Epic Movie Assignment by malj


									                 Epic Movie Assignment

     For this assignment, you will be working with one of
the stories we have read in class, either “King Arthur” or
“Rama’s Initiation.” Using whichever story you choose,
you will become a movie publicist and create the

   A movie poster that states the title of your movie, the
    release date, and major stars; your poster also needs to
    illustrate your movie. You can design this on the
    computer (on your own time) or can illustrate it by
   A cast list that states all of the characters from your
    short story and the actors who will play those roles in
    your movie
   A synopsis of your movie to be used in reviews—a
    short, flashy summary highlighting all of the amazing
    aspects of your film (think about movie
    reviews/descriptions you have read online, in
    newspapers or in magazines)

     Your three items need to be submitted together in a
press packet. Please make sure you demonstrate your
thorough knowledge of the story you choose to present.
This assignment is taking the place of an essay or test on
these stories and needs to be treated as such.

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