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					CLASS CODE (max. 10   Relevant Patent   IPC          NOTE (see         TITLE                       If changing a Title,    SCOPE NOTES                             If changing a Scope Note,     KEYWORDS/SE Previously
      chars incl.     Number(s) for NEW              Comment Box)      (Please also enter in       please type in the                                              please provide the original   ARCH TERMS coded as:
      spaces)         codes only                                       columns J and L and         original title here.                                            Scope notes here. If there
                                                                       edit down to 25 and                                                                         currently are no scope
                                                                       100 character                                                                               notes, please type "none"
                                                                       versions respectively
H01   H01-A02A                          G01V-003/00 Change Title/Scope Electric/Magnetic           Electric logging        Include NMR logging                     None
H01   H01-B01                                       Change scope                                                           Includes mooring and mudmat for         None.
H01   H01-G03         CN101565527A                   New                Flame retardant
H04   H04-E15         KR20080009707A,                New                (De)Halogenation
H04   H04-E16         KR20090031630A,                New                Etherification
H06   H06-B07                                        Change Scope                                                          Includes any liquid fuels produced      Includes any liquid fuels
                                                                                                                           biologically other than biodiesel and   produced biologically other
                                                                                                                           alcohol                                 than biodiesel
H06   H06-C04B        EP2136044A1                    New                By centrifugal force                               Includes particle separation by
                                                                                                                           inertial mass. See also X25-H06 for
                                                                                                                           electical details of centrifugal
H08   H08-D08                                        Change scope                                                          Includes Electrorheological fluid       None
H08   H08-D13                                        New                Magnetorheological                                                                         None
J01   J01-D01         JP2009291704A,                 Change title       With ad(ab)sorbents        With adsorbents,
                      MX2007015804A1,                                                              general
J01   J01-D08         WO2010025533A1    B01D17/06    New                Using electricity
J01   J01-E02B                                       Change title       With solid                 With solid adsorbents
J01   J01-E02B1                                      Change scope                                                          Includes zeolites                       None
J01   J01-E03C        CN101590393A,                  Change title       With solid                 Using solid
                      CN101644214A,                                     ad(ab)sorbents             adsorbents
J01   J01-E03C1                                      Change scope                                                          Includes zeolites                       None
J01   J01-F02X3                                      Change scope                                                          Includes lubricants                     None
J01   J01-F05         CN201446008U      B03C 1/00,   New                Magnetic or
                                        B03C 5/00                       electrostatic separation

J01   J01-G03                                        Change scope                                                          Includes filters making use of      None
                                                                                                                           electricity and magnetism
J01   J01-G04         RU2384370C1                    Change scope                                                          Includes electrostatic filters
J03   J03-B                                          Change Scope                                                          See also X25-R codes for electrical
                                                                                                                           aspects of electroysis.
J03   J03-B05         KR926358B1                     New                Electrolyte
J04   J04-B05         JP2010066135A,                 New                Biosensor                                          See also S03-E03C1                      None
J06   J06-B06C1                                      Change scope                                                          Includes zeolites                       None
J08   J08-S           DE810029972A1                  New                Heat storage

J08   J08-S01         DE810029972A1     C09K-005/00 New                 Materials
J08   J08-S02                           F28D-020/00 New                 Apparatus
K03   K03-A03                                       Change scope        Arming, fusing, safety                             Include storage and packaging of        None
                                                                        mechanisms                                         ammunition.
L01   L01-G04C1    US3945903           New                 Coating glass sheet
                                                           with metallic material
L01   L01-G04F2A   JP2009291696A       New                 Electrostatic coating                                See also X25-K for coating
L01   L01-G04F2B   CN101643214A        New                Spin coating
L01   L01-G04F2C   RU2371399C2         New                Sol gel coating
L01   L01-G04G     JP2010053390A       New                Coating other glass                                   Includes tubes and unspecified
                                                          forms                                                 forms
L01   L01-G04G1                        New                Coating glass with                                    See L01-G04B for coating glass
                                                          organic materials                                     sheet with organic material.
L01   L01-G04G2                        New                Coating glass with                                    See L01-G04C for coating glass
                                                          inorganic materials                                   sheet with organic material.
L01   L01-G04G3                        New                Coating glass with                                    See L01-G04C1 for coating glass
                                                          metallic material                                     sheet with metallic material.
L01   L01-G05                          Change Title/Scope Surface Modification        Surface modification      Includes colouring, titurisation etc.   None
                                                          (not mechanical)            by colouring,
                                                                                      titurisation, etc. (not
L01   L01-G05B     CN101655664A        New                 Patterning glass
L01   L01-G05C     CN101531463A        New                 Etching                                              Includes glass frosting
L01   L01-H03                          Change Title        Joining glass by           To glass                  Includes ultrasonic welding
L01   L01-H03A     US4265689,WO200     New                 Glass to glass
L01   L01-H03B                         New                 Glass to
L01   L01-H03C                         New                 Glass to ceramic
L01   L01-H03D     US5137849 (A)       New                 Glass to metals
L01   L01-H03E                         New                 Glass to
                                                           semiconductors( e.g.
L01   L01-H03X                         New                 Glass to other materials                             Includes wood, paper etc.

L01   L01-H04                          Change scope        Joining glass by fusion                              Includes thermal,                    Excluding L01-H06.
                                                                                                                thermocompression bonding, hot
                                                                                                                isostatic pressing. Exclude vitreous
                                                                                                                enamelling which is coded in L01-
L01   L01-H04C     US6289695,          New                 Glass to glass
L01   L01-H04D                         New                 Glass to
L01   L01-H04E                         New                 Glass to
                                                           semiconductors( e.g.
L01   L01-H04X                         New                 Glass to other materials                             Includes wood, paper etc.

L01   L01-H05B     US4925725           New                 Glass to glass
L01   L01-H05C                         New                 Glass to ceramic
L01   L01-H05D     US5294241 (A),      New                 Glass to metals
                   KR20070100955 (A)

L01   L01-H05E                         New                 Glass to
                                                           semiconductors( e.g.
L01   L01-H05X                                    New                 Glass to other materials                Includes wood, paper etc.

L01   L01-H07A    SU 1328361-A,                   New                 Glass to glass
L01   L01-H07B                                    New                 Glass to
L01   L01-H07C                                    New                 Glass to ceramic
L01   L01-H07D    GB 1,529,105,                   New                 Glass to metals
                  JP9324160 (A)
L01   L01-H07E                                    New                 Glass to
                                                                      semiconductors( e.g.
L01   L01-H07X                                    New                 Glass to other materials                Includes wood, paper etc.

L01   L01-H09                                     New                 Other bonding methods

L01   L01-H09A    US5695590                       New                 Glass to glass
L01   L01-H09B    WO2007129983                    New                 Glass to
                  (A1)                                                plastic/polymers
L01   L01-H09C    US2005072189 (A1)               New                 Glass to ceramic

L01   L01-H09D                                    New                 Glass to metals
L01   L01-H09E    US2010029460 (A1)               New                 Glass to
                                                                      semiconductors( e.g.
L01   L01-H09X                                    New                 Glass to other materials                Includes wood, paper etc.

L01   L01-L08     IT1363912B                      Change Title/Scope Household/office use     Household use   Includes tableware, furniture etc.  Includes tableware.
L02   L02-A01A    US2009293303A1,                 New                Ceramic waste                            Includes using waste heat. See also
                  CN101570426A,                                      treatment/reuse/recyclin                 J08-D08 codes.
                  CN101624274A,                                      g (originally
                  JP2009240952A                                      Reuse/Recycling).
L02   L02-A02C    WO2009133046A1                  New                Foaming
L02   L02-A03A    CN101549524A,       B28B-7/38   New                Mould release agent
L02   L02-A12                                     Change scope                                                Includes etching, marking,            Includes etching, marking and
                                                                                                              engraving and polishing               engraving
L02   L02-A14                                     New                 Nanomaterials
L02   L02-B                                       Change scope        Preparation of materials                Include novel compositions.and
                                                                                                              treatment of these materials.
L02   L02-D14S    CN101624276A,                   New                 Antifoaming additive
L02   L02-D15A                                    Change Scope                                                Includes all products                 None
L02   L02-D15A1   CN101570441A,                   New                 Fire proof materials
L02   L02-D15D1   IT1364202B                      New                 Thermal and acoustic
                                                                      insulating products
L02   L02-E06     CN101613213A                    Change scope                                                Includes refractory hot tops, linings Includes refractory hot tops
                                                                                                              and blast furnace tap hole seals      and linings

L02   L02-K                                       New                 Application of ceramics

L02   L02-K01     WO2009153320A1                  New                 Household use
L02   L02-K02     KR907656B1                      New                 Medical                                 Includes prosthesis, treatment
                                                                                                              device e.g. mats, etc
L03   L03-A                                       Change title        CONDUCTORS AND             CONDUCTORS
L03   L03-A03N                                    New                 Nano materials                                                                                                L03-J
L03   L03-B03G2    US4075681          New            Metallic capacitor
L03   L03-C04                         Change Scope                                                Includes fluorescent and discharge None
L03   L03-C06      US4727289,         New            LED lamp
L03   L03-E01D4    US2010062661A1     New            Connectors                                   See also X16-F05
L03   L03-E01D5    WO2010051848A1     New            Carriers, plates
L03   L03-E01D6                       New            Battery packs                                                                                              L03-E01D
L03   L03-E04K     CN101645515A       New            Bio fuel cell
L03   L03-E04L     TW200637061A       New            Flow field plate
L03   L03-E05B1    KR20100053892A,    New            Dye-sensitized solar
                   KR20100051703A,                   cells
L03   L03-E05B1A   JP2010084003A,     New            Dye material
L03   L03-E07                         Change Title   Testing batteries and    Testing batteries
                                                     fuel cells
L03   L03-E10      WO2009152640A1     New            Repairing batteries
L03   L03-F02A3    CN101525497A,      New            Dye laser

L03   L03-G02                         Change scope   Wave guides                                  Includes optical fibre waveguides.   Includes optical fibre
                                                                                                  Also include optical components      waveguides.
                                                                                                  which cannot be coded more
                                                                                                  specifically below.
L03   L03-G02E     KR2009067258A      New            Antireflective coating                       See L04-C05A for antireflective
                                                                                                  coating compositions used in
                                                                                                  semiconductor patterning.
L03   L03-G04B10   US2010075099A1,    New            Optical cards
L03   L03-G05I     US2010013784A1,    New            Capacitive touch panel
L03   L03-G05I     US2010110532A1,    New            Electrowetting Display
L03   L03-G05J     KR2009114888A,     New            LED display
L03   L03-G09L     US2009321246A1,    New            Magneto resistive
                   JP2010074082A(L0                  elements
L03   L03-G09M     JP2010050386A      New            Thermomagnetic                               Exclude recording materials.
L03   L03-G09R     KR2010016867A,     New            Photochromic Materials
L03   L03-G10A                        Change scope   Piezoelectric                                See also V06 codes for specific See also V06 codes for
                                                     transducers                                  details. For MEMS see L03-G10M. specific details.

L03   L03-G10F     US2009299021A1,    New            Electro-optical device
L03   L03-G10J    US2010110532 A1,   New            Electrowetting devices               Includes lenses, switches and
                  WO2010034146A1                                                         strobe apparatus
L03   L03-G10M    KR2009119500A,     New            MEMS
L03   L03-G10S    US2010062261A1,    New            Scintillator
L03   L03-J03     CN101567231A,      New            Flame retardant
                  US2006111483A1,                   materials
L03   L03-X                          New            Testing of devices                   Exclude testing of batteries and fuel
                                                                                         cells (see L03-E07) and testing of
                                                                                         semiconductor devices (see L04-
L03   L04-A03C                       Change title   Mercury telluride,      Tellurides
                                                    cadmium telluride, zinc
L03   L04-A99                        New            Other inorganic
L03   L04-B04A                       Change scope                                        Includes polishing pad or polishing     None.
L03   L04-C05A                       New            Antireflective coating
L03   L04-C10L                       New            Coating methods
L03   L04-C10L1   DE102006002428A    New            PVD, CVD and
                  1                                 Sputtering methods
L03   L04-C10L2   US2010164108A1;    New            Other coating methods                Includes electroplating, electroless
                  US2009298215A1                                                         plating, spraying and sol-gel
L03   L04-C12H                       New            Coating methods
L03   L04-C12H1   JP2010056546A      New            PVD, CVD and
                                                    Sputtering methods
L03   L04-C12H2                      New            Other coating methods                Includes electroplating, electroless
                                                                                         plating, spraying and sol-gel
L03   L04-C23                        Change scope   Lead frame                           Include novel lead frames, lead      None
                                                    manufacture                          frame manufacture and treatment.
                                                                                         For attaching lead frames to
                                                                                         devices see L04-C24.
L03   L04-E01A                       Change scope                                        Includes High electron mobilty       None.
                                                                                         transistor (HEMT) and Fin
L03   L04-X06                        New            Recycling of                         Includes recycling of semiconductor
                                                    semiconductor devices                wafer and components.

