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									 Terrano FG
Optipack AS
  SIMBA HORSCH Terrano FG. The ultimate
  in shallow cultivation technology.

SIMBA HORSCH. Working side by side with farmers
Specialisation, growth, cooperation: due to rapid changes in      vidual cropping systems and farming strategies. Together with
agriculture, manufacturers of agricultural equipment are facing   our distributors and service agents HORSCH aims to provide
new challenges. Optimising the cultivation, seeding and har-      the best customer service by ensuring that repairs are carried
vesting process, reducing costs, as well as increasing yields     out swiftly and that spare parts are always available.
and quality of crops are our prime goals.

As an innovative pioneer, SIMBA HORSCH has become
one of the leading manufacturers of cultivation and seeding
technology. New technological standards are rigorously tested
in our trials – standards of quality, precision and durability.
SIMBA HORSCH advises farmers on the development of indi-

Optimum performance every pass with the SIMBA HORSCH Terrano FG.
The Terrano FG is a four-bar, semi-mounted heavy-duty             levelling. Its high frame clearance (60 cm frame height, 30
cultivator, designed for powerful and efficient cultivation at    cm row spacing, 120 cm tine stagger) and the flexibility in
depths ranging between 3 and 20 cm. This is done by cutting       point selection makes the Terrano FG a versatile cultivator.
across the entire surface and intensively mixing stubble and
soil. The soil is briefly retained inside the four-bar Terrano
FG in order to ensure optimum mixing and excellent surface
   Durable technology with innovative features.

More frame clearance for better performance
Low draft requirement, excellent levelling qualities and high             Using low draft ClipOn points, the strong design of Terrano
performance are the criteria that determined the design of                FG and its precise depth control, ensures excellent perfor-
the Terrano FG. Its simple and optimised design is aimed                  mance at high speed. A trailing 3-bar harrow then levels the
at producing excellent results in both mixing and levelling of            soil and produces a fine crumbled surface.
soil. The four-bar cultivator segments are guided by tandem
chassis and support wheels, positioned in the centre between              The Terrano FG frame is folded hydraulically and automati-
the second and third bar. All tandem chassis can be hydrau-               cally locks and releases. All models have a transport width
lically adjusted for parallel extension and retraction. The side          of 3 metres.
segments can move up and down independent of the centre
frame, enabling them to reach the precise depth, even on                  Your benefits include:
uneven ground.                                                            •   Universal use
                                                                          •   Excellent working quality
                                                                          •   best levelling results
                                                                          •   Robust and compact design

Individual depth adjustment with      The tandem chassis ensures          The tandem chassis is used for road transport
differently sized aluminium spacers   accurate depth control and smooth
   SIMBA HORSCH TerraGrip. Robust shank,
   precise point control, no grease nipples.

TerraGrip                                                           Your benefits include:
The TerraGrip is a robust shank with a trip release system and      • Constant point control
a trip height of up to 30 cm. The effective trip release system              - robust shank with trip release system
enables the point to swiftly respond to any overloading and                  - powerful set of springs (up to 450 kg trip force)
the spring pressure forces it back into the ground fast and         • Effective trip release system
accurately – without the usual sideway movements. Initially                  - 30 cm trip height
the trip force is 450 kg which increases while releasing up to               - Optimised spring characteristics
750 kg.                                                             • Maintenance-free
                                                                             - No grease nipples
An optimised set of springs facilitates precise point control at             - High-quality materials
the required working depth – even in heavy soils and at deep                 - Large pivotal points
working depths. Use of top-quality materials and large-sized
pivotal points eliminates the need for grease nipples.


Robust shank with effective trip   Bolt-on shank brackets provide   A powerful set of springs consisting     Maintenance-free shank with large
release system and 30 cm trip      best frame stability             of 2 coil springs keeps the point at a   pivotal points
height                                                              constant working depth
    SIMBA HORSCH ClipOn and MulchMix points.
    Smooth operation, intensive and exceptionally adaptable

ClipOn point                                                               MulchMix point
The low angled ClipOn point ensures accurate and even cul-                 The steep angled MulchMix point is designed for intensive
tivation (discarded grain is evenly dispersed) at high speed               mixing of crop residue and deep cultivation – even large
with very low drag. From 32 cm point width it is possible to               amounts of straw can easily be mixed in. The MulchMix point
use the Terrano FX (30 cm row spacing) for whole area culti-               consists of 3 individually replaceable components – point,
vation, even at shallow working depths.                                    guide plate and wing.

                                                                           The design of the point and guide plate was optimised for
Your benefits include:                                                     low soil pressure and low fuel consumption. The large radius
•   Excellent performance                                                  (600 mm) of the MulchMix point reduces the soil pressure and
•   Low draft requirement                                                  preserves the soil structure. At any chosen working depth, the
•   Low maintenance                                                        position of the MulchMix point is never vertical. That reduces
•   High durability                                                        resistance, saves fuel and prevents soil compaction.

Points can be changed fast and     Whole area and smooth cultivation means that discarded grain and weeds are   The MulchMix point gently breaks
easily using a hammer. A locking   dispersed quickly and evenly                                                 up the soil, mixes it intensively
mechanism eliminates point                                                                                      and works the whole area
   SIMBA HORSCH harrow.
   Excellent straw distribution and levelling.

