration
Bootlegging >                                      few days or a week in different spheres of       Service made strong representations
                                                   investigation might help this person.            to the HO at the time, pointing out
                                                                                                    the abuse that this encouraged. But
Education and Training Update >                    Please contact Roger Bunting FIPI                what did we know? The EU overruled
                                                   (Chairman - Admissions Committee) at             Britain, of course, and we had to fall
A Closer Look at Security Departments >   if you can help.”           into line. It took more than ten years,
                                                                                                    (and thousands of photo-substitution
                                                   Roger Bunting                                    passports circulating), before the EU
Jimmy Choo Trial >                                                                                  finally listened to Interpol and changed
                                                                                                    it to an inside page, (as our old blue Brit
More Investigators Being Hired >                                                                    ones had been for decades before!)

                                                                                                    Dick Smith
The Last Laugh >

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 Letters to the IP                                                                              Dear Editor,
                                                                                                May I be the first to congratulate the Institute on the
                                                                                                initiative for the new format and means of delivering
                                                                                                The Professional Investigator and you for your efforts in
Dear Editor,                                    Dear Editor,                                    getting it off the ground and compiling the first issue.
I have down loaded the magazine and would       The new magazine is definitely the way
complement you on the format. I would           to go. Good content and presentation.           I was privileged to be asked to act as Editor on my
however object to certain statements that       Thanks.                                         moving to Australia and have thoroughly enjoyed my
have been attributed to me that are either                                                      tenure. Although I was able to introduce some changes,
incorrect or misquoted.                         Just as a matter of interest, in the article    there is no doubt that the printed publication does have
Richard J Newman BA (Hons) Open                 on the history of passports, P21 eludes         its limitations and I am confident that the electronic format
                                                to the error of the EU’s ways in forcing        will prove to be a great success. I must, however, take
                                                us Brits to use the first red passports         this opportunity to apologise to the membership for the
Dear Editor,
                                                (80s and 90s) with the photo etc on the         hiatus between the last issue which I edited and the new
[Re new magazine format] Damned good
                                                inside back cover. I am well aware that         issue for which I take full responsibility.
show, sir! Well done, indeed.
                                                both MPSB and HM Immigration Service
Very Best Regards,                              made strong representations to the HO at        Congratulations, also, to the Board in general and to
David P. Roberts,                               the time, pointing out the abuse that this      David Palmer in particular for advancing the Institute’s
                                                encouraged. But what did we know? The           key role as educators despite the ongoing difficulties in
Dear Editor,                                    EU overruled Britain, of course, and we         not knowing what may be the requirements of the SIA
Congratulations. The layout of the magazine     had to fall into line. It took more than ten    for the licensing of investigators. All board members
is very good - easy to read.                    years, (and thousands of photo-substitution     are working investigators with family commitments
                                                passports circulating), before the EU finally   and many of you will know that David is a working
                                                listened to Interpol and changed it to an       policeman. Nevertheless, they took the lead, accepted
Martin Samociuk
                                                inside page, (as our old blue Brit ones had     the responsibility and sacrificed what ought to have been
                                                been for decades before!)                       their leisure time for the good of the Institute and the
Dear Editor
                                                                                                profession. We should be proud of them and proud to be
Just read the online version of the magazine.
                                                Dick Smith                                      members of the Institute – I know I am.
Well produced, informative and interesting.
Keep up the good work.
                                                                                                Yours very sincerely
John Clark                                                                                      Richard Akehurst