L04   L03-B02M    KR2009116912A      New            Magnetic memory                      See also L04-E15 for
                                                                                         semiconductor memory.
L04   L04-A06     JP2009277945A,     New            Chalcopyrites
L04   L04-A07     CN101546791A,      New            Copper indium sulphide
L04   L04-C07G    CN101673707A,      New            Photoetching
L04   L04-C28      KR2009060595A,                  New            Phase change
                   US2009279350A1,                                materials
L04   L04-X05      KR1020100001233,                New            Semiconductor
                   US2010078045A1,                                apparatus cleaning
                   KR100568381B1,                                 methods and
                   KR2010036848A                                  compositions
M11   M11-B06      CN201334535Y                    Change scope   Disposal/recovery used                             Includes apparatus                      None

M12   M12-B01                                      Change Title   Degreasing (apparatus) Degreasing

M13   M13-H04                                      Change Title   Ceramic coatings,           Refractory coatings,
                                                                  general                     general
M21   M21-A02A2    KR2009011115U                   New            Cleaning rolls                                     Includes servicing
M21   M21-A03A     US2010006188A1                  Change Title   Strip, bar and wire (rod)   Strip, bar and wire
                                                                  mills                       mills
M21   M21-A03B     CN101637784A,                   Change Title   Sheet, band and plate       Sheet mills
                   JP2010082688A                                  mills
M22   M22-G03G7    TW200927331A                    New            Mould cleaning
                                                                  apparatus and process

M22   M22-G03G8    WO2009135127A2, B22D-033/00 New                Apparatus for handling
                   CN101204730A,                                  moulds
M22   M22-H01      JP2010084199A               Change Title       Metal/alloy powders,     Metal powders,
                                                                  granulates, fibres       granulates, fibres
                                                                  production               production
M23   M23-A06      JP2009257857A                   New            Testing, control
                                                                  operations and
M23   M23-D01A5    US2009277877A1                  New            Arc Butt welding
M23   M23-E04      JP2009262202A                   New            Ultrasonic welding
M24   M24-A07C     BR200800561A2,                  New            Working up waste
                   KR2009067474A                                  water, slurry and sludge

M24   M27-D05      EP2141251A1                     New            Shape memory alloys
M26   M26-A                                        Change title   Alloy production and     Alloy production
M26   M26-A02                                      Change scope   By pressing or sintering                           Include casting and rolling.            None

M26   M26-B17      CN101691636A                    New            Alkali(ne) metals                                  For Magnesium and Lithium alloys, None
                                                                                                                     see M26-B10 and M26-B14
M26   M26-B18      US2010087911A1 C22C-22/00       New            Manganese
M27   M27-D04      JP2009299108A,                  New            Amorphous alloys
Q24   Q24-P08                                      Change title   Floating buildings,         Floating buildings
                                                                  drilling platforms,
S01   S01-G13      CN201247226Y       G01R-31/00   New            Insulators                                         Testing of all electrical insulators
S06   S06-K99E                                     New            Plotters                                           Previously coded as T04-H02.                                   T04-H02
T01   T01-J05A2M   CN101685588A                    New            Marketing and                                      Includes all off-line advertising and          Advertisment,   T01-J05A2
                                                                  advertising                                        marketing aspects                              marketing
T01   T01-J08A3    JP2010131463A ;   New            For game machines        Includes all the processing aspects                                        Pachinko
                   JP2010022665A ;                                           of integrated game                                                         machines,
                   JP2009095507A.                                            devices/machine. See also T05-                                             Arcade games,
                                                                             H05E and X04-X02.                                                          paintball etc
T01   T01-J30D                       Change Scope                            Covers use of digital computing in Covers use of digital
                                                                             sports equipment, exercise          computing in sports
                                                                             equipment                           equipment.
T01   T01-J31      CN101702267A      New            Computer processing      Includes processing equipments for                                         Blind,
                                                    for physically           blind, dumb etc                                                            Dumb,handicap
                                                    handicapped persons                                                                                 etc
T01   T01-L01C     JP3159500U        New            Solar power supply for   See also X15 for details of solar                                                          T01-L01
                                                    computer                 power system.
T01   T01-L02G     TW241946U         New            Shock-proof and          Apply together with other codes in                                         damping
                                                    absorbtion               T01-L as apprioriate (e.g. T01-L02B
                                                                             for shock absorber in housing).

T01   T01-N02B2B                     Change Scope                            Includes monitoring systems which         Includes monitoring systems
                                                                             are used to monitor computer              which are used to monitor
                                                                             hardware operation, log events,           computer hardware operation,
                                                                             report failures also, on-line(internet-   log events and report failures
                                                                             based) monitoring and on-line
                                                                             diagnosis of any electronic system

T03   T03-A01R                       Change Scope   Recycling and            This code is used for recycling and none
                                                    destroying magnetic      destroying of magnetic record
                                                    carrier                  carriers only. Recycling and
                                                                             destroying of optical carriers is
                                                                             covered by T03-B01R and of
                                                                             magneto-optical carriers by T03-
                                                                             D01R. Where an invention is
                                                                             applicable to recycling or
                                                                             destruction of several types of
                                                                             carrier or the type is not disclosed
                                                                             the general code T03-H02R is
                                                                             assigned instead. For recycling of
                                                                             recording or playing equipment see
T03   T03-A05G                       Change Scope   Parking, latching        Includes load-unload ramps in hard                                         LUL
                                                    arrangements             disk drives, for which T03-A08A1C
                                                                             is also assigned..
T03   T03-B01E3L   JP2006269001A ;   New            Polishing and cleaning   This code covers polishing and
                   US7303633B2                                               cleaning of an optical recording
                                                                             medium or a stamper or similar
                                                                             (e.g. with T03-B01E3E) as part of
                                                                             a manufacturing process.
                                                                             Polishing, cleaning or
                                                                             reconditioning of already-
                                                                             manufactured optical carriers by a
                                                                             user is not included and is covered
                                                                             by T03-H02B with T03-B01D codes
                                                                             assigned also as appropriate to
                                                                             denote the form of the carrier, e.g.
                                                                             T03-B01D1 for disk cleaning or
                                                                             scratch repair.
T03   T03-B01R   Change Scope   Recycling and          This code is used for recycling and none
                                destroying optical     destroying of optical record carriers
                                carrier                only. Recycling and destroying of
                                                       magnetic carriers is covered by T03-
                                                       A01R and of magneto-optical
                                                       carriers by T03-D01R. Where an
                                                       invention is applicable to recycling
                                                       or destruction of several types of
                                                       carrier or the type is not disclosed
                                                       the general code T03-H02R is
                                                       assigned instead. For recycling of
                                                       recording or playing equipment see

T03   T03-D01R   Change Scope   Recycling and          This code is used for recycling and none
                                destroying magneto-    destroying of magneto-optical
                                optical carrier        record carriers only. Recycling and
                                                       destroying of magnetic carriers is
                                                       covered by T03-A01R and of optical
                                                       carriers by T03-B01R. Where an
                                                       invention is applicable to recycling
                                                       or destruction of several types of
                                                       carrier or the type is not disclosed
                                                       the general code T03-H02R is
                                                       assigned instead. For recycling of
                                                       recording or playing equipment see

T03   T03-H02B   Change Scope   Cleaning of carriers   This code is used to highlight the    none
                                                       cleaning or re-conditioning of record
                                                       carriers by an end user and not as
                                                       a step in a manufacturing process.
                                                       For cleaning, re-conditioning and
                                                       similar processes as part of record
                                                       carrier manufacture see codes for
                                                       manufacture of the particular carrier
                                                       type, e.g. T03-A02 codes for
                                                       magnetic carriers, T03-B01E3L and
                                                       other T03-B01E codes for optical
                                                       carriers, or T03-D01A8 codes for
                                                       magneto-optical carriers.

T03   T03-H02R   Change Scope   General carrier        This code is used for recycling and     For recycling and destroying of
                                recycling and          destroying of record carriers in        specific carrier types see T03-
                                destroying             general, i.e. where the invention is    A01R, T03-B01R and T03-
                                arrangements           applicable to several types of          D01R. For recycling of
                                                       carrier or the type is not disclosed.   equipment see V04-X01C.
                                                       It is not assigned when recycling or
                                                       destroying of a specific type of
                                                       carrier is involved, for which T03-
                                                       A01R (magnetic cariers), T03-B01R
                                                       (optical carriers) or T03-D01R
                                                       (magneto-optical carriers) is
                                                       assigned. For recycling of
                                                       recording or playing equipment see
T03   T03-L05N    Change Scope   Noise and vibration    This code covers constructional    none
                                 reduction using        arrangements to reduce acoustic
                                 constructional         noise and vibration generated by
                                 techniques             recording and reproducing
                                                        equipment. Arrangements to reduce
                                                        electrical noise in recorded or
                                                        reproduced signals are covered by
T03   T03-L05S    Change Scope   Shock absorbing and    This code covers constructional    none
                                 damping                arrangements to reduce the effects
                                                        of externally-applied shocks and
                                                        vibration generated on the
                                                        recording and reproducing
                                                        equipment. Arrangements to reduce
                                                        acoustic noise and vibration
                                                        produced by the recording or
                                                        reproducing equipment itself are
                                                        covered by T03-L05N.

T03   T03-P05     Change Scope   Noise reduction        This code covers arrangements to        Error detection in digital
                                 .                      reduce electrical noise in recording    recording is covered by T03-
                                                        or reproducing equipment. Error         P01A
                                                        detection in digital recording is
                                                        covered by T03-P01A. Reduction of
                                                        acoustic noise (sound energy)
                                                        generated by the equipment is not
                                                        included and is covered by T03-
T04   T04-D07D3   New            Detecting dimensions   Covers uses of recognition system
                                                        to determine dimensions of an
                                                        object, e.g. hieght, length, etc. See
                                                        also S02-A03.
T04   T04-F       Change Scope                          Only used if input devices details      Only used if input devices
                                                        are given. Covers manual or other       details are given. Covers
                                                        physical input arrangements.            manual or other physical input
                                                        Covers input for computer               arrangements. Covers input for
                                                        controlled devices. Includes            computer controlled devices.
                                                        keyboards/keypads, trackpads and        Includes keyboards/keypads,
                                                        touchscreens for personal digital       trackpads and touchscreens
                                                        assistants (PDAs), handheld video       for personal digital assistants
                                                        games, handheld GPS systems,            (PDAs), handheld video
                                                        etc. keypads, touchscreens,             games, handheld GPS
                                                        joysticks and trackpads. See T01-       systems, etc. keypads,
                                                        C02 codes for interface to              touchscreens, joysticks and
                                                        computer.                               trackpads for phones are
                                                                                                coded under W01-C01B8 only.
                                                                                                See T01-C02 codes for
                                                                                                interface to computer.

T04   T04-H02     Retire         Plotters               *This code is now discontinued see
                                                        S06-K99E from 2011.
T05   T05-H04A    Change Scope                          For patents involving heating and
                                                        cooling only T05-H04 is used. See
                                                        also X25-B for electrical details of
                                                        heating system
T05   T05-H04B    New            Involving              For patents involving heating and
                                 cooling/freezing       cooling only T05-H04 is used. See
                                                        also X27-F for refrigeration.
T06   T06-D02B                     New                  Tobacco                                           Includes control of tobacco         None
                                                                                                          processing plant.
T06   T06-D05A2                    New                  Pressing                                          Includes pressing, punching and     None                             Press
T06   T06-D07                      Change Title         Grinding; polishing;        Grinding; cutting;
                                                        cutting; drilling;          manipulators
T06   T06-D07A                     Change               Milling; grinding;          Grinding; polishing   See also X25-A03C codes as                                           Abrading,
                                   Title/Scope/search   polishing                                         appropriate.                                                         honing, lapping,
                                                                                                                                                                               planing, sanding,

T06   T06-D07A3                    New                  Polishing; burnishing                             See also X25-A03C3.
T06   T06-D07C                     New                  Boring; drilling; cutting                         Also see X25-A03B.                                                   Sawing,
T06   T06-D07D                     New                  Drilling; boring                                  See also X25-A03B1.
T06   T06-D07E                     New                  Handheld tools                                    See also X25-A03D.
T06   T06-D14     CN101434110A,    New                  Rubber                                            Rubber processing, Tyre             None
T06   T06-D20                      Change Scope         Other applications of                             Includes drying (see also X25-G),   Includes press control, drying
                                                        control systems                                   etc.                                (see also X25-G), etc.
U11   U11-C09G                     New                  Laser Treatment                                   Includes all laser treatment
                                                        apparatus                                         apparatus used for manufacturing
                                                                                                          semiconductor device. If used for
                                                                                                          heating a semiconductor substrate
                                                                                                          or wafer then also see U11-C03D

U11   U11-C18B4                    Change Scope         Complete manufacture                              Includes manufacture of monolithic Monolithic and thin film
                                                        of optoelectronic                                 and thin film photosensitive device photosensitive device e.g.
                                                        devices                                           e.g. photodiode, phototransistor,   photodiode, phototransistor,
                                                                                                          light emitting diode, laser diode,  integrated optics. Laser
                                                                                                          integrated optics. Laser diode      manufacture as part of an
                                                                                                          manufacture is also covered by U12- optoelectronic IC but single
                                                                                                          A01B2. For LED manufacture see laser diode manufacture is
                                                                                                          also U12-A01A2.                     covered by U12-A01B2. For
                                                                                                                                              LED manufacture see U12-
U12   U11-D02A9                    Change Scope         Other IGFETs                                      VMOS, UMOS, DMOS, DIMOS.            'VMOS, UMOS, DMOS,
                                                                                                          Includes vertical MOS, trench, U-   DIMOS. Includes vertical
                                                                                                          shaped grooved MOS, double          MOS, trench, U-shaped
                                                                                                          diffused MOS, trench type           grooved MOS, double diffused
                                                                                                          MOSFET, Schottky barrier source MOS, trench type MOSFET,
                                                                                                          and drain MOS. See cross-ref for    Schottky barrier source and
                                                                                                          superconductive FET. Also includes drain MOS. See cross-ref for
                                                                                                          magnetoelectric FETs Spin-FET,      superconductive FET.
                                                                                                          Magnetic-FET MAGFET.

