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					                                                                                                                                                                            ALTERNATIVE SENTENCING

In order to provide comprehensive and individualized          TAPA Clinical Associates provide a wide range of
care the following services are provided within each          specialty services spanning inpatient, residential
                                                                                                                                                                               THE ARROYOS
treatment setting:                                            treatment center (RTC), and outpatient settings.
                                                              Inpatient Services
                                                              Clinical Associates are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a
•   Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy (IPSRT)           week, 365 days a year to handle psychiatric crises and                                                               PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATES, INC.
•   Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)                        emergencies. We will assist in managing emergent
•   Supportive Psychodynamic Therapy (SPT)                    situations over the telephone and arrange to admit
                                                              patients to the hospital from anywhere in the United                                                        A Concierge Psychological Practice Specializing in Dual Diagnosis
•   Family-Focused Therapy (FFT)
                                                              States and throughout the world. TAPA Clinical
•   Eye Movement Desensitization Training (EMDR)              Associates have co-attending privileges at two distin-
•   Dialectical Behavioral Training (DBT)                     guished hospitals in the Los Angeles area. Once the
•   Cognitive Retraining                                      patient is admitted, the TAPA Clinical Associate will
•   Anger Management                                          coordinate the patient’s care and act as the case manager
                                                              throughout their stay. The patient’s course of treatment,
•   Medical Psychology treatment for psychological            type of treatment, and the patient’s discharge will be
    complications of co-occurring medical conditions          integrated by the TAPA Clinical Associate. Upon
    such as diabetes and migraine headaches                   discharge from the hospital the patient may transition
                                                              to an RTC or outpatient care.
• Structured Clinical Interview for                           Residential Treatment Services
  the DSM-IV-TR (SCID)                                        TAPA Clinical Associates have established collabora-
• Personality Assessment                                      tive relationships with many RTCs in the Los Angeles
                                                              metropolitan area. When a patient is appropriate for
• Neuropsychological and Cognitive Assessment                 RTC level care, the TAPA Clinical Associate will admit
• Forensic/Psycholegal Evaluations                            the patient to the RTC, coordinate with the RTC
• Career Testing                                              regarding the patient’s care, and continue to provide
                                                              psychological services throughout the patient’s stay at
                                                              the RTC. Upon the patient’s discharge, the Clinical
Services                                                      Associate continues to provide ongoing outpatient care
• 360 Concierge Care (Inpatient, Residential,                 and manage the patient’s treatment at the TAPA outpa-
  Outpatient Comprehensive Care)                              tient offices, or refer the patient to his or her home
• Emergency Psychological Services                            community for further treatment as is appropriate.


                                                                                                                           THE ARROYOS
  (Suicide, Homicide, Psychosis)

                                                                                                                                         PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATES, INC.
• Alternative Sentencing
• Expert Witness Testifying
                                                              Outpatient Services
                                                              Clinical Associates provide comprehensive outpatient                                                        ALTERNATIVE
                                                              treatment for patients who will never need treatment in
• Disability Evaluations                                      a hospital or residential treatment center. While each
                                                              TAPA Clinical Associate has a core competency in
Concierge care encompasses highly individualized              treating dual diagnosis patients, Clinical Associates also
treatment specifically designed for each patient.              treat patients who have no history of chemical depen-
Patients receive thorough assessments, diagnostic             dency. Each Clinical Associate also has unique specialty
evaluations, and personalized treatment plans. The            skills. As such, TAPA offers an extremely wide array of
lead Clinical Associate assembles and manages a team          treatment modalities for virtually all psychological and
of psychologists and other professionals with special-        psychiatric conditions.
ties in medicine, health care, law, and other skill sets so
as to provide specific services to optimize each patient’s                                                                                                                                  Phone: 877-884-TAPA
particular needs.
Alternative Sentencing

