Ver 3.doc by lovemacromastia


									Ver 3.9
1. A password to Convert DR to RO has been added
2. A password to Credit the Ins Invoice has been added
3. A password to invoice has been added
4. The J.Card page has been added to the DR
5. The reading of digital photos has been simplified
6. Line numbers have been added to the quote and printout.
     NB - these numbers do not necessarily run in order !!!
7. A date block prior to 1996 has been added to the Payment
8. The "indicator" in the Daily Planning Report now shows
   the countdown days to vehicle release

Please heed the warning about backups - if you are not sure,
please call us!

Ver 4.0
1. A zero XS shows as TBA on the quote print-out.
2. The default rates have been set when entering a new
   Repeat Customer.
3. The invoice notes also print on the Towing Invoice.
4. The "Notes" message appears for Report and Private notes.
5. The quote line numbers appear on the Parts Order.
6. The VIN/Chassis No appears on the Parts Order.
7. The Parts Order can be printed per supplier.
8. The Parts Order page has been worked on.
9. The "Round off error" has been worked on.
10. An option NOT to print the letterhead on the statements has
    been added.
11.The "Extras", "Towing" & "Notes" flags on the RO have been
   changed into buttons - click on them to get to the respective
12. A password has been added to the "Edit Payment" section.
13. The chassis no appears on the job card.
14. An "Estimator report" has been added to the "Management
    Reports" section.

Ver 4.2
1. An additional Insurance Address field has been added.
2. Employees can be assigned to the various labour depts.
3. An Audit Form for Insurance Co. has been created on every RO.
4. An email facility to Santam Insurance has been added.
5. The Stataments & Debtors Audit Trail are now alphabetical
6. The VIN number is 20 digits long
7. Totals have been added to the GP and Closed RO Reports
8. "Repair Type" has been added to the DR - this is for later
9. A "Vehicle Manufacturer Report" has been added.
Ver 4.3
Audatex interface

Ver 4.31 :-
1. Can export to Excell and Comma deliminated files
2. Totals put on the Estimator Report
3. Delete DRs over a date range

Ver 4.32
1. The New DR Default can be changed to "Money" rather than "Time"
2. The Contact Name and Estimator have been added to the Closed RO

Ver 4.33
1. "Blend" added to the quote operations

Ver 4.34
1. Audatex interface amendments

Ver 4.35
1. Started work on PDF setup - not completed

Ver 4.41
1. Cost column added to parts order page - can be used for insurance audits.
2. New Creditors version costing interface implemented.
3. Key Ref field added to the job card print out.
4. New Creditors system released.

Ver 4.42
1. Interface for TMS Productivity made - ID Tag field added to the RO.
2. The calculations on the Audit Report were worked on - please note that
     this report does not follow the current Santam format, but it does include
     most of the required information - use it at your own discretion.

Ver 4.43
1. Audatex interface searches for more than one instance of a Vh Reg No.
2. The invoices settled in the current period now show on the Statement
     and Audit Trail.
3. The 3rd line of the Insurance address now shows on the Statements.

Ver 4.44
1. Internal change on the quote input for Misc column.
2. More work done on the Quote/Photos email section.

Ver 4.5 - Released
1. Total added to the Adjusted Sales Report.
Ver 4.61
1. GP Report layout improved.
2. Sales Report "Totals" field size increased.
3. Shop Supplies can be calculated as % of Parts
4. Shop Supplies total can be directly entered into a DR/RO
5. Paint Supplies total can be directly entered into a DR/RO

Ver 4.62
1. An "Import" button has been added to the DR/RO Cust Info screen.

Ver 4.63
1. Cell Numbers added to the Closed RO Report (DR_RO_Table)
2. 'Tow' has been added to the operations of the quote.

Ver 4.64
1. Bank details added to the excess invoice.
2. Print order on the "Vh on site" has been changed.

Ver 4.65
1. Added "Supplies" to the Insurance Audit form.
2. "Customer Towing" calculations finalised.
3. Order Number has been added to the Customer Info page on the D/RO.
   This Order Number prints on the Insurance Invoice and Insurance Audit
4. Labour Target Times now print on the Job Card.

Ver 4.66
1. An option to print "extra space" on the Daily Planning was added.

Ver 4.7

Ver 4.71
1. Small change on the Back Order report.
2. Delete file report.
3. Password added to assign Costex jackplugs.
4. Comeback report added.