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Information Commissioner to be
Given Spot Check Powers
The Home Office has promised to give the
                                                       jump the queue for the best schools.
                                                           Competition for places can be as fierce       Fare Dodgers
                                                       as it is in Britain, and cases of unscrupulous
Information Commissioner powers to make spot           parents who manipulate the points system          From Rail Professional
inspections on people’s databases to determine if      that decides which children get into the most     FirstGroup is to crack down on fare evasion,
they have complied with the Data Protection Act.       popular schools, have multiplied. Some
                                                                                                         after installing ticket barriers at City Thameslink
Reporting to the first hearing of the Home Office      mothers and fathers lie about whether they
Select Committee into the surveillance society,
                                                                                                         station in London and seeing revenues double.
                                                       live in the catchment area while others claim
Information Commissioner Richard Thomas said:          to be on low incomes.
                                                                                                             The average number of travellers evading
“The Home Office have accepted in principle that           Detectives now follow parents and             fares on First Captial Connect’s trains across the
we should have the power to go in and inspect.         children to see where they really live, take      franchise is just 3-5 per cent , but on Thameslink
We have got the government to agree we should          photographs, and check property, tax and          it was nearer 50 per cent, prior to the barriers.
have that power - if not in the statute, in the        income records. If parents whose children             Finance Director Dean Finch said that fare
code of practice”. Thomas said his office’s brief      have been denied a place at their favoured        evasion costs the group abot £60m a year.
presently required it to get the consent of the data   school can prove that others have cheated,
                                                                                                         FirstGroup is to install 18 new barriers at stations
controller before inspecting someone’s data to         the education authority may be obliged to
assess whether it was fairly managed - unless it
                                                                                                         this year.
                                                       remove the cheats’ children.
had enough evidence of criminal behaviour to get                                                             Full-year results for the group show revenue
a judge to sign a warrant.                             Wi-Fi CCTV                                        up 22.4 per cetn to £
                                                       Reproduced by kind permission of
School Place Cheats                                    Ruth Hoffmann                                     Note: Jim Beckwith MIPI, Head of Revenue
According to a report in the Sunday Telegraph,         BBC South East has broadcast a warning            Protection (First Group), Shaun Lewington MIPI,
tough competition for school places in southern        about major flaws in security cameras that        Revenue Operations Manager (West of England)
Spain has prompted some parents to call in             allow simple equipment available from high        and David Gee, MIPI Revenue Standards Manager
private investigators to blow the whistle on their     street shops to intercept CCTV pictures.
rivals. Agency Rausa and Rausa, was called on
                                                                                                         (First Group) are all qualified Investigators and
                                                       This may enable criminals to identify when
to investigate parents whom their clients believed     business premises or even private houses
                                                                                                         Members or the IPI
had lied to jump the queue for the best schools.       are unoccupied. This inexpensive gadget
The agency’s task is to investigate other parents,     can infiltrate wireless CCTV systems but not
whom their clients suspect have lied in order to       hard-wired systems.

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SIA’s Approved Contractor Scheme has failed to                                                   Civil Search Orders
improve guarding industry                                                                        What happens if I find...?
Speaking at a seminar on the future of         security company, and then walk straight
                                                                                                 C. Plc v P (Att Gen intervening) 2007
the security industry ‘post-licensing’         into an in-house security role. The SIA are
at this year’s IFSEC Exhibition, Stuart        trying to address that issue, but I do have       When executing a Search Order granted by a civil court and in respect
Lowden, Managing Director of Wilson            deep concerns for our industry.                   of civil proceedings, it is and has been an accepted fact that whatever
James, told delegates that while                   “My biggest concern is that there             is discovered cannot be used as evidence in criminal proceedings,
licensing had been seen as a “force for        is no general standard which we can               because the product is usually come about through compulsion,
good” and an opportunity for major             take to a buyer and say, this means you           because the Search Order compels the party upon whom it is served
                                                                                                 to comply.
change, the Approved Contractor                are going to get the best security. The
                                                                                                      In the above case, a search order was executed in respect of a
Scheme was a “grave disappointment”.           hope was that the Approved Contractor
                                                                                                 commercial litigation, and computers were taken away. During
    “The Scheme falls far short of what        Scheme would change that, but it hasn’t.          examination, indecent images of children were found on the hard
we wanted, and part of the reason is that      Therefore, we need to create a new                drives. The ‘discovering’ party sought permission of the court to
we all expected so much more,” said Mr         standard that buyers can judge against.”          disclose the material to police, which in the normal scheme of
Lowden. “Clearly, what it has not done is          Mr Lowden also warned that                    things would not be permitted. The owner of the computers, not
improve working conditions within the          mounting pressures within the industry            unexpectedly, resisted the application on the grounds that the self-
industry; conditions have actually got         were likely to see conditions deteriorate         incriminating material had been obtained by compulsion and would
worse.                                         further, as companies fight against each          not be admissible as a result.
                                                                                                      Fortunately, the court held that the inadmissibility, in criminal
    “The Approved Contractor Scheme            other for work. “The situation is actually
                                                                                                 proceedings, of material discovered in a lawful execution of a search
could have been an opportunity to              being led by a couple of the major                order, applied only to material directly related to the reason for the
transform the industry, but actually           guarding companies, who are looking to            search order, and anything else discovered was not so protected. That
what has happened is that it has enabled       drive down margins and increase market            is, the ‘evidence’ usable in civil proceedings could not be used in a
buyers to say: ‘Well, you are all approved     share. In this situation, it’s difficult to see   criminal case, but material NOT so used or related was not protected.
contractors, you are all providing             what the future of the manned guarding            	 So,	if	you	execute	a	Search	Order	and	find	something	of	a	criminal	
licensed officers, so why don’t we just        industry will be. If we don’t wake up to          nature	that	is	superfluous	to	your	investigation,	you	may	use	this	case	
buy on price?’                                 this, I cannot see how we reach any of our        as an authority to disclose it to police.

