Minutes - September - MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE THURMASTON by xiuliliaofz


Councillors:           M D Lowe (Chairman)
                       S R Brown           N Bedder
                       S Coombe            C Davies
                       R Davies            D de Carteret Pochin
                       D Gartside          J Smith
                       P S Harley          D J Hill
                       S D Hill            D Maguire
                       P S Newman          C A Wooding
                       Mrs A Smith         A J Willmott

ALSO PRESENT:       The Clerk, The Deputy Clerk
                    2 Members of the Public
                    Ruth Peake - Thurmaston & Syston Youth Development
APOLOGIES:          Councillors: Mrs. B J Seaton  Mr K Dent Police

PRESENT:            Councillors;         M D Lowe (Chairman)
                                         D J Hill
                                         N Bedder

ALSO PRESENT:       The Clerk and the Deputy Clerk

Apologies:          Mrs. B J Seaton     Mr K Dent

Resolved: Reasons given for the apologies were accepted by the

ACCOUNTS: Expenditure: The Clerk presented cheque no’s 109313 -
109343 for invoices for and petty cash and direct debits totalling
£16,406.44 for September.
Cllr D J Hill declared an interest in cheque no. 109323 to Mrs R Hill.

Income: The Deputy Clerk presented income details for August.
It was proposed and seconded that the Council accepts the accounts.

Resolved: The motion was carried.


J A Decorating
The Clerk presented the following quotation for the decorating of the
interior & exterior of the ASDA pavilion:-
Changing room ceilings, including labour & materials - £ 235.00 + vat
Inside decoration, including labour & materials -      £1390.00 + vat
Outside, including labour & materials -                £ 690.00 + vat

Resolved: This was accepted

Mary Mcelwaine – The Emerald Centre, Leicester
It was explained that the Emerald Centre is a registered charity and
desperately need panels to stop motor bikes and other vehicles
accessing our sports pitch. The centre is regularly used by various local
community groups and has asked permission to re-use the panels stored
at the Cemetery. Collection can be arranged if the Council are able to

Resolved: Councillors agreed to this request.

SLCC – 36th National Conference 2010
The Clerk presented details of the National Conference which will take
place in Durham this year and asked permission for herself and the
Deputy Clerk to attend if possible.

Resolved: Councillors agreed to the request.

Any Other business

Cllr D Hill requested an agenda item for the next meeting of the Leisure
Centre Committee – Review of hire charges for new 3G pitch.

Cllr D J Hill reported that the main pitch at Elizabeth Park requires an
additional cut during the summer season. The Clerk will obtain a

Confirmed and signed this                  day of                   2010


Chairman Councillor M D Lowe welcomed all to the September Meeting
of the Parish Council.

1.    To Receive Apologies for Absence:

Councillors: B J Seaton and K W Dent

Resolved: Reasons given for the apologies were accepted by the

2. Disclosures of Interest (in respect of items on this Agenda):

Councillor P S Harley declared an interest in any business concerning CBC
and Leicestershire County Council.

Councillor Mrs. S Coombe declared an interest in any business concerning
Thurmaston Events Team.

Cllr R Davies declared an interest in any business concerning the Old
School and Thurmaston Boxing Club.

Councillor D J Hill declared an interest in any business concerning
Thurmaston Events Team and EMEC Contractors.

Councillor A J Willmott declared an interest in any business concerning
G W Atkinson Ltd and Thurmaston Community Centre.

3.    Thurmaston & Syston Youth Development Worker – Ruth Peake

Ruth Peake introduced herself as the Youth Development Worker for
Thurmaston, Syston, East Goscote and Six Hills. Ruth explained her role,
which is a temporary contract until the end of March 2011. She is based
at the Youth Centre at Roundhill College. Sessions are run at the Youth
Centre providing informal education, life skill and opportunities for young
people. Sessions take place during evenings, weekends and holidays,

Sports leader courses, archery (until Christmas), additionally Impact
Workers visit Garden Street Recreational Ground and Checkland Road

Adventure Challenge, Camp Craft, Highway Code, and Baby Sitting
Course – including Child Protection and using Simulated Babies.

Art Attack
Ruth explained young people are involved in the refurbishment of a
building based at Roundhill College, including Disco Room

On the Edge
This group have gained £10,000 grant funding for activity trips, including
climbing wall etc.

Sexual Health advice is available from the Library.
Ruth issued copies of Leicestershire County Council Thurmaston & Syston
Youth services Provision.

Cllr Lowe thanked Ruth for her visit.

4.    To receive Reports from the Police

There were no Police present. The clerk explained that the Beat Officer is
off duty tonight and the report will be forwarded.

5.    Power of wellbeing Training

The Clerk explained that at the last meeting of the Council she had given
details about the benefits of the power of well being. The Clerk reminded
Councillors that in order to be eligible, at least 80% of Councillors must be
trained. The Clerk offered several dates for training and asked Councillors
to confirm their availability.

6.    Financial Review

Te Deputy Clerk/RFO issued copies of the budget review to date to all
Councillors prior to the meeting.

Councillors reviewed and examined the information presented which is in
line with the budget forecast.

7.    Community Events – Cllr Gartside

Cllr Gartside expressed concern that several members of the Events
Teams are resigning at Christmas. An advert is to be placed in the
Thurmaston Times in an attempt to recruit new members. He suggested
that Councillors should look at how the Council can support Village
Events, including the availability of facilities and funding.
Cllr Hill explained that the original events team included 14 members, but
unfortunately only 7 members remain. Events such as the picnic in the
park attract around 2000 visitors, management of the event is a huge task
for 7 members to organise and control. He expressed disappointment
with the apathy of visitors to the event and explained that 1400
programmes were printed, available for sale at £1 each, to raise funds for
the event and only 252 were sold.
The next meeting of the Events Team is 4th November at Thurmaston
Working Men’s Club to discuss the Christmas Lights Festival.