Ver 4.72
1. Small alteration made to Insurance Audit printout.

Ver 4.73
1. "Expected Sales" report added.
2. Alteration to Tow procedures - amount is now automatically added
                to the Insurer's account, NOT the Customer's account.

Ver 4.74
1. Daily Planning "printing in date order" improved. (Daily_Plan_Table).

Ver 4.75
1. Order No added to the quote print out.
2. Small alteration made to Insurance Audit printout.

Ver 4.8
   1. Released.

Ver 5.01
1. Inv No field size increased on the Statement printout.
2. CSI layout changed.
3. "Printed Line" put back into the Sched Out Report.
4. Nett price calculator added into the Parts Order Page of the RO.
5. The Panelshop name has been added to the header of the Debtors
6. The VAT Number field has been added to the Insurer and Repeat
Customer tables.
7. VAT Number field or Insurer and Customer added to the DR/RO files.
8. "Assessed" field has been added to the DR/RO files.
9. Small fix in the "Schedule Out" Report.
10. Some CSI Reports added. (need CSI_Rep_Table.db)
11. Individual user email accounts created.
12. The computer Date layout is checked and confirmed before entry into the

Ver 5.11
1. Send SMS option on the DR & RO print Menu activated

Ver 5.12
1. Included setup for different modem/line types.
2. <F10> Screenshot and email activated.

Ver 5.13
1. Data Collection added to the System Maintenance.
2. Sales Report (Cost Basis) is now sorted according to the RO Number.

Ver 5.2

Ver 5.3
1. VAT Number Letter added to send to Insurers & Customers
2. VAT Numbers now print on invoices.

Ver 5.31
1. Changes made for the new version of Costex

Ver 5.32
1. Bug fix in the Shop Supplies calculation.
2. Multiple SMS facility.
3. RAS Dailer added
Ver 5.34
1. Alteration made for the Audatex import.
2. <F10> facility removed - was creating error 216 on certain computers.
3. Date Out added to the "Work in progress" Report

Ver 5.35
1. eMail scans added.
2. Combacks/Internal work does not appear on Debtors Audit Trail

Ver 5.36
1. CSI report order changed to RO
2. Closed RO report order changed to RO
3. Sales Per Insurer is totaled.
4. JPlug un-assignment worked on.
5. Claim Number search option added.

Ver 5.4

Ver 5.41
1. Test SMS added to the defaults input page.
2. PartLinx activated
3. "RO Quote" Password activated.

Ver 5.42
1. "Assign Dial up settings" added to the defaults input page.
2. User can now input their own SMS messages (SMS_Message.DB)
3. QR reinstalled to remove "Black Box" printing.

Ver 5.43
1. Letterhead BMP convert to JPG to solve "Black Box" printing.

Ver 5.44
1. Copy Repeat Cust details to Ins Table added.

Ver 5.45
1. Bulk SMS procedures worked on.
2. Print "Rebuild Header Report" enabled.
3. Sales per Broker Report enabled.
4. Sales per Referral Report enabled.
5. Printer setup dialog added

Ver 5.46
1. eMail single Photo
2. eMail ANY document as a PDF from the Print Preview screen.

Ver 5.47
1. Consumables costing inport worked on.
Ver 5.5
1. Pop up Print menu layout changed.
2. Internal Work AND Come Back Fields now password protected.
3. Header in Job Card and Parts List now show DR No, Cust Name and
3. Released

Ver 5.51
1. Small alteration to the Audtex import procedures

Ver 5.52
1. Final Inspection field in RO is password protected.

Ver 5.53
1. Print Parts Labels is available for the RO.
2. Assessor "Lookup" facility added.
3. Assessor Cell Number added to the DR/RO.
4. Assessor Cell Number added to the Parts List.
5. Assessor Cell Number added to the Job Card.
6. Photos per DR/RO expanded from 8 to 16.
7. Outstanding Recs report does not include ComeBack or Internal Jobs.
8. Check on Closing Date included to the RO.
9. Three month check made on the invoice date and payment date user
10. The Receipts and Credit Note Reports show payments made to deleted
11. The Debtors Audit Trail can be printed for previous periods - however -
accuracy is NOT guaranteed!!! Use at your own risk!!!
12. Write OFF option is password protected.

