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									          Canadian Research Drives Success of Global Telecommunications Giant
                               Sweden’s Ericsson among Canada’s top R&D investors

Canada’s sophisticated telecommunications industry continues to attract investment from global leaders such
as Ericsson. In 1953, the Swedish multinational corporation established Ericsson Canada, a wholly owned
subsidiary. Today, the company employs more than 2,700 Canadians; in 2008, Ericsson invested $126 million in
R&D in Canada.

This investment continues to pay off handsomely for the company: Canadian employees have contributed 330
patents to Ericsson’s portfolio since 1986. Products and services developed in Canada are included in Ericsson
offerings around the world.

Ericsson Canada maintains facilities in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montréal; the R&D centre in Montréal is
Ericsson’s largest outside of Sweden and accounts for approximately 5% of Ericsson’s total annual R&D
expenditure. Ericsson Canada also fulfills worldwide mandates in the development, testing and support of
wireless networks and advanced end-user multimedia services.

Ericsson recognizes that Canada offers an ideal environment for the company. Along with a skilled workforce,
relatively low cost of living and generous R&D tax credits, Canada also boasts a number of exceptional academic
institutions. Ericsson works closely with several of these, including Concordia, McGill and l’Université de
Montréal in Quebec, and the University of Toronto.

Ericsson [] is yet another global leader that finds opportunity in Canada.

Additional Facts

    Ericsson has invested a total of more than $2 billion in Canada during the past 10 years.

    Founded in Stockholm in 1876, Ericsson today employs approximately 14,000 people across North America.

    More than 40% of all mobile traffic routes through Ericsson’s networks.

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