    “It’s also now possible for an             aspirations of being an industry of choice,
                                                                                                 And your client may well be pleased...
individual to fail to get a job with a         rather than one of last resort.”

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Tamil Tigers Accused of Fraud
A massive credit card sting involving up to 200 British petrol stations was said to have been organised by      in Sri Lanka,” he said. “We do not want the good
Tamil Tiger terrorists.                                                                                         name of the Sri Lankan people to be tarnished.
                                                                                                                I don’t want people to think all Sri Lankan
Millions of pounds have been taken from credit          and bombs dropped from an aircraft on an air            shopkeepers are crooks.”
and debit cards after their owners used them to         force base.                                                 Humberside Police, which is investigating
pay for goods at petrol stations where “skimming”           Maxwell Keegal, of the High Commission, said        several reports of fraud, would not confirm a link
machinery had been fitted.                              that terrorists lent asylum-seekers money to set        with the Tamil Tigers.
    The guerrilla group was accused of defrauding       up petrol stations and newsagents, then forced              There are about 175,000 Sri Lankans in
British drivers to fund its campaign of violence        them to use skimming machines. “Often the LTTE          Britain, the majority of them Tamils who have fled
against the Government of Sri Lanka.                    will use threats against the people or their families   the fighting at home.
    Police are investigating incidents at about 200                                                                The Tamil Tigers have been waging a guerrilla
independently owned petrol stations. The inquiries     Card details cloned in Britain have been used            war since the 1980s, seeking an independent
began in Hull and spread to Leeds, Liverpool,                                                                   Tamil state. Tamil terrorism is rooted in conflict
Edinburgh, Norfolk, Peterborough, Bristol and         to obtain funds in Thailand...the common link             between the Tamils, who are mostly Hindu, and
Nottingham.                                              was the involvement of Sri Lankan gangs                the mainly Buddhist Sinhalese, who predominate
    The fraudsters used machinery to “skim” data                                                                in the Sri Lankan Government
from credit and debit cards, which was transferred
to bogus cards.
    Card details cloned in Britain have been used
to obtain funds in Thailand. Police found that the
common link was the involvement of Sri Lankan
    It is alleged that skimming has been used
to raise money for Islamist terrorists in Algeria,
Kashmir and Chechnya. But the Sri Lankan High
Commission in London claimed that the latest
fraud was the work of the Liberation Tigers of
Tamil Eelam.
    The group renewed all-out attacks last year.
Recent attacks have involved suicide bomb boats

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Fraudsters have been using Companies House in a scam to appear as legitimate businesses so they can set
up trading relationships with other companies
                                                                                                                DATA FRAUD
                                                                                                                Debt collectors linked to General Motors and
Leading credit reference agency, Graydon, has          Graydon become suspicious when it uncovered
said that it was discovering more examples of          three sets of identical accounts for three different
                                                                                                                private equity firm Cabot Square Capital were
Long Firm Fraud looking over accounts filed at the     companies. Staff examined the lists of directors
                                                                                                                named on 23 April in a court case over the
public register.                                       at each company and found that one appeared at           black market in private information stolen
                                                       each company but with a slightly different spelling      from government databases.
According to Experian, a business information          of the name.                                                 A private investigator used by companies
specialist, identity fraud rose by nearly most 70                                                               chasing vehicle hire purchase and bank
per cent in the second half of last year. A survey     With a link established between the three,               debtors was convicted at Kingston magistrates
at the Institute of Directors found that 71 per cent   Graydon expanded the search, checking
                                                                                                                court in south-west London. Nicholas
of members were concerned about the threat of          the names of previous directors at the three
                                                                                                                Munroe, MD of InfoFind Ltd in Kingston, west
corporate identity fraud but only 17 per cent had      companies to see whether they were associated
procedures in place to combat the problem.             with other companies. This uncovered more
                                                                                                                London(needless to say, not a member of the
                                                       companies in the same chain. One was listed              IPI) , conned Belfast civil servants working in
In Long Firm Frauds a chain of dummy companies         at Companies House without providing details             the Department of Work and Pensions into
are set up at Companies House and they                 of company directors, which is in breach of the          giving home addresses of more than 250
subsequently establish credit ratings, which can       Companies Act.                                           people over the phone.
then be used to secure lines of credit with other                                                                   He was convicted of 44 offences of stealing
unsuspecting businesses. Goods are then ordered        Graydon then looked at the company’s accountant
                                                                                                                and selling private data in a prosecution
that are sold on and the directors of the fraudulent   and found the name given could not be traced. It
                                                                                                                brought by Richard Thomas, the information
companies disappear.                                   extended the search to all companies using this
In January 2007 Department of Trade and                fictitious accountant and found that in total 23
                                                                                                                commissioner, and fined £3,200 plus £5,000
Industry investigators and police officers raided      companies were linked.                                   costs. Thomas, has called for prison sentences
30 companies across the Midlands in one of the                                                                  of up to two years for the illegal buying and
biggest ever operations. The companies involved                                                                 selling of personal information.
were alleged to have defrauded legitimate
businesses of more than £10m.