8.      To Confirm and sign the Minutes of the last Meeting of the Full Parish
        Council Tuesday pages

It was proposed and seconded that the minutes and resolutions therein
be adopted as a true and correct record.

Councillors noted that Cllr Seaton was marked present when she did not
attend the meeting. The Clerk to amend records accordingly.

Resolved: that the minutes and resolutions therein be adopted.

11.     To confirm and sign the minutes of the following Committee

Pages 80 - 86 Minutes of the Meeting of the Environmental Committee
Tuesday 12 August 2010

It was proposed and seconded that the minutes and resolutions therein
be adopted as a true and correct record.

Page 84:    Provision of salt bins:
Councillor Harley requested that the council does not approve the
Environmental Committees decision against the two suggested locations
which are:

      1. Junction of Brakenfield Way/Barkby Thorpe Lane
      2. Junction of Lonsdale Road/Rutland Drive

Councillor Harley supported the two suggested locations and explained
the reasons for the two areas.

Councillor Harley re-iterated that provision of a salt is at a cost of £200
initially, the bins are then filled and maintained by the County Council, at
no further cost or inconvenience to the Council

A lengthy debate followed with Councillors expressing opinions both for
and against the proposals

It was proposed and seconded that the Council does not approve the
committee’s decision to reject the locations suggested, that locations for
2 salt bins is discussed at the next meeting of the Environmental
Committee, and that the Committee has delegated powers to approve
the locations.

Resolved: the motion was carried.

Resolved: that the minutes and resolutions therein be adopted.

Pages 87 -95 Minutes of the Meeting of the Extra-ordinary Meeting of
Leisure Centre’s Committee 31.08.10

It was proposed and seconded that the minutes and resolutions therein
be adopted as a true and correct record.

Councillor Bedder noted that his name had been included in the list of
Councillors present, when he had not attended the meeting. Clerk to
amend the records accordingly.

Page 87: Graham Prosser – Crafty Fox Sports:
Councillor Mrs Smith expressed concern about the Council’s decision to
offers facilities free of charge as this could be set a precedent.
Councillor Lowe emphasised that the offer was for a trial period only.

Resolved: that the minutes and resolutions therein be adopted.

Pages 96 - 98 Minutes of the Meeting of the Leisure Centre’s Committee
It was proposed and seconded that the minutes and resolutions therein
be adopted as a true and correct record.

Resolved: that the minutes and resolutions therein be adopted.

12.   Public Participation – Maximum of 15 Minutes (Meeting adjourned)

Mrs Westwood, on behalf of Thurmaston Events Team
Assured Councillors that Thurmaston Events Team were not intending to
disband and expect the Parish Council to take up the reins for events, but
were looking for volunteers to continue the work of the Events team.
13.    Questions from Councillors (submitted in accordance with Standing
       Orders Number 24), a member may ask the Chairman of the
       Council or the Clerk any question concerning the business of the
       Council, provided 7 clear days notice of the question has been
       given to the person to whom it is addressed


14.    Correspondence

Charnwood Borough Council
Neighbourhood Walk
Letter as follows:

On behalf of Charnwood Borough Council, Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing
and Leicestershire Police we would like to invite you to a multi-agency
Neighbourhood Walk in the Thurmaston area on Tuesday 12th October.

As part of the Borough Council, Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing and the
Police’s commitment to improvement of services standards in the Priority
Neighbourhoods we have arranged a series of Multi-agency Neighbourhood
Walks. These walks will replace previous ward/estate/beat walks in each area to
help reduce the duplication whilst ensuring that residents still get an opportunity
to raise any key issues and concerns.

Details of the Thurmaston Walk are as follows:

2.30 = 3.30 – Drop in session at Elizabeth Park Community Centre

3.30 – 5.30 - Neighbourhood Walk

5.30pm – 6.30pm – Drop in session at Elizabeth Park Community Centre

The Walk will encompass sections of Charnwood Avenue, Checkland Road,
Sandiacre Drive, Bradgate Avenue, Dukes Close, Beacon Avenue, Earls Way,
Knight Close and Highway Road.

We will be promoting this event to residents in the area but would also
appreciate it if you could spread the word.
On behalf of Charnwood Borough Council, Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing
and Leicestershire Police we would like to invite you to a multi-agency
Neighbourhood Walk in the Thurmaston area on Tuesday 12th October.

Leicestershire County Council
Sandiacre Drive, Carriageway resurfacing works

Reporting that the carriageway will be closed for re-surfacing work, which
will be carried out on Sandiacre Drive over two days commencing 16th

Charnwood Borough Council:
Play Ranger Events in Thurmaston:
Letter as follows:

I understand my colleague has spoke with you about future Play Ranger
sessions at Elizabeth Park.
We are starting an afterschool session designed for 11-16 years to try and
positively engage young people in play. Some of the activities we have
decided on are Nail Art, Homemade face packs.. Table Tennis and
different sports with our community sports coach.
We are also hoping to do a lot of consultation with the children about
what they would like and try to accommodate.
One session we would like to try is Graffiti Art. This would entail large
tarpaulin on the field, hardboard sheets and spray paint. The children
would have to wear goggles and a face mask, they could then take their
design home with them.
I would like to ask your permission before we take this idea any further.
I would also ask if there are any specific ideas the parish council have as
to how the session should run.
 Please feel free to contact about any future ideas.

 A lengthy debate followed with Councillors expressing opinions both in
favour and against the provision of graffiti art activities.

It was proposed and seconded that the council approves the provision of
Graffiti Art Activities during the Play Ranger sessions.

Resolved: the motion was carried.

Charnwood Borough Council:
Civic Service:
Invitation to the Civic Service on Sunday 3rd October at All Saints with Holy
Trinity Church, Steeple Row, Loughborough commencing at 3pm.
Anyone wishing to attend should contact the Clerk.

