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					                          2011 HOSA INTERNSHIP
                           IN THE OFFICE OF THE
                          U.S. SURGEON GENERAL

                               GENERAL INFORMATION

                                                             T   he HOSA Internship in the
                                                                 Office of the U.S. Surgeon
                                                                 General is available to HOSA
                                                             members and advisors who want
                                                             an opportunity to interact with
                                                             leading professionals within the
                                                             Office of the Surgeon General
                                                             (OSG) and the United States
                                                             Public Health Service
                                                             Commissioned Corps (USPHS
                                                             CC). For a short period of time,
                                                             interns are able to experience
                                                             first-hand the mission of the OSG
                                                             and Office responsibilities carried
                                                             out by USPHS CC’s who are set
                                                             out to protect and promote a
                                                             healthy nation. HOSA Interns will
                                                             shadow OSG staff and take on a
                                                             project that directly benefits the
the Department of Health anf Human Services (HHS). Following the internship, participants will
have the opportunity to present their experience during an educational symposium at the 2011
HOSA National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, CA and other identified venues where
HOSA students, advisors, and alumni may convene. The HOSA Internship is a unique
opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the HHS, OSG, and the USPHS CC in a short
period of time.

The 2011 HOSA Internship is designed to afford HOSA members the opportunity to enhance
their knowledge, refine professional capabilities and increase their awareness of the
infrastructure, operations and responsibilities of the OSG and USPHS CC.


HOSA seeks to provide its members with an experience that exposes them to the many career
paths and opportunities found within HHS, OSG, USPHS CC. Interns will also gain high level
exposure by observing the role the government and the Department has in formulating and
delivering federal policy.

The HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors encourages HOSA students and advisors to use the
Internship as an opportunity to gain knowledge of the USPHS CC and to consider a career in
the health professions, in general, and the USPHS CC in particular. HOSA Interns will discover
opportunities for entry and advancement in their career through the USPHS CC. This joint effort

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between HOSA and the OSG will strengthen endeavors in public health and emergency
preparedness through experience and mentorship with USPHS CC leaders.


•     To enhance the professional awareness and development of HOSA Interns
•     To provide career development opportunities through an intensive field experience
•     To increase the Interns’ knowledge of the mission, infrastructure, operations, and day-today
      responsibilities of the USPHS CC.
•     To strengthen the partnership between the OSG, USPHS CC, and HOSA.


                                                        •   Meet with OSG and USPHS CC leaders
                                                            as schedules permit:
                                                                U.S. Surgeon General
                                                                Deputy Surgeon General
                                                                Chief of Staff to the Surgeon General
                                                                Senior Staff members

                                                        •   Complete a project based on interns’
                                                            interest or as suggested by OSG-based
    L-R: Intern Claire Lucas, 2010-2011 National
    President; VADM Regina Benjamin, M.D., U.S.
    Surgeon General; and Intern Michael Brode, 2009-
    2010 National President

•     Take full advantage of the accumulated knowledge and experience of OSG staff and
      internship preceptors to assure a successful experience for the HOSA interns.

      The internship is comprised of two essential components:

      -   Informational Interaction (participating in shadowing, meetings, conference calls,
          research, etc.)

      -   Deliverables (completing projects that incorporate information gained, radiate passion,
          demonstrate a commitment to public service, etc.)

•     Write and submit daily briefings to National HOSA. Narratives will be published on the
      HOSA website at (i.e. blog with photos)

•     Prepare a presentation for use at the educational symposium to be conducted by the interns
      at the HOSA National Leadership Conference the year following your internship IF you are
      present at the NLC.

•     Complete an internship evaluation to ensure continued improvement of the internship
      program in the future.

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    Informational Interaction might include:

    -   Meet with key OSG and USPHS CC professionals:
         Members of the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps
         Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (OASH)
         Office of the Surgeon General (OSG) leadership
         Office of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corp (OCVMRC)
         Office of Force Readiness Deployment (OFRD)
         Office of Reserve Affairs (ORA)
         Office of the Commissioned Corps Operations (OCCO)

    -   Assist with projects for the host program within the OSG
    -   Tour HHS Secretary Operations Center (SOC)
    -   Tour the Humphrey Building and meet with key staff such as:
         Assistant Secretary for Health (ASH)
         Assistant Secretary of Planning and Evaluation (ASPE)
         Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR)
    -   Visit Walter Reed Army Medical Center
    -   Visit one or more of the National Institutes of Health
    -   Visit Uniformed Services University of Health Science
    -   Visit Capitol Hill to share information about HOSA and USPHS CC
    -   Shadow a USPHS CC officer in a clinical setting