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Bootlegging is Big Business
Windscreen wash and other potentially lethal liquids are finding their way into counterfeit bottles of vodka and gin
Criminals are setting up sophisticated distilling and bottling           wants the best brands, so that is what they are endeavouring
operations in the north of the UK. Customs have set up a                 to copy.”
dedicated squad to deal with the problem that could lead to                  According to reports the basic spirit is imported from
blindness or death.                                                      abroad – usually Spain and Portugal – in a raw form, often
    It has been reported that these impromptu factories are              as windscreen wiper fluid. It is treated to remove many of the
churning out thousands of bottles a day. The fake bottles                ingredients until they are left with a simple alcohol or so-
are being sold to the pubs and clubs for a fraction of the               called ‘potable spirit’. If it is imported as wiper fluid it escapes
recommended retail price of the legitimate product. It is thought        any duty payments. Once it is gone through the cleaning
that the people buying the stock are fully aware of its origins          process it is ready to be turned into white spirit. White spirit
but are motivated by profit and willing to put their customers           is the preferred by the gangs because it is generally mixed
lives at risk.                                                           with other drinks helping to disguise any difference in taste
    Globally, it is estimated that up to £350m a year is lost to         between the bootleg product and the real McCoy.
the alcohol trade as a result of counterfeiting, despite repeated            In 2003, a 42-year-old Musselburgh woman died and a
efforts to fight the problem. The Customs team tasked with               39-year-old from Tranent ended up seriously ill in hospital
identifying and shutting down illegal stills is based in Scotland,       after drinking bootleg vodka which was found to contain high
and has already had two notable successes in south Wales                 levels of methanol. Methanol, a highly toxic form of alcohol, is
and the northwest of England. At one of the sites, officers              produced by the distillation process but is largely removed by
seized 5,000 litres of spirits and 25,000 empty bottles. Large           sophisticated commercial drinks firms. Gangs counterfeiting
quantities of methanol and industrial alcohol were also found            the products have much greater difficulty controlling the
at the site in Cardiff. But as quickly as the team shuts down            amount of methanol. Typically, just 4ml of methanol can cause
distilleries, they spring up elsewhere, and the trend is to keep         blindness and an 80-150ml dose can be fatal. The effect
moving north.                                                            depends partly on the weight of the drinker. Half a millilitre of
    The quality of the counterfeit operations has impressed              methanol per kilogram of the drinker’s weight causes heart
customs officials: “It is not just a case of distilling and pouring it   or respiratory failure leading to death. Sufferers who do not
into plastic bottles as used to be the case,” said a spokesman.          die may remain in a coma for a week and suffer permanent
“Today, they will have a bottling plant, labelling facilities,           blindness. Those who ingest small amounts of methanol will
cardboard boxes bearing the name of major high street brands             suffer from an upset stomach, dizziness and vision problems,
and a sophisticated distribution network. They even have                 which are similar to the effects of drinking ethanol, “normal”
copies of the duty stamps recently introduced precisely to try           alcohol. However, after symptoms subside they return 6 to 30
to eradicate this problem.” He added: “They realise the public           hours later with greater severity.

