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					                                            M A R I S A L. B U R T
                                            2141 MEADOWLARK PL
                                            LONGMONT, CO 80504

Professional IT Consultant for over 9 years. Overall Software Development experience of over 13 years. Area
of expertise is Software Testing and Quality Assurance, and also experienced in Project Management and
System Analyst roles. Highly efficient at building effective, productive working relationships with clients and

A Consulting leadership role.

 MS Windows 2K Pro  Pure DDTS Web Tracker                                        MS Office
    UNIX                                   PVCS Tracker                          MS Project
    SQL Plus                               True Track                            MS Access
    Oracle                                 MS Test                               Visio
    Sybase                                 QA Partner                            Oracle Designer 2000
    Vi                                     Test Director                         Paint Shop Pro
    Open VMS                               Winrunner/Loadrunner

June, 2000 – Present: Burt Consulting, Inc., Echostar, Inc., Consultant                                  Englewood, CO
    As Test Lead, for Cold Fusion/Java, STML,                      Defined, implemented and administered defect tracking in
    Internet, .NET, N-tier, SQL Server, WebLogics,                  Test Director (TD)
                                                                   Defined defect tracking procedures
    Oracle application, including handheld, in an agile            Defined TD Test Planning and Execution procedures
    development environment:                                       Led Integration and System Test execution (white and
   Performed back up project management duties                     black box)
   Performed requirements review and refinement                   Documented results and metrics on test execution cycles
   Documented System Requirements and Technical                   Defined and documented test data strategy for test
    Requirements Specifications                                     automation
   Designed User Interface (UI) screens using Paint Shop Pro      Defined smoke test for Automation in TD
   Documented architecture changes in Visio                       Worked with Automation expert to implement automation
   Demonstrated enhancements to upper management and               utilizing Winrunner and Loadrunner
    key business stakeholders                                      Assisted with User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
   Wrote high level Test Strategies and Test Plans                Automated application smoke test in Win32GuiTest and
   Documented validation points/requirements trace matrices        WATIR/Ruby

Dec., 2001 – Feb., 2002: Compri Consulting, Vi Corp, Senior Test Engineer                                     Denver, CO
    For a CE Thin Client, Point of Sale system in java:            Created test procedures in Test Case Manager from User
                                                                    Requirements, Use Cases, and existing system
   Researched and chose shareware tool for Test Management
                                                                   Led test execution
    and Defect Tracking
                                                                   Tracked test execution and defect metrics
   Defined defect tracking and test execution procedures
                                                                   Documented tasks, durations and milestones in MS Project

September – October, 2001: Tanning Technology Corp., Qwest, Senior Test Engineer                     Englewood, CO
    For a Cygent Thin Client replacing a Thick Client              Created UI test procedure template that was utilized across
    order entry system:                                             team for creating test procedures for UI testing
                                                                   Converted test procedures from old system to new system
                                                                    according to the new UI Design
                                                                                                         Burt, page 2

February – June, 2000: Tanning Technology Corp., E-Trade Retail, Senior Test Engineer Englewood, CO
    As Test Lead, for a Java based, Internet, Sybase               Defined and coordinated set up of System Integration Test
    client/server, kiva/jolt, tuxedo, N-tier application            environment
                                                                   Updated Test Case Database in Access, including Reports
    with several external vendors co-branded sites and              and Metrics
    interfaces:                                                    Detailed repeatable end to end test cases for application,
   Documented system level diagram of all data flows and           interviewed developers to gain detailed information on
    interfaces                                                      complex calculations and backend exception processing in
   Documented System Integration Test Plan for end to end          order to validate the back end utilizing SQL Plus
    testing                                                        Performed Test Execution
   Created Requirements Traceabilty                               Deliverables include: Master Test Plan, Trace Matrix,
   Defined and set expectations of vendors testing effort          Regression Tests, Daily Metrics, Test Summary Report

November, 1999 – Feb., 2000: Tanning Technology Corp., E-Trade, Senior Test Engineer                      Englewood, CO
    For a Java based, Internet, Stock Market Order                 Detailed repeatable test cases for application, interviewed
    Management, VMS, ECN, Oracle, client/server N-                  developers to gain detailed information on complex
                                                                    calculations and backend exception processing in order to
    tier application delivered on time to production:               validate the back end utilizing SQL Plus
   Documented High Level System Integration Test Plan             Performed Test Execution
   Created Requirements Trace Matrix                              Deliverables include: Master Test Plan, Trace Matrix,
   Designed and coded Test Case Database in Access,                Regression test set, Daily Metrics, Test Summary Report
    including Reports and Metrics

May – November, 1999: InfoTech Solutions., Senior Test Engineer                                           Englewood, CO
    For a Analog Cable System associated Hardware and              Drafted High Level Test Plan
    Software including Controllers, Converters,                    Worked with Team to determine strategy for testing
                                                                    Critical Dates for daily processes and functionality that
    Televisions, Call Center Telephony Equipment,                   rolls over the critical dates
    Cable Billing System, Oracle Financials, and DSS               Wrote Black Box Test Procedures for end to end testing
   Planned, executed and documented results of End to End          utilizing TD
    testing of GL and Revenue Accounting systems                   Performed Test Execution utilizing TD for two test cycles
   Planned, executed and documented results of End to End          and wrote Discrepancy Reports
    testing of Cable, Telephony and At Home billing interface      Contributed to Test Summary Report
    to Informatica processing and management reports created
   Performed Independent Verification and Validation of
    End to End Testing for Y2K