Ver 5.54
1. XXX added to the Quote Operations (press X in the Oper column of the
2. "Vehicle on Site" has been added to the DR/RO Customer Page.
3. ALL reports worked on to help speed up the reporting process.
4. Daily Planning worked on - a red block = Vh NOT authorised
                              a green block = vh on site
5. Assigned person prints on job card.
6. List of Converted ROs added to the Management Reports.

Ver 5.55
1. Debtors Audit Trail worked on to improve accuracy for previous periods.
2. Payment Transactions report added. This report shows payments made for
   the Sales in the choosen date range. Use this to establish correct payment
3. Grouped the reports necessary for Debtors month end calculations.
Ver 5.56
1. Shop Changer code enabled.
2. Add New btn added to Select Assessor option in DR/RO
3. Add New btn added to Select Insurer option in DR/RO
4. Financial Password added to give greater month-end security for
    the Debtors Control Accounts.

Ver 5.57
1. Option NOT to include OPEN ROs with inv dates on the
       Work In Progress reports - including Daily Planning.
2. Import Data button added to the Cust Page in the DR/RO.
3. The option to import Extras from a RO into the current DR added to
       the Import Data Button. If the RO is closed, a Credit Note will be
       passed for the extras once they have been copied to the DR.
       Also, the RO number will be show in the "Reference" field at the
       top of the Cust Page of the DR (and when printing the quote
       from the DR).
4. Explanation of Month End procesures added to the Main Menu.
5. Year Date Format on the reports changed to 4 digits to
       prevent user input errors.
6. Select multiple photos on the DR/RO to email AND delete.
7. Private Dir created on local drive to prevent Lock file getting too large.

Ver 5.57a
1. if cannot create Private Dir, the default path is used.

Ver 5.58
1. Cust Name and Discount fields added to the GP report.

Ver 5.6

Ver 5.61
1. Changed Quick Report version to 4.01
2. Small mod to Plascon import code.

Ver 5.62
1. Small mod to Expected Sales Reports.
2. DLL Protection activated.
3. eMail Correspondence RAW data files.

Ver 5.63
1. Updated QRDesign (1.59) to work with QR4.

Ver 5.64
1. Credit Note layout changed to meet VAT requirements.
2. General Search added to the Main Menu.

Ver 5.64a
1. Field check in the Assimilation Table for Reminder System.

Ver 5.65
1. Panelshop "Personal Details" added but not activated.
2. Invoice Comments added.
3. "Labour" and "Frame" labels on the quote work for all printer drivers.

Ver 5.65a
1. Supplier selection on the parts order page now sorted on supplier name.
2. Password added to the System Maintenance Menu

Ver 5.65b
1. Worked on the some of the labels on the Quote, Job Card, GP Report,
JCard Pg, Payment
2. Eukalog activated for error reporting.
3. The Logo Pic can be customised by putting "LOGO.JPG" into

Ver 5.65c
1. Eureka Log removed.

Ver 5.66
1. Estimator name added to the Schedule Out Report.
2. Vehicle on site "tick" removed when the Ins invoice is printed.
3. "Date Towed" added to the Vehicles On Site Report
4. Insurer added to the List of Closed ROs Report.
5. Vehicles Authorised Report added to Management Reports.
6. Bug removed from printing parts labels.

Ver 5.7

Ver 5.81
1. Expected Customer Payment date added to DR/RO.
2. Expected Towing Payment date added to DR/RO.
3. Assessed Date added to DR/RO.
4. Loan Vehicle (Y/N) added to DR/RO.
5. Insurance Fax Code added to DR/RO.
6. Customer Fax Code added to DR/RO.
7. Parts Problems field added to DR/RO.
8. Password added to the Private Notes field on the DR/RO.
9. "Costed for Insurer" field added to the DR/RO.
10. Added email date for BMW certificate
11. print layout for BMW ANF changed
12. Changed print/setup function to get
    around 3rd party bug
13. Mod to BMW reports + main table
14. Added dept_table name for cost splitting - only enabled for costex
     with a system larger than standard.
15. DR RO Form - btns added for cost splitting
16. The TAB moves the cursor correctly on the Quote Page.
17. Cannot print a Credit Note without first having an invoice date.
18. Loan Vehicle added to both the Daily Planning and Backorder Reports.
19. Open RO Report added to the Management Reports.
20. SMS can now be sent Outlook.
21. Re-build Header File procedure SHOULD not stop (no guarantees!). The
       report at the end will detail any problems encountered in the rebuild
22. The Re-build Header File procedure runs the Delete LCK Files procedure
       automatically before it runs.
23. The Customer Towing Amount and Panelshop Name are now available as
       keys on the SMS messages.
24. Insurance Towing Report added to the Debtors Reports.
25. Workaround to fix printing of the screen in top left corner("Shrunken")