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Education and Training Update
The Institute’s Distance Learning facility is proving   way forward for this project, either with a suitable    they decide that this competency be tested.
very successful – we have been amazed at                industry partner or by the IPI becoming an              Whatever the outcome, the basic training provided
the number of students who have signed up to            accredited body in its own right.                       by the two seminars/courses would enable a new
receive internet-sourced instruction upon how to                                                                investigator to act competently once engaged
conduct investigations,                                 Future Courses                                          within the sector – and at a cost of less than £200
                                                        In a similar vein, the IPI has prepared a new           to the student.
The course is based on and around the IPI’s             on-line Tracing Seminar on the same basis as
Manual for Professional Investigators, and is           the distance-learning course. This course is
supplemented within the course through optional         based around David Palmer’s book ‘Tracing:
exercises designed to get the student to apply          An Investigator’s Guide to Finding Wanted
their learning as they study.                           and Missing Persons’. Again, the basic text is
                                                        supplemented by exercises that the student/
Academically, the students are required to answer       delegate can carry out to enhance their learning of
15 questions per module, which are marked on            the material in the seminar.
submission to one of the tutors. Of course, this
cannot be invigilated and students would have           It is naturally hoped that this seminar, once
the option of using the ‘book’ to format their          available, will be as successful as the Distance-
answers. The final examination, however, will           Learning Project has thus far proved to be.
not allow for that luxury. Although no students
have yet progressed to a final examination, when        The SIA
such an event takes place it will be at a suitable      Meanwhile, the IPI and the industry awaits, with
location, with invigilators in attendance. Then the     baited breath, the results of the Regulatory Impact
true extent of their knowledge and integrity will be    Assessment. That report will provide an indication
ascertained!                                            as to whether the training already produced by the
                                                        IPI will be worthwhile. At this point, there is every
It is, of course, not an accredited award.              indication that the IPI training programme can be
Accreditation is being investigated as a potential      adapted to suit the SIA’s requirements - should

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Take a Closer Look at the Security Department
Reproduced by kind permission of Ruth Hoffmann

The Operations Director of a retail chain asked            The reports were analysed and based on these       group were making use of the extra attention the
for a review of the business risk assessment           a system was drawn up enabling the management          staff paid to the elderly to steal unobserved. This
provided by his security department. The review        to make a monthly review of what was happening         was just one interesting fact that analysing the
found that the head of security had prepared a         in all 275 stores. During the first four months that   data revealed. There were other facts which came
board paper which concluded that the greatest                                                                 to light too.
risk to retail business was from customer theft and      People in that age group were                             In the second year following the introduction of
he had proposed a standard response involving                                                                 the submission and analysis of figures, followed
the deployment of electronic article surveillance
                                                        making use of the extra attention                     through with effective responses, the company’s
equipment (about three million pounds sterling         the staff paid to the elderly to steal                 ‘shrinkage’ percentage was cut from 7% of
capital investment) and the installation of security                                                          turnover to 3%. Ways were seen to reduce that
cameras (requiring a further investment of four                    unobserved                                 still further.
million pounds) but he had produced no cost                                                                        If you adopt such a system be sure to draw
benefit analysis for the proposed measures. There      the system was in operation 35 branches failed         up your own system of required information
was a standard security guide for all 275 of the       to report. Their figures were urgently requested       rather than buying software which only provides
company stores and a written list of just over         and these showed that they too had stock               a computerised filing cabinet. Introduce staff
1000 known incidents of shop theft during the last     discrepancies. Throughout the chain more than          training in the use of the system and appropriate
financial year.                                        6000 incidents were documented.                        behaviour on the shop floor to counteract the
    The head of security was asked to produce              When the information was analysed is showed        particular problems that are revealed. No need
records of these incidents and he did so by            that the stores were most vulnerable to shoplifting    here for any expensive hardware.
showing the contents of a filing cabinet in his        on Wednesdays. The security department staff
office. There were 275 file covers, one f or each      concluded that this was because on Wednesdays
store. One hundred and forty three contained no        a reduction was offered to pensioners so it must
pages at all and others contained only reports of      be the pensioners who were stealing. However,
theft by customers, lists of stock differences and     an analysis of the items stolen showed that they
written requests for the installation of cameras as    were items most likely to be used by the age
a preventive measure.                                  group 18 – 30. In fact groups of people in that age

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Investigators Found Guilty in Jimmy Choo Trial