Area Forums
South Charnwood Area Forum:
2010 AT 7.00PM

The next meeting of the South Charnwood Area Forum is scheduled to
take place on Monday 11 October 2010 at 7.00pm at Syston Community

The proposed agenda items for the meeting are as follows:

· River Soar or Eye sore?: a clarification on who is responsible for
maintaining the River Soar and how the local community can actively
play a part?
· Winter maintenance: to consider how the major road network will be
maintained in the County during severe Winter weather;
· Priority Neighbourhood work to include an update from the Police;
· Local Transport Policy & Issues :an opportunity to raise local issues to do
with highways and transportation and to find out the latest about future
transport policy in the County;
· Participatory Budgeting update.

15.   To receive Reports from the Clerk and Councillors

Councillor D J Hill:
   Congratulated the Clerk and Councillor S D Hill for taking part in this
     year’s Thurmaston Challenge Event again.
   Reported that he and Councillor Wooding had attended a meeting
     with the Police re: Designated Public Places Order (DPPO), scheme
     explained at the last meeting of the Parish Council, to address issues
     concerning consumption of alcohol on the streets. Councillor Hill
     and Councillor Wooding have requested that DPPO is applied to all
     areas in Thurmaston and suggestions will be considered and a
     decision will be received in early Spring.

Councillor D J Gartside:
   Enquired about the Council’s decision to purchase additional
     Chains of Office and the Clerk replied that the Council needs to
     make provision within the next precept as there is insufficient
     provision within the Chairman’s Allowance.
   Reported that there will be a specialist clean carried out on the
     subway, and thanked Councillor Harley for his support in arranging
     for this work to be carried out.

Councillor A J Willmott:
   Reported that he was elected Chairman of Thurmaston Community
     Centre. Explained that the committee has applied for planning
     permission for a new centre. Would like the Parish Council to
     support the planning application.
Councillor S R Brown:
   Reported that the residents of Unicorn Street are still concerned
     about parking and access issues as there has been no progress to

Councillor Wooding:
   Expressed concern about the road surface on Silverdale Drive
     which has fallen into disrepair inc pot holes. Also, that e area is
     noisy and there has been no further information re the future of the
     Industrial Estate/ potential development of the site.

16.       To receive Reports from Borough Councillors and the County

Councillor Harley reported as follows:

         Reported that he is elected Honorary President of Thurmaston
          Community Centre.
         In response to Councillor Wooding concerns about the condition of
          the Road Surface and noise on Silverdale Drive, Councillor Harley
          has taken photographs of the problem areas and submitted them
          to LCC. Repairs of the pot holes are included in the program of
         In response to Councillor Wooding concerns about noise and
          business activities on the industrial site, Councillor Harley confirmed
          that all activities on site are legal.
         The formerly proposed development plan for the site did not
          proceed because the applicant would not sign the 106
         Great Central Railway is providing promotional trips : circular trip:
          Loughborough – Birstall by rail and then to river and narrow boat trip
          back to Loughborough.
         Designated Public Places Order is on Charnwood Borough Council’s
          Cabinet forward program.
         Will be attending the meeting of Thurmaston and Syston Youth
          Services at Roundhill School.

The Chairman thanked all those present for attending, and closed the

  Confirmed and signed this                     day of                   2010

                       MEMORIAL HALL LIBRARY

Present:    Councillors:        K Dent (Chairman)
                                Mrs A Smith     N Bedder
                                C Davies        D de Carteret Pochin

Also Present:        The Clerk & The Deputy Clerk


Councillors: M D Lowe, D J Hill,      Mrs S Coombe

Resolved: Reasons given for the apologies were accepted by the Council.

      PREJUDICIAL: None.


The Clerk reported that during a function which took place on Friday 20th
August, the new floor in the kitchen was burned. The hirer concerned has
verbally taken full responsibility for the damage and eh Centre Manager
has withheld the £100 damage deposit paid towards the cost of the

The Clerk presented the following quote for the repair:

Bradbury Flooring:

4 m2 patch £200.00
7m2 patch £311.00

It was proposed and seconded that the council accepts the quote for
£200 for a 4m2 patch and that the £100 damage deposit is withheld
towards the cost of the repair.

Resolved: the motion was carried.


Cllr Dent has reported that the Chapel is now owned by Parkers. Cllr Dent
reported that he had contacted Parker and arranged to collect the
standards and plaque. However, Cllr Dent has visited the chapel and the
standards and flags were not there.


The Clerk presented the following letter of complaint about the Cemetery
which was received back in June

Further to my telephone call today I wish to complain in writing about the
state of Thurmaston Cemetery.
After visiting the cemetery every week for the last year, my family and I
have noticed a general decline in the maintenance of the grounds.
Although the grass looks very neat and well cut, the area where the ashes
are interned is looking very poor. This stoned area is slowly filling with
weeds and it looks like it hasn't been touched since last year. Also, the
benches are in lovely positions but they can't be used because they are
covered in bird mess and these could also do with a good clean.
We do think that with the massive increase in the cost of plots, that the
council agreed to last year, and after all of the money that was spent
restoring the lovely chapel that is never open, a clearing of weeds and
leaves would be very welcome by the people who visit their loved ones.
I do hope that something will be done about this problem.
Thank you
 Lindsey Ball. Amanda Coxon and families

The Clerk explained that she has responded to the Complaint the
Council’s Groundsman has addressed the areas of concern. The Clerk
reported that the Parish Warden and new Groundsman will take
over responsibility for Cemetery Maintenance, once the current contract
expires in November.

Proposals received from Fenella Bellinger, copies issued to all councillors.
£2500 budgeted for this year available in precept.

The Clerk presented the following fee proposals from Fenella Bellinger for
Landscape consultancy services;

1.    Work stage I:       Inception                       £660
2.    Work stage D:       Sketch design proposals         £1948
3.    Work stage O:       Presentations drawings          £1942
It was proposed and seconded that Bellinger Design are commissioned to
carry out work stage I and D initially from the current budget and that
funding is allocated within the next precept for work stage O and future
precepts to implement the scheme.

