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									Minutes of the Meeting of CILIP Health Libraries Group Committee, held at 11
am on 25th July 2002 in Rooms GO3/4, Public Health Building, University of

Jackie Lord (JL) – Chair
James Beaton (JB) – Secretary
Rebecca Davies (RD) – Assistant Secretary
Clare Shemilt (CS) – Treasurer Elect
Steve Glover (SG) – Assistant Treasurer
Lindsey Baker (LB)
Helen Bingham (HB)
Gary Birkenhead (GB)
Melanie Brocklehurst (MB)
Mark Field (MFd)
Fiona McLean (FM)
Tony McSeán (TMS)
Paul Morrell (PM)
Steve Rose (SR)
Julie Ryder (JR)

1. Apologies
Apologies were received from Catherine Beverley (CB), Penny Bonnett (PB), Sam
Burgess (SB), Karin Dearness (KD), Margaret Forrest (MF), Jennifer Goodfellow
(JG), Tracy Hunter (TH), Andrea Lane (AL), Judy Palmer (JP), Lucy Reid (LR),
Graham Walton (GW), Alison Winning (AW), Rachel Whittlestone (RW), Alison

2 Minutes of the Meeting of 16th May 2002
Apologies – Add Lucy Reid to the list of apologees.

First paragraph of page 4, AW not CB is looking into the large print format for HILJ

Page 5 – Julie Ryder noted that her hourly consultancy rate is £25.00, not £30.00.

With those changes, the minutes were approved as a true record.

3 Matters arising from the Minutes
Under this item, the action list arising from the last meeting was dealt with. The
following points arose.
 To seek members for HLG from among the former IIS membership, an article on
    HLG by Elizabeth Hyams the editor of Update will appear in September’s issue of
    this journal. Membership will be part of the strategic plan.       Action : JB to
    note for planning day preparation.
 Name change would come out of the strategic planning. In terms of the process,
    Mfd advised the group to choose a CILIP Council meeting at which they would
    like the rule changes to be discussed and work backwards from there. JL and JB
    to take this forward for the startegy meeting.               Action : JL and JB to
    note for planning day preparation

   There is no relationship between lis-medical and HLG.
   There is no impropriety in employing JR to undertake work on behalf of the group
    on a consultancy basis. It was felt that it would be appropriate to have guidelines
    however. JL and TMS are to collaborate on this and bring the guidelines to the
    next Committee meeting. TMS noted that CILIP Councillors cannot be paid for
    work they do for CILIP, as they are trustees of CILIP which is a charity. Action:
    JL and TMS to bring guidelines on employing consultants to the next
   It was noted that CILIP was happy for HLG to have another subgroup, but that JL
    had heard nothing further from the Mental Health Librarians.
   A paper by JR on the implications of CCN becoming an OiL was tabled. It was
    felt by JR that this might signal that HLG had moved away from having
    community care librarians as part of its remit, but that this remained in the
    objectives. This would need to be addressed as part of the atrategy review.
         Action: JB to note for planning day preparation
   The transfer of CCN funds from HLG needs to be actioned. JB, CS and SG are to
    liase on this. Action: JB, CS and SG to liase with CILIP and CCN on transfer
    of CCN funds
   The position of community care representation on the board of HILJ could wait
    until after the strategy meeting. Action : JB to note for planning day
   Also noted that CCN Website has been removed from the main pages of the HLG
    site. JR will create link from HLG website to CCN website in the appropriate part
    of the HLG site. Action: JR to create link to CCN website
   JL is to contact Mona Going and Jean Clark about the Sheila Moore award.
         Action : JL
   There was no reason why a community care paper should not be included under
    the aegis of HLG at Umbrella 2003.
   The CCN archives should remain as part of the HLG archive.
   JR and JB are to revise the policy manual as a result of CCN becoming an OiL.
         Action: JR and JB
   JL had contacted Diarmuid Kennedy and Gaynor Crichton in Northern Ireland
    and had received no reply from either of them. The view was expressed that by
    the Committee that HLG may not be meeting their needs. This is to be discussed
    at the strategy review.
    Action : JB to note for strategy day preparation
   Digitisation of HILJ has been confirmed.
   FM reported that she had emailed Bob McKee about access to LISA and his
    reply had been emailed to lis-medical and lis-hlg-cttee.

4. Strategic planning
The dates of 2nd and 3rd October had been set for this.

It was felt that the process should begin on the evening of 2nd October after which
the Committee would go out for a meal. Overnight accommodation will be provided.
The planning meeting will continue on 3rd October and from this will arise the HLG
strategy for the next three years.