According to a report in the Times, the former      Palace in 2000. They separated in 2004 after Ms      were found guilty on conspiracy counts. Scott
husband of Tamara Mellon, the Jimmy Choo shoe       Mellon began an affair with Oscar Humphries, son     Gelsthorpe, 32, an ex-policeman, and David
empress, was found not guilty at the end of June    of the comic actor Barry Humphries.                  Carroll, 58, both claimed they did not realise
this year of spying on his wife. Matthew Mellon,                                                         anything illegal was taking place.
an American banking heir, was accused of hiring     Once their divorce began, Mr Mellon hired the
a detective agency and hacking into her computer    detective agency to help him secure a favourable     Another former policeman, Mr Young, admitted 15
during an acrimonious divorce.                      settlement. AIS employs people to hack into          charges. The 38-year-old was the AIS chief, who
                                                    computers usually in search of information on        used long-term sick leave to set up the company.
It was alleged that he had hired Active             extra-marital affairs or sensitive business deals.
Investigation Services (AIS) between July           Marc Carron was given the Mellon case, he sent       Note: None of the Investigators concerned are
2004 and February 2005 to snoop on his wife         a series of emails to Ms Mellon claiming to be an    members of the IPI
by installing a Trojan spy programme on her         anonymous “friend” with information that would
computer. According to the prosecution, after       compromise her husband.
gaining access to his wife’s e-mail the detective
agency was unable to find anything incriminating    Ms Mellon was suspicious of the e-mails, which
and so conspired to invent e-mails, which would     had large attachments claiming to contain
have aided Mr Mellon’s divorce settlement.          evidence of Mr Mellon’s infidelity, so she passed
                                                    them to her company’s IT department. When
He was found not guilty by a unanimous jury         the computer expert opened the files on his own
verdict after five days of deliberation. Two of     computer, Mr Carron was left spying on technical
his co-defendants were found guilty for their       IT correspondence.
involvement in the crooked activities of the
detective agency. A further two were cleared,       The court heard that the hacker was so
while Jeremy Young, the head of the agency,         embarrassed by his failure that he faked e-mails
awaits sentence after pleading guilty to 15         purporting to have come from Ms Mellon’s inbox.
charges.                                            The hoax messages demonstrated that she had
                                                    not been honest about her financial details.
The Mellons met at Narcotics Anonymous in
1997 before marrying in a ceremony at Blenheim      Two men involved in running the detective agency

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                                                                                                                Since Martinez started the Expedite Detective
More People Hiring Investigators                                                                                Agency in London in 1999, he says work of this
                                                                                                                nature has trebled. He doesn’t know whether
According to a report in The Times, more and more people are turning to the                                     this is because of advertising, word-of-mouth
services of private investigators in affairs of the heart                                                       recommendation, or a burgeoning social trend, but
                                                                                                                he now employs several staff and describes his line
Private investigator, Richard Martinez, recalls the     A survey by Grant Thornton financial advisers           of work as “lucrative”.
first time he was paid to track a cheating husband.     claims that in 2006 nearly half of affluent divorcing
It was in 1999 and the client was a pregnant            couples in the UK engaged the services of a private     He started by completing a diploma in private
woman who was convinced that her husband, a             investigator to confirm or rebut their suspicions       investigating after leaving the RAF where he says
businessman who owned a phone bureau, was               of infidelity. Given that the figure for the previous   that he served for nine years as a flying officer. “I
having an affair. For four nights Martinez used his     year was just 18 per cent, and that since the 1960s     advertised locally in 1999 and was inundated with
motorbike to follow the man in his car, jumping         it hasn’t been necessary to prove adultery for a        calls,” he says. “And that was just from a single line
red lights and driving at high speed, but found him     divorce, this is a remarkable jump.                     in Thomsonand Yellow Pages. He finds the work
doing nothing wrong.                                                                                            quite seasonal, with Christmas and summer the
                                                        It may be that we are becoming less trusting or         busiest periods.
He was embarrassed at taking money from a               more savvy about the financial stakes involved in
pregnant woman and offered to pull out of the job.      divorce (a wife might achieve a bigger settlement       The most common request, he says, is for him to
But she insisted that he carry on and explained that    if she has been betrayed). Some investigators are       provide proof of infidelity in a divorce case. He uses
the fee was coming out of her husband’s company:        sceptical of Grant Thornton’s figures, claiming that    mainly photographs and video footage and aims to
he was paying for his own surveillance. On the          not only do quickie divorces make spouse-snooping       find three occasions of the “target” with his or her
sixth night Martinez caught him red-handed. He          less not more essential, but that technology (eg,       lover. Women are more likely to hire him than men
followed him to a place where he met his lover          being able to take photographs on a mobile phone        and in most cases their suspicions are correct. By
and photographed him kissing her “intimately”.          or to buy spy gadgets for computers) makes people       the time someone picks up the phone to a private
When he phoned to break the bad news to his             capable of doing their own sleuthing. But a number      detective they are usually certain anyway. When he
client she had one more question. Could he get the      of recent cases have allegedly involved private         takes on new business he warns clients that they
other woman beaten up? Martinez found himself           investigators.                                          might not like what he finds. There are normally
explaining that this isn’t what private investigators                                                           one of four reactions: disbelief, anger, distress or
do.                                                                                                             total impassivity.