U12   U12-A02A5                    Change Scope         Assemblies of solar                               Microlithography for forming        Microlithography for forming
                                                        cells                                             interconnections. Monolithic        interconnections. Monolithic
                                                                                                          integration. Solar battery. Also    integration. Solar battery
                                                                                                          includes frame assembly,
                                                                                                          installation of solar panels,
                                                                                                          supporting of solar power
                                                                                                          generation module
U12   U12-A0AA4D   Change Scope        Covering layers for                        Includes e.g. passivating, anti-      Includes e.g. passivating, anti-
                                       solar cells                                reflection film, back surface layers. reflection film.
                                                                                  Also resin layers and/or adhesive
                                                                                  layers as part of protection
                                                                                  film/barrier layer only.
U21   U21-A05A2    Change Title/Scope Compression,             Compression,       This code is used in a general way Includes conversion to or from
                                      expansion, suppression   expansion,         to represent 'coding', e.g. for data  delta or differential modulation,
                                      of redundancy, coding    suppression of     compression. It is assigned alone or vector coding, adaptive coding.
                                      in general               redundancy         in conjunction with other codes -     See also under application,
                                                                                  e.g. for audio or video coding, or    e.g. W01-A02A for data
                                                                                  coding for data transmission - if     transmission, W02-F07/W04-
                                                                                  U21-A05A2 codes can highlight         P01A for TV signals, W02-
                                                                                  additional detail e.g. if using U21-  J03B for facsimile, W04-V05G
                                                                                  A05A2A enables 'variable length       for speech coding, T01-D02
                                                                                  coding' to be highlighted. When
                                                                                  specific codes exist for the type of
                                                                                  coding involved in an invention and
                                                                                  U21-A05A2 codes do not provide
                                                                                  additional focus, they are not
                                                                                  assigned. Specific codes for
                                                                                  particular coding applications are :
                                                                                  S06-K07A4D for document imaging
                                                                                  and copying; T01-D02 for computer
                                                                                  data coding; T01-J10D for image
                                                                                  compression; T03-P01B for
                                                                                  compression of recorded data; W01-
                                                                                  A02A for data transmission; W04-
                                                                                  F01F for video signal recording
                                                                                  coding, W04-G01F for audio signal
                                                                                  recording coding, W04-P01A codes
                                                                                  for video signal coding, W04-V05G
                                                                                  for speech coding; W04-V10 for
                                                                                  general audio coding.

U21   U21-C03A2    Change Title/Scope Power supply details;    Power supply and   Power supply details' refers to        none
                                      noise prevention         noise prevention   internal details of the logic circuit.
                                                                                  Novel circuits for power supplies in
                                                                                  general are covered by U24-D and
                                                                                  U24-E codes which are also
                                                                                  assigned as appropriate when part
                                                                                  of the logic circuit itself.

U22   U22-B05      Change              Parameter                                  U22-B05 codes are assigned for        none
                   Scope/Search        compensation                               compensation of parameters of the
                                                                                  oscillator/pulse generator circuit
                                                                                  itself and for the effect of external
                                                                                  parameters. The codes are not
                                                                                  used for similar arrangements
                                                                                  applied to subsequent circuitry such
                                                                                  as pulse shaping or

U22   U22-G01B4    Change              Notch filter                               This code covers digital filters      none                                Band stop filter
                   Scope/Search                                                   which attenuate a band of
                                                                                  frequencies and pass those on
                                                                                  either side.
U22   U22-G03C1   Change Title/Scope Functions used in                       U22-G03C1 codes are applied to           U22-G03C1 codes are applied
                                     digital signal                          highlight functions performed by         to highlight functions
                                     processing                              digital signal processors and            performed by digital signal
                                                                             networks. These codes are to be          processors/networks. These
                                                                             used to highlight block level            codes are to be used to
                                                                             functions and not the overall            highlight block level functions
                                                                             application, which is represented by     and not the overall application,
                                                                             U22-G03E3 codes. Filtering using         see U22-G03E3 for overall
                                                                             digital filters is covered by U22-G01    application.
U22   U22-G03E3   Change Title/Scope Applications of DSP       Application   U22-G03E3 codes are applied to           none
                                                                             highlight the application of a digital
                                                                             signal processor or network.
                                                                             Filtering using digital filters is
                                                                             covered by U22-G01 codes but
                                                                             applications of filtering can be
                                                                             indicated by assignment of U22-
                                                                             G03E3 codes as well, e.g. a digital
                                                                             filter used for reducing noise would
                                                                             be represented by appropriate U22-
                                                                             G01 codes in conjunction with U22-
U22   U22-H       Change             Automatic digital                       This is a general code used to           This is a general code used to Clock signal,
                  Scope/Search       phase/frequency-control                 indicate control of phase or             indicate control of phase or    clock skew,
                                     and synchronization                     frequency in digital systems,            frequency in digital systems,   clock tree
                                                                             especially for synchronization, and      especially for synchronization,
                                                                             includes non-PLL phase control and       and includes non-PLL phase
                                                                             clock extraction circuits (see W01-      control and clock extraction
                                                                             A04 codes for data transmission          circuits (see W01-A04 codes
                                                                             aspects). Other U22 codes are also       for data transmission aspects).
                                                                             assigned as necessary, such as           Since 1992 digita
                                                                             U22-D04 codes for delay circuits
                                                                             and U22-D06 codes for clock
                                                                             distribution arrangements.
                                                                             Inventions concerned with digital
                                                                             phase lock loops (PLLs) and delay
                                                                             lock loops (DLLs) are covered by
                                                                             U23-D01 codes which are assigned
                                                                             instead of U22-H.

U23   U23-A01A    Change Scope       Electromechanical                       Oscillators using logic inverters and See V06-V codes for novel
                                     resonator                               the like in a feedback arrangement details of resonator per se.
                                                                             with an electromechanical
                                                                             resonator are also assigned U22
                                                                             codes (e.g. U22-A02D and U22-
                                                                             A04A2). Novel aspects of
                                                                             resonators themselves are covered
                                                                             by V06-V01E codes with other V06-
                                                                             V codes as appropriate.
U23   U23-D02                      Change scope   Other phase/frequency     Includes systems not relying solely     Includes systems not relying
                                                  shift correction          on PLLs to correct phase or             solely on PLLs to correct
                                                                            frequency, e.g. non-feedback            phase or frequency, e.g. non-
                                                                            frequency control of an oscillator      feedback frequency control of
                                                                            based on sensed temperature,            an oscillator based on sensed
                                                                            injection locking and use of atomic     temperature i.e.compensation
                                                                            oscillators. (Time and frequency
                                                                            standards based on atomic
                                                                            oscillators are covered by S04-
                                                                            B02X and S04-C09).
U23   U23-E                        Change Scope   Oscillator starting and   U23-E codes are assigned for            See U22-B codes for
                                                  output control            oscillator circuit control and for      analogous arrangements for
                                                                            temperature compensation                pulse generators.
                                                                            arrangements associated with the
                                                                            oscillator itself. The codes are not
                                                                            used for subsequent circuitry such
                                                                            as phase shifting, phase splitting or
                                                                            amplifying circuits. See U22-B
                                                                            codes for analogous arrangements
                                                                            for pulse generators.

U24   U24-F01                      Change Scope   For automatic             This code covers protection          none
                                                  disconnection             arrangements for low-power
                                                                            electrical and electronic circuits
                                                                            involving disconnection which may
                                                                            be capable of being reset or may be
                                                                            non-resettable, e.g. based on fuses.
                                                                            Novel details of fuses themselves
                                                                            are not included and are covered by
                                                                            X13-D01 codes.

U25   U25-C                        Change Scope   Active networks           This code covers circuits for         none
                                                  simulating reactances;    simulating reactances, changing
                                                  impedance converters      their sign (e.g. producing an
                                                                            inductive reactance from a
                                                                            capacitor) and changing their
                                                                            magnitude, such as a 'capacitor
                                                                            amplifier' or 'capacitor multiplier'.
U25   U25-E05D                     Change         Notch filter              This code covers analog filters                                         Band stop filter
                                   Scope/Search                             which attenuate a band of
                                                                            frequencies and pass those on
                                                                            either side.
V04   V04-Q30U                     New            Lamp application          Includes lamp application like street
                                                                            lamp, table lamp and LED lamps

V04   V04-Q30X                     New            Other                     Includes oil/petroleum application
                                                                            and chemical industry
V04   V04-U21                      New            Electrostatic casing      Includes electronic device
                                                                            proctection from electrostatic effect

V05   V05-F01A6   KR2009113191A,   New            X-ray spectrometer
V06   V06-M04                      Change Scope   Machines with vibrating   Includes voice-coil type motors,     Includes voice-coil type           Reciprocating/os V06-M06
                                                  armatures or coils        solenoidal motors, vibration motors. motors, solenoidal motors.         cillating magnet,
                                                                                                                                                    vibration motor
V06   V06-M11            Change Scope                                none
V06   V06-M11M           Change Scope    Testing, repair and         Includes analysis, diagnosis,       None
                                         maintenance                 monitoring, fault detection.
V06   V06-M20            Change Scope    Other details               This code includes details of model This code includes details of       Motor
                                                                     illustrating / demonstrating how an model illustrating /                simulation,
                                                                     electric motor works. See also W04- demonstrating how an electric       Generator
                                                                     W07C for demonstration of process motor works. See also W04-            simulation,
                                                                     or effect. Also includes machine    W07C for demonstration of           Electric machine
                                                                     simulation/design.                  process or effect.                  simulation,
                                                                                                                                             Motor design,
                                                                                                                                             design, Electric
                                                                                                                                             machine design

V06   V06-N26            Change Scope    Microprocessor control      Includes, DSP processor, ECU,          None
                                                                     PLC etc…
V06   V06-U04E           Change Scope    Telecommunication           Includes mobile phones                 None
V06   V06-U11            Change Scope    Electronic equipment        Includes semiconductor                 None
                                         manufacture                 manufacturing equipment.
V06   V06-U15            Change Scope    Industrial                  Includes industrial vehicles. E.g.     None
                                         machines/components         cranes, concrete mixing lorry, fork
                                                                     lift truck etc…
V06   V06-V04A4          Change Scope    Headphones;                 Also includes hands-free kits,         Also includes hands-free kits.   Earphones,
                                         earphones                   hearing aids. For hearing aids, also                                    earpieces,
                                                                     apply V06-V04K.                                                         mouthpieces,
                                                                                                                                             hearing aids.
V08   V08-A04F    H01S   New             Infrared lasers and UV      Includes IR and UV lasers emitted                                       UV Laser, IR
                                         lasers, non visible light   from non visible light source, For                                      lasers
                                         sources                     illumination aspects see also X26-
                                                                     Q01 and X26-Q03
W01   W01-A06A3          Change Search   Network usage and                                                                                   Load sharing,
                         Term            operation monitoring                                                                                QoS
W01   W01-A06E           Change Search   Network control and                                                                                 Load sharing
                         Term            software
W01   W01-A06E1          Change Search   Access and routing                                                                                  (none - delete
                         Term                                                                                                                'Load sharing')
W01   W01-A09B           Change Search   PSK                                                                                                 Phase shift
                         Term                                                                                                                keying, binary
                                                                                                                                             keying (BPSK),
                                                                                                                                             phase shift
                                                                                                                                             keying (DPSK),
                                                                                                                                             minimum shift
                                                                                                                                             keying (GMSK),
                                                                                                                                             minimum shift
                                                                                                                                             keying (MSK),
                                                                                                                                             keying (QPSK)
W01   W01-C01G6E   Change Scope        Internet communication                          This code is assigned with W01-         Search with W01-C01D3
                                                                                       C01D3 codes for WAP phone               codes for WAP phone aspects,
                                                                                       aspects, e.g. W01-C01D3G for ‘3G’       e.g. W01-C01D3G for ‘3G’ or
                                                                                       or ‘4G’ handsets, and with W01-         ‘4G’ handsets, and with W01-
                                                                                       C01P1 for multimedia aspects.           C01P1 for multimedia aspects.
                                                                                       W01-C01G6E includes telephone
                                                                                       sets equipped for placing calls over
                                                                                       the internet, e.g. using VoIP.
                                                                                       (Systems aspects of VoIP are
                                                                                       covered by W01-C05B4C).