Ver 5.9

Ver 5.91
1. "Print Management Reports" Password enabled.
2. Technical - Changed JCLMapi set FHtmlBody to False
3. Change to unassigning jackplus - bug fix
4. Vh On Site field is checked if any department work on it.
5. "Print Passwords Used" added to the System Defaults page - VIP !!! Call
TMS to
activate it.
6. "Write off" password added.

Ver 5.91a
1. Layout of "List of DRs" Report changed to accomodate margins.

Ver 6.0
1. K&A Smart report added to the Management Reports and support of the
Smartex system removed

Ver 6.01
1. Added function to remove temp protections
2. Bug fix to close assimilation table after checking
3. Add field to serial file
4. Function added to disable "New DR"
5. Small code cleanup - checking no of users
6. Landscape printing option added - only works on Job Card and Parts List.
7. "Internal Work" and "Comeback" Reports now password protected.

Ver 6.01a
1. Estimator Name Pick List added.
2. Estimator Name Password added to the DR/RO.
3. CSI report tweak
Ver 6.01b
1. Password protection added to the Promise Date fields on the DR/RO and
Daily Planning.
2. "List of Open ROs with Parts Problems" Report has been added to the
    Management Reports.
3. "List of Open ROs which are ComeBacks" Report has been added to the
    Management Reports.

Ver 6.01c
1. Daily Planning Departments - Don't show other jobs if they are further into
2. Daily Planning report printed for a single day.

Ver 6.02
1. Chassis No added to the Insurance Invoice.
2. Small bug fix to the K&A Smart Excell File export to prevent the chassis
number moving one field left.
3. All Temp tables used for printing moved into the LocalProduct folder.
4. BMW ANF Button moved to the bottom panel of the RO screen and the
       BMW ANF Input form locked with the RO.
5. When adding columns to TW_Header & TW_Quote:
       look for morph alias and update all paths for all databases
6. Option NOT to print part prices on the parts list has been added.
7. Cust and Ins fax code added to the Quote printout.
8. Small logic change to the "Vh on site" option when closing/opening a RO.

Ver 6.03
1. Scans increased from 8 to 16.
2. Precept import facility added.
3. Originator_ID field added to TW_Header.DB.
4. Print Audatex listing option added.
5. Audatex import now allows the option between "verbatim" of "simplified".
6. Added support for .pre files
7. Corrected incorrect path for Morph_Alias

Ver 6.04
1. Added saving of original .90 and .wri files into DR folder.
2. The Audatex Counter does not decrease if OVERWRITING the DR.
3. The Assessor's report has been added to the Management Reports
4. Import the QUOTE from an existing DR/RO.
5. "Import" password added.
6. eCommunicate added to the SMS suppliers.
7. SMSs can now be sent NON-priority which allows the addition of a sender
8. SMS length increased from 140 chrs to 160 chrs.
9. Stop changing shops on server if server has costex
10. User may remove Labour, Paint, Frame and Strip/Assm from the Job Card
11. Change made to the logic of Daily Planning Report when prinit Schedule
Out Date.
12. Daily planning report per department bug fixed - not showing certain jobs
13. Glasurit Import button added to the Costing Page on the RO.
14. After changing shops check to allow new DR.

Ver 6.1

Ver 6.11
1. Speedshop system development started.
2. Development on a new Insurance costing sheeted started.
3. Procedure moved from Close to Destroy event on DR form (Technical)
4. Procedure moved from Destroy event to Close Query event on DR form
5. Show Progress form no longer "hangs" (Thanks Nick)
6. Added functionality to allow a part from the parts descriptions to
automatically be added to the quote of a NEW DR - only if the quote is empty
when creating the new DR. + Added Field to parts desc table
7. Customer, Out Date, Estimator, Employee added to the Department Daily
Plan Report.
8. Fixed bug - loading scans from 8 - 16
9. Fixed bug in creating temp tables of Audatex import.
10. Changed Alias from TW_Header to LocalProduct_DB for various reports.
      Those affected are : Sales Report per Insurance co, Sales Report
(Summerised) Insurance Towing Sales (Summerised)

Ver 6.2

Ver 6.21
1. Added functionality to "Move" data between shops. Located under "Import
Data" buton. Only if Multiple Shops. (Beta Testing) .
2. Added allowance to add columns to "header" - Multi-shop

Ver 6.22
1. Indy Components added to the SMS form
2. Spaces stripped from cell no when sending SMS.