Student Intern:
• Provide HOSA National with a copy of any documents (host program projects, etc.)
• Draft service initiative proposal (SG messages)
• Highlight pictures taken at meetings with officials
• Prepare daily briefings (Blog, Social Media – Facebook and Twitter)
• Conduct Educational Symposium presentation at the National Leadership Conference the
   year following your internship if you are present at the NLC
• Prepare elevator speech detailing the host program, OSG and/or USPHS CC
• Author an article in a newsletter or other relevant publication (experience, service projects,

Professional Member or Alumnus Intern:
• Develop activities that can be shared with local HOSA chapters to strengthen partnership
   between OSG and HOSA
• Assist with the development of agency guides to involve youth in MRC and OSG initiatives
• Prepare daily briefings (Blogs, Social Media – Facebook and Twitter)
• Conduct Educational Symposium presentation at the 2011 National Leadership Conference
• Prepare elevator speech on the host program, OSG and/or USPHS CC
• Participate in other activities listed above for student interns

Samples of Prospective Research Projects

•   Research and Communications
    An intern interested in research and communications can work with the OSG Office of
    Science and Communications to generate research on a Surgeon General Call to Action.

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    The intern can also research and write a document to brief the Surgeon General on an
    upcoming event of public health significance. Another deliverable can be writing a column
    on behalf of the Surgeon General to address a health concern.

•   Policy and Administration
    An intern interested in health care policy and management can work in the Office of
    Commission Corp Operations, who is responsible for drafting and executing policy that
    impact members of the more than 6,500 members of the USPHS CC.

•   Emergency Response
    An intern interested in Emergency Response can work on a project that advances the
    mission of the Office of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps or the Office of Force
    Readiness and Deployment..

•   Clinical Work
    An intern hoping to experience clinical work carried out by USPHS CC officers can intern
    with other agencies like the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Centers for Disease Control
    and Prevention (CDC), or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These agencies are not
    in the OSG; however, schedules permitting, interns may experience field work in addition to
    the work in the OSG.

Sample Daily Schedule

08:00-         Meet escort in lobby
08:15-08:30    Meet with host office/program for briefing of day’s activities
08:30-09:00    Meet with host office/program to plan and/or begin to research service project
09:00-12:00    Meet with officials to discuss areas within the OSG which will support research
12:00-13:00    Lunch
13:00-1700     Project development or specific meetings as outlined above

Travel, Lodging and Logistics

•   Interns will be responsible for their personal travel arrangements to and from Washington,
    D.C. and must arrive the day before the internship begins and check in via phone call or
    email upon arrival.
•   Interns may stay with family or friends, with a HOSA alumni host, or in a hotel located in
    close proximity the Office of the Surgeon General in Rockville, Maryland, and will be
    responsible for any lodging cost and taxi fares to and from the office.

Code of Conduct

•   The Code of Conduct form for the NLC will be used for the internship for student interns.
    The form must be signed prior to the internship.
•   HOSA uniform is mandatory for student interns and business suits are required for
    professional or alumnus intern for all meetings.
•   Waiver must be obtained from parent or guardian understanding the student intern will be
    largely self-supervised.
•   The professional member or alumnus agrees to participate with student interns in activities
    when schedules overlap and agrees to supervise student interns at all times.

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Participation Criteria

The Student Intern:

   Must be currently enrolled in a high school, trade school, technical or vocational institution,
   junior college, college, university or other accredited educational institution
   Must be no less than a senior in high school at the time of the application submission and at
   least 17 years of age during the internship
   Must be a member of HOSA
   No compensation will be provided for services rendered by HOSA or the Office of the
   Surgeon General
   Must be committed to signing a written document of agreement outlining the role and
   responsibilities prior to, during and following the internship

The Professional Member or Alumnus Intern:

   Must be a member of HOSA
   Must be a local or state advisor or alumnus

Application Process

   March 1         Applications are submitted to National HOSA
   March 15        National HOSA submits top ten applicants to the Office of the Surgeon General
                   Review Committee
   April 1         Office of the Surgeon General Review Committee will submit the selected two
                   interns per cycle and list of alternates to National HOSA. National HOSA will
                   contact interns.
   April 25        Interns must send National HOSA their Signature of Commitment form. If
                   interns are unable to commit by April 1, the next alternate will be contacted.
   May 10          Office of the Surgeon General Internship Committee completes tentative
                   schedule and ideas for research project. This information is submitted to
                   National HOSA.
   Two weeks Prior Finalized and pending appointments for schedule are submitted to National
                   HOSA and a member of the OSG staff contacts the intern(s) to answer any
                   final questions.

