To Believe, 'You've Got to Get Your Feet Wet' by ProQuest


The Israelites were "caught between the devil and the deep blue sea" when they reached the Sea of Reeds. Pressing from the rear was Pharaoh's army. Lying before them was an impassable barrier of water. The Israelites complained bitterly to Moses that he had not done them any favor by liberating them from slavery. They assailed him with a sarcastic comment.According to a rabbinical commentary, the Israelites still divided themselves into four factions, each advocating a different course of action. One faction yielded to despair, crying, "All is lost! Drowning in the sea is the only way out." The second was willing to return to slavery. If the Egyptians would permit them to live, they would give up their freedom for creature comforts.The third group, paralyzed by anger, resorted to a protest: "Why did you let this happen to us? You got us in this mess. You get us out." The fourth faction spoke up: "We will not lose hope. We will not return to slavery. We will not be mired in our anger. With faith in God we will go forward."

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