Ver 6.23
1. User can now change the print order of the Daily Planning per Department.
2. User can clear all the Daily Planning Departments.
3. User can double click on the RO on the Daily Planning Input screen and
    the assigned employee names.

Ver 6.24
1. Speedshop Current and Next Operation Report.
2. Individual Debtors Statements activated (AT LAST!!).
3. Variable replaces FieldByName "check" on the quote page (Technical).
4. User can set default parts and labour options to be added into a new DR.
5. Default boolean added to the Parts_Desc table for the above option to work
6. Added to private notes when sending SMS via Indy Components

Ver 6.25
1. Archiving added.
2. Fixed "Source payment table busy" when moving data.
3. Cannot import Audatex into a Closed RO.

Ver 6.25b
1. Made changes to morphing of shops. (Techincal - Accomodate the
2. After changing shops change logo.jpg.

Ver 6.26
1. Bin page opened for storing ANY file.

Ver 6.26a
1. Notes and Dates page split into a Notes page and a Dates page.
2. Bin box moved onto the Notes page and password protected for closed

Ver 6.26b
1. Added email selection to "email as PDF" option.
2. "Motor Claims" added as a default to the Insurance Invoice address.

Ver 6.26c
1. Fixed the moving of data.
   (Key violation + RO number being set to 0)
2. Betterment no longer adds VAT when importing Audatex.
3. The DR/RO selection screen changes the column sort order when the
column title is clicked.

Ver 6.27
1. Updated the morphing of shops procedure for archiving. (Allows for auto-
adding and populating the archive fields as well as auto-creating all related
directories)(Technical) Moved all changing of shop routines globally
2. Added allowance to search all databases if the multiple shops are installed.
3. Notes Input box created for entering Private notes with the use of a
password, but the editing the notes still requires a password.
4. Fixed error when searching of all shops database. ('Shop_Code' not found).
5. After searching through all databases then read the defaults and change
   picture of the main form.
6. Speedshop Schedule in Report.

Ver 6.28
1. Added option to right-click and import files to bin.
2. Date format forced to "dd/mm/yy" for the application only. Not the system.
3. Added "Parts on open ROs" report.
4. Changes to Santam Costing Sheet

Ver 6.3

Ver 6.31
1. Partlinx development started (if you want to know more, give us a call!!)
2. Email DR/RO file back to TMS from the pop-up Menu option.

Ver 6.31a
1. Tweaks to Partlinx quoting.

Ver 6.32
1. Bug fix when importing extras from an existing RO.
2. Fixed the new final costing to show the labour and paint money.

Ver 6.33
1. On the "Parts on open RO's" added the creditors cost
   & allowed option to display only parts received

Ver 6.34
1. PartLinx mods :-
      Cannot quote two different models on the same DR.
      Cannot import a Partlinx quote into a DR file.
      PartLinx filename saved in the DR file.
      Photos activated.
      Counters acitivated.
2. Changes to adding columns of quote and general table.
   (Include archive paths for single and multiple shops - technical )
3. Shop supplies, Misc and Frame added to the Insurance Audit.
4. DE-Archive over date range activated.
5. "Price difference - Parts & Creditors Cost, Closed ROs" report activated.
6. User can select multiple lines on the quote to delete.
7. Counter setups via TMS Web server activated. (Technical).,
8. Code written for LocalProduct Alias when used on Terminal Server
9. Code written for Protections when used on Terminal Server (Technical).

Ver 6.35
1. PartLinx changed to QuickQuote.
2. QuickQuote, Individual Part Selection activated.
3. Tweak on the Insurance Audit (Excess calcs)

Ver 6.35a
1. Send Payment table to TMS enabled.
2. eMail DR/RO File to another TeamWork system enabled

Ver 6.35b
1. Manufacturer Description and Part number added to Dbl Click on the
         Description field on the Parts Order Pg of the RO.