W01   W01-C01P1    Change Scope                                                       See also T01-J30 codes and W01-          See also T01-J30 codes and
                                                                                      C05B2 for system aspects. Prior to       W01-C05B2 for system
                                                                                      2011 this code was also assigned         aspects. Audio/video aspects
                                                                                      for multimedia aspects of DMB            of multimedia are covered in
                                                                                      receivers. From 2011 these are           W04-K10.
                                                                                      covered solely by W01-C01P6G
                                                                                      and W03-A11G5.
W01   W01-C01P6G   Change Title/Scope Broadcast TV receiver     Broadcast TV receiver From 2011 the title of this code has     W03-A codes are also
                                      and digital multimedia                          been changed to reflect the              assigned for specific TV
                                      broadcast receiver                              inclusion of DMB receivers for           receiver aspects.
                                                                                      which W03-A11G5 is also
                                                                                      assigned, along with other W03-A
                                                                                      codes as necessary. Prior to 2011
                                                                                      W01-C01P1 was also assigned
                                                                                      depending on novel aspects.

W01   W01-C01R     Change Scope        Interfacing systems                             This code Includes the interfacing of   Includes the interfacing of a      Bluetooth®,
                                                                                       a telephone set (usually mobile, for    telephone set (usually mobile,     Firewire®,
                                                                                       which W01-C01D3C is also                for which W01-C01D3C is also       IEEE1394, i-
                                                                                       assigned) to a local external device    assigned) to a local external      link®, infrared
                                                                                       via a digital connection. From 2011     device via a digital connection.   data
                                                                                       it is subdivided to differentiate       See also W01-A07H codes,           assocxiation,
                                                                                       between novelty in the interface        which are also assigned to         IrDA, RS-232,
                                                                                       itself and applications where the       highlight the interface medium     RS-485, serial
                                                                                       use of the interface is significant.    used, e.g. W01-A07H                port, USB,
                                                                                       W01-A07H codes are also                                                    universal serial
                                                                                       assigned to highlight the interface                                        bus.
                                                                                       medium used when specific, e.g.
                                                                                       W01-A07H2A for a Bluetooth® link.
                                                                                       See also T01-C codes for
                                                                                       interfacing with a computer. Circuits
                                                                                       and components for interfacing with
                                                                                       PSTN landlines are not included
                                                                                       and covered by W01-C01L codes.
                                                                                       'User interface' aspects such as
                                                                                       GUI or menus etc. are not included,
                                                                                       being covered by W01-C01G8A.

W01   W01-C01R1    New                 Novel details of                                This code is intended for novel
                                       telephone digital                               details of digital interfaces for
                                       interface                                       telephones, including software and
                                                                                       also hardware aspects such as
                                                                                       connectors and circuitry.
W01   W01-C01R5    New             Applications of                       This code is intended for significant
                                   telephone digital                     applications of digital interfaces for
                                   interface                             telephones, e.g. where an invention
                                                                         relies on the use of the interface to
                                                                         connect a phone with an external
                                                                         system or equipment.

W01   W01-C05B3L   Change Title    PCMCIA / PC card         PCMIA card
W02   W02-B10      Change          Antenna for non-                      This code is intended to be used         This code is intended to be     Applicator,
                   Scope/Search    communications                        with any other W02-B code to             used with any other W02-B       diathermy,
                                   application                           indicate that an antenna is being        code to indicate that an        emitter, ISM,
                                                                         used to launch or intercept RF           antenna is being used to        microwave
                                                                         energy for a purpose other than          launch or intercept RF energy   heating, process
                                                                         communications. For example, it          for a purpose other than        chamber,
                                                                         will be assigned for an antenna          communications. For example,    rectenna,
                                                                         coupling RF energy into a                it will be assigned for an      rectifying
                                                                         discharge space in plasma                antenna coupling RF energy      antenna, RF
                                                                         processing apparatus (also               into a discha                   heating, surgery.
                                                                         assigned V05-F04L, V05-F05C1
                                                                         codes, and other V05-F codes as
                                                                         appropriate). In general, codes
                                                                         relating to the specific application
                                                                         should also be included in a search,
                                                                         such as S05-B codes for surgery or
                                                                         X25-B02B codes for microwave
                                                                         heating. Note that any transmission
                                                                         and reception of radio signals is
                                                                         regarded as communication, so that
                                                                         applications such as radar,
                                                                         transponder systems, telemetry and
                                                                         remote control are not assigned

W02   W02-C03A5    Change Search   Hybrid diversity                                                                                               V-Blast,
                   Term            schemes                                                                                                        Alamouti, MIMO,

W02   W02-C03B2B   Change          Terrestial radio relay                Equipment for extending the range        none                            Repeater
                   Scope/Search    apparatus                             or providing 'fill-in' coverage in a
                                                                         mobile phone system is also
                                                                         assigned W02-C03C1B (i.e. it is
                                                                         coded as a base station).
W02   W02-C03C1E                    Change Title/Scope Mobile location             Mobile location   This code is intended for the           This code is intended for the
                                                       determination by the        determination     determination of location for the       determination of location for
                                                       network                                       purpose of operating the mobile         the purpose of operating the
                                                                                                     radio system, and does not cover        mobile radio system, and does
                                                                                                     the provision of position information   not cover the provision of
                                                                                                     by a navigation receiver built into a   position information as a
                                                                                                     mobile station for the benefit of the   ‘subscriber service’ (e.g. using
                                                                                                     user only. It does not cover the        an unrelated system such as
                                                                                                     provision of position information as    GPS), except when cel
                                                                                                     a ‘subscriber service’ (e.g. using an
                                                                                                     unrelated system such as GPS),
                                                                                                     except when cellular system
                                                                                                     location register information is
                                                                                                     employed, in which case W02-
                                                                                                     C03C1J (‘Cellular radio
                                                                                                     applications’) is also assigned. For
                                                                                                     location register details see W01-
                                                                                                     B05A1Q also. For mobile location
                                                                                                     determination in non-cellular
                                                                                                     systems see W02-C03C3F.

W02   W02-C03C1G                    Change Search       Third generation’ and                                                                                                   3G, 3GPP, 4G,
                                                        analogous mobile                                                                                                        long term
                                                        phone system                                                                                                            evolution, LTE
W02   W02-D05                       Change Scope        Using radio distribution                     W02-G codes are also assigned as Broadcast radio receivers are
                                                                                                     appropriate for novel equipment,  covered by W03-B codes.
                                                                                                     e.g. W02-G01 codes for
                                                                                                     transmitters and W02-G05 codes
                                                                                                     for repeaters. Novel antennas for
                                                                                                     radio broadcasting are also
                                                                                                     assigned W02-B codes. Broadcast
                                                                                                     radio receivers are not included
                                                                                                     and are covered by W03-B codes.

W02   W02-D07                       New                 Emergency sound                              Codes indicating 'disaster-related'
                                                        broadcasting                                 alarms in W05-B08 are also
                                                                                                     assigned as appropriate.
                                                                                                     Emergency television broadcasting
                                                                                                     is covered by W02-F05D.
                                                                                                     Reception of emergency broadcast
                                                                                                     messages in radio receivers is
                                                                                                     covered by W03-B08C7 and in TV
                                                                                                     receivers by W03-A18A5J.

W02   W02-F05D     US2010162300A1   New                 Transmission of                              Codes indicating 'disaster-related'                                                         W02-F05C
                                                        emergency TV                                 alarms in W05-B08 are also
                                                        broadcast messages                           assigned as appropriate.
                                                                                                     Emergency sound radio
                                                                                                     broadcasting is covered by W02-
                                                                                                     D07. Reception of emergency
                                                                                                     broadcast messages in TV
                                                                                                     receivers is covered by W03-
                                                                                                     A18A5J and in radio receivers by
W02   W02-F10Q     US2010070454A1   Change Title/Scope User profiling; content   Selective insertion of   From 2011 the title of this code has    Covers insertion of separate
                                                       recommendation;           commercial               been expanded to allow inclusion of     advertising content into
                                                       selective insertion of    messages                 user profiling and 'recommendation'     programme breaks for different
                                                       commercial messages                                or 'suggester' systems which offer      regions and/or different
                                                                                                          content based on a user's profile.      individual subscriber
                                                                                                          W02-F10Q codes relate to systems        demographics.
                                                                                                          and equipment at the 'content
                                                                                                          distribution end' of the broadcast
                                                                                                          system and do not cover self-
                                                                                                          contained analogous systems
                                                                                                          wholly based at the viewer or
                                                                                                          listener end which are part of e.g. a
                                                                                                          TV receiver and are not supplied by
                                                                                                          the content provider.

W02   W02-F10Q1                     New                 User profiling                                    This code covers the building of a
                                                                                                          user profile e.g. to be used to
                                                                                                          determine preferences in terms of
W02   W02-F10Q1A                    New                 Learning aspects                                  This code covers novel aspects of
                                                                                                          monitoring user behaviour in terms
                                                                                                          of content that has been selected.

W02   W02-F10Q3                     New                 Content                                           Covers 'recommendation' or
                                                        recommendation                                    'suggester' systems for offering
                                                                                                          content based on the determined
                                                                                                          profile. Operation in conjunction
                                                                                                          with an electronic program guide
                                                                                                          (EPG) is Selective insertion of
                                                                                                          commercial messages is not
                                                                                                          included and is covered by W02-
W02   W02-F10Q5                     New                 Selective insertion of                            Covers equipment, methods and
                                                        commercial messages                               systems for selective insertion of
                                                                                                          commercial messages (CMs)
                                                                                                          presumed to be of interest based on
                                                                                                          the user profile or geographical
                                                                                                          region. Offering of content other
                                                                                                          than CMs is not included and is
                                                                                                          covered by W02-F10Q3.
W02   W02-G04B1                     Change Search       Volume Compression                                                                                                          PAPR, peak-to-
                                    Term                or Expansion                                                                                                                average power
W03   W03-A02C5A                    Change Scope        Involving on-screen                               Includes application of GUI             Includes application of GUI
                                                        display                                           techniques to control of TV             techniques to control of
                                                                                                          receivers and video displays, such      receiver, and also use of
                                                                                                          as manipulation of a cursor, menu       remote controller in connection
                                                                                                          navigation and virtual keyboard         with other interactive systems
                                                                                                          aspects. For use of remote              making use of TV set (see
                                                                                                          controller in connection with other     W03-A16C5 codes also). OSD
                                                                                                          interactive systems making use of a     in general is coded in W03-
                                                                                                          TV set search with W03-A16C5            A13G.
                                                                                                          codes also. OSD in general is
                                                                                                          coded in W03-A13G.
W03   W03-A02C5E   Change Scope    Combined with          This code covers the provision of          Includes provision of dedicated
                                   additional features    features beyond the basic remote           display, e.g. for indicating
                                                          control function and generally refers      control functions, viewing
                                                          to extra facilities being provided to      alternative channel or
                                                          the user on the remote control             electronic programme guide
                                                          handset. Examples include a                (for which W03-A13J is also
                                                          dedicated display, e.g. for indicating     assigned).
                                                          control functions, viewing
                                                          alternative channel or electronic
                                                          programme guide (for which W03-
                                                          A13J is also assigned), or the
                                                          provision of a separate loudspeaker
                                                          or headphone socket.

W03   W03-A02C5J   New             Image recognition-     This code covers the use of image
                                   based remote control   recognition technology as part of a
                                                          remote control system for TV sets
                                                          and video displays. It includes
                                                          recognition of gestures, movement
                                                          of hands or head, etc. to derive
                                                          control information. For use in
                                                          conjunction with virtual keyboards
                                                          or other on-screen display aspects
                                                          W03-A02C5A is also assigned.
                                                          Image-based recognition of
                                                          individual users, e.g. for parental
                                                          control or selecting a 'favorites' list,
                                                          is covered by W03-A18A6.

W03   W03-A02C5L   New             Voice recognition-     This code covers the use of voice
                                   based remote control   recognition to provide a 'remote
                                                          control' facility, with or without a
                                                          remote control handset unit being
                                                          used, in which spoken commands
                                                          are used to control the functions of
                                                          a TV set or video display. The
                                                          general 'speech recognition
                                                          application' code, W04-V04A5 is
                                                          also assigned (with other W04-V
                                                          codes in case of novel aspects).
                                                          Voice-based recognition of
                                                          individual users, e.g. for parental
                                                          control or selecting a 'favorites' list,
                                                          is covered by W03-A18A6.

W03   W03-A05X     Change Search   Other color signal                                                                                  Dithering
W03   W03-A08S                     Change Scope         Display interfacing                             Covers circuitry for interfacing        Covers circuitry for interfacing
                                                                                                        between the receiver and displays       between receiver and display
                                                                                                        that may be integral with it or
                                                                                                        external. This topic was previously
                                                                                                        covered in W03-A04F for general
                                                                                                        interfacing aspects and in W03-
                                                                                                        A05F for interfacing and display
                                                                                                        driving specifically related to color
                                                                                                        video signals. Other W03-A05
                                                                                                        codes are still assigned in addition
                                                                                                        to W03-A08S codes when
                                                                                                        necessary, e.g. W03-A05C5 for
                                                                                                        white balance control.