Resolved:      the motion was carried.

Page :      Parking: Memorial Hall bays:
Following the last meeting, leaflets have been placed on the car
concerned reminding them that the space is for Memorial Hall users only
and that the Council is considering clamping offending vehicles in future.

Page:        Interior Decorating:
Work is arranged to take place over the October half term break.



7.       NEW BUSINESS:

      Hirer Supervision:
     The Clerk reported that the Centre Manager has raised concern about
     recent issues with hirers including, power failure, floor damaged
     (burned) and litter from parties left on the site or deposited in litter bins
     along Melton Road. The Centre Manager has suggested that either a
     contractor or employee is commissioned to supervise the premises
     throughout the entire duration and that the hire charge is increased to

     The Clerk pointed out the following points for consideration:

     The hire charge for the Memorial Hall (capacity 135 people) is currently
     £125.00 and would need to increase substantially to compensate the
     cost of supervision for up to seven hours on Saturday nights. The cost of
     sports centre (capacity 200 people) is £139.00 including staff.

     It was proposed and seconded that the damage deposit is increased
     to £200 cash payment and Hire conditions emphasised to the hirer
     when the booking is placed.

     Resolved: the motion was carried.

        Precept: 2011/12 the Deputy Clerk asked Councillors to consider
      ideas for the next precept.


Cllr Mrs A Smith:
Reported that the picnic table and benches need to be re-treated.

Cllr C Davies:
Reported graffiti on the wall at the back of the Memorial Hall.

Cllr K Dent:
     Reported that the Karate Group using the Memorial Hall fix a plastic
       advertising banner to railings around the war memorial during their
       sessions. The Royal British Legion have complained and will be
       writing to the Clerk.
     The guttering around the Cemetery chapel needs cleaning.
     Complained about the Environmental Committee’s decision to give
       Thurmaston Action Group permission to site a planter at the
       entrance to the Cemetery. Councillor Dent felt that this should
       have been brought to the attention of the Mem/Cem Committee.
       The Clerk apologised to Councillor Dent.
     Reported that the fire place in the chapel needs to be re-leaded.
     Reported that the logged edging around the landscaped entrance
       to the Mem hall field is broken.

9.    DATE OF NEXT MEETING: 16th November 2010

Confirmed and signed this                 day of                     2010



Present:        Councillors   N Bedder (Chairman)
                              K Dent                     D de Carteret pochin

Also Present:                 Assistant Clerk

1.     To receive & accept apologies for absence
       Councillors M D Lowe, D J Hill & Mrs S Coombe
       Resolve: Reasons given for the apologies were accepted.

2.     Declaration of Interest
       There were no declarations of interest.

3.     Health & Safety and Risk Assessments
       These will be carried out by the Handyman, who is on annual leave until
       23rd September. A report will be compiled by the Assistant Clerk and
       circulated to Councillors.

      Reported Issues
       Internal window broken – over door canopy, Memorial Hall
       This has now been repaired, it has been suggested that this was broken by
       items being stored on the canopy. The storing of items at this height
       should be prohibited.
       Councillor Bedder reiterated that items should not be stored on the
       canopy as it is above a fire exit and storing at height should be prohibited.
       The Assistant Clerk reported that a request has been made to all users of
       the Memorial Hall and Elizabeth Park to identify what items they have
       stored at the halls. This will be discussed further at the next Health & Safety
       Committee Meeting.

       Flooding from downpipe – Memorial Hall
       Cllr Bedder stated that this requires further investigation and requested
       that the Handyman inspects and monitors the site. Cllr Bedder also
       agreed to inspect during wet weather.

      Inspection of the following Buildings & Land
        Elizabeth Park
        Cemetery
        Cemetery Extension Field
        Memorial Hall
        Garden Street Park
        Silverdale Park
        Asda pavilion & Playing Field
       An inspection report is required for all the above areas, this could be
       included in the Groundsman Specification as he already carries out visual

      inspections of all areas and completes playground inspection reports.
      Resolve: Cllrs agreed that these could be carried out by the Handyman
      and a copy or report will be forwarded to Councillors on completion.

     Staff Reporting Form – for Health & Safety Issues
      A form could be used for staff to log any issues and report any action
      Resolve: this was agreed.

     Up-date from Gary Adams – Safety Risk Management
      A Risk Assessment was carried out at the Memorial Hall, a copy of which is
      enclosed. The Assistant Clerk requested clarification of the following from
      Gary Adams, reply outstanding
          Height of stored chairs
          Playschool - items stored on high shelving

     Precept 2011/2012
      As discussed at the last meeting, a budget could be submitted to Council
      for approval
      Resolve: A report will be forwarded to Councillors from the RFO on Health
      & Safety expenses for the present year. This will be further discussed at the
      next meeting.

     Business Arising from the Minutes

      Elizabeth Park Risk Assessment
      A Risk Assessment has been devised for all areas at Elizabeth Park. Staff
      were assigned various tasks following the assessment. There is some
      concern that some actions are still outstanding.
      Cllr Bedder agreed to carry out a site visit.
      First Aid Course
      Centre Manager and Deputy Manager are to attend a course on 20th
      Contractors – our preferred list
      Letters had been forwarded to all our regular contractors which were
      outstanding. Some have retuned their information, but some are still
      Cllr Bedder will liaise with the Assistant Clerk.

10.   Any Other Business None

11.   Date of next Meeting
      Date to be agreed.

Confirmed & signed this                         day of                      2010



Present:           Councillors:        Mrs B J Seaton (Chairman)
                                       D Maguire        P Newman
                                       D J Hill         J Smith
                                       Mrs A Smith      D J Gartside
                                       M D Lowe

Also Present:      The Clerk and the Deputy Clerk

1.    To Receive and Accept Apologies for Absence:
      P S Harley, R Davies

2.    Declarations of Interest: None

3.    Subway Cleaning Progress Report_ Cllr D J Gartside

Following several emails to both the County Council and the Borough
Council over a period of nine months, Councillor Gartside received the
following email confirming that a specialist contractor would clean the
subway on the 15th September.

