Degree Submitted Ph.D by ashrafp


  G.B. Pant University of Agri. & Tech., Pantnagar-263 145, U.S. Nagar
             List of Theses submitted during I Sem. 2006-07
I Sem 2006-07                                Ph.D. Degree
Name of student       Major                  Name of Advisor       Thesis title
Mr. Peeyush Mishra    Soil Science           Dr. Room Singh        Dynamics of zinc in soil and its relationships with imoportant
                                                                   soil properties under varying long term nutrient management
                                                                   in rice-wheat system
Mr. Amandeep          Genetics and Plant     Dr. D.P. Singh        Inheritance of Resistant to Botrytis Gray Mold (Botrytis
Singh                 Breeding                                     cinerea) in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)
Mr. Prajapati         Physics                Dr. H.M. Agrawal      Study of non-equilibrium effects and some systematics in
                                                                   (n,2n) reactions
Ms. Garima Bajetha    Animal Science         Dr. C.V. Singh        Selection of Sires by Using Different Sire Evaluation Method
                      (Animal Breeding)                            in Crossbred Cattle
Mr. K.K. Sharma       Electronics & Comm.    Dr. R.P.S.            Design and Simulation of Powerless and Groundless full
                      Engg.                  Gangwar               Adder cells and their applications in Median Filters
Mr. Vishal Mittal     Veterinary E.P.M.      Dr. Mahesh Kumar      Biological activity and phytochemical analysis of Butea
                                                                   frondosa, Embelia ribes and Vermonia anthelmintica
Mr. A.K. Srivastava   Physics                Dr. B.R.K. Gupta      Study of mechanical properties of nanomaterials under high
                                                                   temperature and high pressure
Ms. Lalita Pandey     Food Technology        Dr. Dr. S.K. Mittal   Development of herbal candy
Mr. B. S. Bhatiya     Plant Pathology        Dr. R.P. Awasthi      Screening of genotypes and ecofriendly management of
                                                                   alternaria blight and white rust diseases of rapeseed-mustard
Mr. Ashish Narayan    Gene. & Pl. Breeding   Dr. S.S. Verma        Heterosis, combining ability and plenotypic stability for yield
                                                                   and other characters in high quality protein maize (Zea mays
Mr. V.P. Singh        Agronomy               Dr. V.K. Singh        Effect of tillage practices and seed rates on the production
                                                                   protential of bold seeded lentil (Lens culinaris Medie)”
Ms. Deeksha           Soil Science           Dr. H.P. Singh        Response to inoculation with the strains of arbuscular
Krishna                                                            mycorrhizal fungi at different levels of zinc and cadmium on
                                                                   soil quality and growth of finger millet (Eleusine coracana
Mr. Rajat Garg        Vety. Parasitology     Dr. C.L. Yadav        Molecular characterization of benzimidazole resistant
                                                                   Haemonchus contortus and it’s chemotherapy
Mr. K. Tamil          Mechanical Engg.       Dr. P.L. Sah          Modifications in Mechanical and thermal properties of Epoxy
Mannan                                                             Polymethyl Methacrylate Composite through Nanoclay
Ms. Vineeta Misra     Soil Science           Dr. A.K. Agnihotri    Zincated mono-ammonium phosphyate as P and Zn source in
                                                                   rice-wheat rotation
Ms. Parul             Entomology             Dr. Shri Ram          Studies on the artificial diet and developmental behaviour of
Chaudhary                                                          Samia Cynthia ricini (Boisuval) (Lepidoptera:Saturnidae)
Mr. Deepak Pant       Agronomy               Dr. B.B. Sharma       Growth, yield and quality behaviour of kabuli Chickpea
                                                                   (Cicer kabulium L.) as influenced by FYM, Phosphorus and
                                                                   PSB inoculation
Ms. Nidhi             Food Technology        Dr. Y.K. Jha          Process development of low calorie and high protein fruit
Kulshrestha                                                        bars
Ms. Dipti Gupta       L.P.M.                 Dr. S.K. Singh        Effect of different levels of soyprotein on growth
                                                                   performance and digestibility of growing crossbred calves
Mr. Khilendra Singh   Plant Pathology        Dr. K. Vishunawat     Colletotrichum capsici (Scd.) Butler And Bisby-The cause4
                                                                   of anthracnose of chilli (Capsicum arurum): The Role of seed
                                                                   borne infection on seed quality parameters and management
                                                                   of disease
Mr. Devesh Pant       Animal Science         Dr. Ashok Kumar       Studies on Morphological and Hemato-biochemical
                      Poultry Husbandry                            characteristics and their relation to economic traits of hill
                                                                   fowl of Nainital region
Ms. Priyanka          Agronomy               Dr. P.R. Rajput       Studies on growth and productivity of wheat intercropped
Bankoti                                                            with different clones of poplar (Populus deltoids Bartr. Ex.
Ms. Kavita Bisht      Food Technology        Dr. K. Kulshrestha    Quality analysis of organically versus inorganically produced
                                                                   crops-a comparative3 study
Mr. Sushil Joshi      Agricultural           Dr. A.K. Pant         Phytochemical examination of some plants of family
                      Chemicals                                    zingiberaceae and evaluation of their antioxidant and
                                                                   antimicrobial activities
Ms. Renu Jethi   Development     Dr. B. Kumar    Perception of students and teachers regarding teachers’
                 Communication                   evaluation by students: A study at G.B. Pant University of
                                                 Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar
Mr. K.C. Verma   Biochemistry    Dr. A.K. Gaur   Biochemical parameters of oil for biodiesel from Jatropha
                                                 curcas L. collections and optimization of regeneration

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