The view was expressed, that it would useful for the Committee to see the last
strategic plan. This will be circulated by GB. Action: GB to circulate last HLG
strategic plan

During the discussion on this subject, it was recognised, that as well as general
policy issues, geographical topics would require to be thought about. The Committee
also gave some consideration to the process of the planning meeting itself.

The importance of having both Andrew Booth and Graham Walton attend was

The implementation process would require clear business cases being put to the
Group’s AGM, in order to demonstrate that the Group’s healthy financial surplus was
being spent meaningfully.

The question of involving potential subgroups such as Infah and Mental Health
Librarians, as well as CHILL for this process was discussed. FM is to contact CHILL
regarding representation on HLG. Action: FM to contact CHILL re
representation on HLG

The details of the day will be organised by JB and JL who will meet on 16 th August.
      Action: JB and JL to organise strategic planning day

5 CILIP Salary Guide
MFd reported that a new health sector salary guide was being drawn up by CILIP. In
a departure from previous practice this was to be done by a group of practitioners
from the sector, chaired by Veronica Fraser. This group would meet for one day.

This would require NHS and other sector representation. HB and PM volunteered to
do this.     Action: HB and PM to attend day meeting for creating salary guide
on behalf of HLG

TMS raised the question of the effectiveness of the guide. MFd said effectiveness
was largely anecdotal.

JL thought this might be an area in which the research group would be interested
and would contact Andrew Booth about this.
Action: JL to contact Andrew Booth to investigate research into the
effectiveness of the salary guide

FM said that she would contact CHILL, as she felt that voluntary sector
representation would be useful on this group. Action: FM to contact CHILL re
representation on CILIP health sector salary guide working group

6 Reports from Working Groups

a) Publications
A report from PB was tabled.

The future direction of HILJ will be discussed at the strategy days with GW leading
on this. One element of future strategy will be discussed during this is making HILJ a
more internationally focused journal, thereby raising HLG’s international profile.

An 11% price increase for HILJ has been agreed.

Themed issues will be important for HILJ in the future. It was also noted that the
journal was trying to be more evidence based.

GB asked if we had raised the question of themed issues with the subscribers. It was
felt that a reader survey would be positive, to seek members’ views on this. Action:
JB to note as discussion point for strategy meeting

Large print would be avaiable on request. AW is to investigate likely demand.
Action : AW to investigate demand for large print and report

2. Newsletter
MF has produced the September newsletter. JL has written an introductory piece
about herself for this issue, This will be followed by 2 or 3 committee members doing
the same for each issue.

It was felt that this information should go on the website also. JB is to remind all
committee members to submit pieces to JR and MF. The deadline for copy for the
newsletter’s next issue is 23rd September 2002. Action: JB to remind committee
members to submit biographical pieces to JR and MF.

b) Continuing Professional Development
SR reported on the HLG Conference. There were 280 delegates, and 65 evaluation
forms had been returned. The following points came across from analysis of these.
 There was little criticism of the content of the conference. Most respondent
   thought it good or very good.
 Delegates would prefer more workshops in place of lectures
 There was a feeling that the content was very NHS England based. The devolved
   nature of the NHS would need to be borne in mind for the future. The point was
   made that the content of the conference reflected what had been submitted.
   There was a need to tout for material for the future.
 There was some criticism of the organisation of the content. Some delegates
   thought that Wednesday had petered out. SR said that this had been the
   organisers’ intention.
 Long breaks between the sessions were not a good use of time, but were needed
   to allow time for the exhibitors to display their wares.
 There was insufficient preconference information. Need in future to make better
   use of the web and have better input from CILIP.
 Internet café or internet access points needed.
 5% of the respondents said the accommodation was excellent, 50% said it was
   good or very good, 25% said it was average and 15% said it was poor. The main
   problem was lack of standard facilities for everybody. This would be an issue for
   future conference, and that to ensure upgraded facilities for all would be

   The social side was generally well received, although the timing of the free
    transport for 1am was seen by some as a bit inflexible.
   The speakers had been good, heating and ventilation required to be improved,
    more information needed to be given to the chairs of session.
   Posters needed to be improved.

SR said that he was encouraged by the positive criticism received and that the
delegates had delivered clear messages for HLG which would lead to improved
conferences in the future.

JL on behalf of the Committee thanked SR, RD and RW for their excellent work in
organising the conference.

A long discussion about the location of the 2004 conference then took place. Dublin
and Belfast were mentioned as possible locations. Issues raised druing the
discussion that followed included
 Sensitivities for CILIP in Ireland following the amalgamation of LA and IIS, as IIS
    had covered both the UK and the RoI
 Question of going abroad, before having a conference in Northern Ireland or
    Wales, particularly given HLG’s lack of representation in Northern Ireland
 FM made the point that information would be needed on the possible locations for
    the conference

It was finally decided that the 2004 conference would be held in Belfast. SR
indicated that he would be willing to stay on as conference director and that RW was
also willing to remain involved in the organisation of the conference.

