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					Craig W. Clemons
4709 Overton Ave
Kansas City, MO 64133                                                                                                                 
Home: (816) 313-0450                                                                                                           
Mobile: (913) 269-1202

                             An opportunity to grow my skills through strategic career development, and provide effective solutions utilizing my experience and
                             Over 12 years of experience in the IT field focusing on system administration, support coordination, process improvement, and
Background:                  management.
                             Extensive experience with a wide variety of hardware, software, and peripherals.
                             Focused and highly motivated analyst and support coordinator who takes ownership of a situation and drives it to an effective
Professional Skills:         Highly effective team player contributing to my skills to ensure the effectiveness of the team as a whole.
                             Strong believer in the rule that quality and stability are job #1. The enterprise cannot provide value if its products and systems are not
                             dependable to the business.

Professional Experience:

Data Systems International                                                                                                       Overland Park, KS
Technical Consultant III                                                                                                         Jun 2009 to Present
Support worldwide client base and their instances of DSI’s dcLink product and its interactions with JDE World, OneWorld/EnterpriseOne via WebEX and other
remote management tools
Develop support standards and documentation for Global Support Center utilized in support of newly acquired Unibar label formatting product
Create and maintain Windows, Linux, and Unix VMs utilized by the Global Support team
Provide technical expertise to fellow team members and upcoming projects, utilizing detailed experience to ensure the client receives premium support
Project manager and lead developer of the call center’s next generation CRM product

Sprint                                                                                                                           Overland Park, KS
Enterprise Systems Support Engineer II                                                                                           Jan 2007 to Mar 2009
Application Developer II                                                                                                         Mar 2006 to Jan 2007
* Developed processes and procedures for product security, standardized implementation methodology, data integrity, and retention
* Infrastructure integration and impact analysis as well as resource management of support team
* Support lead with 4 offshore associates reporting to me in support of BillTrak Pro’s day to day activities. Product policy and management became my key role as
product SME
* Project Manager of all BillTrak Pro related impacts
* Established a 3 tier support model, and documented all support processes and procedures
* Continue support of all product environments and all inbound and outbound data feeds
* Manage vendor relationship and all related support contracts and processes

Midwest Consulting Group                                                                                                         Overland Park, KS
Consultant                                                                                                                       Nov 2005 to Mar 2006
* Contracted into Sprint as part of an application administration team for the BillTrak Pro product
* Support all data loads of invoices, circuit inventory, provisioning feeds, and rate standards
* Query and update the application’s development, test, and production Oracle databases as needed through SQL scripts, DMP file updates, and other queries
* Administer the application’s configuration on all 3 environments. Managing installation needs as required
* Documented, tested, and executed the implementation of the BillTrak Pro product into the Sprint enterprise

H&R Block                                                                                                                        Lenexa, KS / Kansas City, MO
Desktop Systems Specialist                                                                                                       Nov 1999 to Nov 2005
PC/Network Support Assist. Supervisor                                                                                            Sept 1998 to Nov 1999
* Administer all workstations and related machine accounts
* Assist with the administration of all servers used by supported associates
* Develop deployment packages and automation for supported workstations through SMS
* Established operating system restoration procedures for disaster recovery
* Manage all new projects, developments, and implementations that affect my current location
* Contributed technical expertise to HRBFA projects, development of the H&R Block online tax product, and integration of acquired HRBSBR field locations
* Research and troubleshoot all issues experienced on the user's workstations and related network resources
* Test and deploy newly purchased equipment and software
* Maintain network wiring and patch panels
* Researched and documented H&R Block's new dialup access replacement, PAL
* Contribute to the development of images deployed to internal workstations
* Standardized OS configuration used on the Service Center call floor
* Technical support of tax office systems and network connectivity over the phone
* Supervised PC/Network Support operations and associate coverage hours
* Technical lead and critical issue escalation manager for support associates
* Created training materials and co-managed the training for the 1998 and 1999 tax season
* NT administrator and webmaster of the call center's internal online training manual and paperless reference center (OTMI)
* Project manager and lead programmer of prehire assessment development project
* Developed Windows 95 image used in all field tax offices for the 1999 tax season
* Managed the implementation of Clarify to the Lenexa call center and documented all known issues
Payless Computers                                                                                                           Kansas City, MO
PC Technician                                                                                                               May 1998 to Sept 1998
* Troubleshot and Repaired client's machines in the store or through onsite visits
* Researched and experimented with new hardware and software as it became available
* Client technical support and customer service either face to face or over the phone
* New PC builds, software configuration and setup on location
* Upgraded client machines and determined what components were compatible

H&R Block                                                                                                                   Lenexa, KS
PC Support Technician                                                                                                       Oct 1997 to May 1998
* Technical support of tax office systems and network connectivity over the phone
* Contributed to training materials for the 1997 tax season
* Transferred to WHQ to assist with the migration from Novell to an NT4 domain and Exchange mail

Gateway 2000                                                                                                                Kansas City, MO
Technical Support Professional                                                                                              Dec 1996 to Sept 1997
* Technical support of client computers over the phone
* Troubleshot Windows 95 and all other software products purchased with the client's machine
* Analysis and resolution of all possible software and hardware conflicts found

Various                                                                                                                     Kansas City, MO
Independent Consultant                                                                                                      1994 to Present
* Analysis of technical needs of new and existing companies and organizations
* Management of a number of small and large scale deployment and upgrade projects
* Customer service, troubleshooting, administration and support of the products and services established after completion of the deployment
* Frontline support, backend administration, IT management, requisition and supply process development

DarkerViolet Designs                                                                                                        Kansas City, MO
Manager of Application Development and Support                                                                              1999 to Present
* Manage all technical hardware, software and development needs for clients
* Oversee all development projects and related product design and implementation
* Analyze hardware and software requirements for product implementation
* Lead programmer of all development projects

Knowledgebase Summary:

Operating Systems:                                    Workstation, Server, and Network Hardware:          Enterprise Products:
Microsoft Windows (95, 98, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista,      Desktop, Laptop, and Server hardware and            AD, RIS, SMS, SCCS, IIS, WebLogic, Apache,
Server 2003, Server 2003 R2, Server 2008), Oracle     peripherals, network wiring, routers, switches,     Tomcat, DNS, DHCP, Exchange, Sharepoint, Project
Enterprise, Fedora, Redhat Enterprise, Debian, and    network printers (HP/Compaq, Gateway, Dell,         Server, MS Office, Project, Visio, ClarifyCRM, JDE
Ubuntu Linux, Solaris Unix                            Toshiba, Brother, Kyocera, etc)                     World, OneWorld/EnterpriseOne, Oracle, Partition
                                                                                                          Magic, Imagecast, Altiris, Drive Image Pro, Delta
Database:                                             Development:                                        Deploy, Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio.NET, and
Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL,        HTML, PHP, ASP (VBScript), Java Script, VB.NET,     Visual Studio Express, VMWare Server & ESXi,
Oracle, XML                                           Visual Basic 6.0, C, C++                            Business Objects

Education and Training:

Metropolitan Community Colleges and UMKC                                                                           Lee's Summit, MO and Kansas City, MO
Extensive coursework in Computer Science, Programming, Web Development, Writing and Composition, and Management Methodologies. Classes taken as
needed to develop professional skill sets.
Quilogy and various other corporate training resources
Attended many onsite and offsite training courses on various subjects including:
Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional          Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
Installing, Configuring, and Administering Windows XP Professional

                                                        References available upon request.

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