The Terrano FG is equipped with a robust 3-bar harrow which                      The angle of each of the three harrow bars can be adjusted
levels the soil, spreads the straw evenly and produces a                         separately. The angle adjustment is used to control the force
crumbled soil surface. The harrow is extremely reliable in wet                   exerted by the harrow. This enables the 3-bar harrow to easily
conditions and unlike simple rollers, it does not clog up.                       cope with large amounts of straw and produce a level soil
Each of the three harrow bars are attached to the frame with
2 brackets and are able to adapt to the level of the ground
regardless of the position of the other two. This enables it to
produce better straw distribution and soil levelling in compari-                 Your benefits include:
son to conventional harrows.                                                     • Three individually mounted harrow bars produce
                                                                                   even levelling
The harrow row spacing can be varied. This makes it possible                     • Accurate angle adjustment creates optimum force
to add or remove harrow tines in extreme conditions in order                     • High performance even under wet conditions
to achieve optimum performance.                                                  • Variable row spacing

Three separately mounted and individually ad-       Each harrow bar can be individually adjusted to         The tine row spacing can be varied. Tines can be
justable harrow bars provide excellent straw        produce the required force and set to a limited depth   added or removed as required
distribution with low susceptibility to blockages
   SIMBA HORSCH Optipack AS.
   Effective consolidation at high speed.

Optipack AS
The 3-bar harrow is always attached to the Terrano FG. If the                    The Optipack AS produces deep consolidation even at high
soil needs to be consolidated, the Terrano FG can be com-                        speed. Combined with the Terrano FG it sets new standards
bined with the Optipack AS using a towing jaw.                                   in modern cultivation techniques. It can also be used sepa-
The Optipack AS is specially designed for use with the Terrano
FG. Its weight (420 kg/m working width) enables the Optipack
AS to produce the frequently required deep consolidation of
up to 20 cm. The consistent flexing of the tyres means that
they stay clean without scrapers and ensure reliable operati-                    Your benefits include:
on even under wet conditions.                                                    • Perfect consolidation at high speed
                                                                                 • High weight produces effective consolidation
In the operating position, the telescopic drawbar is extended                    • Reliable operation even under wet conditions
in order to allow unlimited turning. The nose weight is only                     • Trouble-free manoeuverability provided by a telescopic
150 kg so as not to affect the performance of the attached                         drawbar and low nose weight
equipment.                                                                       • No problems with stones

The high performance of the AS tread tyres enables   The standard tyres are filled with elastic, flexible   For transport the side sections are folded upwards
them to produce a structured surface and reduces     rubber (PU) and are therefore not ensitive to stones   hydraulically and the telescopic drawbar is
the draft                                                                                                   shortened. The centre tyre press segment acts as
                                                                                                            a chassis
   SIMBA HORSCH Optipack AS.

  HORSCH Optipack                                   6 AS                       8 AS                  10 AS           12 AS
  Working width (m)                                 6,50                       8,20                  10,10           12,40
  Transport width (m)                               3,00                       3,00                  3,00            3,00
  Transport height (m)                              3,10                       3,90                  3,15            3,75
  Transport/Operating position length (m)           3,65/4,85                  4,20/5,40             6,90/6,90       7,60/7,60
  Weight (kg)                                       2 820                      3 550                 4 650           5 500
  Nose weight (kg)                                  150                        150                   150             150
  Number of wheels                                  26                         32                    40              48
  Tyre diameter (cm)                                65                         65                    65              65
  Tyre size (PU filled)                             185/65 R15 AS              185/65 R15 AS         185/65 R15 AS   185/65 R15 AS
  Hydraulic services required                       1                          1                     1               1
  Power requirements (kW/HP) from                   30/40                      38/50                 46/62           57/77
  Road lighting equipment                           Standard                   Standard              Standard        Standard

Rear drawbar of Terrano FG to con-   Optipack DD as an additional roller option for the Terrano FG
nect Optipack
    SIMBA HORSCH Terrano FG.
    Specifications and additional equipment.

    HORSCH Terrano                     6 FG           8 FG           10 FG          12 FG
    Working width / Extension (m)      5,70/6,30      7,50/8,10      9,90/10,50     12,30/---
    Transport width / Extension (m)    3,00           3,00           3,00           3,00
    Transport height / Extension (m)   3,15/3,45      3,90/4,20      4,20           4,20
    Length (m)                         7,15           7,15           7,20           7,20
    Weight (kg)                        4 100          5 330          7 180          8 380
    Number of tines / Extension        19/21          25/27          33/35          41/---
    Tine stagger in row (cm)           120            120            120            120
    Row spacing (cm)                   30             30             30             30
    Frame height (mm)                  600            600            600            600
    Frame dimensions (mm)              100 x 100      100 x 100      100 x 100      100 x 100
    Row distance (cm) 1.-2. row        80             80             80             80
    Row distance (cm) 3.-4. row        90             90             90             90
    Spool valve requirements           2              2              2              2
    Power requirements (kW/HP) from    110/150        147/200        200/260        230/300
    Tyre size                          10.0/75-15.3   10.0/75-15.3   10.0/75-15.3   10.0/75-15.3
    Road lighting equipment            Standard       Standard       Standard       Standard
    Stabilising disc                   Optional       Optional       Optional       Optional
    Jaw hitch                          Optional       Optional       Optional       Optional

                           SIMBA HORSCH. Specialists in modern
                           cultivation and seeding technology.

                                                                                        Seeding technology
Seeding technology

                       Pronto 4 DC                                                                           Pronto 6 AS

                                                                                        Seeding technology
Seeding technology

                       Pronto 6 KE                                                                           Pronto 8 RX

                                                                                                                                                                     GB-90.041.000 (2006.02)
Seeding technology

                                                                                        Seeding technology

                       Sprinter 4 ST                                                                         Sprinter 6 ST
                                                                                        Seeding technology
Seeding technology

                        Airseeder 6 CO with SW 3500 SD                                                       Maistro 11 RC

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                     Technical features and design are subject to change.

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