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									Diabetes centres:                      Please remember you need to wash your
                                       hands with soap and water before testing
Stoke Mandeville Hospital              your blood glucose levels.
01296 315530                                                                             Insight course
Wycombe Hospital                         How can I help to reduce healthcare                   for
01494 425308                                  associated infections?
                                                                                        type 1 diabetes
                                       Infection control is important to the well-
Diabetes nurse telephone clinics are   being of our patients, and for that reason
run Monday Friday between
    Monday-Friday                      we have infection control procedures in            f         for
                                                                                        Information f patients
9am-10am for help and advice with      place.
managing your diabetes care.
                                       Keeping your hands clean is an effective
                                       way of preventing the spread of infections.
                                       We ask that you, and anyone visiting you,
                                       use the hand rub (special gel) available at
                                       the main entrance of the hospital and at the
                                       entrance to every ward before coming in to
                                       and after leaving the ward or hospital.
                                                       g                p

                                       In some situations hands may need to be
                                       washed at a sink using soap and water
                                       rather than using the hand rub. Staff will let
    g               yp
Insight Course for Type 1 Diabetes                             case.
                                       you know if this is the case
Version 1
Issued: July 2009
Date of Review: July 2010
Infection Control
Equality Impact Assessed
Divisional Board Meeting
Patient Experience Group
Author: Diabetes Specialist Nurses
What is Insight?                             How long is the course?                 Where are the courses held?
Insight is a group-led structured training   The course takes place over four        • Diabetes Centre
programme. It teaches insulin                weeks.                                  Wycombe Hospital
  dj t      t    b h d t         ti
adjustment, carbohydrate counting and   d
includes an up-to-date review of your        • Week 1   —   3 hour session           • Diabetes Centre
diabetes management.                         • Week 2   —   6 hour session           Stoke Mandeville Hospital
                                             • Week 3   —   3 hour session
It forms an important part of your           • Week 4   —   3 hour session           • Other external venues.
diabetes management plan.
                                             The sessions usually start at 9.30am.   How do I get on to the course?
Who is it for?
                                             An individual or group assessment       Referral is made from a member of
• People with type 1 diabetes aged over      appointment will also be arranged in                                team.
                                                                                     your hospital diabetes care team
18 years who have been diagnosed for         advance of the course where you will
a minimum of 12 months and use a             be given a course outline and
basal bolus insulin regime                   preparation details.

• People with type 1 diabetes who are
          ith t pe              ho           Commitment and attendance at all
considering the use of insulin pump          sessions is essential.
                                             How many people attend each

                                             Between four and eight.
                                                                                          Food                  Insulin
                                             Who teaches on the course?
                                                                                     Insight meets the National Institute for
                                             A specialist dietician and a diabetes   Health and Clinical Excellence criteria
                                             specialist nurse.                       for adult education.

                 2                                            3                                         4

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