A umber of issues remained from the conference, including looking at the format of
the evaluation form, and getting the conference papers on to the web. SR would take
this forward.
Action: SR and RW to begin planning for 2004 conference in Belfast. SR to
look at format of the conference evaluation form, and to get the papers from
the 2002 conference on the web.

Under 1 Umbrella 2003
LB tabled a report.

It was noted that Bruce Madge is organising the Bishop-Lefanu Lecture at this.

The theme of the conference would be around social inclusion/exclusion in the UK.
As part of this, it was felt that something addressing the role of expert patients would
be appropriate. LB will take this forward.
Action: LB to investigate conference papers/theme on the expert patient

Other appropriate themes would be differences in the NHS across the UK, as well as
the work which the RNIB had done on accessibility.

LfN and IfM are to organise something jointly for this. SR and RD are to take this
Action: SR and RD to plan LfN and IfM contribution at Umbrella 2003.

c) Membership and Publicity
The notes of the last meeting were tabled. The stand at the conference had been
well attended. The silent auction had raised £160. The Barnard Prize had been
awarded to Bob Gann at the conference.

Stationery and publicity with the new CILIP logo were now ready.

372 survey forms out of 2002 had been received, and more were still arriving. This
was a better response than the normal 10-15% expected from such surveys.

An Access database for entering the surveys had been designed. It was taking about
8 minutes to do each one. An emerging theme from the surveys was that the
membership is not aware of what the group is doing.

GB and JR will meet after 31st July to work on the surveys and produce a report and
circulate it. This will be ready for the meeting in October.
Action: GB and JR to produce report from surveys for strategy meeting in

It was felt that it would be useful to have input from the CILIP membership
department on how to access information on HLG membership.

SR and RD raised the question of sub-group leaflets. They are to liase with GB to
take this forward.
Action: SR, RD and GB to take forward leaflets for IfM and LfN

A report was tabled on the Group website. The new logos had been added. JR drew
the Committee’s attention to the statistics of website use. This would help inform the
strategy meeting.

It was decided that there should be more in the way of photographs on the website.
GB and JR are to look into buying a digital camera.
Action: GB and JR to buy digital camera for the Committee

As far as feedback from the survey for the website was concerned, all the results
would need to be in before decisions could be made.

It was felt that it would be important to have original content on the website, but also
to support the NeLH librarians’ portal. It was felt appropriate for the Meeting and
Publicity group to arrange a meeting with the people from the NeLH librarians portal.
Action: M&P group to arrange meeting with NeLH librarians portal team. GB to

A paper on the current situation with regard to HLG prizes was tabled.

d) International
Jenny Goodfellow had reported that she would be taking publicity material to IFLA,
as she would be spending the entire week there. In her message to RD, letting her
know about this, she had said that she wanted to be a bit more involved in the work

of the Committee, and JL said she would contact her concerning this. It was felt that
the Group’s international strategy should be reviewed at the planning meeting in
Action: JL to speak to JG re further involvement. JB to note for planning day

e) Research
There was no report from Andrew Booth.

7 Reports from Subject Groups
a) IfM Healthcare
SR said that there was not much to report. There had been a good attendance at the
IfM stand at HLG conference, and as a result of this, some ideas for study days had
come up. These were being analysed.

The successor to SR is currently being sought.

The group is also developing its website and will contact JR with regard to this.

b) Libraries for Nursing
The group is currently in a better financial position.

The group was also grateful to GB and RW for pushing LfN at HLG conference. They
had gained 12 new members during this.

The group’s bulletin would be published soon.

There would be a study day in November at the RCN on critical appraisal for

JL expressed the view that HLG needs the subject groups in order to offer a service
to librarians providing services to nurses and health service managers.

The information on the subject groups which arises from the survey will be sent on to
SR and RD by JR
Action: JR to send information from survey on LfN and IfM to RD and SR

The funding of the subject groups would be looked at as part of the strategy day.
Action: JB to note as preparation for planning day

8 Other Reports
a) Helicon
JL reported that she was still the HLG Helicon rep. The next meeting of the executive
would be in September. She also thanked those who responded to the document
circulated by Pam Prior. Replies would be analysed and incorporated where

VF would be at the strategy day, and the Helicon/HLG relationship would be a
subject for discussion at this.

Action: JB to note as planning day preparation

MB said that there was nothing to report. The last meeting had been in April and the
next meeting would be in September. An electronic prototype of the core collection of
medical books and journals had been developed.

There would be a follow up to the study day on electronic journals and licensing.

c) NeLH
There was nothing to report here and it was felt that this should be removed from the
Action: JB to note

d) CILIP Liaison Officer
MFd spoke about his role. This will develop as CILIP matures. It is an advisory role
at the moment.

