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                    DRIVERS LICENCE


Anyone wishing to drive a Hackney                       Hackney Carriage & Private Hire
Carriage or Private Hire vehicle must                   drivers licences are issued in
first obtain a Hackney Carriage or                      accordance with: Local Government
Private Hire drivers licence from the                   (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976,
District Council.                                       NDDC Hackney Carriage & Private
                                                        Hire Rules & Regulations. Town
                                                        Police Clauses Act 1847 & 1889 and
                                                        Public Health Act 1875.


The District Council must be satisfied that the applicant is “a fit and proper person to hold
a driver’s licence” as stated in the Act. All applicants must have held a licence to drive a
motor car for at least twelve months.


Stage 1

To gain a Hackney Carriage and/or Private Hire driver’s licence applicants must provide
the following to the Licensing Team at the Council:

•   A completed Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure Request form and fee – see
    Environmental Health homepage.
•   A completed Hackney Carriage/Private Hire drivers licence application form.
•   A medical certificate completed by a medical doctor. Holders of a HGV or PSV licence
    may not require a medical examination for a further five years.
•   Two personal references from people that have known the applicant for at least three
    years, but are not related to them.
•   One reference from a previous or current employer.
•   A letter of confirmation of employment from a prospective employer.
•   DVLA driving licence.
•   Two passport size photographs.
•   Appropriate fee – see Environmental Health homepage.
•   Drivers badge deposit of £50. This fee is refunded when the licence is surrendered and
    the badge is returned to the Licensing Team.

       Stage 2

       Applicants that wish to drive a licensed horse drawn Hackney Carriage vehicle must
       also provide:

       •   A certificate of driver competence/handling.

       Notification may be given by the Licensing Team to the local Police, Environmental
       Health Officer and the Parish or Town Council, so that any objections can be made.
 Stage 3

 •   The Licensing Team will contact the applicant when the Police data request form has
     been returned by Devon & Cornwall Constabulary.

 Stage 4

 •   If Devon & Cornwall Constabulary have any observations to make on the Police data
     request form, the application may have to be determined by the relevant Council
 •   If the applicant has more than six penalty points on the DVLA licence, the application
     may be determined by the relevant Council Committee.

 Stage 5

 •   Successful applicants will be invited to attend a Hackney Carriage/Private Hire driver’s
     interview at the Civic Centre in Barnstaple. At the interview the applicant will be tested
     on the following:
 •   Basic numeracy
 •   Local geography
 •   North Devon District Council Hackney Carriage & Private Hire rules and regulations.
 •   Highway code

 Stage 6

 •   On successful completion of the application and interview, the applicant will be granted
     a Hackney Carriage/Private Hire driver’s licence. The licence will be valid for one year
     and the driver will receive a renewal notice from the Council when the licence is due to


 •   If you have any further queries regarding this matter please contact The Licensing
     Team, Environmental Health, North Devon Council, Civic Centre, Barnstaple, Devon,
     EX31 1EA, or telephone 01271 388870 or email:

 •   We welcome your comments on how we can improve the way we deliver our services. If
     you have any comments, compliments or feel you need to complain about our service
     delivery, please write to Mr Jeremy Mann, the Environmental Health Manager at North
     Devon Council, Civic Centre, Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 1EA.

 •   Please note that the Council has a set procedure for dealing with complaints. You will be
     advised of the outcome of the investigation, together with what action the Council
     proposes to take.