W03   W03-A08S1                    Change               Digital display                                 This code covers aspects specific       This topic was previously           DisplayID, EDID,
                                   Scope/Search         interfacing                                     to the digital nature of the display,   covered in W03-A04F for             extended display
                                                                                                        such as digitizing and signalling the   general interfacing aspects         identification
                                                                                                        type of display or resolution.          and in W03-A05F for                 data, E-EDID,
                                                                                                        Specific details relating to matrix     interfacing and display driving     enhanced EDID
                                                                                                        display driving are covered by W03-     specifically related to color
                                                                                                        A08S5.                                  video signals. This aspect is
                                                                                                                                                still assigned other W03-A05
                                                                                                                                                codes in addition to W03-
                                                                                                                                                A08S1, e.g. W03-A05C5 for
                                                                                                                                                white balance control.
W03   W03-A10X                     Change Scope         Other text system                             Includes the use of text-to-speech        none
                                                        details                                       conversion (also assigned W04-
                                                                                                      V04C1) to provide an audible
                                                                                                      version of text-based information.
W03   W03-A11G                     Change Title/Scope TV receiver for digital TV receiver for digital From 2011 the title of this code is       Covers receivers of digital TV
                                                      broadcasts and digital broadcasts               expanded to reflect inclusion of          signals such as DVB-T,
                                                      multimedia broadcast                            receivers for digital multimedia          irrespective of their analogue
                                                      receiver                                        broadcast (DMB - now covered by           or digital configuration. Set-top
                                                                                                      W03-A11G5) as well as receivers           box receivers are also
                                                                                                      of digital TV signals such as DVB-        assigned W03-A16E. Digital
                                                                                                      T, irrespective of analogue or digital    TV receiver architecture details
                                                                                                      receiver architecture. Set-top box        (for analogue or digital signals)
                                                                                                      receivers are also assigned W03-          are covered by W03-A11K
                                                                                                      A16E. Digital TV receiver                 codes.
                                                                                                      architecture details (for analogue or
                                                                                                      digital signals) are covered by W03-
                                                                                                      A11K codes.
W03   W03-A11G5   US2009187952A1   New                Digital multimedia                              For receivers built-into mobile                                               DMB
                                                      broadcast receiver                              phones search with W01-C01D3C
                                                                                                      and W01-C01P6G.
W03   W03-A18A1                    Change Scope       Testing/monitoring with                         This code covers any aspect of            Includes production line
                                                      external equipment                              testing or monitoring of TV               testing, also covered by W02-
                                                                                                      receivers or video displays using         F04A5C
                                                                                                      external equipment, including
                                                                                                      production line testing or testing
                                                                                                      subsequently for e.g. fault-finding or
                                                                                                      repair. Self-testing or self-
                                                                                                      monitoring arrangements are
                                                                                                      covered by W03-A18A2.
W03   W03-A18A2    Change Scope    Self-testing, monitoring   This code covers control aspects          This code covers control
                                   and calibration of TV      within the receiver itself for test and   aspects within the receiver
                                   receiver                   diagnosis and also internal               itself for test and diagnosis and
                                                              calibration. Testing or monitoring of     also internal calibration.
                                                              TV receivers and video displays
                                                              using external equipment is
                                                              covered by W03-A18A1.
W03   W03-A18A5J   Change Search   Detecting emergency        Includes arrangements to change           Includes arrangements to            Adverse
                                   broadcast messages         channels or switch on TV receiver         change channels or switch on        weather,
                                                              when emergency broadcast                  TV receiver when emergency          avalanche,
                                                              messages are detected.                    broadcast messages are              earthquake,
                                                              Emergency broadcast radio                 detected. See W05-B08               eruption,
                                                              receivers are covered by W03-             codes for system aspects of         flooding,
                                                              B08C7. See W02-F05D for                   emergency broadcasts.               hurricane,
                                                              transmission of emergency TV                                                  landslide,
                                                              broadcasts and W05-B08 codes                                                  landslip,
                                                              which are assigned for all aspects                                            mudslide,
                                                              of emergency broadcasts and                                                   terrorist attack,
                                                              disaster warning alarms.                                                      tidal wave,
W03   W03-B01C     Change Scope    Tuning and related         Includes scales, illumination etc.,       Includes scales, illumination
                                   displays                   and digital read-out of received          etc., and digital read-out of
                                                              frequency. (For general application,      received frequency. (For
                                                              coded in U25-K). Use of tuning            general application, coded in
                                                              display to present other information      U25-K). Use of tuning display
                                                              is also included, e.g. for RDS or         to present other information is
                                                              radio text (also assigned W03-B08         also included, e.g. for RDS
                                                              codes) or for DAB program guide           (also assigned W03-B08
                                                              (EPG) aspects (also assigned W03-         codes) or for DAB program g
                                                              B06). From 2011 novel aspects of
                                                              broadcast radio receiver program
                                                              guide reception and data handling
                                                              are covered by W03-B08C5. (For
                                                              EPG in TV receivers see W03-
W03   W03-B08     Change Title/Scope Receiving additional      RDS and related        From 2011 the title of this code has     This code is assigned for all
                                     information               systems radio          been changed and its scope               aspects of RDS and similar-
                                                               receiver               expanded to include arrangements         system receivers. Prior to
                                                                                      for receiving 'additional information'   1997, W03-B02C5 codes were
                                                                                      such as text and electronic program      used for inventions involving
                                                                                      guide (EPG) information transmitted      RDS-type decoders and their
                                                                                      with digital audio broadcast (DAB)       use in a broad sense. From
                                                                                      signals, RDS information and             1997 only inventions strictly
                                                                                      emergency broadcast messages.            relating to the decoder per s
                                                                                      Between 1997 and 2010 this code
                                                                                      was used for all aspects of
                                                                                      receivers for RDS and similar text-
                                                                                      based systems with W03-B02C5
                                                                                      codes being assigned for inventions
                                                                                      involving RDS-type decoders.
                                                                                      Before 1997 W03-B02C5 was
                                                                                      assigned in a broader sense to
                                                                                      indicate receivers for RDS and
                                                                                      similar systems. In all cases other
                                                                                      W03-B codes are also assigned as

W03   W03-B08A    Change Title/Scope Storage for additional    Message and            This code, which replaced W03-           This code, which replaces
                                     information and           programme content      B02C5A in 2006, is intended for          W03-B02C5A, covers
                                     programme content         storage                buffer storage of either additional      arrangements for storing either
                                                                                      information (as defined above) for       messages and other RDS-type
                                                                                      subsequent replay, or programme          information for subsequent
                                                                                      content, e.g. content missed by the      replay, or the programme
                                                                                      reproduction of a traffic message,       content otherwise missed by
                                                                                      or due to channel changing. W03-         the reproduction of the
                                                                                      B08A1 and W03-B08A5 indicate             message, e.g. due to channel
                                                                                      what is stored while W03-B08A7 is        changing. The sto
                                                                                      assigned when the storage
                                                                                      arrangement itself is novel . The
                                                                                      storage of messages or content
                                                                                      may occur within the broadcast
                                                                                      receiver, or within external
                                                                                      equipment which is connected to it.
                                                                                      For both of the specific subdivisions
                                                                                      below, W04 codes are also
                                                                                      assigned as appropriate for the
                                                                                      technology used to store the
                                                                                      information. Full-scale recording
                                                                                      within a receiver - e.g. of an
                                                                                      extended section of a broadcast
                                                                                      program - is not included, and is
                                                                                      regarded as a 'radio-recorder'
                                                                                      combination and covered by W03-B
                                                                                      codes, W03-G03A and W04 codes
                                                                                      as appropriate.

W03   W03-B08A1   Change Scope        Storage for additional   Message or bulletin  Covers arrangements for storing            Covers arrangements for
                                      information              storage arrangements traffic bulletins (e.g. TMC                storing traffic bulletins (e.g.
                                                                                    announcements, emergency                   TMC announcements) or other
                                                                                    broadcasts, or other information) in       information in text, audio or
                                                                                    text, audio or other form, for replay      other form, for replay as
                                                                                    as desired.                                desired.
W03   W03-B08A5                     Change Title   Storage for programme Programme content        Covers arrangements for storing         Covers arrangements for
                                                   content                   storage arrangements programme content interrupted by        storing programme content
                                                                                                  e.g. RDS or similar system              interrupted by e.g. RDS or
                                                                                                  messages, so that listening or          similar system messages, so
                                                                                                  viewing can resume from the time        that listening or viewing can
                                                                                                  of the interruption. The content        resume from the time of the
                                                                                                  stored may be a radio programme         interruption. The content stored
                                                                                                  received by the broadcast receiver      may be a radio programme
                                                                                                  itself, or external sources such as a   received by the broadcast
                                                                                                  CD or DVD player, a TV receiver,        receiver
W03   W03-B08A7                     New            Novel aspects of                               Covers novel arrangementts such
                                                   storage and memory                             as memory circuits etc.
W03   W03-B08C                      New            Characterised by type                          These codes are assigned to
                                                   of additional information                      indicate the type of additional
                                                                                                  information as it is received. W03-
                                                                                                  B08C8 is assigned to denote the
                                                                                                  conversion of the information into
                                                                                                  another form.
W03   W03-B08C1                     New            Visual information                             Program guide reception is covered
                                                                                                  by W03-B08C5 which takes
                                                                                                  precedence over W03-B08C1
                                                                                                  codes as EPG information is
                                                                                                  assumed to be in the form of text
                                                                                                  and/or graphics unless other codes
                                                                                                  indicate another method of
                                                                                                  presenting it. Prior to 2011 W03-
                                                                                                  B01C was used to denote EPG
                                                                                                  presentation but from 2011 will only
                                                                                                  be assigned for novel display-
                                                                                                  related aspects.
W03   W03-B08C1A   JP2008177734A    New            Text
W03   W03-B08C1C                    New            Graphics, still images,                        This code covers the reception of
                                                   moving images                                  still or moving images only as
                                                                                                  'additional information' transmitted
                                                                                                  with a radio broadcast. Reception
                                                                                                  of normal TV signals is covered by
                                                                                                  W03-A codes and is not included
W03   W03-B08C3                     New            Audio information                              Includes reception of additional
                                                                                                  information in the form of spoken
W03   W03-B08C5    US2008083000A1   New            Program guide systems                          This code covers program guide
                                                   (EPG) and content                              information and also 'now playing'
                                                   descriptions                                   information describing e.g. a
                                                                                                  musical piece being played, or
                                                                                                  other associated information. This
                                                                                                  code takes precedence over W03-
                                                                                                  B08C1A, i.e. the information is
                                                                                                  assumed to be in text form unless
                                                                                                  other codes indicate another
                                                                                                  method of presenting it. EPG
                                                                                                  aspects of DAB receivers are
                                                                                                  indicated by assignment of W03-
                                                                                                  B06 also.
W03   W03-B08C7   JP2009282711A   New                 Emergency broadcasts           Codes indicating 'disaster-related'                                 Adverse
                                                                                     alarms in W05-B08 are also                                          weather,
                                                                                     assigned as appropriate. Reception                                  avalanche,
                                                                                     of emergency broadcast messages                                     earthquake,
                                                                                     in TV receivers is covered by W03-                                  eruption,
                                                                                     A18A5J.                                                             flooding,
                                                                                                                                                         terrorist attack,
                                                                                                                                                         tidal wave,

W03   W03-B08C8   CN201114604Y    New                 Transforming                   This code is used with other W03-
                                                      information type               B08C codes indicating the original
                                                                                     form of additional information and
                                                                                     denotes its conversion into another
                                                                                     form, e.g. from text to audible form
                                                                                     or vice versa. W04-V04A6 and
                                                                                     W04-V04C1 are also respectively
                                                                                     assigned for speech-to-text or text-
                                                                                     to-speech conversion when

W03   W03-B08C9                   New                Other additional
W04   W04-D20A                    Change Title/Scope Magneto-optical disk     Disk   Includes mini-disk recorder/players none
W04   W04-D20B                    Change Title       Magneto-optical tape     Tape
W04   W04-F01L3                   Change search      Signal processing to                                                                                Watermarking
                                                     indicate occurrence of
W04   W04-H01C5                   Change Scope       Automatic content               Includes thumbnail indexing, and       Includes use of electronic
                                                     indexing                        use of EPG data to generate            programme guide data
                                                                                     searchable indexing information        generate to searchable
                                                                                                                            indexing information
W04   W04-M01C1A                    Change Scope   Novel lens details       Lenses per se   Covers novel aspects only of single     Covers novel aspects only of
                                                                                            lenses and lens groups such as          single lenses and lens groups
                                                                                            zoom lenses. Search with W04-           such as zoom lenses. Search
                                                                                            M01B5 for lens or lens array            with W04-M01B5 for lens or
                                                                                            integral with image pick-up             lens array integral with image
                                                                                            element. From 2011 the use of           pick-up element. See V07 for
                                                                                            variable lenses, including those with   lenses with electrically-
                                                                                            electrically-controlled variable        controlled variable parameters.
                                                                                            parameters is indicated by W04-         Note that 'lens systems'
                                                                                            M01C1E. If the variable lens is
                                                                                            novel W04-M01C1A is also
                                                                                            assigned. Note that 'lens systems',
                                                                                            'lens barrels' and 'lens tubes'
                                                                                            without any novelty in lenses
                                                                                            themselves are not included and
                                                                                            are covered by W04-M01C1 with
                                                                                            W04-M01G1B for constructional
                                                                                            details such as lens mounting
W04   W04-M01C1E   WO2010057336A1   New            Variable                                 This code covers the use of lenses
                                                                                            with variable properties, e.g. where
                                                                                            the lens is physically deformed to
                                                                                            change its refractive power. If the
                                                                                            variable lens is novel W04-M01C1A
                                                                                            is also assigned. (V07 codes are
                                                                                            also assigned for lenses with
                                                                                            electrically-controlled variable
                                                                                            parameters). W04-M01C1E does
                                                                                            not cover lens systems in which
                                                                                            magnification or focus is changed
                                                                                            by changing the distance between
                                                                                            lenses or between a lens and an
                                                                                            image sensor.