The role of the advisor includes case work with individual members, mentoring and
policy. Members will become more involved in policy, as they are seen as having
areas of expertise not available in CILIP. For example HLG could have an input to
CILIP’s response to health information issues. Individuals will also have input.

The Workplace Information Service Panel (WISP) was also mentioned by MFd. JL is
to contact Lyndsey Rees Jones at CILIP re this.
Action : JL to contact Lyndsey Rees Jones re WISP

There was nothing to report. The questions of EAHIL representation on HILJ board
and the need to work with EAHIL in a more structured way were raised. These will
be considered in detail at the strategy day.

f) CILIP Council
There was nothing to report from this. JL raised the question of TMS’s role. He said
he saw the role as speaking at Council on HLG’s behalf, and reporting from Council
to HLG.

9 Treasurer’s Report
JL welcomed CS who would be taking over as Treasurer, and the Assistant
Treasurer SG to the meeting.

The Treasurer’s report was circulated. Funds were being transferred to cover
expenditure. £21,000 was due from HILJ.

MFd raised the question of whether there should be a separate report for conference
income and expenditure. This could be done. The past event lines should be taken
out of the report, and a code should be set up for Infah to be ready for when this
money arrives.

Action: CS and SG to look at creating separate codes for conference income
and expenditure, taking out past event lines and creating a line for Infah

JL said that, at the conference, she had told delegates about the planning day, and
that this would lead to Group business plans. This was welcomed by the delegates,
who want money to be spent wisely.

The question of reserves arose. MFd said that for charities, the permitted reserve
was 3 times the current running costs. It was recognised that there was a need to
sort out the annual expenditure of HLG, and that October would be a good time to
do this. It was also noted that money from HILJ will be less in future.
Action : JB to note for planing day preparation

The financial relationships with the subgroups would also have to be considered. LfN
is slightly more precarious financially than IfM.

It was recognised that HLG is well off, and thought has to be given to how to spend
this money well, including subsidising study days. Models of expenditure and
activities of other CILIP groups should be considered, together with an action plan of
how to take this forward.
Action: JB to note as subject for strategy day

JL would be attending sub group committees to discuss this with them.

This will be taken forward in October.

10 Other Committee Business
a) Oral History
It was noted at an earlier stage in the meeting that the tapes and transcripts of the
interviews with Leslie Morton and Mona Going had been received by JB. He would
be taking them to the National Sound Archive on 16th August, and would be
contacting the group re the next set of interviews.
Action: JB to contact Keith Nockels and Gwenda Mynott re oral history
interviews, and lodge completed interviews with NSA.

b) Archives
These are still at the RCN, JB is still to discuss with CILIP
JB to contact CILIP re archives

c) lis-hlg-committee
There had been problems with mailing to the list. RD was now the list owner and
should be contacted if there are problems. JB is now a joint list owner.

d) HLG Newsletter Diary of Events
Nothing to report. This should now be discontinued as an agenda item.

e) Annual Report

Committee members were reminded to have material ready for this. MFd said that
he would very much like to have information about group activities for Members’
Day. SR will do something about the conference.
Action: JB to remind committee members about annual report and sending
material to MFd for Members’ Day. SR to do piece on HLG conference for MFd
for Members’ Day.

11 Any Other Business
TMS brought to the Committee’s attention a rise in prices by BLDSC, amounting to
2% to the centrally funded/publicly funded users of the service, and 67% to
everybody else. He raised two issues from this
1. The impact of this on budgets of non-publicly funded organisations
2. The fact that CILIP has dealt with this in a lax fashion

TMS said that the legal advice obtained by the BMA on the discrepancy between the
two prices suggested that this breached European competition law, and that it might
also mean that BLDSC were not recovering costs from their photocopying, as they
should be. The BMA was planning to seek an injunction to stop BLDSC doing this.

TMS also noted that he had contacted Bob McKee, the Chief Executive of CILIP on
this and had heard nothing from him in reply. Nor had he heard from Sue Brown,
although he had attempted to contact her.

A short discussion followed, in which the view was expressed that CILIP should have
made some response to this. The following action was decided
1. MFd to get TMS in touch with business and other special libraries who are
    likely to be affected by this.
2. JB, JL and TMS are to draft a letter to CILIP expressing disappointment at
    the lack of response from them on this matter.
3. JL is to write a strong letter to Lynne Brindley on the subject.

MFd drew the Committee’s attention to the Knowledge Management 3 Conference to
be held at Alexandra Palace from 13-15th November this year.

12 Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting would be the strategy meeting to be held on 2 nd and 3rd October

MFd drew the Committee


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