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									10. Hold your breath for as long as is comfortable.
11. Remove inhaler from your mouth and breathe
     out. To ensure capsule is emptied completely,
     then repeat steps 6-11.
12. Open mouthpiece and tip out the used
13. Close mouthpiece and cover of HandiHaler®.

                                                      Patient Information

  Developed by NHS Tayside Managed Clinical Network
              Group (MCN) and patients.

     Revised 04/2009 Review 04/2011 LN0520

                                                                     Delivery Unit
The aim of this leaflet is to provide information on   Your Inhaler
how to use a HandiHaler®.                               Medication and Dose           Comments
This device will release your medication in the        Tiotropium (Spiriva®)     Use one capsule in the
form of a dry powder. It is activated when you         18 micrograms             HandiHaler once a day
breathe in.
• The HandiHaler® should be replaced every six         The HandiHaler® is specially designed for Tiotropium
    months.                                            (Spiriva®) capsules and should not be used to take
                                                       any other medication.
• To remove capsule from blister, peel
    back foil using the tab until one                  Instructions
   capsule is fully visable.
                                                       1. Open the cover by pulling it upwards.
• The capsule should be removed
   from the blister immediately before its use.        2. Open the mouthpiece.
                                                       3. Remove a capsule from the blister and place it in
• It does not matter which way the
                                                          the centre chamber.
   capsule is placed in the chamber.
                                                       4. Close the mouthpiece firmly until you can hear a
• Avoid breathing into the mouthpiece at any
• If you have touched the used capsule with your       5. Hold the HandiHaler® with the mouthpiece
   hands make sure your hands are washed after.           upwards, press the green button completely in
                                                          once, and release.
Cleaning the Inhaler:                                  6. Breathe out gently.
• Clean the inhaler once a month. Open the cover       7. Place mouthpiece in your mouth, seal lips tightly
  and mouthpiece, and then open the base by               around.
  lifting the green button.                            8. Keep your head in an upright position.
• Rinse the inhaler with warm water and allow to       9. Breath in slowly and deeply through mouth so
  air dry. It takes 24 hours to dry.                      you can hear the capsule vibrate.

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