Dear Mr Gartside

Further to our telephone discussion, I am as promised updating you on our
latest plans to clean up the soot damage to the sub-way prior to this
evening's Parish Council meeting.
As you know we have already tried unsuccessfully to clean off the soot on
the 3rd September. I can now confirm we have organised a specialist
sub-contractor to come in with a hot-wash system on 15th September,
they will commence work after the school run.
As is already clear this cleaning is causing damage to the paintwork so we
will need to redecorate the sub-way. Our concern in doing this as always
will be that this will provide a blank canvas for further graffiti. In this
respect we are now keen to explore the proposal by Thurmaston Action
Group (TAG) to apply murals which we will be following up.
Thanks for your interest in this matter.
Matthew Lugg

Councillor Gartside reported that he had taken photographs of the
subway and presented them to The Director of Highways at County Hall.
Following receipt of the above email response, the ceiling has been

Councillor Seaton reported that first half of the mural will be installed
during October, the second half will be installed when funding is

4.       Location of Salt Bins – referred from Full parish Council

The Clerk reminded Councillors that £400 has been transferred from the
Christmas Lights budget to purchase two salt bins, locations to be

At the last meeting, Councillor Harley proposed that the two salt bins
agreed are placed at the following locations:

     1. Junction of Brakenfield Way/Barkby Thorpe Lane
     2. Junction of Lonsdale Road/Rutland Drive

The proposal was defeated, but the full council did not approve the
committee’s decision, and asked the committee to reconsider the
decision. The Council delegated powers to the committee to decide
appropriate locations for the salt bins.

In his absence, Councillor Harley had submitted a request for the
committee to consider locating a salt bin on the junction of Lonsdale
Road/Rutland Drive. Councillor Harley had explained that the area is hilly
and that there are several elderly residents in the area, during bad
weather many elderly residents could not get to the Post Office and an
elderly resident fell last year.

Councillor Harley submitted a copy of LCC Final Report of the Scrutiny
Review Panel on Winter Maintenance, which includes the following points:

        The County Council Winter Maintenance Policy enables it, in
         conjunction with local parish councils, to develop a network of
         snow wardens. The Panel recommends the County Council
         promote and encourage greater use of volunteers via the Snow
        Warden Scheme to ensure that localised areas are dealt with more

        All Borough and District Council confirmed that those district
         employees who are not able to carry out their normal duties e.g.
         street cleaning and refuse collecting can be re-deployed and
         made available to carry out winter maintenance work.
Councillor Mrs Seton confirmed that existing salt bins are located as

        Earls way/Churchill Rod Junction
        Earls Way/Red Hill Lane
        Wayside Drive
        ASDA
        Footbridges A607 and Roundhill School

It was proposed and seconded that the salt bins are installed at the
following locations:

     1. Junction of Brakenfield Way/Barkby Thorpe Lane
     2. Junction of Lonsdale Road/Rutland Drive

Resolved: the motion was carried.

Councillor Hill objected strongly to the proposal and is of the opinion that
the Parish Council should not fund salt bins as they are the responsibility of
Leicestershire County Council.

5.       Planning Applications

Erection of two detached bungalows fronting Griffin Close
Land at 70 Colby Road, Thurmaston
Resolved: Object to the application re: increased traffic in the area.

Erection of two storey extension to side and single storey extension and
dormer extension to rear of dwelling.
33 Westdown Drive, Thurmaston
Resolved: No comment.

Land between 37 & 39 Colby Rd
Erection of one detached chalet bungalow (revised scheme following
Resolved: Council to object to application, re-submit comments from
previous objection.

Unit 8, Thurmaston shopping centre, Barkby Thorpe Lane
Display of illuminated signage to trolley bar.
Resolved: No comment.

Community Centre, Silverdale Drive
Erection of 2x single storey extensions to front and side with various other
Resolved: No comment.

6.    Business Arising From the Minutes

Page: Broken wall and Missing River Grid – Watermead park
Reply received from British Waterways as follows:

The Broken Wall
This has now been inspected by our operations team. I acknowledge the
wall requires some minor repalr works. However due to financial pressures
on British Waterways we have to take a hard look at what we can afford
to do. We will continue to monitor the wall during our monthly inspection
regime, and should the wall deteriorate will review its priority.

The missing river grid:
After investigations a scum board was installed but this was vandalised
within days. We are currently looking at solutions to address this without
the need for major works.

I am very conscious of the value and importance of the canal
environment and the need to make it attractive at those locations we
consider as a destination.

I trust the above provides some reassurance British Waterways are trying to
achieve a difficult balance between standards and availability of
resources whilst maintaining an ageing network of canals.

Page: Planter – Thurmaston Action Group:
At the last meeting it was agreed to give permission for Thurmaston Action
Group to place the planter at the entrance to the Cemetery. However,
the Memorial hall and Cemetery Committee felt that this matter should
have been an item for discussion at their meeting.
Councillor Mrs Smith objected to the proposed location and questioned
maintenance implications.

Page Christmas Lights
Councillor Hill expressed concern about licences required for the process
of installation, e.g. license to operate Cherry Picker etc.
The Clerk reported that the Contractor concerned has submitted the
information required for the application of the license and one of his
employees attended a cherry picker license course yesterday, certificate
to be submitted for inclusion in the application.

Page : 303 Footpath: Humberstone Lane – Clayton Drive:
Quote received from the Council’s Ground Contractor for £240.00.
 Clerk to arrange for the Council’s Grounds Contractor to carry out the
landscaping works as agreed.

Resolved:   Clerk to accept the quote.

