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									Chew Toy

Almost any dog owner will tell you that a good chew toy is an essential
if you like to keep your belongings in one piece. This is even more
important if you get a puppy, because if there is one thing a puppy likes
to do, it is chew. If you don’t have a chew toy for your puppy, they are
going to find something else to chew on, and you may not like what they
choose. Many surprised dog owners have come home to find that expensive
shoes have become the chew toy of choice for their beloved pup.

In fact, it might be smart to have more than one chew toy for your dog.
For some reason, they seem to have a preference for one chew toy over
another, and you have no way of knowing what they like when you buy. If
you buy more than one, you can let them decide what they like, and you
can then encourage them to use the toy when they get the urge to bite.
There’s no need to lose good shoes, or perhaps the corner of your couch
if you can get a good chew toy for a few dollars.

Some pet stores allow you to take your pet in with you when you shop.
This might be a great way to get the perfect chew toy for your dog. They
may choose the toy for you. Let them sniff around and see if something
catches their fancy. If you don’t want to do this, make sure you choose a
wide variety of toys to take home to your dog. Get all types and sizes,
and they will be able to choose the one they love. My mom’s dog loves a
squeezable hotdog for some reason, while my neighbors dog prefers a
knotted rope chew toy. Each dog will have his or her own preference.

You might consider getting more than one chew toy after your dog has
chosen. They can be rough on their toys, and if they break one, or wear
one out, you might want to have more of the same thing in the cupboard so
you can replace it with little hassle. You won’t have to run out to the
store to get a new one, because one will be waiting for when it is
needed. If your dog is especially rough on chew toys, you can find them
in bulk quantities to make sure you never run out of their favorite toy.

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