Ver 6.35c
1. Signals sent to both ASP and PHP (technical)
2. QuickQuote automatically sets the Paint Rate to R100/hr.

Ver 6.35d
1. Made sure theat the PLinx_Table was closed after usage (Technical)
2. User option to select "Multiple line selection" on the quote page enabled.

Ver 6.35e
1. Cannot blank out the rates on the DR/RO - they are now set to "0".

Ver 6.35f
2. Closed RO Parts report added.

Ver 6.35g
1. BMW ANF has the invoice added to the email for Motor Plan (BMW users
2. Added allowance for adding colums to defauls table. (multiple shops) -

Ver 6.35h
1. Ins Audit tweak
2. BMW ANF Dealership stamp added.
3. Ins Audit towing now includes VAT.
4. Report "Open ROs without photos" added.
5. Modifications to "Parts on closed RO" report.

Ver 6.35i
1. Modifications to "Parts on closed RO" report.
2. Tweak to Insurance Final Costing

Ver 6.4

Ver 6.41
1. Work in Progress Per Insurer report added.
2. Can no longer do a price difference posting from an extra.
3. Cannot use a ' in the Insurance / Repat Customer names
4. BMW ANF cannot send if Comsteic Damage is selected.

Ver 6.42
1. QQ - Check if labour, paint, frame, Strip/assm times are being changed.
2. QQ - Automatic email return of altered quotes.
Ver 6.3
1. QQ development.

Ver 6.44
2. QuickQuotes quote layout changed to be different to the standard
   TeamWork quote layout.
3. RFC date and boolean field added.

Ver 6.45
1. Minor QuickQuote bug fixes.

Ver 6.45b
1. Enabled the Authorisation box on the quote printout (again)
2. QuickQuotes Paint system converted to "Paint Per Panel".

Ver 6.45d
1. QuickQuotes emprovement

Ver 6.45e
1. Lines on QuickQuote now print a lighter shade of grey (for clearer faxing)

Ver 6.45f
1. Added function under "System Maintenance" for each user on the
   network to "Set printer tray" as default for default printer.

Ver 6.45g
1. Start of Fast Tracts Assemsnt interface.
2. QuoteLinx Satellite launched.

Ver 6.45i
1. Added support for drag and drop for "QuickQuotes.TWM".
  Can now update QuickQuotes by dragging onto main screen.
2. Bug fix in the Insurance Audit layout.
3. QuickQuotes print layout changed.

Ver 6.45J
1. The "RO Names" password is activated. If the password is set,
   the user may change the Owner Info details on a CLOSED RO
   without having to un-lock it.
2. Re-print Debtors Audit Trail options enabled.

Ver 6.45K
1. First release of FastTract Claims.

Ver 6.46
1. Beta test release of FastTract

Ver 6.46a
1. Fixed "Extended" not showing on the quote.
Ver 6.46b
1. User is allowed to unpost poted items from the parts
   order pg. This will delete the item from the extras on
   the quote. (Price diff). - Password protected.
2. When using marking % on parts ord page - post
   the original part price to the cost column. (dont include markup)
3. Parts ord page : dont allow user to change retail value if the
   item has been posted
4. When posting to extra's change the message box to yes/no
   and default to yes.
5. Added RFC_YN and RFC Date to the parts ord page
6. Set default expression of RFC_YN = False in data_module
7. Changed the application icon

Ver 6.46c
1. Fixed minor bugs when entering parts markup (Parts Ord Pg)
2. Added confirmation dialog before unposting.
3. Changed Layout of Part Ordering Screen.
4. Allow date selection when printing part list per supplier.
5. Minor code cleanup and better interface when selecting
   suppliers. (Printing and entering)

Ver 6.46d
1. RO Extras PG Password activated.
2. "Vehicles Authorised" report now shows if the vehicle is NOT on site.
3. Claim number added to the "Schedule In" Report.
4. Allow user to enter a zero value into the Retail Price field on the
    Parts Order page and the system will calculate the full price difference.

Ver 6.46e
1. Sales Report Per Manufacturer added to Debtors Reports.
2. Workshop Batch Printing enabled for RO's.
3. Hand Over Batch Printing enabled for RO's.

Ver 4.46f
1. Added RFC Report per supplier under parts list on the RO.
2. Tweaks on New Ins Audit printout.