W04   W04-M01C3C   JP2010026312A    Change Scope   For removing specific                    This code covers filters designed to none
                                                   wavelengths                              block transmission of specific
                                                                                            wavelengths, e.g. optical high-pass
                                                                                            filters such as IR-cut filters. Video
                                                                                            cameras intended for imaging in the
                                                                                            infrared spectrum are covered by
                                                                                            W04-M01E1 codes.

W04   W04-M01C3D   WO2007120559A2   New            Neutral density filter                                                                                             ND filter
W04   W04-M01C3G   WO2010074719A1   New            Polarizing filter
W04   W04-M01D1C                    New            GUI control aspects of                   This code covers the use of graphic
                                                   cameras                                  user interfaces for controlling a
                                                                                            camera and employing the camera
                                                                                            display, including the use of
                                                                                            touchscreens. Novel aspects of
                                                                                            displays for cameras are covered
                                                                                            by W04-M01D3A and of
                                                                                            touchscreens by W04-M01D3E.
W04   W04-M01D2C                   Change Scope   Range finding and      Includes rangefinding for setting         Includes rangefinding for
                                                  subject                focus. Focus detection by video           setting focus. Focus detection
                                                  location/tracking      signal characteristics (e.g. HF           by video signal characteristics
                                                                         content) is covered by W04-               (e.g. HF content) is covered by
                                                                         M01D2E. Includes tracking using           W04-M01D2E. Includes
                                                                         ‘beacon’ transmitter, and automatic       tracking using ‘beacon’
                                                                         systems using movement/position           transmitter, and automatic
                                                                         detection, which are also coded in        systems using
                                                                         e.g. W06-A02C1. Prior to 1997 this        movement/position detection,
                                                                         code included identification of           which are also coded in e.g.
                                                                         subject or region of interest by eye-     W06-A02C1. Prior to 1997 this
                                                                         gaze direction determination, when        code included identification of
                                                                         used with S05-D01C5A. From                subject or region of interest by
                                                                         1997, see W04-M01D2G, which is            eye-gaze direction
                                                                         now used alone to represent the           determination, when used with
                                                                         gaze-direction aspect. (Similar           S05-D01C5A. From 1997, see
                                                                         systems for photographic cameras          W04-M01D2G, which is now
                                                                         are covered by S06-B01E). This            used alone to represent the
                                                                         code also included detection of           gaze-direction aspect. Similar
                                                                         faces and facial expression but           systems for photographic
                                                                         from 2011 this topic is covered by        cameras are covered by S06-
                                                                         W04-M01D2F instead.                       B01E.

W04   W04-M01D2F   KR100966237B1   New            Face and facial        This code covers the detection and
                                                  expression detection   identification of faces, parts of faces
                                                                         and facial expression of subjects to
                                                                         be photographed, e.g. to determine
                                                                         a region of interest or to control
                                                                         shutter actuation. Prior to 2011 this
                                                                         topic was covered by W04-
                                                                         M01D2C. Determination of eye
                                                                         gaze direction of the camera user
                                                                         is not included and is covered by
                                                                         W04-M01D2G. Facial recognition
                                                                         and detection as an application of
                                                                         image recognition is covered by
                                                                         T04-D07F1 which is also assigned
                                                                         as appropriate.
W04   W04-M01D2G   Change Scope   Eye-gaze direction        This code covers the determination    This code covers the
                                  determination             of gaze direction of the camera       determination of gaze direction
                                                            user for purposes such as control     for purposes such as control of
                                                            of exposure parameters. Prior to      exposure parameters. Prior to
                                                            1997, see W04-M01D2C and S05-         1997, see W04-M01D2C and
                                                            D01C5A, which was used to             S05-D01C5A, which was used
                                                            discriminate the eye-gaze aspect.     to discriminate the eye-gaze
                                                            See also W04-M01D3 codes for          aspect. See also W04-M01D3
                                                            aspects involving viewfinders, e.g.   codes for aspects involving
                                                            IR LEDs, dedicated image sensor,      viewfinders, e.g. IR LEDs,
                                                            special optics, etc. Analogous        dedicated image sensor,
                                                            systems for photographic cameras      special optics, etc. Analogous
                                                            are covered by S06-B01E.              systems for photographic
                                                            Detection and identification of       cameras are covered by S06-
                                                            faces, facial features, or            B01E.
                                                            expressions of subjects to be
                                                            photographed is not included, and
                                                            is covered by W04-M01D2F

W04   W04-M01D2J   Change Scope   Camera condition          Includes calibration arrangements     Includes self-checking circuit
                                  monitoring and testing    and self-checking circuits e.g. for   e.g. for low battery state in
                                                            low battery state in portable         portable cameras (also
                                                            cameras (also assigned S01-G06        assigned S01-G06 and X16-H
                                                            and X16-H codes).                     codes).
W04   W04-M01D3E   New            Touchscreens              This code covers novel aspects of
                                                            touchscreens for cameras. The use
                                                            of touchscreens and graphic user
                                                            interfaces for controlling a camera
                                                            is covered by W04-M01D1C.

W04   W04-M01W     New            Internal wiring of        This code is intended to highlight
                                  Camera                    internal wiring details, including
                                                            wires, cables and flexible PCB
                                                            wiring arrangements. It includes
                                                            both novel wires and cables (for
                                                            which X12-D codes are also
                                                            assigned) and constructional
                                                            aspects such as the arrangement of
                                                            wiring for which W04-M01G1B is
                                                            also assigned. Arrangement of
                                                            wiring within equipment in general
                                                            is covered by V04-T01A.
W04   W04-N05C     Change Scope   Image generation and      These codes cover the generation      These codes cover the
                                  manipulation, including   and manipulation of images for        generation and manipulation of
                                  special effects           special effects or other purposes,    images for special effects or
                                  equipment                 such as image correction.             other purposes, such as image
                                                            Generation of images by video         correction. Generation of
                                                            cameras is not included, being        images by video cameras is
                                                            covered by W04-M01 codes.             not included, being covered by
                                                            Manipulation of images in TV          W04-M01 codes. Manipulation
                                                            receivers is not included and is      of images in TV receivers is
                                                            covered by W03-A13E codes. For        not included and is covered by
                                                            computer-based image processing       W03-A13E codes.
                                                            aspects search with T01-J10 codes.
W04   W04-N05C9                      Change Scope   Other special effects     Includes simulation of 3-D images. none
                                                    equipment                 Stereoscopic video camera
                                                                              arrangements are covered by W04-
                                                                              M01L, stereoscopic TV systems in
                                                                              general by W02-F03B codes and
                                                                              computer graphics aspects of three-
                                                                              dimensional image generation are
                                                                              covered by T01-J10C4.

W04   W04-P01A3                      Change Scope   Transform coding          This code is intended for transform   none
                                                                              video coding methods, e.g. JPEG
                                                                              and its variants. Combined
                                                                              transform and predictive coding is
                                                                              covered by W04-P01A4 codes
                                                                              which take precedence over this
W04   W04-P01A4                      Change Scope   Hybrid coding             This code is chiefly intended for     This code is chiefly intended
                                                                              combined transform and predictive     for combined transform and
                                                                              coding, e.g. MPEG coding, H.263,      predictive coding.
                                                                              H.264 and variants.

W04   W04-P01A5G   WO2010035529A1,   New            Quantization for
                   WO2010013543A1                   predictive video coding
W04   W04-P01C8                      Change         Solid-state video         Includes devices storing and                                          Digital photo
                                     Scope/Search   recorder/player           reproducing video and also still                                      frame, digital
                                                                              pictures, e.g. in an electronic                                       picture frame.
W04   W04-Q01J1A   JP2010068088A     New            Video projector remote    Remote control for TV receivers is
                                                    control                   covered by W03-A02C codes and
                                                                              for AV equipment in general by
                                                                              W03-G05A codes.
W04   W04-Q01J7    US2010127630A1,   New            Power supplies and        Novel aspects of power supplies
                   TW253135U                        power saving              are also assigned U24-D. -E or -F
                                                                              codes as appropriate. Power
                                                                              supplies for TV receiivers are
                                                                              covered by W03-A07 codes and for
                                                                              AV equipment in general by W03-
                                                                              G02 codes, which were also
                                                                              assigned with W04-Q01 codes for
                                                                              projector PSU inventions prior to
W04   W04-W05A                       Change Scope   Educational equipment     This code is intended for systems     none
                                                    in general                and equipment used in a formal
                                                                              educational setting, e.g. a
                                                                              classroom. Electrical aspects of
                                                                              educational equipment used by
                                                                              individuals, e.g. at home, is covered
                                                                              by W04-W09.
W04   W04-W09                        Change Scope   Other educational         This code is intended for electrical none
                                                    equipment                 aspects of educational equipment
                                                                              used outside a classroom
                                                                              environment, e.g. by individuals at
                                                                              home, and includes language
                                                                              learning aids, individual study aids,
                                                                              electronic dictionaries and e-books,
                                                                              including software enabling reading
                                                                              of e-books
W04   W04-X01      Change Title/Scope Sports and leisure                              The title of this code has been      Includes angling. Commercial
                                                                                      changed to indicate the existing     fishing is covered by X25-N02.
                                                                                      coverage of leisure activities in
                                                                                      addition to organized sports. W04-
                                                                                      X01 codes cover sports and leisure
                                                                                      activities with some electrical
                                                                                      aspect. From 2011 W04-X01K
                                                                                      codes are introduced to indicate,
                                                                                      where significant, the kind of sport
                                                                                      or leisure activity involved and are
                                                                                      assigned in addition to existing
                                                                                      W04-X01 codes. For example, an
                                                                                      alerting device to warn an angler of
                                                                                      a fish biting would be assigned
                                                                                      W04-X01E and W04-X01H to
                                                                                      indicate sports equipment with a
                                                                                      warning function and W04-X01K7A
                                                                                      to denote fishing.

W04   W04-X01A5A   New                 Exercise bicycle                               Covers static exercise bicycle.
                                                                                      Cycling on or off roads as a sport or
                                                                                      leisure activity is covered by W04-
                                                                                      X01K3C which is not assigned for
                                                                                      exercise bicycles.
W04   W04-X01A5C   New                 Treadmill                                      Covers static arrangements for 'on-
                                                                                      the-spot' running. Running in the
                                                                                      sense of athletics, jogging or cross-
                                                                                      country running is covered by W04-
                                                                                      X01K3A which is not assigned for
                                                                                      treadmills and the like.

W04   W04-X01C1    Change Title/Scope Counting, timing,           Counting, timing,   Includes detection of scoring such       Includes checking ball out of
                                      measuring, scoring          measuring           as 'goal line' technology in football    play for e.g. tennis court. See
                                      detection                                       or determining that a ball is out of     S04 codes and T05-G03 also
                                                                                      play in e.g.a tennis match. See S04      for timing aspects.
                                                                                      codes and T05-G03 also for timing
                                                                                      aspects. Presentation of score
                                                                                      information and displays are
                                                                                      covered by W04-X01C3.