Application Instructions

No application will be considered complete until the following items are received:
            cover letter
            current resume
            two letters of recommendations
            copy of the intern application (includes short answer questions)

Letters of recommendation for the student intern can include:
             health science instructor
             HOSA chapter advisor
             administrator
             healthcare community leader

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Letters of recommendation for the professional member or alumnus can include:
             administrator
             HOSA state advisor
             healthcare community leader

When all documents are completed, the application MUST be sent in one email to with the subject heading: Internship Application.

Internship Application Instructions: Complete all blanks; if there is an item that is confusing,
explain the confusion in the email; submit our completed application and all required

Cover Letter Instructions: Your cover letter should outline why you would like to do an
internship in the Office of the Surgeon General, briefly summarize HOSA experiences,
community involvement and job-related or mentorship experiences.

For additional information: If you have any questions on submitting an application, please
email or call HOSA at 972.874.0062.

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                      Pre-Internship Reading Materials

   U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps
                                 America’s Health Responders

                 Commissioned Corps

                  The U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps is an elite team of more
                  than 6,500 full-time, well-trained, highly qualified public health professionals
                  dedicated to delivering the Nation's public health promotion and disease
                  prevention programs and advancing public health science. Driven by a passion
                  for public service, these men and women serve on the frontlines in the Nation's
fight against disease and poor health conditions.

As one of America's seven uniformed services, the Commissioned Corps fills essential public
health leadership and service roles within the Nation's Federal Government agencies and
programs. The Corps has officers in many professions, including:

       Environmental health officer
       Mental health specialist, including clinical psychologist and clinical social worker
       Health services officer
       Therapist (includes occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-language pathology,
       and audiology)


Commissioned Corps benefits are generous. They include:

       Competitive starting pay that increases with promotions and years of service
       Health care and dental care at no cost
       Tax-free housing and meal allowances
       Thirty days of paid vacation per year—beginning the first year
       Paid sick leave
       Paid maternity leave
       Paid Federal holidays
       Malpractice insurance coverage
       A retirement plan with benefits eligibility beginning after 20 years of service
       Thrift Savings Plan [retirement savings and investment plan similar to a 401(k)]
       Low-cost life insurance
       Low-cost health care for your family

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Additional Benefits

The Corps offers you and your family many other benefits that often exceed those found in the
private sector or through the civil service, including:

       Paid moving expenses when you join the Corps and relocation expenses if and when
       you change jobs
       Paid expenses for travel related to your job
       Access to military base lodging, recreational facilities, and space-available flights on
       military aircraft
       Shopping privileges at military base grocery and department stores
       Veterans Affairs benefits, such as survivor and disability benefits, home loans, and burial

Officers in the Commissioned Corps have opportunities for mobility among government
agencies and career advancement in diverse work settings. Officers gain varied experiences
and have promotion opportunities. The Commissioned Corps encourages you to expand your
knowledge base and grow professionally so that you can effectively deal with the challenges of
improving public health. Tuition and long-term training opportunities may be available.


Put your health-related training into practice with the Commissioned Corps. To qualify for the
Commissioned Corps, you must:

       Be a U.S. citizen
       Be less than 44 years of age
       Be medically qualified
       Have a current, unrestricted professional license (if applicable)
       Have a qualifying degree or a higher degree from an accredited institution (varies
       depending on occupation)

Go to the website to see additional requirements for your profession.

       Environmental health officer
       Health services officer

We are an active-duty uniformed service looking for qualified individuals to seek commission as
full-time officers.

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Join America's Public Health Team!

Put your health-related training into practice with the Commissioned Corps. With the Corps, you

       Advance your career with varied experiences in diverse agencies and programs
       Expand your knowledge base and enhance your professional training with tuition
       assistance and long-term training opportunities in some cases
       Have time for family and friends with 30 days of paid vacation plus paid holidays
       Enjoy generous benefits and retirement payments that begin immediately when you
       retire, regardless of age
       Take advantage of opportunities to pursue life in hundreds of geographic locations

The Commissioned Corps has full-time jobs for highly skilled men and women who seek
professional fulfillment, enjoy challenges, and want to improve the quality of public health for the
Nation's communities that are most in need. For information about how you can make a
difference through the Commissioned Corps, call us at 800–279–1605.

