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					      THE GRANTABRUGGE GOSSIP         Next Week's News Tomorrow
                                           20th October 1289

        Undead savage city!                                        Gossip Office
       Reports "exaggerated"                                         Break In!
Reports reached the Gossip early this week of numerous             Nothing taken!
sightings of groups of undead attacking people in the streets
of fair Grantabrugge - as one Robert Filchett (41)                 Militia baffled
commented, "It's a bloody disgrace! we 'aven't 'ad undead in      On the night of Wednesday 18th
this part of the city since that crazy Antenor guy was stirring   October 1289 a group of dark
up trouble, or maybe that Tim what's-his-face! Anyway, we         robed individuals were witnessed
common folk shouldn't be fearin' for our lives on the street, I   breaking into the offices of the
thought the militia were supposed to stop this kind of thing!"    Grantabrugge Gossip - The
While the gossip did recieve numerous reports of rampaging        miscreants responsible for this
hordes of undead running amok through the city, extensive         heinous act did not spend long
research has shown that in fact, the attacks were caused by       searching the offices before they
just one group of undead minions that managed to evade            were scared away by a passing
capture for a significant period of time, eventually being        militia patrol and did not
stopped by a group of courageous Humacti paladins - No            apparently take anything of value
witnesses saw the undead slain, but a note with the words         "They just climbed over the wall at
"depart, in the name of Humact" (spelt badly) was found with      the back there and broke in through
the corpses - While it is bad news that one group of evil         the window!" Jason Ankron (42) -
undead could evade capture for so long, this reporter takes       a passerby reported to us, "I
comfort in knowing that at least some people out there are        watched them climb over the wall
dealing with threats to the city's security                       and then went and told the militia -
Arek Norvat (30) of the church of Humact commented "It's          do I get a reward?"
not too worrying that undead are starting to appear in the city   The militia appear to be baffled by
again - it's just that time of year: No-one in the church has     this turn of events, so far having
reported dealing with this particular problem to me, so           discovered nothing in their
perhaps they were dealt with by a group of followers outside      investigations - while the dark
the priesthood acting on their own, or perhaps there was some     robed figures did not steal
divine intervention from Humact himself, it certainly             anything, they still broke the law,
wouldn't be the first time" The gossip would like to hear from    and this reporter cannot help but
whoever is responsible for upholding the peace in this city,      wonder what exactly it is that the
because it certainly isn't the militia                            militia do in this city to catch these
Filbert - Columnist                                               flagrant vagrants
                                                                  Salkan - junior columnist

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