W04   W04-X01F     Change Scope        Sports grounds, stadia,                        Inlcudes bowling alleys and              Inlcudes equipment provided
                                       courses, installations                         equipment provided by                    by administrators of sports
                                                                                      administrators of sports facility e.g.   facility e.g. golf carts, buggies,
                                                                                      golf carts, buggies, etc.                etc.
W04   W04-X01K     New                 Type of sport or leisure                       These codes are assigned,
                                       activity                                       normally in addition to codes
                                                                                      indicating novel aspects, to denote
                                                                                      the main application of a sports or
                                                                                      leisure-based invention with
                                                                                      electrical content. If an invention is
                                                                                      applicable to a large number of
                                                                                      categories, or no application is
                                                                                      given, W04-X01K codes are not
                                                                                      assigned. In the descriptions below
                                                                                      the terms ‘sport’ and ‘leisure
                                                                                      activity’ are used interchangeably.
W04   W04-X01K1    New   Sports using ball, puck,   W04-X01K1 codes do not include
                         or shuttlecock             sports involving measuring the
                                                    distance over which a projectile,
                                                    e.g. a javelin, is thrown which are
                                                    covered by W04-X01K3A, or the
                                                    launching or throwing of projectiles
                                                    at a target which are covered by
                                                    W04-X01K5 codes.
W04   W04-X01K1A   New   Baseball
W04   W04-X01K1C   New   Basketball
W04   W04-X01K1E   New
                         Billiards, pool, snooker
W04   W04-X01K1G   New   Cricket
W04   W04-X01K1J   New   Football
W04   W04-X01K1L   New   Golf
W04   W04-X01K1N   New   Hockey                     Includes ice hockey.
W04   W04-X01K1P   New                              Includes badminton, tennis, squash,
                         Racket sports
W04   W04-X01K1R   New   Rugby, American
W04   W04-X01K1T   New   Table tennis
W04   W04-X01K1V   New   Tennis
W04   W04-X01K1W   New   Volleyball                 Includes beach volleyball.
W04   W04-X01K1X   New   Other sports played
                         with ball or similar
W04   W04-X01K3    New   Athletics, cycling,
                         racing and swimming
W04   W04-X01K3A   New   Athletics and running      Includes running on track, cross-        Field, event,
                                                    country, or marathons, and sports        pentathlon,
                                                    based on jumping and throwing,           triathlon,
                                                    e.g. high jump, javelin, shot-put etc.   hurdles, sprint
                                                    (Darts is not included and is
                                                    covered by
W04   W04-X01K3C   New   Cycling                    Electrical aspects of cycles are         Velodrome
                                                    covered by X22 codes. Static
                                                    exercise bicycles are not included
                                                    and are covered by W04-X01A5A.

W04   W04-X01K3E   New   Horseracing
W04   W04-X01K3G   New   Motor racing               Electrical aspects of vehicles are
                                                    covered by X22 codes.
W04   W04-X01K3J   New   Swimming
W04   W04-X01K3L   New   Watercraft-based           Includes rowing, sailing and power
                         racing and water skiing    boat racing. Electrical aspects of
                                                    watercraft are covered by W06-C
W04   W04-X01K3X   New   Other racing
W04   W04-X01K4    New   Combat-based sports
W04   W04-X01K4A   New   Boxing and martial arts    Wrestling is covered by W04-
W04   W04-X01K4C   New   Fencing
W04   W04-X01K4E   New   Paintball, laser-          Shooting at targets is covered by
                         simulated shooting         W04-X01K5E and at animals for
                                                    hunting by W04-X01K7C.
W04   W04-X01K4G   New   Wrestling                  Boxing and martial arts are covered
                                                    by W04-X01K4A.
W04   W04-X01K4X                     New                Other combat-based
W04   W04-X01K5                      New                Archery, darts, shooting

W04   W04-X01K5A                     New                Archery                                     Covers shooting at targets using
                                                                                                    longbow, crossbow, etc.. Shooting
                                                                                                    animals for hunting is covered by
W04   W04-X01K5C                     New                Darts                                       Prior to 2011 darts was coded as a
                                                                                                    sport or as a game (in W04-X02B)
                                                                                                    depending on emphasis. From 2011
                                                                                                    W04-X01K5C alone will be
                                                                                                    assigned for all aspects of darts.

W04   W04-X01K5E                     New                Shooting                                    Covers shooting at e.g. paper
                                                                                                    targets, or ‘clay pigeons’. Simulated
                                                                                                    shooting at 'war game' opponents
                                                                                                    using e.g. light beams and paintball
                                                                                                    shooting is covered by W04-
                                                                                                    X01K4E. Shooting animals for
                                                                                                    hunting is covered by W04-
                                                                                                    X01K7C. Electrical aspects of
                                                                                                    weapons are covered by W07
W04   W04-X01K5X                     New                Other sports involving
                                                        launching projectiles at
                                                        a target
W04   W04-X01K7                      New                Fishing, hunting
W04   W04-X01K7A                     New                Fishing                                     Covers fishing for sport or leisure
                                                                                                    purposes only, e.g. angling.
                                                                                                    Commercial fishing is covered by
W04   W04-X01K7C                     New                Hunting                                     Includes shooting with e.g. rifle or
                                                                                                    bow and arrow. The use of these
                                                                                                    weapons to shoot at targets is
                                                                                                    covered by W04-X01K5E. Electrical
                                                                                                    aspects of weapons are covered by
                                                                                                    W07 codes.
W04   W04-X01K9                      New                Other types of sport
W04   W04-X02B                       Change Title/Scope Board and card game Board and card game From 2011 W04-X02B7 is                      none
                                                        equipment; dice games equipment         introduced for electrical aspects of
                                                                                                dice games and is assigned alone
                                                                                                or in addition to W04-X02B1 or
                                                                                                W04-X02B5 as necessary if the
                                                                                                dice aspect is significant.
W04   W04-X02B7    TW359361U,        New                Dice Games                              Includes electrical aspects of dice-
                   US2010059933A1,                                                              based games and electronic
                   CN2905155Y ,                                                                 representations of dice. Board or
                   CN101658727A,                                                                card games are covered by W02-
                   US2010090398A1,                                                              X02B1 and W04-X02B5
                   US2010109239A1,                                                              respectively and W04-X02B7 is
                   DE810044201A1,                                                               only assigned as well as those
                   US2010164173A1                                                               codes when the dice aspect is
W04   W04-X03E2                      Change Scope                                               Includes electrical aspects of              Includes skateboard, ball,
                                                                                                skateboards, balls, slides, swings,         playground equipment, etc
                                                                                                playground equipment etc
W05   W05-B01                     Change Scope
                                                                            Search with X22-D03 also to
                                                                            distinguish inventions relating to
                                                                            vehicle theft alarms. Antitheft
                                                                            systems for vehicles, or other
                                                                            applications, not including alarms     Search with X22-D03 also to
                                                                            are excluded from W05-B01 codes.       distinguish inventions relating
                                                                            Includes alarm aspects of weapons      to vehicle theft alarms.
                                                                            detection (from 2011 also              Antitheft systems for vehicles,
                                                                            specifically covered by W07-F05C),     or other applications, not
                                                                            e.g. at an airport or entrance to a    including alarms are excluded
                                                                            building, for which technology-        from W05-B01 codes.
                                                                            specific codes are assigned as
                                                                            appropriate, e.g. W05-B01A for
                                                                            detection based on electric or
                                                                            magnetic field systems.
W05   W05-B07G                    Change Scope                              These codes are assigned with          These codes are assigned with
                                                                            W05-B07A, W05-B07C, W05-B07E           W05-B07A, W05-B07C, W05-
                                                                            or W05-B07X as appropriate to          B07E or W05-B07X as
                                                                            indicate the condition being sensed.   appropriate to indicate the
                                                                            In general the sensed condition        condition being sensed.
                                                                            involves measurement or
                                                                            observation of some aspect of the
                                                                            individual or their activity.

W05   W05-B07N   US2010102977A1   New             Electrical safety alarm   This code covers alarms warning of                                       Earth current,
                                                                            electrical hazards, e.g. using a                                         leakage, live,
                                                                            detector to warn an electrician that                                     RCCB, residual
                                                                            power lines, switchgear or other                                         current circuit
                                                                            electrical equipment is 'live', or                                       breaker.
                                                                            failure of safety measures such as
                                                                            residual current circuit breakers or
                                                                            earthing. To denote industrial
                                                                            applications of electrical safety
                                                                            alarms W05-B07A is also assigned
                                                                            and for inventions specific to the
                                                                            electrical supply industry X12 and
                                                                            X13 codes are also assigned as
                                                                            appropriate, e.g. X12-G01D for
                                                                            power line maintenance. W05-
                                                                            B07N is not assigned for mains
                                                                            supply failure alarms which are
                                                                            covered by W05-B08J codes (i.e.
                                                                            as 'Utility-based alarms').

W05   W05-D06F                    Change Search   Data network-based                                                                                 CAN, controller
                                                  transmission                                                                                       area network,
                                                                                                                                                     EIB, european
                                                                                                                                                     installation bus,
                                                                                                                                                     field bus,
                                                                                                                                                     FlexRay, KNX,
                                                                                                                                                     LAN, local area
                                                                                                                                                     profibus, VAN,
                                                                                                                                                     vehicle area
W05   W05-D07M                    New             For medical systems       S05 codes are also assigned to
                                                  and equipment             indicate specific details.
W05               Change Scope                           This class covers the following
                                                         topics :
                                                         [1] alerting and personal calling
                                                         (W05-A codes)
                                                         [2] alarms (W05-B codes);
                                                         [3] monitoring and testing of alerting
                                                         systems and alarms (W05-C
                                                         [4] remote control and remote
                                                         monitoring (W05-D codes); and
                                                         [5] general displays and advertising
                                                         (W05-E codes).
W05               Change Scope                           Note that inventions are assigned
                                                         W05-B codes if they relate to
                                                         alarms with some 'emergency' or
                                                         'urgency' aspect. Condition-
                                                         responsive signalling arrangements
                                                         e.g. 'status alarms' which indicate
                                                         non-hazardous conditions such as
                                                         incorrect posture, need for diaper
                                                         changing, a fault condition in a
                                                         machine etc. are not regarded as
                                                         alarms in the sense of W05-B
                                                         codes and are covered by W05-A
                                                         codes instead. When alerting
                                                         specifically involves audible
                                                         signalling W05-A02 codes are
                                                         assigned and if specifically visual
                                                         signalling is involved W05-A03
                                                         codes are assigned. If the type of
                                                         signalling is not disclosed or is
                                                         unimportant a general W05-A code
                                                         is assigned.
W06   W06-A05C6   New             Testing, Monitoring,   Testing, Monitoring, Calibrating       None
W06   W06-B02A1   Change Scope    For personnel          Includes detection of concealed    Includes detection of
                                                         weapons. Also includes ticket      concealed weapons.
                                                         purchase authentication method for
                                                         airport, passport checking,
                                                         detecting infectious diseases in
                                                         people at airport.
W06   W06-B02E    Change search                                                                                     Air traffic
                                                                                                                    control, runway
                                                                                                                    lighting, ILS
                                                                                                                    marker, outer
                                                                                                                    marker, beacon

W06   W06-B02S    New             Airport safety         Includes fire-fighting (see also X25-                      Fire fighting,    W06-B02X
                                                         X05) and evacuation equipment.                             sprinkler,
                                                                                                                    smoke alarm
W06   W06-B02T                         New                  Airport terminal                            Includes airport specific equipment                                         Lift, escalator,   W06-B02X
                                                            equipment                                   such as environmental controls                                              travelator,
                                                                                                        including heating, air-conditioning                                         baggage
                                                                                                        and internal terminal lighting as well                                      conveyor,
                                                                                                        as internal transportation of                                               lighting, heating,
                                                                                                        passengers and baggage.                                                     air conditioning,

W06   W06-B02X                         Change               Other airport systems                       Only coded here if specific to           Only coded here if specific to
                                       scope/search                                                     airports. Includes electrical airport    airports. Includes fire-fighting
                                                                                                        terminal equipment not covered           (see also X25-X05), internal
                                                                                                        elsewhere. For mechanical details        transportation of baggage and
                                                                                                        of airport terminals see Q25-R           passengers and evacuation.
                                                                                                        instead.                                 Also includes other airport
                                                                                                                                                 terminal equipment such as
                                                                                                                                                 terminal lighting. For runway
                                                                                                                                                 lighting see W06-B02

W07   W07-F05    US2004012494   F41H   Change title/scope   Mine sweeping;        Mine sweeping; bomb From 2011 this code has been               Includes all aspects of
                 US2004183669                               weapon/bomb detection detection           expanded to include all aspects of         explosives detection and
                 US7030750                                                                            explosives and weapons detection,          making safe. Includes
                 US6900727                                                                            as well as systems for making              detection of roadside
                                                                                                      explosives safe or clearing mines or       improvised explosive devices
                                                                                                      depthcharges. See W06-C01 codes            or mine or depthcharge
                                                                                                      for on-board ship aspects.                 detection and clearing. See
                                                                                                      Degaussing is covered by V02-D,            W06-C01 codes for on-board
                                                                                                      W07-F03 and W06C09. See S03                ship aspects. Degaussing is
                                                                                                      codes for novel sensing                    covered by V02-D, W07-F03
                                                                                                      arrangements per se.                       and W06C09. See S03 codes
                                                                                                                                                 for novel sensing
                                                                                                                                                 arrangements per se.
W07   W07-F05A   US2004012494   F41H   New                  Mine sweeping; bomb                         Includes all aspects of explosives
                 US2004183669                               detection                                   detection and making safe. Includes
                 US7030750                                                                              detection of roadside improvised
                 US6900727                                                                              explosive devices or mine or
                                                                                                        depthcharge detection and clearing.
                                                                                                        See W06-C01 codes for on-board
                                                                                                        ship aspects. Degaussing is
                                                                                                        covered by V02-D, W07-F03 and
                                                                                                        W06C09. See S03 codes for novel
                                                                                                        sensing arrangements per se.

