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Our contemporary hybrid Regular
shopping cart is environmentally
friendly, uses branding and color
to enhance store merchandising/
décor, deters theft, and results
in less damage to store
fixtures and vehicles.
                                                                                        DIMENSIONS AND
                                                                                                 Capacity 11,100"
                                                                                            (cubic inches)

                                                                                             - Basket Only 6,935"

                                                                                              - Lower Tray 4,165"

                                                                                                     Height 41.75"

                                                                                                     Length 36"

                                                                                                      Width 21"

                                                                                        Nesting Distance 12"

                                                                                                     Weight 42 lbs.

Features and Benefits
Colorful, Ergonomic Plastic Basket, Handgrip                        Prominent Branding
and Seat Flap                                                       A custom logo can be added to multiple panels,
Made of a pelletized, high-performance, prime HDPE                  enhancing store merchandising efforts and
resin, plastic components will never rust and are                   strengthening brand name awareness, recognition
available in nine vibrant colors to complement store                and preference.
décor. A UV additive is included that resists fading due
to sun exposure.                                                    Long-lasting Polyurethane Wheels
                                                                    An interlocking bond between the tread and the hub,
Heavy-duty Steel Chassis/Frame; Wire Gate                           and sealed bearings that all but eliminates rust, these
Assembly/Child Seat and Lower Tray                                  wheels provide smooth operation and last longer than
Provides maximum strength and supports a heavy                      other wheels. An anti-static wheel is installed on every
weight load capacity. A welded metal lower tray provides            cart to eliminate electrical shocks.
additional strength to the chassis/frame and reduces noise.
                                                                    Compliant with Industry Safety Standards
Automated CNC Forming                                               Safety signs, warning messages and seat belts comply
Consistently bends each chassis/frame to precise                    with applicable ASTM Standards. Our cart designs also
dimensions ensuring that every part is exactly the same.            have excellent anti-tip dynamics for maximum stability.

Robotic Welding                                                     Close, Easy Nesting
Provides a strong bond between multiple metal                       Reduces the amount of space required to store carts and
components and has less porosity, resulting in less rust.           creates a positive first and last impression for guests.

E-coat, Powder-coat Painted Finish                                  One-year Limited Warranty
Our 11-stage process creates an attractive appearance and           Every item is backed by a one-year limited warranty
provides a durable performance in all weather conditions            against defects in materials and/or workmanship.
with excellent adhesion and resistance to rust.
                                                                                                                             LA ID

                        PLASTI-CART, INC.
                                                                                                                          GU BR

                        17400 Mayln Boulevard, Fraser, MI 48026
                                                                                                                        RE HY

                        Toll Free Tel: (866) THE-CART (843-2278)
                        Tel: (586) 296-3904 • Fax: (586) 296-3924

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