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									                                                          December 2010 - February 2011

                               Steve Harris’ Newsletter                          Issue 12

There is no greater pleasure than being       to them about Jesus but it’s also great that
able to share the gospel with people. That    they are also looking forward to this. This
is even more so when it’s the opportunity     term I have been using the sketch board
to share the gospel with children who may     to tell the story of Peter and John healing
well otherwise not                                                     the lame man
hear      anything                                                     outside        the
about        Jesus.                                                    temple. Initially I
Going into schools                                                     was struggling with
I believe is one of                                                    the ending of this
t h e       m o s t                                                    story and could
i m p o r t a n t                                                      not get it right.
elements of my                                                         However, I then
work and it’s                                                          went into a school
amazing that I’m                                                       where I know the
able to share the                                                      head teacher very
gospel with almost                                                     well and she was
7,400      children                                                    feeling ill and so
each term.                                                             wouldn’t        be
That’s why it’s great to know that the        coming into the assembly so asked me
children enjoy the assemblies as well as      what it was about. Thinking quickly I
learning about Jesus. Early on this term I    replied that it was about how we need to
was sat in an empty assembly hall, not        trust God for everything. This gave me
feeling very well after being ill the whole   the ending to the story but it also
week before, and feeling quite tired and      constantly helps me to remember why I’m
worn out. Then the children start to walk     in the schools and how I’m able to do
in and one boy upon coming through the        what I do. Those who know me well know
door spots me and the sketch board, raises    that I am usually shy and quiet and it is
both his hands above his head and             only through God’s strength and power
exclaims “YES!” When most of the children     that I am able to go into schools and share
were in the assembly hall and seated we       the gospel with so many children.
were waiting for one class and the teacher    Getting praise from pupils and teachers is
leading the assembly asked the children to    great but it is essential to always
think about what the paintings on the         remember that we are in these schools for
sketch board may become. The children         the glory of God and to explain the gospel
were meant to just think about this but       to these children. These children, as all
immediately one of the children shouted       people, have a major problem of sin and
out “JESUS”.                                  need to know that the only way this can
It’s great that the children now know as      be dealt with is through Jesus’ death on
soon as they see me that I will be speaking   the cross.
                           Cultivate is a training event for    In this session we got them to
                           High School Christian Union          look at what the CU is there
                           (CU) leaders in Cardiff that I       for and what they can do to be
                           have set up along with Matt          more evangelistic and reach
                           Lewis from the Christian             their friends with the gospel.
Presenting Christ by all

                           Council for Schools in Wales         Since this event I have been
                           (CCSW).                              able to go into one of the CUs
  means everywhere
                           The plan is to have one              to run a training seminar
                           training session at the start of     entitled “From Small Talk to
                           each term to encourage CU            Big Talk, Reaching Our
                           leaders      to      be    more      Friends with the Gospel” and
                           evangelistic. Our first session      I’ve also twice been invited
                           in September was very                into a CU to be part of a “Grill
                           successful                  with     A Christian” panel to answer
                           representatives from eight           questions that the pupils have
                           different High Schools there.        about Christianity.

                           When we step out in faith God         decided to set up and start
                           always honours us and gives us        preaching. Recently in Cardiff
                           the strength                                           we have found
                           and support                                            it harder to
                           we       need.                                         draw crowds
                           There have                                             than anywhere
                           been many                                              else where we
                           times in the                                           do open airs.
                           open         air                                       So     as      I
                           when I have                                            painted up I
                           known God’s                                            prayed     that
                           support but                                            there would be
                           there was a                                            at least one
                           particular                                             person       to
                           time       that                                        listen to the
                           comes to mind from the last few       message. As I turned round to
                           months.                               start there were about 20
                           Due to almost all my lectures at      waiting to hear the message
                           WEST falling on a Tuesday we          with more stopping throughout.
                           decided to change our open            It’s always an amazing feeling
                           airs in Cardiff from a Tuesday to     when you step out for God and
                           a Friday. On the first Friday         God honours that!
                           some of the team were                 We are short of team members
                           unavailable and the rest were         for the open airs in Cardiff at
                           going to be running slightly late.    the moment so please pray that
                           So I wandered in with the             God will send workers to join
                           sketch board and paints and           the team.
                         Penzance Mission
In September I joined with        Penzance before going to do
Pete Hodge to go down to          some magic at an afternoon
Penzance to do a mini             tea.                               “I will praise
weekend mission with Light        Sunday      was    a    special   the Lord, who
and Life Church in Penzance.      invitation service, with many
Over the weekend we were          people in attendance and Pete
                                                                    counsels me”
able to present the gospel at a   was able to again present the
number of different events.       gospel using magic. It was a        Psalm 16:7
On the Friday evening we          good weekend and great to be
were invited to a launch event    able to work with a church that
for youth alpha, with over 30     is seeing such tremendous
young people. We were able        growth.
to mingle with the young
people and then Pete
presented the gospel using
magic. On the Saturday
we had an opportunity to
do an open air in the main
shopping      centre     in