February - May, 1999: Datatrends Information Systems, U S West, Senior Test Engineer                           Denver, CO
    For a Web based Java/HTML CLEC Order Entry                     Documented Test Plan for regression testing of application
    application:                                                    on Windows 95/98/2000 Operating Systems
                                                                   Detailed test procedures (including expected results and
   Drafted Test Plan for flow of data from front end to back       validation SQL queries)
    end legacy applications                                        Performed regression testing on secondary platforms

January - February, 1999: Tanning Technology Corp., U S West, Senior Test Engineer                        Englewood, CO
    For a Java based, two tiered client/server application         In a team environment, planned testing strategy for end to
    with an Oracle database, in the initial stage of system         end flow through the system to link the front end
                                                                    functionality to the back end
    testing the first milestone deliverable in preparation         Wrote test procedures for back end validation via
    for demonstration to client                                     functional specifications
   Performed ad hoc testing on interface data cleaning,           Interviewed developers to gain more information and
    business rule processing and loading to Oracle tables           documented functionality in test specifications
   Documented test execution results and test execution           Prepared SQL scripts for test data preparation for Back
    status reports                                                  End functionality testing
                                                                                                             Burt, page 3

Nov. - Dec., 1998: Tanning Technology Corp., Senior System Integration Test Executor                 Copenhagen, Denmark
    For a Java based, three tiered client/server                        Executed functional test procedures and verified updates
    application with an Oracle database, in the final                    to the Oracle database
                                                                        Documented test execution results and test execution
    phase of System Integration Test, fast paced                         status reports
    environment preparing for the Technical Pilot in                    Created test procedures for On-line Help and On-line
    Production Environment:                                              Tutorial
   Prepared test data in Oracle database                               Reviewed/Tested On-line Help and Tutorials

August – November, 1998: American Fundware, Project Test Lead                                                     Denver, CO
    For a character based COBOL System wrappered                        Executed ad hoc Functional/Regression testing
    with a Visual Basic UI, team of 6 testers:                          Updated and procedurized use of defect tracking tool
   Led to completion the testing effort of project utilizing            across the project
    milestone approach to development                                   Created UI Coding/Testing checklist for Project
   Gathered/reported defect metrics and testing progress to            Mentored testers
    team leads
   Created test procedures for functional testing

November, 1996 - July, 1998: U S West, UNIX Test Engineer                                                         Denver, CO
    For a Java/HTML Oracle Database Application                         Reviewed Requirements and Designs
    with 10 data extracts:                                              Prepared Test Procedures/Data for Data Extracts, Online
   Wrote preliminary and contributed to final high level Test           testing
    Plan                                                                Procedurized Test Procedure creation across Testing Team
   Defined Testing tasks and dependencies in MS Project                Documented On Line Functionality Test Procedures
   Built Requirements Trace Matrix/Test Conditions                     Procedurized Test Execution and Led Online Test
    Database, and supporting Reports in MS Access                        Execution effort
   Defined and created templates for Test Design, Case and             Configured DDTS defect tracking system
    Procedure Specifications for Data Extracts and Application          Designed System Test Web Site
    System Test

July, 1994 - November, 1996: Interleaf, Inc.                                                                      Boulder, CO
May - November,1996: Lead Software Test Engineer
    For MS SGML Author 1.1a on NT/ 95 and UNIX                          Planned testing effort for distributed development of next
    (MS Word add on):                                                    major project, including ISO-9000 compliance
   Developed Test Plan/Cases in I-6                                    Gathered requirements for new defect tracking system
   Developed MS Test drivers                                           Created prototype of defect tracking system in MS Access
   Developed perl and C-shell scripts for Sun4 regressions             Coordinated migration strategy for Boulder legacy defects
   Procedurized Interleaf Boulder Quality Assurance Group               with MA QA Group

December, 1994 - May, 1996: Software Test Engineer
    For SureStyle 1.0 on NT/95 (MS Word add on):                        Coordinated Beta Testing Effort
   Planned test strategy for a team of four testers                    Trained support staff on product
   Scheduled test resources utilizing MS project                       Enhanced and pocedurized defect tracking system for
   Developed and executed test plans                                    improved reports
   Developed MS Test drivers                                           Optimized QA procedures by standardizing and
   Tested GUI for usability                                             maintaining test processes
   Performed Documentation reviews

July - December, 1994: Software Test Engineer
    For MS SGML Author 1.0 on Win 3.1 (MS Word
                                                                        Worked directly with MS project management and
    add on):
                                                                         developers in Redmond WA
   Planned regression testing        strategy   for   distributed
                                                                        Developed MS test drivers to automate regression tests
    development environment
                                                                        Tracked defects in MS Raid
March, 1993- July, 1994: ConferTech International, Inc., Software Tester                                    Westminster, CO
   Developed and executed test plans for teleconferencing              Regression tested on ISDN Teleconferencing system
    software/hardware on UNIX and Windows                               Performed documentation testing
   Performed stress testing with bulk call generators                  Tracked defects in excel spreadsheets

                                                                                                    Burt, page 4

May - August, 1992: American Management Systems, System Tester                                       Lakewood, CO
   Procedurized Defect Tracking for project
   Performed Acceptance testing on Mainframe application

May - December, 1992: Geological Society of America, Technical Writer                                   Boulder, CO
   Interviewed end users to gain knowledge of existing            Created end user documentation for several Mainframe
    information systems                                             Information Systems

1992: University of Colorado at Boulder,
                  Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, area of emphasis in Management Information Systems

MS of MIS: Coursework towards at Regis University

Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference
                  October, 2003: Attendee and Hosted Birds of Feather
                  October, 2004: Attendee, Hosted Birds of Feather, and Moderator for a Session
                  October, 2005: Conference Volunteer
Amplify Your Effectiveness (AYE)
                 November, 2004
                    2001, 2004: Attendee

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