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There is certainly no lack of private investigators     when he answers. He has never been asked to              They cannot take photographs intrusively on private
to hire: it is estimated that there are between         conduct a polygraph on a woman – it is usually a         property. Martinez says that he also cannot obtain
10,000 and 15,000 detective agencies operating in       wife’s ultimatum to her husband: “Have the test          addresses from car registration plates and has to say
Britain many specialising in domestic surveillance.     or I’ll leave you.” The majority of tests suggest that   no to anything that involves contravening the Data
Woman’s Instinct, for instance, based in the North      the husband is lying. Martinez says: When you lie        Protection Act.
West, offers special rates to monitor office parties    the forming of saliva is restricted to the mouth and
or social events and boasts that “if your partner has   blood flow is restricted to tonsils and vocal chords,”   There is also a risk that they might be helping
a car then we can track where that car goes for 24      he says. “You can’t disguise the change of frequency.    someone with ill intent. Martinez says that he
hours at a cost of just £50”.                           I never give the results in front of the couple, I       always asks what the client’s purpose is – especially
                                                        always phone later and tell them. I used to, but they    with men. “I don’t know, say, if they are stalking
There are myriad gadgets and technology software        used to start arguing in front of me.”                   someone and want more photos,” he says. “If I can,
available to spy on partners. Trackers with magnetic                                                             I try to suss them out. But because there’s a lot of
bottoms placed on the underside of cars, software       He tends to arrange a honeytrap about once every         money involved they are usually legitimate.”
that records every tap on your partner’s keyboard,      four to six weeks. “It is becoming more popular. It
or retrieves his or her deleted text messages. Even     seems to be at a time when someone’s going to            He has been caught only twice: once when a
Oyster cards, the London travel device, can be used     make a big commitment to someone – maybe buy             husband realised his car had a tracking device on
to follow its owner’s movements. Anyone who takes       property with them, have a baby or get married and       it (he cannot put the tracking device on the car
the card to a machine on the Underground, or keys       they might have heard rumours from friends that          himself, he can only sell it to the wife and then let
in its serial number on a website, can get a read-out   this person flirts. So we’ll be there with microphone    her do it) and found Martinez’s business card in his
of every journey taken in the past ten weeks.           and a colleague taking a video discreetly, which we      wife’s handbag; and another who noticed Martinez
                                                        provide to the customer.”                                following him and went home and quizzed his wife,
Martinez, 37, finds that polygraph lie-detector                                                                  who broke down and confessed.
tests are also extremely popular. Incredibly, many      It is then up to the customer to decide whether their
husbands agree to submit to the test. Martinez          partner has overstepped the mark.                     IPI Principal, Nicola Amsel, wrote an
visits the couple’s house (occasionally they will       There are certain things that private investigators   email in reply to the article which is
come to his home in South London) and he asks a         cannot do if they wish to stay within the law. For
                                                                                                              published oveleaf >>
series of questions preprepared by the wife while       instance, they cannot hack into someone’s credit-
testing the target’s blood pressure and vocal chords    card account to check flight or restaurant payments.

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Nicola Amsel’s Response to The Times Article
                                                                                     New Chief Executive for the SIA
Dear Ms. Midgley,                                                                    Security Industry Authority Chairman, Baroness Ruth
                                                                                     Henig, has announced the appointment of Mike
I read with interest your excellent article “I spy with my private eye” in today’s   Wilson as the new Chief Executive of the SIA. It is
times2. It is a refreshing change to read such an article which does not seek to     expected Mr Wilson will take over the reins from SIA
denigrate Professional Investigators.                                                Acting Chief Executive Andy Drane in September.