            January Study Break
                    Following a successful study break last
                    January I have again decided to take a
                    break at the start of the year to study the
                    Bible and seek God’s direction for my
                    ministry. This year I plan to focus my
                    study on the start of Romans.
                    Please pray that during this time God will
                    refresh me and show me His direction for   During the OAC
                    my ministry in the coming year.              Conference in
                                                                  November I
                           CAR                                      officially
                         Due to an issue arising with the completed my
                         brakes on my old car I had to replace training and was
                         my car slightly sooner than planned.    accepted into
                                                                 OAC as a full
                         I have been able to replace my car staff evangelist
                        with a 2004 Ford Mondeo with
                        63,000 miles on the clock, Thank
 you to all of you that have offered advice, prayers and
 support regarding replacing my car.
           December                       2nd     Fairwater Sunday                                               Steve’s
1st  Hill City Church                             School                                                         Prayer
2nd  Ainon Big Fish                       7th -   9th Souled Out
3rd  Open Air (Cardiff)                           Reunion
     Ainon Youth Cell                     11th    Fairwater Ladies
                                                  Circle                             9th Hill City Church
     Ainon Youth Club
                                          12th    Hill City Church                   10th Trelai School
4th Ministry School
                                          14th    Ainon Youth Cell                         Eglwys Newydd School
5th Fairwater Sunday
                                                  Ainon Youth Club                         Ainon Big Fish
                                          15th    Ministry School                    11th Gabalfa School
                                          16th    Fairwater Sunday                         Eglwys Wen School
6th Fairwater Big Fish
                                                  School                                   Open Air (Cardiff)
7th Revision for WEST
                                          19th    Hill City Church                         Ainon Youth Cell
                                          23rd    Fairwater Sunday                         Ainon Youth Club
8th Hill City Church
                                                  School                             12th Ministry School
9th Ainon Big Fish
                                          26th    Hill City Church                         Souled Out Small
10th Open Air (Bridgend)
                                          27th    Sunday School and                        Group
     Ainon Youth Cell
                                                  Youth Comm. Meeting                13th Bethesda, Dinas Powys
     Ainon Youth Club
                                          28th    Ainon Youth Cell                   14th St Nicholas School
11th Souled Out Small
                                                  Ainon Youth Club                         Hawthorn School
                                          30th    Fairwater Sunday                   15th Family Day
12th Fairwater Sunday
                                                  School                             16th Hill City Church
                                                                                     17th Gwenfo School
13th Fairwater Big Fish
                                                                                           St Fagans School
14th Revision for WEST
                                                                                           Ainon Big Fish
                                                                                     18th - 21st    Souled Out:
15th Systematic Theology
                                                                                           Equipping a New Gen.
                                                                                     22nd Park End Holiday Club
16th Greek Exam                                        February                            Open Air (Cardiff)
17th Open Air (Cardiff)
                                          1st      Prep new school story             23rd - 25th    New Inn
     Ainon Youth Cell
                                          2nd      Hill City Church                        Congregational Holiday
     Ainon Youth Club
                                          3rd      OAC Committee                           Club, Pontypool
18th Family Day
                                                   Meeting                           26th Family Day
19th Fairwater Sunday
     School                                        Ainon Big Fish
                                                                                                      STEVE HARRIS’ NEWSLETTER
25th Jesus’ Birthday                      4th      Open Air (Cardiff)                                    27 Fern Place
             January                               Ainon Youth Cell                                        Fairwater
                                                   Ainon Youth Club                                     Cardiff CF5 3HG
1st - 31st Study Break,
                                          5th      Family Day
       Looking at the first                                                                             Mobile: 07779 147635
                                          7th      Millbank School                                  Email:
       few chapters of                                                                    
                                          8th      Pendoylan School
       Romans                                                                                        Registered Charity No: 295432

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