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					Dance 155-01
Freshman Seminar in Dance
F 9:00-9:50
Coker College
Department of Dance, Music and Theatre
Fall 2009

Instructor:   Angela M Gallo, Assistant Professor of Dance
              Office:      PAC 124
              Phone:       383- 8381
              Mail Box:    1250

Office Hours: by appointment

Required Texts:       Basic Concepts in Modern Dance

Course Description:

       The first in a series of three seminar courses, Freshman Seminar is designed to
       help students begin to find career options in the dance field. Students will learn
       how to locate auditions for professional companies, how to find internship
       opportunities and teaching jobs, how to create a correct dance resume, etc.
       Other topics relating to the dance major at Coker and dance careers will be
       covered, such as time management, theatre and rehearsal etiquette, health,
       nutrition, injuries, and cross training effectively.

Course Objectives:
      By the end of the semester, the student should:
          o Be able to locate auditions on line in numerous locations.
          o Be able to find and apply for internships.
          o Know how to create an audition resume, a teaching resume and a
          o Be aware of rehearsal and theatre etiquette.
          o Be aware of more dance companies and choreographers.

Course Assignments:

       Disscussion and Quiz on Reading Assignments (Quizzes 50 points each)

       Chapter 1                    Due August 28th (Quiz Sept 4th)
       Hand out on Anatomy          Due September 11th (Quiz Sept 18th)
       Hand out on Concert Eval.    Due September 25th
       Chapter 6                    Due October 9th

       A quiz on the chapter will take place on due date unless otherwise noted.
     Audition List, Internship List, Performance List (150 points)
     Students will compile a list of 10 auditions- taking place anywhere in the country,
     10 internship opportunities that are relevant to dance, and a list of all of the
     performances taking place in South Carolina during the Fall Semester.
     Audition, Internship and Performance List             Due October 23rd
     Internship Application                                Due November 20th

     Resumes and Biography (150 points)
     Students will be required to turn in a teaching resume, an audition resume and
     biography in correct format.
     Due November 13th

     Writing Assignments (100 points total)
     Students will be assigned small writing assignments based on the topics that are
     currently being covered.

     Guest Artist Master Classes and Department and Guest Auditions
     As a Dance Major, it is required that you attend all auditions that take place
     during the semester for the dance program concerts and for Guest Artist pieces.
     It is also required that you attend all master classes given by Guest Artists. The
     final grade in this class will drop by one full letter grade for each event that
     is missed.


     Attendance                    200 points            A       1010-1100      points
     Participation                 200 points            B       920-1009       points
     Aud/Intern List               100 points            C       830-919        points
     Resumes/Bio                   150 points            D       740-829        points
     Chapter Quizzes               300 points            F       650-739        points
     Written Assignments           100 points
     Performance List               50 points
     Total                         1100 points

A    Excellent
A-   Extremely Good                       Also see the ‘A vs. C’ handout for
B+   Very Good                            a more detailed explanation of grading
B    Good                                 expectations
B-   Adequate
C+   Average
C    Below Average
C-   Needs Work
D+   Very Poor
D    Weak
D-   Near Failure
F    Failure
Attendance: There are two (2) absences allowed before it affects the students’ grade.
            Tardiness will not be tolerated- if the student is more than 10 minutes late
            it counts as an absence.
            After two (either unexcused or excused) the attendance and participation
            portions of the grade are lowered by 10 points each, for each occurrence.
            After the 5th absence, the student will receive an F grade.
            Tardiness       Lowers the attendance and participation grade by five (5)
                            points each, for each occurrence.

College, Department, and/or Dance Program Policies

               Please advise the instructor if you have any condition or disability, which
               may require modification of the syllabus or grading system.

               The college sees plagiarism and cheating as serious offenses, which may
               be punishable by failure on the exam, paper or project, failure in the
               course and/or expulsion from the college. This includes directly copying
               from an Internet or video source and movement plagiarism; it is a crime to
               copy someone else’s choreography.