Student Opportunities

The U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps offers three excellent opportunities for
students to serve their country while completing or continuing their education. If you are
interested in a public health career, we encourage you to apply to the Junior Commissioned
Officer Student Training and Extern Program (JRCOSTEP), Senior Commissioned Officer
Student Training and Extern Program (SRCOSTEP) or FDA/CDER Academic Collaboration
Program. All three programs offer excellent benefits and are highly competitive. For more
information or to find out if you are eligible to apply, Click on ―Apply Now‖ to take the prescreen.
COSTEP Applicants can apply for both programs. For the FDA Collaboration application
instructions please see below.

Junior Commissioned Officer Student Training and Extern Program (JRCOSTEP)

Are you looking for an opportunity to meet leaders in public health, gain valuable professional
experience, and be paid for your work while you complete your health-related education?
Consider the JRCOSTEP. JRCOSTEP training and extern positions are available to students
who have completed at least 1 year of study in a master's or doctoral program or at least 2
years of study in a professionally accredited baccalaureate program in specific health disciplines
and meet other program requirements. In recent years most JRCOSTEPs are in a variety of
fields such as environmental health, pharmacy, engineering, nursing, and dentistry.

JRCOSTEP participants work in the same exciting Federal agencies and programs as full
Commissioned Corps officers do. Typical assignments in locations throughout the country vary
from 31 up to 120 days during official school breaks. Most JRCOSTEP participants are hired for
the summer months (i.e., June, July, August) but other opportunities may be available
throughout the year. They are not obligated to serve in the Commissioned Corps after
graduation, but may decide to serve an extended active-duty assignment after they complete
their professional education. For more information or to find out if you are eligible to apply, Click
on ―Apply Now‖ to take the prescreen. Click on JRCOSTEP testimonials to read a few firsthand
accounts by program participants, and click on JRCOSTEP Frequently Asked Questions for
more information.

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Applicants for JRCOSTEP who currently are in the next-to-last year of their professional
education also may apply for SRCOSTEP.

Senior Commissioned Officer Student Training and Extern Program (SRCOSTEP)

Are you looking for financial assistance to complete your education for a public health career?
Consider the SRCOSTEP. SRCOSTEP training and extern positions are available to individuals
who are enrolled as full-time students in certain accredited programs with at least 8 months of
educational training remaining in their final year. Applications should arrive no later than
12 months prior to graduation. Pharmacy students should consider sending their
applications 15 months before graduation to facilitate maximum sponsorship.

In recent years agencies have selected nurse, pharmacy, and physician assistant students.
Applications are accepted from all Commissioned Corps eligible areas of study. In return for
financial assistance, SRCOSTEP participants agree to work for the Commissioned Corps after
graduation. The service obligation is equal to twice the time sponsored; that is, for 9 months of
financial support, a SRCOSTEP participant commits to 18 months of employment with the
division or organization that provided the support. For more information or to find out if you are
eligible to apply, Click on ―Apply Now‖ to take the prescreen. Candidates that are interested in
SRCOSTEP are encouraged to participate in JRCOSTEP.

FDA/CDER Academic Collaboration Program

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER),
Office of Management (OM), Academic Collaboration Program (ACP) within the Department of
Health and Human Services (DHHS) is sponsoring a professional program in collaboration
with the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps at the
University of Florida’s (UF) College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical
Outcomes and Policy (POP).

This program will provide participants with a distinctive graduate education at the masters
and/or doctorate level with advance scientific training and analysis skills pertaining to the safety
and regulatory decisions unique to FDA/CDER’s mission. The partnership will plan to admit 15
to 20 recent graduates from the health or related sciences programs annually in the Masters or
PhD program within UF’s Department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy (POP).

Students selected for these programs will be full-time students at the University of Florida as
well as active duty Commissioned Corps officers. If selected, participants will receive tuition,
housing allowance, and a competitive salary with active duty benefits while in training. In return,
the student must agree to work for FDA/CDER for two years for each year of paid tuition as a
USPHS Commissioned Corps officer.

While enrolled students will not only comply with all requirements of the existing POP Masters
and/or PhD program but will also be expected to complete any additional didactic course work
and projects that focuses on FDA/CDER. Extensive hands-on experience in FDA specific
regulatory science, including regulatory review opportunities and mentoring will be provided by
FDA/CDER affiliate faculty.

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