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WSO2 Stratos

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									WSO2 Stratos

               Kathiravelu Pradeeban
               Jan 2011
WSO2 Stratos ..

    A cloud based platform for hosting SOA artifacts as a service.

            Single platform to support the entire SOA platform.
WSO2 Stratos ..

Comprised of server nodes.
Supports multiple tenants within the same node.

   – No need for a physical server for each node.
   – Operates with less resources.
Isolation between tenants.
Multitenancy Support within a Single Node ..

                            Storage
                            Security
                           Execution

     WSO2 Registry stores data products in a hierarchical tree.
     Multi-tenancy by adding a new row 'tenantID' for registry.

       Single instance shared with many tenants securely.
         Isolation between tenants by the Registry API.

      Creating a different context hierarchy for each tenant.
     Using the correct context for a specific tenant's execution.
Scaling up..

                       Registry
                      Executions
Scaling up..

               Individual Applications
                Support multi Tenants
Hierarchy of Load Balancers

              Service-major architecture.
              Tenant-major architecture.

Afkham Azeez et al. “WSO2 Stratos: An Industrial Stack to Support
                       Cloud Computing”
Thank you..

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