Page:        Allotments
The Clerk reported that she has received a phone call from Mr P
Applewhite, Leicester City Council re potential site for allotments opposite
Troon Way, former football pitch site. There are concerns about security
on the site and estimated cost of perimeter fencing security is approx.
£40K. Estimated cost of entire project to create an allotment site is
approx. £300K.
Mr. Applewhite is preparing a proposal for a meeting on 11th October
with Senior officers at Leic City Council. The Allotment Society is very
interested in the site and the proposal will include expressions of interest
from the Allotment Society and Thurmaston Parish Council.
Mr Applewhite will report the outcome of the meeting to the Clerk in due

7.    Highway Maintenance Issues

Issues from last meeting:

Footpath – Wayside Drive/Footbridge:
Cllr Smith reported the verges on Wayside Drive and the entrance to the
footbridge and the area around the new cycle path is overgrown with
vegetation. Clerk has reported to Mr O’dedra.

Footbridge: Graffiti on the wall leading to the footbridge and brambles
at the entrance: Clerk has reported to structures section, LCC.

Traffic Lights: On A607 northbound at the junction of Pinfold Road:
Complaints received about the traffic light sequence, pedestrian crossing
does not allow sufficient times to enable pedestrians to walk across the
road. Clerk has report to highways.

New Pedestrian Crossing, Humberstone Lane: Floods during inclement
weather conditions.   Clerk has reported to highways

A607: Southbound: road sign has been knocked down. Clerk has
reported to highways.

Junction: Brittania Way/Melton Road – Pothole. Clerk has reported to

New Issues:

Letter from Cllr Mrs A Smith as follows:
In 2006 the County Council decided to lay the hedges at the rear of 51 –
67 Church Street, unfortunately nothing has been done since. Recently
two residents have rang the County Council to ask if they can be trimmed
but there seems to be some dispute again who’s responsible. The
residents concerned are all elderly and there is no access to the bypass
for anyone to cut these safely.

Resolved: Clerk to write to LCC requesting confirmation of responsibility.

Copy of letter from Eleanor Montgomery, Waste Management Officer
To Councillor Seaton:
Further to my phone call today about Canal Street, Thurmaston:
1. I have arranged for Serco to mechanically sweep Canal Street (where
any parked cars are a man will sweep with a broom) on Wednesday 22nd
September - Could you please advise a convenient time when most cars
have been moved?
2. I have arranged to reposition the post mounted litter bin outside St
Michael's Court to the bottom of Canal Street (near the canal) 3. We
should not require a key to the bollard as the street cleaner works on foot
with a barrow 4. One of my colleagues will be in touch with you in the
next few days regarding the dog fouling campaign 5. Mill Lane - Our
records show that neither the lane nor the car park is part of the
Environmental Services contract. Unfortunately we are unable to provide
any further information as to who is responsible for either emptying the
removed litter bin nor existing dog bin. However, we would welcome the
opportunity to work with you and the Parish Council to identify who is
Once the action points have been completed I will be inspecting the
area and will update you accordingly.

Humberstone Lane Traffic Lights (new pedestrian crossing) a cone has
been left on top of drain cover.

Councillor Gartside noted that none of the issues reported last month
have been addressed and the Clerk has not received an
acknowledgment of the reports. Cllr Gartside expressed disappointment
with continual lack of response from Highways Department and
suggested that a representative is invited to the next meeting of the
committee to discuss any outstanding issues and try to establish a more
effective working relationship with the department.

Traffic Light Sequence: ASDA traffic island, the traffic light sequence
causes confusion for motorists and pedestrians and increases risk of
accidents. Cllr Mrs Seaton suggested this is item should be an item for
discussion at the next meeting of the Highways Forum.


Leicestershire County Council
Highway Safety Inspection
Letter explaining that a routine highway safety inspection is to be
undertaken during October and November. The inspection will primarily
identify highway safety and maintenance issues arising from the condition
of the carriageways, footways and highway verges. Highway
maintenance works will then be undertaken as appropriate either by the
Highway Patrol Team as urgent safety works or within the rolling
programme of general maintenance and highway drainage works; or for
larger schemes within a future planned maintenance program.

Annual Review 2009/2010
Filed in Parish Office for information.

Leicestershire Constabulary
Minutes and action sheet following the Charnwood Joint Action Group
Meeting held 16.09.10.
Copies fwd by email to all Councillors.

Leicestershire County Council
Notice of an Emergency Temporary Road Closure Saturday 2nd October
to allow for the emergency replacement of a transformer.

Charnwood Borough Council
Consultation – Review of Conservation and Landscape Services
Copy of conservation and Landscape services review report including the
proposed recommendations for information and your comments would
be welcomed. The report will be considered by Cabinet at a meeting on
28th October and any comments should be submitted to me by Friday 15th

Copies of the report issued to all councillors.

8.    ANY OTHER BUSINESS (for information and Agenda Items only):

Councillor Mrs B J Seaton:
Reported that she has spoken to CSB about the removal of the council’s
fencing and hedges on the gateway to Thurmaston area bordering their
premises. Cllr Seaton was informed that the site needs o be secured to
prevent travellers gaining access.

9.    DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 26th October 2010

confirmed and signed this                   day of                  2010



Present:           Councillors:       D J Hill (Chairman)
                                      C A Wooding         S D Hill
                                      C Davies            S R Brown
                                      M D Lowe            D J Gartside
                                      Mrs B J Seaton      Mr P Newman

Also Present:      The Deputy Clerk
                   Elaine Boardman and Ian Gaiter,
                   (Thurmaston Bowls Club)
                   Hugh Tierney, James Harley, Mark Gibbard, Brian West,
                   Kevin Dewey (Thurmaston Magpies)

1.    To receive Apologies for Absence:

Cllr P S Harley

2.    Disclosures of Interest:

Cllr M D Lowe declared an interest in Thurmaston Magpies

3.    Elaine Boardman – Thurmaston Bowls Club - Proposal for new Club

At the last meeting it was agreed that the Council would not support a
porta cabin, but would consider a portable building/annex that blends in
with the Centre and Park subject to approval. Elaine presented

Elaine presented details and pictures of purpose built bowls pavilions,
wooden structure.