Ver 4.46g
1. When e-mailing files to another Teamwork system :
   a) Add the client details, vehicle details, and claim no to the
      body of the e-mail.
   b) Change the extension of the attachment from .TWM to
      .DDN (Different DR No)
2. Allow Import of DDN file. (Drag-Drop onto main form of TW)

Ver 4.46h
1. Bug Fix-When importing a .DDN file. If the file is a DR do
   not assign a new RO number.
2. Page No. added to the Daily Planning Report.

Ver 4.46i
1. Bug Fix- .DDN files.
   a) ensure no RO no on a new DR when importing.
   b) post beforing e-mailing .DDN file.
2. Added "Tips & Tricks" to main screen.

Ver 6.5

Ver 6.51a
1. Total XS&Betmnt added to the Sales per Insurer report (for Renault
2. DR No and Client Name added to SMS for the reply report from
3. Fixed "OK" btn on BMW ANF form - not able to click on it.

Ver 6.51b
1. Insurer Phone Book option added to the Main Menu.
2. Assessor Phone Book option added to the Main Menu.
3. Small layout change to the invoices.
4. Fixed individual statements not displaying if the
   Insurance Company/Repeat Customer Name was too long.
5. The Rebuild Header option posts the highest DR&RO nos into the
     Defaults_table (technical).
6. The SMS option now includes the Assessor Cell Details.

Ver 6.51c
1. A Password to protect the Cust Name & Reg No on an RO has been
2. VAT No added to the Insurance Co. List Printout
3. Fixed bug where "Price Diff" were showing on JCARD page.
4. Now able to unpost a "Credited" item on partd ord pg.
5. Allowed to post an "extra" (Price Diff) on an extra.

Ver 6.52
1. The Insurance Audit printout on the RO has been completely re-written.
2. The Parts Cost and Creditors amount is checked before invoicing.
3. The SMS settings can be copied over from the server to Workstation.
4. The Sale Amount is displayed on the DR/RO search screen.
5. The Insurance Company codes can now have Labour Rates attached.

Ver 6.53a
1. Bug fix on the Insurance Audit (New Layout)
2. Password Inromation added to the About Menu - PLEASE READ IT !!

Ver 6.53b
1. Stopped user from moving files between shops if the job is converted.
2. Supplier Phone Book option added to the Main Menu.
3. Name search options added to all phone books
4. Prinitng Individual statements.
   (i) Fixed prinitng just insurance, just repeat customers or both
   (ii) Fixed not printing of long named insurance or repeat customers
       (field checking increased from 25 to 26)

Ver 6.53c
1. Sub model options added to QuickQuotes.
2. BMW ANF Pad Number checking removed.

Ver 6.53d
1. Tweak to the Insurance Audit.

Ver 6.54
1. Change over to eDocEngine for exporting (technical).
2. Daily Planning can be grouped by Estimators' name.
3. All Rates are set to 1 rather than 0 to stop "Div by Zero error" (technical).
4. Manufacturer name is forced to UpperCase on the Manf Sales Report.
5. Bug fix :- If the RO_Name password was set to "", the user could alter the
      Customer name page on Closed ROs.
6. Bug fix :- If the Parts_Ord password was set to '', the user could alter the
      Parts page on Closed ROs.
7. QuickReport 5, QRDesign 1.59 and eDocEngine installed (Technical)
8. The Sales Report Table modified

Ver 6.55
1. Indy Sending components added to bulk SMS form. (Technical)
2. DR No and Client Name added to SMS for the reply report from
   added to bulk sms.
3. The RO Towing page passwrod is active.
4. The Parts Description table now allows a labour hour to be entered.
5. Colours on the Tips&Tricks box are set to random.
6. DR/RO selection screen :- when asking for the make, the result is ordered
      model and then date created.
7. Bulk SMS includes sending Work-in-progress an GENERAL messages to
      DRs, ROs and CLOSED ROs over a date range.
8. Tweak to Insurance Audit.
9. Code change for MS Terminal Server (Technical)

Ver 6.55b
1. Change QuickQuotes defaults file to PartLinx folder (Technical).