Core Skill Assessment

The goal of Coker College is to graduate students with the ability to think analytically and
creatively, and to write and speak effectively. Students will be assessed during the
semester as to their demonstrated ability in the following areas. The results are used to
help the college improve programs and better advise students.

Analytical Thinking

Graduate Level:        Self-diagnose alignment problems and self-correct them.
                       Completes and understands choreographic and improvisational
                       exercises almost perfectly.

Junior/Senior Level: Diagnose alignment problems in self and others, but needs
                     assistance to correct them. Completes and understands
                     choreographic and improvisational exercises fairly well

Fresh/Soph Level:      Diagnose alignment problems in others. Understands and
                       completes choreographic assignments on a basic level.

Remedial Level:        Unable to discern or diagnose alignment problems in self or
                       others. Has trouble grasping the intent of choreographic or
                       improvisational exercises.

Creative Thinking
Graduate Level:       Able to take concepts, ideas and movement styles already learned
                      and translate them in to new ideas or new and complicated
                      movement patterns, not just rearranging steps. Uses space and
                      line in new and interesting ways

Junior/Senior Level: Able to create more complex movement patterns. Starting to be
                     able to take ideas and concepts that are already learned and
                     translate them to new ideas. Starting to use space and line more
                     interesting ways

Fresh/Soph Level:     Able to create basic movement phrases in styles that are
                      comfortable. Ideas and concepts are not new but rearranged
                      versions of things known. Very traditional use of space and line.

Remedial Level:       struggles with coming up with own movement phrases, prefers to
                      regurgitate information.

Effective Writing

Graduate Level:       Presents ideas in cohesive and concise critiques or essays (sticks
                      to topic, minimal repetition). Displays a clear beginning, middle
                      and end. Uses and supports a thesis statement. Shows mastery
                      (no errors) of editing skills, including proper grammar, spelling,
                      punctuation and citation. All written work is turned in on time and

Junior/Senior Level   Presents ideas in cohesive critiques and essays (sticks to topic,
                      some repetition) Displays a clear beginning, middle and end,
                      however transitions may be ruff. Uses and attempts to support a
                      thesis statement. Displays basic editing skills with occasional
                      mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and citation. All
                      written work is turned in on time and word-processed.

Fresh/Soph Level:     Presents reflective essay or critique. Uses a weak thesis
                      statement, but does not have a clear beginning, middle, or end
                      and ideas are unorganized. Struggling with basic editing skills and
                      shows some errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling and citation.
                      All work turned in on time and word-processed.

Remedial Level:       Essays or critiques are unorganized, late or unrelated to the
                      assignment given. They do not use a thesis statement, nor do
                      they have a clear beginning, middle or end. Displays no editing
                      skills and shows frequent grammar, spelling or punctuation errors.
                      There are no citations.

Effective Speaking

Graduate Level:       Able to articulate concepts covered in class and explain them to
                      others. Also able to articulate intelligent questions regarding
                      technical progress. Able to clearly use dance terminology. Able to
                       comment on choreographic concepts, including the structure and
                       intent of a piece.

Junior/Senior Level: Able to ask clear questions about technical ability and has a fairly
                     strong grasp on dance terminology. Beginning to be able to
                     articulate choreographic concepts and give feedback to others.

Fresh/Soph Level:      Able to ask for assistance with difficult concepts of skills. Holds a
                       basic knowledge of dance terminology. Able to give some
                       feedback to others that is helpful. Still has trouble with articulating
                       choreographic concepts in a piece.

Remedial Level:        Unable to ask for assistance with difficult concepts or skills. Little
                       or no knowledge of dance terminology. Has a difficult time
                       articulating the main ideas of a piece. Doesn’t give feedback well.

Library and Technology Check sheet

This class requires the following proficiencies:

_X_ Word processing
___ Spreadsheets
___ PowerPoint
_X_ Email/Internet use
___ Basic research skills (self-taught at )

This class requires use of the following library resources and services:

___ In-class library orientation/bibliographic instruction
___ Listening or viewing multimedia materials in the library
___ Library reserve materials
___ Specialized software (SPSS, C++, Java, etc.): _________________
___ Other specific library resources (e.g. reading list, reference items, special database)

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