Elaine explained that a sub-committee has been formed to investigate
the proposed project and reported that the bowls club are looking to
raise approx. £20K in grant funding to facilitate the project. Elaine
explained the necessity for toilets to be included as the building may be
used when the Centre is closed.

Elaine emphasised that the Bowls Club would like to apply for planning
permission by the end of November.

The following comments were made:
        Recommend avoid a pavilion with windows on back for security
        A fire door should be included.
        Insurance provision will be required
        A wooden building would be susceptible to vandalism
        Expressed concern about parking provision

Elaine and Ian left the meeting at this point.

It was proposed and seconded that the Council supports the Bowls Clubs
Proposal for a Rosewood pavilion subject to the following conditions:

Rosewood Cabin subject to the following conditions:

        Subject to Planning Permission
        Subject to Building Regulations
        Must be compliant with health & Safety and meet DDA Regulations
        All work to be carried out by accredited tradesmen
        No food/refreshments to be sold, that are available from Elizabeth Park
        No sub-letting, unless with permission of Parish Council
        Cost of lease to be agreed
        Fencing must be extended around the perimeter of the proposed cabin
        Any damage to Elizabeth Park during construction must be re-instated
         (e.g. footpath, landscaping etc)
        Insurance must be obtained with no indemnity to Parish Council
        There will be no costs to Parish Council
        If Parish Council wish to extend Elizabeth Park Centre, in the future, we
         reserve the right to re-locate the cabin

Resolved:      the motion was carried.

4.       Thurmaston Magpies - ASDA Sports Pitch

At the last meeting it was agreed that the facilities are offered to Magpies
Junior Football club for the first season as follows:

        Facilities to be advertised during this period to establish demand for
         other supporting activities and provisions.
        Funding sources/options for other sporting facilities to be
         investigated during this period
        A charge of £25 per game to be made
        Meeting to be arranged with representatives of Magpies to discuss

        Magpies should take on responsibility for the cleaning.
        Magpies to be provided with keys for access to the facility.
        The facilities will not be available for other hirers during the first

Representatives of Magpies Football Club were in support of the above
conditions of hire, but expressed concern about continued provision after
the initial season.

In reference to the required usage, Magpies agreed to supply a schedule
of requirements and agreed to other clubs using the facilities on site at
other times.

It was proposed and seconded that the Council agrees to Thurmaston
Magpies minimum use next season: Sunday Matches.

A named vote was requested and Councillors voted as follows:

In favour of the proposition:

D J Hill C A Wooding   S D Hill             C Davies      S R Brown     D J Gartside
Mrs B J Seaton   Mr P Newman

Against: None

5.       Artificial Pitch – Report on use: - Cllr . Gartside

The Clerk reported as follows:

The facilities are fully booked Monday to Thursday evenings from 5.20pm
to 9.50pm and Fridays until 8.40pm.

Daytime during the week is available the Clerk has written to local
schools, however, there has been no response from schools to date.

There was a booking last Thursday afternoon for the full pitch, we are
hoping that this may become regular.

There is a lot of availability at weekends, a few party bookings are in
place and casual hiring’s. As from November, there are two regular
bookings for Saturdays.

The Clerk presented details of the income to date since the opening in

July      £290.40
August    £935.00
September £1617.50

Councillor D J Hill suggested that the increased income from the Artificial
Pitch could support maintenance of the facilities at the ASDA sports site.

It was proposed and seconded that ATP is offered to the following schools
free of charge during school term daytime:

Church Hill Infant and Junior Schools
Eastfield Primary School
Bishop Ellis
Sandford Primary School

Resolved: the motion was carried.

6.      Review of Hire Charges - Artificial Pitch facility - Cllr D J Hill

Centre Manger recommended a review of hire fees in April.
Councillors agreed with the Centre Managers recommendation.

7.      Computerised Booking System – Elizabeth Park Centre

At the September meeting, it was agreed that by the end of November
2010, all bookings should be logged onto the system and by the end of
December all Duty Staff should be fully conversant with the booking

The staff are now entering all bookings on the computer booking system,
Centre Manager currently undertaking training in the use of the system.

Staff have requested that the diary is maintained as a back-up and
Councillors agreed to this request.

8.      Business Arising Out of the Minutes

Page. ASDA REQUEST FOR PARKING FACILITIES- Proposals for consideration
      re: Sports Centre
      Letter from Geoff Boot (Store manager)

At the last meeting it was agreed that the Council accepts the offer of
£2,500 in return for use of the car park during the construction work at the
ASDA Store and would like to meet with representatives of ASDA to discuss
proposals for future use.

Letter sent 15th September, No reply to date.

Page: Wreake Runners – Enquiry re running track proposal
     - ASDA Sports site:

At the last meeting, it was agreed that the committee have another
meeting with Wreake Valley Runners to discuss the mechanics of their
proposal in more detail.
Meeting date/time to be agreed.

It was proposed and seconded that Wreake Valley Runners are invited to
the next meeting of the committee and request that a plan is marked
with their proposed facilities
Resolved: the motion was carried.

At the last meeting of The Clerk asked Councillors for clarification of the
way forward and it was agreed that the item should be left in abeyance
awaiting response from CFSA.

Councillors asked the Clerk to remove this item from the report for future

Page : KITCHEN FACILITIES - Cllr Mrs Seaton
At a previous meeting Councillor Seaton suggested alternatives for the
water tank and offered to investigate options.
Councillor Seaton presented proposals for a new water tank which could
be positioned either at the side of tank room with a partition wall or

Councillors agreed to the proposal in principal and Councillor Hill offered
to meet with the Plumber and the Groundsman for costing’s and advice.