W07   W07-F05C   US2004012494   F41H   New                  Weapon Detection                            Includes detecting the presence of                                          Arms detector,    W07-F01
                 US2004183669                                                                           weapons e.g. during security check                                          metal detector,
                 US7030750                                                                              at an airport (see also W06-B02A                                            knife, gun, x-ray
                 US6900727                                                                              codes), school, hospital etc. See
                                                                                                        S03 codes for e.g. X-ray sensing
                                                                                                        per se.
W07   W07-G                            Change title         Assisted/night vision   Night vision
                                                            equipment               equipment
W07   W07-J07    CN101706237A          New                  Manufacture of military                     Includes all manufacturing aspects                                                          W07-X
                                                            equipment                                   of weapons and equipment.
W07   W07-X      Change scope                                                    Includes equipment and systems         Includes communications
                                                                                 with specific military application not equipment (but not radar - see
                                                                                 covered elsewhere.                     W06-A codes) with specific
                                                                                                                        military application. See W01,
                                                                                                                        W02 codes also as
W07   W07-X03    Change title/scope   Battlefield/warfare       Battlefield      Includes all communications            Includes all aspects of
                                      communications            communications   equipment (but not radar - see W06- communications between
                                                                                 A codes instead) with specific         troops on the battlefield and
                                                                                 military application. Includes all     between troops and command
                                                                                 aspects of communications              centre. See also W01/W02 for
                                                                                 between troops on the battlefield      telephone/radio
                                                                                 and between troops and command communications per se.
                                                                                 centre. See also W01/W02 for
X11   X11-A01D   Retired              Regulation by flow                         *From 2011 this code is transferred
                                      control                                    to X11-A10A, but remains
                                                                                 searchable for records from 2010-
X11   X11-A01E   Retired              Starting; shutting down                    *From 2011 this code is transferred
                                                                                 to X11-A10B, but remains
                                                                                 searchable for records from 2010-
X11   X11-A01X   Change Scope         Other turbine details                      Includes manufacture.                  Includes testing, manufacture.

X11   X11-A10    New                  Monitoring, operation                      Includes general monitoring,           None
                                      and control                                operation and control details. Also
                                                                                 includes testing.
X11   X11-A10A   New                  Regulation by flow                                                                                                 Valve control
X11   X11-A10B   New                  Starting; shutting down                                                                                            Control systems,

X11   X11-C03    Change scope notes Combined cycle plant                         Includes electric power generation     Includes electric power         Hybrid
                                                                                 by combinations of gas turbine and     generation by combinations of
                                                                                 steam turbine cycles, as well as       gas turbine and steam turbine
                                                                                 gas and/or steam turbine cycles        cycles, as well as gas and/or
                                                                                 operating in combination with fuel     steam turbine cycles operating
                                                                                 cells, solar systems or any other      in combination with fuel cells,
                                                                                 power generation equipment.            solar systems or any other
                                                                                 Electric power generation using        power generation equipment.
                                                                                 combinations of fossil and non-
                                                                                 fossil fuel sources are also coded
                                                                                 under X15-J.
                                                                                 Details of fuel cells are covered by
                                                                                 X16-C codes, and solar systems
                                                                                 and other systems using non-fossil
                                                                                 fuel sources are covered by X15

X11   X11-C04    Change scope notes Cogeneration plant                           Includes combined heat and electric Includes combined heat and          CHP
                                                                                 power generation.                   electric power generation.
                                                                                 Combined heat and electric power
                                                                                 generation using non-fossil fuel
                                                                                 sources are coded under X11-K.
X11   X11-J08M   Change Scope         Testing, repair and                        Includes analysis, diagnosis,       None
                                      maintenance                                monitoring, fault detection.
X12   X12-D03R                               New                  Stranded Conductors                                                                                                        Stranded
X12   X12-G01A1                  H02G-       Change Scope         Overhead installations                            Includes transposing of conductors. Includes stringing-up lines and
                                 001/02,04                                                                          Also, includes stringing-up lines and cables etc.
                                                                                                                    cables etc.
X12   X12-G02                    H02G-15     Change Scope         Cable or line                                     Includes Manufacture                  None
                                                                  connectors or fittings
X12   X12-G04A1                  H02G-       Change Scope         Ducts, ladders, trays,                            Wire harness. Includes                Wire harness
                                 003/26,28                        conduits                                          Manufacture.
X12   X12-G04A2                              Change Scope         Clamps                                            Includes Manufacture.                 None
X12   X12-G04A3                  H01B-017/58 Change Scope         Grommets, bushings                                Includes arrangements for leading     Includes arrangements for
                                                                                                                    cables through walls. Includes        leading cables through walls.
X12   X12-H01A2   CN201369669Y               Change Title/Scope (Re)active power             Reactive power         From 2011 this code will cover both   None
                                                                compensation                 compensation           active and reactive compensation
X13   X13-F01                                Change Scope         Starting electric motors                          Includes details of star-delta        none                               (remove current
                                                                  or converters                                     starters, motor control centres,                                         search terms)
                                                                                                                    switches, EM contactors. Also
                                                                                                                    includes starting of generators.
X13   X13-G10                                Change Scope         Microprocessor based                              Includes, DSP processor, ECU,         None
                                                                  control                                           PLC etc…
X15   X15-A01                                Change title/scope   Solar heat/radiation       Solar heat/radiation   Includes solar heat/radiation         "None"
                                                                  collection;                collection;            collection and concentration for
                                                                  concentrators              concentrators          both solar thermal energy
                                                                                                                    conversion systems (see also X15-
                                                                                                                    A01A) as well as systems using
                                                                                                                    direct conversion of solar energy
                                                                                                                    (see also X15-A02).
X15   X15-A01A1                              New                  Working fluids                                    Includes arrangement details of                                          Heat absorber
                                                                                                                    working fluids such as water,
                                                                                                                    molten salts etc.
X15   X15-A01C                               Change scope                                                           Includes arrangements to direct       Includes arrangements to
                                                                                                                    sun's rays onto the solar             direct sun's rays onto the solar
                                                                                                                    panels/heat pipes using reflectors,   panels using reflectors, lenses
                                                                                                                    lenses and sun-tracking dishes.       and sun-tracking dishes.
                                                                                                                    This code can be applied in
                                                                                                                    conjunction with X15-A01A to
                                                                                                                    highlight application to solar
                                                                                                                    thermal energy conversion systems
                                                                                                                    or X15-A02 to highlight application
                                                                                                                    to direct solar energy conversion
X15   X15-A01C4                              Retired              Working fluids*                                   *From 2011 this code is transferred   Includes arrangement details
                                                                                                                    to X15-A01A1, but remains             of working fluids such as
                                                                                                                    searchable for records from 2010-     water, molten salts, etc.
                                                                                                                    2011. Includes arrangement details
                                                                                                                    of working fluids such as water,
                                                                                                                    molten salts, etc.

X15   X15-D                                  Add search terms     Thermoelectric power                                                                                                       Thermovoltaic
                                                                  generation                                                                                                                 elements,
X15   X15-G                    Change title   Geothermal power          (Remove current scope notes)           Includes generation of
                                                                                                               electricity from steam
                                                                                                               produced by heating water
                                                                                                               pumped down to underground
                                                                                                               hot rocks. Also includes use of
                                                                                                               geothermal energy for water
                                                                                                               heating, e.g. toheat buildings.

X15   X15-G01                  New            Electricity generation    Includes generation of electricity                                       Geothermal   X15-G
                                                                        from steam produced by heating                                           power
                                                                        water pumped down to underground
                                                                        hot rocks.
X15   X15-G02   CN101718452A   New            Thermal power             Includes use of geothermal energy                                        Geothermal   X15-G
                                                                        for water heating and provision of                                       heating
                                                                        hot water to homes and buildings.

X15   X15-J                    New            Combined cycle plant      Includes electric power generation                                       Hybrid
                                                                        by combinations of different non-
                                                                        fossil fuel sources, or combinations
                                                                        of non-fossil fuel and other fossil
                                                                        fuel sources such as gas turbines
                                                                        (see also X11-C01).
                                                                        See X11-C03 only for electric
                                                                        power generation solely using fossil
                                                                        fuel sources.

X15   X15-K                    New            Cogeneration plant        Includes provision of combined heat                                      CHP
                                                                        and electric power using non-fossil
                                                                        fuel sources.
                                                                        Combined heat and electric power
                                                                        generation using fossil fuel sources
                                                                        are coded under X11-C04.

X15   X15-T                    New            Power generation from     Includes using vehicular traffic flow, Parasistic energy harvesting,                  X15-X
                                              traffic flow              animal or human traffic flow etc. to hydraulic compressible speed
                                                                        generate electricity. Includes use of bump
                                                                        compressible hydraulic cylinders or
                                                                        piezoelectric generators buried
                                                                        beneath road that use weight of
                                                                        traffic passing over them to
                                                                        generate electricity.

X15   X15-V                    New            Control, monitoring and   Includes control, monitoring and
                                              testing                   testing details of all X15 sections
                                                                        other than X15-A (solar power),
                                                                        X15-B (wind power) and X15-C
                                                                        (sea power). Control, monitoring
                                                                        and testing details for solar, wind
                                                                        and sea power are only coded
                                                                        under X15-A08, X15-B05 and X15-
                                                                        C03 respectively.
X15   X15-W                    New            Constructional details    Includes constructional details for
                                                                        all X15 sections other than X15-A
                                                                        (solar power), X15-B (wind power)
                                                                        and X15-C (sea power).
X15   X15-X                     Change scope                                                         From 2010 geothermal plants are         From 2010 geothermal plants
                                                                                                     transferred to X15-G. From 2011         are transferred to X15-G.
                                                                                                     generation of electricity from          Includes power generation
                                                                                                     vehicular, animal or human traffic      systems, e.g. transducers etc.,
                                                                                                     flow is transferred to X15-T.           using vehicular traffic flow,
                                                                                                     Includes non-conventional power         animal or human traffic flow,
                                                                                                     generation systems that can't be        etc., to generate electricity.
                                                                                                     coded elsewhere.
X16   X16-E05C                  Change scope notes Metal-hydrogen                                    Includes nickel-hydrogen, etc. cells.   Includes nickel-hydrogen, etc.
                                                                                                     Also includes hydrogen storage          cells.
X24   X24-D08                   Change scope         Solid state welding                             Includes low temperature welding        Includes low temperature          Cold welding,
                                                                                                     processes not involving fusion.         welding processes not             HPW, ROW
                                                                                                     Includes hot pressure welding and       involving fusion.
                                                                                                     roll welding.
X24   X24-D08A                  Add search terms     Ultrasonic welding                                                                                                        USW
X24   X24-D08C                  Add search terms     Friction welding                                Includes details of inertia welding.                                      FRW
X24   X24-D08G                  Add search terms     Diffusion bonding                                                                                                         Diffusion
                                                                                                                                                                               welding, DFW
X24   X24-D08X                  Add search terms     Other solid state                                                                                                         EXW, FOW
X25   X25-B02F                  New                  Thermoelectric/Solid                            Includes thermoelectric heating                                           Peltier heater,  X25-B
                                                     state heating                                   using an applied voltage to cause a                                       thermoelectric
                                                                                                     temperature difference across the                                         heat pump, solid
                                                                                                     thermoelectric module, e.g. a                                             state
                                                                                                     sandwich formed from two ceramic
                                                                                                     plates with N and P type bismuth
                                                                                                     telluride in between. Charge
                                                                                                     carriers, i.e. electrons and
X25   X25-H06     B01D          New                  Mechanical separation                           Includes separation by mechanical
                                                                                                     means such as centrifugal
                                                                                                     separators and separation by
X25   X25-H09                   Change scope note                                                    Includes electrodialysis, dry           Includes electrodialysis,       fractional
                                                                                                     cleaning plant (see X27-D09 for         floatation, dry cleaning plant  distillation,
                                                                                                     domestic scale dry cleaning),           (see X27-D09 for domestic       general cleaning
                                                                                                     general disinfection and                scale dry cleaning), general
                                                                                                     sterilization, etc. From 2011,          disinfection and sterilization,
                                                                                                     separation by floatation is coded in    etc. From 2011, separation by
                                                                                                     X25-H06.                                floatation is coded in X25-H06.

X27   X27-C04     A47J-027/04*- Change Title/Search Electric steamer;        Electric pressure and                                                                             Rice cooker, egg
                  09*,16-18                         Electric pressure and    rice cookers                                                                                      steamer,
                                                    rice cookers                                                                                                               pressure cooker
X27   X27-F02B1                 Change scope                                                         Includes thermoelectric cooling, e.g. Includes thermoelectric
                                                                                                     for mini fridge and freezers and      cooling, e.g. for mini fridge and
                                                                                                     picnic coolers. See V04-T03C          freezers and picnic coolers.
                                                                                                     instead for thermoelectric cooling    See V04-T03C instead for
                                                                                                     used in electronic devices, and U14- thermoelectric cooling used in
                                                                                                     E05A2 for thermoelectric devices. electronic devices, and U14-
                                                                                                     Also includes electrocaloric effect   E05A2 for thermoelectric
                                                                                                     cooling using                         devices. Also includes
                                                                                                                                           electrocaloric effect cooling