   e Arroyos Psychological Associates
                                                            Alternative Sentencing involves                              • Continuous Legal Consultation with the patient’s            As dual diagnosis specialists, TAPA Clinical Associ-
   e Arroyos Psychological Associates (TAPA) is a
             TM                                             the following phases:                                        criminal defense attorneys to coordinate treatment and        ates are exceptionally quali ed to treat the compre-
concierge group of clinical psychologists with a core                                                                    evaluation/assessment services. TAPA clinicians               hensive needs of Alternatively Sentenced patients.
                                                            • Initial Assessment and Evaluation to determine if the
competence in treating dual diagnosis patients and                                                                       collaborate with the patient’s attorneys and the court in        e following is a brief description of treatments,
                                                            patient has one or more psychological or psychiatric
their families. Each TAPA Clinical Associate also has                                                                    proposing Alternative Sentencing instead of the legal         assessments, and services for Alternatively Sentenced
                                                            disorders that directly contributed to the patient’s
additional clinical specialty skills. TAPA o ers an                                                                      sentence that the patient is facing for his or her criminal   patients provided by our sta . When patients have
                                                            current legal di culties. If the patient has psychiatric
unparalleled professional team approach that                                                                             actions.                                                      co-occurring chemical dependency diagnoses, these
                                                            disorders that were centrally related to the criminal
provides an integrated, collaborative, and comprehen-       behavior in question, the patient also must be amenable      • Consultation with the Prosecuting Attorney and              treatments, assessments, and services have been
sive treatment plan for each patient.                       to what may be extended treatment rather than                Expert Witness Testimony in courtroom appearances             modi ed to address addiction issues.
                                                            incarceration in order to be a candidate for Alternative     in order to facilitate dialogue and discussion regarding
Alternative Sentencing                                                                                                                                                                    Structured Clinical Interview for
                                                            Sentencing. In some very serious legal cases Alternative     proposed Alternative Sentencing. Dr. Ermshar special-
Alternative Sentencing is an extensively coordinated                                                                                                                                      the DSM-IV-TR (SCID)
                                                            Sentencing may also result in a shorter prison or jail       izes in Expert Witness testimony, having testi ed numer-
psycholegal and clinical service that assists patients
                                                            sentence rather than avoiding incarceration altogether.      ous times in both State and Federal Courts; Dr. Valone
and their families when an individual with a serious                                                                                                                                       e SCID is the “gold standard” method of generat-
                                                                                                                         also has served as an Expert Witness. Both Dr. Valone
mental disorder has committed a crime or develops           • Immediate Intensive Treatment for the conditions                                                                         ing the most accurate current and lifetime psychiatric
                                                                                                                         and Dr. Ermshar are experienced in consultations with
other legal problems as a result of their illness. Alter-   identi ed in the Initial Assessment and Evaluation. In                                                                     diagnosis for a patient. Dr. Valone is an expert in
                                                                                                                         District Attorneys regarding Alternative Sentencing.
native Sentencing involves a multiphase approach in         order to be a candidate for alternative sentencing, the                                                                    administering the Structured Clinical Interview for
which TAPA Clinical Associates work with the                patient must be willing to immediately enter treatment       • Ongoing Clinical Care provided by Dr. Valone and            the DSM-IV-TR (SCID), the most comprehensive
patient, his or her criminal defense attorneys, family,     in a hospital or residential treatment center setting.       other TAPA Clinical Associates. Dr. Valone continues          method to determine all major psychiatric and chemi-
and other key individuals to help the patient in            Dr. Valone is the treating psychologist and acts as the      to provide individual psychotherapy and manages the           cal dependency diagnoses that the patient currently
addressing his or her legal problems from a framework       case manager in these settings. Dr. Valone prepares          patient’s psychological treatment. O en family therapy        has, or has ever had, over the course of his or her
of psychological care and treatment for the underlying      ongoing reports to the court regarding the patient’s         and adjunctive psychotherapies are needed in addition         lifetime. TAPA Clinical Associates generate a
illnesses that contributed to the patient’s legal di cul-   clinical condition and progress in treatment.                to the individual psychotherapy provided by Dr. Valone.       forensic-quality diagnostic report using SCID results.
ties. Dr. Annette Ermshar and Dr. Keith Valone are                                                                          ese additional treatments are provided by other TAPA
                                                            • Comprehensive Differential Psychiatric Diagnostic
experts in Alternative Sentencing and work with the                                                                      Clinical Associates or by clinicians in the community as         Forensic Psychological
                                                            Evaluation to determine a precise lifetime DSM-IV-TR
other TAPA Clinical Associates to provide compre-                                                                        coordinated by Dr. Valone.                                       and Neuropsychological Assessment
                                                            diagnosis. Dr. Valone is an expert in administering e
hensive psycholegal and clinical services to patients       Structured Clinical Interview for the DSM-IV-TR
and their families.                                         (SCID), the most comprehensive method to determine                                                                         Forensic evaluation consists of the objective assess-
                                                            all other major psychiatric and chemical dependency                                                                        ment and diagnosis of mental/psychological and
Dual Diagnosis                                              diagnoses that the patient has currently, or has had over                                                                  neuropsychological conditions that are foundational
Typically patients who are appropriate Alternative          their lifetime.                                                                                                            to relevant psycholegal issues. Dr. Ermshar has exper-
Sentencing services are su ering from Bipolar Disor-                                                                                                                                   tise in psychopathy/antisocial personality disorder,
der, Schizoa ective Disorder, Schizophrenia, Major          • Forensic Psychological and Neuropsychological                                                                            malingering and exaggeration, competency,
Depression, or a Developmental Disability, although         Evaluation to document the extent and nature of the                                                                        insanity/criminal responsibility, emotional disability,
sometimes patients have other psychiatric diagnoses.        patient’s psychological problems, psychological                                                                            mental health mitigating factors, and appropriateness
O en Alternative Sentencing patients also have              functioning, psycholegal issues, and possible neuropsy-                                                                    and amenability to rehabilitation and treatment. Dr.
co-occurring Substance Use disorders, such as               chological problems. Dr. Ermshar is a Board Certi ed                                                                       Ermshar also specializes in violence risk threat assess-
dependence to alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, amphet-          Forensic Psychologist (ABPP) and an expert in psycho-                                                                      ment and sexual violence risk assessment. Assessment
amines or methamphetamines, opiates, and prescrip-          logical consultations and evaluations. Dr. Ermshar will                                                                    of neuropsychological issues relevant to allegations or
tion medications. Patients with one or more                 synthesize her ndings with those of Dr. Valone in order                                                                    defenses in the legal case includes cognitive de cits
psychiatric disorders and one or more Substance Use         to establish a nexus between the patient’s illness and the                                                                 resulting from chronic mental illness, substance abuse,
disorders are o en referred to as Dual Diagnosis            criminal behavior in question.                                                                                             head trauma, and brain injury.
patients, or patients with Co-occurring Disorders.

                                                                           Phone: 877-884-TAPA