Page : ASDA Sports Pitch Remediation:
The Clerk reported that the re-construction of the pitch is progressing well;
most of the turf is now in place.

Councillors expressed the following concerns:

        Is provision of goal post sockets and posts included in the scheme
        Will the surface of the area surrounding the pitch be stone free.

Resolved:      Clerk to investigate.

Page : Allocation of s106 funding:
At a previous meeting the Clerk reported that she has spoken to Julie
Robinson, CBC and there is £15,715.25 of 106 funding available for youth
and young adult recreation, as follows: £13, 648 – land at Hadrian Road
and £2067 – Land at Sandiacre Drive. This funding is available and Julie
has asked for project for this funding.

Councillor Seaton suggested that the funding is allocated towards the
proposed Boxing Club Project at Elizabeth Park.

At the last meeting Councillors agreed to consider allocation of the
funding to the Boxing Club extension project once in receipt of plans and
costing’s for the proposed project.

Councillor Mrs Seaton presented plans for proposed extension.

The following comments/suggestions were made:

      Access to the room should be via the Sports Centre
      The scheme includes removal of the path, a new fire exit route will
        be required.
      Could the room be multi-purpose

It was proposed and seconded that the Parish Council supports the
project and presents the proposal to Charnwood Borough Council to
apply for the above 106 funding provision.

Resolved:      the motion was carried.

9.       Park Issues:

Silverdale Park:
Councillor Wooding expressed concerns about Silverdale Park and
requested a meeting with the new Groundsman when he starts.

Councillor Lowe reported that along with the Clerks, he had carried out
an inspection of all council parks and premises and a number of grounds
maintenance issues had been identified, the Clerk will inform the
Councillor Gartside requested an agenda item for the next meeting:
entrance to Silverdale Park – Thurmaston Community Centre.

10.   Correspondence:

Thurmaston Town Football Club:
Letter as follows:
I would like to apply on behalf of Thurmaston Town FC for the use of ASDA
Sports Ground facilities:
1.     A football pitch with at least the same dimensions as at Elizabeth
2.     Spectator barrier around the pitch, similar dimensions from the
       playing surface as Elizabeth Park.
3.     Hard standing 1 meter wide on 4 sides
4.     2 dugouts each to seat 8 people
5.     Covered standing area for min 50 people
6.     Covered seating area for min 50 people
7.     6ft min high fence around football ground with entry point to
       charge admission and exit points
8.     Exclusive use on match days
9.     Spectator toilets for ladies
10.    Match officials
11.    Floodlights
12.    Have own bar on match days
13.    Sell food and drinks on match days
14.    Minimum 25 year lease needed to be able to apply for grants to
       fund the above
15.    Improvements to the pavilion i.e. public toilets, increase floor area
       of both the home and away changing rooms
16.    Allow a gate charge on all home matches
17.    Allowed to meet all ground ground grading requirements as laid
       down by the FA to meet minimum step 6 requirements to allow the
       club to progress into the next league.

I respectfully request a decision within the next 14 days as to whether the
Thurmaston Parish Council will agree to all of the above.

It was proposed and seconded that the following conditions are refused
       as some of the above terms are not acceptable.

Resolved: the motion was carried

Thurmaston Events Team:
Letter as follows:
On behalf of the Thurmaston Events Team I would like to say thank you for
your help in sponsoring the generator for the picnic in the park and also
allowing us to use Garden Street Park for the event.
Your kindness was much appreciated.

Mr Tyler
106 Alexandra street
With reference to the trees on Cemetery Walk. Once again I am writing to
request that these trees are pollarded.
They have grown immensely tall over the years. They take light and
sunlight from our home and garden.
If one was to fall it could cause considerable damage to both property
and life.

Petition from residents of Alexandra street as follows:

We the undersigned residents of Alexandra Street would like to request
that the aforementioned trees be pollarded and thinned out.
Detritus including dangerously large branches regularly fall from the trees,
the house rooftops are covered with moss, which has to be removed
either by us or tradesmen whom we have to pay and the cul-de-sac
footpath itself is covered in slippery moss because no sunlight can get
13 signatures.

It was proposed and seconded that the Clerk replies to the residents
explaining that the Council will arrange for a tree safety survey to be
carried out asap and consideration will be given to polloarding 1 tree per
year in future precepts.

Resoved:     the motion was carried.

11.   New Business:

Damage to Meeting Room Carpet

The Clerk reported that red wine or blackcurrant juice was spilled on the
carpet during a party Saturday night. The Clerk has arranged for a
specialist cleaning contractor to attempt to remove the stain.

Staff has expressed concern about the practicality of the carpet.
The Clerk presented the following quote for consideration within the new

Hard wearing oak effect laminate flooring: £902.66

Resolved:    Quote to be left in abeyance pending availability of funding.

Thurmaston Town FC
Request to pay pitch fees in instalments
The Clerk explained that she has received a request from Mr R Evans,
Treasurer, for Thurmaston Town to pay for the pitch fees in instalments. Mr
Evans explained that the football club are currently unable to pay the first
of the half of the total rent by end of September, as they are still awaiting
receipt of sponsorship funding, and requested to pay the pitch fees by
instalment as follows:

£200 by end of September, followed by further £200 instalments at the end
of October, November and December.

The Clerk agreed to present the request to the next meeting of the Leisure
Centres Committee of the Council on 5th October and accepted £200
down payment on the pitch to cover the cost of pitch hire in the interim.

It was proposed and seconded that the Council approves the request for
payment of fees by instalment for the first half of the fees. The second halt
is due to be paid in full in Jan as per the contract.

Deputy Clerk/RFO:
Reminded Councillors that the precept will be discussed next month.

12.    Any Other Business


12.    Date of next meeting:    Tuesday 2nd November October

Confirmed and signed this                  day of                       2010



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