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					If you just take a few minutes to browse online, you’ll have come across
many of the websites that offer free products. One of the most popular
items is invitations. These aren’t the type of invitations that you snail
mail to family and friends. Instead they are instant email invitations
that can be sent for any occasion.

One of the most popular types of invitations is those that are sent for
an impromptu party. Imagine the fun of sending out a picnic invitation to
friends on a Friday morning for Sunday afternoon? It will give everyone
something to look forward to over the weekend.

You can even request that each guest bring along something to take a lot
of the burden off of you. On the picnic invitation you email out request
that someone bring along some hotdogs and buns. On another picnic
invitation ask someone to make some lemonade for everyone to share.

Almost every type of party can have a theme attached to it. We’ve all
been invited to costume parties or Hawaiian themed parties at one time or
another. You can do the very same thing when you are sending out a picnic
invitation. One really fun idea is to have a pool party themed picnic.
The picnic invitation can be in the shape of a swimming pool and you can
ask everyone to wear swimsuits.

Children love parties and they also love being outdoors. If your child is
celebrating a birthday during the warm months you can send out a picnic
invitation that doubles as birthday party invitations. Children
absolutely adore picnics and along with fried chicken and soda, you can
have a special birthday cake as well.

When you are sending out the invitations there is one thing that you do
need to be careful with. That’s making sure that the email addresses that
you are sending the picnic invitations to are valid. It would be horrible
if one of the invitations didn’t make it through to your recipients. A
great way to ensure that everyone who was supposed to get a picnic
invitation did is to ask your guests to RSVP. All you need to do is to
include your email address on the picnic invitation. If the date of the
party draws near and someone hasn’t yet responded, give them a call and
ask if they did in fact receive the invitation when it was emailed to

The summer months aren’t the only time to have a picnic. There are no
hard and fast rules that state that a picnic has to happen during July or
August. If you’ve got a large home you can host a picnic during the
cooler times of year. Your friends would be thrilled to receive a picnic
invitation during December or January. It will give everyone a taste of
the warmth of summer again, all while staying warm and toasty indoors.

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