I would however refer to a couple of matters not covered by your article.            Maj-Gen Mike Wilson (63), currently Chief Executive
                                                                                     of Gangmasters Licensing Authority, has extensive
There are recognised Professional Bodies governing the activities of Professional    experience working with Agencies and non-
Investigators, the two principal bodies being the Institute of Professional          departmental public bodies such as the Defence
Investigators and the Associations of British Investigators. Potential Clients       Vetting Agency, Joint Air Reconnaissance and
should be warned that it would be inadvisable to engage a Professional               Intelligence Centre and the Military Survey Defence
Investigator unless he is a member of such an organisation.                          Agency. He also fulfilled a long military career with
                                                                                     appointments in the United Kingdom, Germany,
The Security Industry Authority is about to publish a Risk Impact Assessment         United States and Africa.
prior to implementation of the Licensing of Investigators. Licensing is
welcomed by my Institute as further aid to protection of the public from the         Baroness Henig said: “I am delighted to announce
unscrupulous investigator.                                                           the appointment of Mike Wilson as the new Chief
                                                                                     Executive of the SIA. The Board and I look forward
Yours sincerely,                                                                     to working with Mike and we are confident that
                                                                                     with his broad working experience, and with the
Nicola Amsel                                                                         support of his colleagues, he will build on the
Principal                                                                            SIA’s achievements and work collaboratively with
The Institute of Professional Investigators.                                         government, industry and all the SIA’s stakeholders
                                                                                     to continue to take forward the successful regulation
                                                                                     of the private security industry.”

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David Palmer has asked that the following be published for your information:

Dear David,                                           required by anyone until 1st September this year.      Guilds shortly afterwards. They gave us a very
                                                      I have started to deliver it now because anyone        good report for our delivery and the quality of work
 I am a member of the IPI but have not been           with a 7302 will have to upgrade to the 7303 after     produced. I have already prepared a PI version of
particularly active because my main focus these       31st August.                                           the 7303 for delivery to investigators who want to
days is on training. I have been involved with                                                               move into training.
various investigation related training courses for    From what I have seen so far, I expect the
various clients.                                      Awarding Bodies to require anyone delivering           I have already made several comments about the
                                                      the new PI training to hold the 7303 or equivalent     lack of trainers with the required knowledge and
I have been working with an Awarding Body in          before they will be approved to do so. Some            expertise to deliver the new PI training. There
respect of PI qualifications and have been asked      Colleges are already delivering the 7303               is no doubt in my mind that the trainers must
to comment on the SIA drafts as they have been        qualification over 4 to 5 months. My organisation      come from the industry but it is important for
prepared. It seems that things are now drawing        delivers it as a part Distance Learning and part       anyone thinking of training as a career that they
to a close and final decisions will be made quite     classroom course over about 3 weeks. The               understand what they will be getting into. Anyone
soon.                                                 Distance Learning phase requires candidates            delivering the training will have to comply with all
                                                      to read material sent to them and complete             of the rules set by Awarding Bodies. For any PI
The SIA will probably move along the same lines       a workbook, prior to 5 days in the classroom           looking for a change of direction I would certainly
as they have done with other sectors in respect       where they learn to deliver training. There are        recommend training as an option.
of training. Trainers delivering SIA approved         two assessments in the qualification: a theory
training to Door Supervisors and Security Officers    assignment which requires the candidate to             My 7303 course normally costs £650 plus VAT
have to hold two training qualifications. The 7302    write about 7 areas of training as laid out in the     per person but if any member of IPI wishes to
or an equivalent from another awarding body           assignment instructions; the second is a practical     complete it I will reduce the cost to £500 plus VAT.
and the Level 3 Certificate in Delivery of Conflict   assignment where the candidate is required to
Management Training or its equivalent. (It is         plan a training programme, plan and deliver a
suspected that conflict management will NOT be        training session and complete 5 learning journals.     Ian Watts
part of the PI requirement. DP)                       The second assignment is completed during the          Managing Director
                                                      classroom phase of the course.               
The City and Guilds 7303 Award in Preparing to
Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTTLS)         We recently delivered this course for the first time
is a very new qualification and is not actually       and the programme was inspected by City and

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The Last Laugh
                               This photo was taken in Swansea, UK,
                               from an office, just opposite the site
                               where council workmen were cleaning up
                               after making an excellent job of erecting
                               and cementing in, traffic bollards. This
                               was to prevent cars parking on the large
                               open area in front of the grey building on
                               the right.

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                   Annual General Meeting
                   Friday 12th October 2007
                   The Victory Services Club, 63-67 Seymour Street, London W2 2HF

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