Ver 6.55c
1. Sales_Table re-creates itself (Technical).
Ver 6.55d
1. Fixed individual statments printing all statements.
2. Allow user to deselect sending of DR info in the defaults. (SMS)
  This stops SMTP server from giving malformed e-mail address error.
  (Error 550 : Administrative prohibitation)
      ( ADD COLUMNS -> DEFAULTS is done automatcally)
3. Sending via standard SMTP taken out on SMS forms.
   Not used anymore (obsolete) - using indy only now
4. Assessor email added to the "email as PDF" selection list.
5. Emails sent are recorded in the privates notes.

Ver 6.6
1. Changed to Delphi 2007 complier
2. Priv_Notes Password added to the Customer followup input.
3. Allow jpeg resize when e-mailing a fasttract claim.
4. Improved the search options of the DR / RO selection screen.
5. Bug fix in the DE-archive section.

Ver 6.61
1. Automate interface initialised.
2. Fields added for the Daily Planning (ADD COLUMNS -> GENERAL
3. Above field used in the Client_Update_Table [Technical]

Ver 6.61a
1. Timer enabled on closing the Popup Print Menu (60 seconds).
2. Timer enabled on closing the DR/RO file (300 seconds).
3. Bug fix on the DR/RO grid input to prevent the first line of the extras
     moving the first line of the quote to line no.2
4. Bulk SMS only selects the files with "legit" cell numbers.

Ver 6.61b
1. User can now setup the normal quote style of TeamWork to a
       (ADD COLUMNS -> DEFAULTS is done automatcally)

Ver 6.61c
1. Banking detail font on invoice increased.
2. Daily Planning worked on.
        (ADD COLUMNS -> OTHER)

Ver 6.61d
1. Small bug fix on the "Check Extras" button of the RO.
2. Check In List added to the Workshop Batch Print

Ver 6.62
1. The user can lock the quote page on an open RO.
2. The user can save the current quote as a PDF file in the BIN.
3. The system automatically saves the quote.PDF in the BIN
          when a NEW DR is printed.

Ver 6.62a
1. Photo bug fix in QuickQuotes.
2. "Parts Markup" password activated on the DR/RO
3. Part Receiving calculator Percentage is automatically set to the
        Parts markup on the quote.

Ver 6.62b
1. PopUp Print Menu forces the page back to the Owner Info on the DR/RO

Ver 6.7

 Ver 6.7a
1. Authorisation not printing on quote fixed.
2. Small font clean-up on invoices.
3. SMS Sending via OutLook change (technical).
4. Parts Order page fields manually set to edit or not edit (technical)
5. Technical problem with the Delphi Compiler which affected the
       quote page - fixed.

Ver 6.8

Ver 6.80a
1. BDE crop trailing spaces on the Insurance Audit fixed (Technical).

Ver 6.80b
1. "Wheel Alignment" and "Test Drive" depts added to the Department
Reports of Daily Planning

Ver 6.80c
1. Small tweak to the K&A Report which allows it to print 3 more chrs on the
chassis number
2. JPG size drop on the PDF export from 80% to 50% (Technical)
3. Font embedded changes from Full to SubSet on the PDF Export

Ver 6.80d
1. The words "computer generated copy tax invoice" now automatically
     appear on any invoice which is emailed as a PDF. This is a SARS
2. All PDF documnets are now 128 bit encrypted. This is a SARS

Ver 6.80d
1. A field called "STRCTLY COD" as been added to the Insurance Company
    If entered, the system will warn the user before printing the invoice.
2. The "Print Hand Over Batch" option is now password protected.
3. You may now mark an Insurer as a STRICTLY C.O.D. account

Ver 6.80e
1. Small tweak to the Audatex interface to get part numbers with the * in the
    part description.
2. Can mark the Excess Inv as a Pro Forma.
3. Can mark the Towing Inv as a Pro Forma.
4. Can mark the Insurance Inv as a Pro Forma.
5. Can email the Quote and Photos as a batch.
6. Audatex import overides the "Paint per Panel" option and sets the DR
     back to time (technical).

Ver 6.81
1. Can add to and delete from the Manufacturers list.
2. General Letter 1 added to the Hand Over Batch.
3. Passwords added to the "Date Work Started" and "Date Sched Out"
     fields on the DR / RO.
4. Labour Rate field of the Insurance companies now password protected.

Ver 6.81a
1. "Expected Payment" report activated.
2. Round off error of up to 2c allowed in the Audit trail/Statement

Ver 6.81b
1. Optimized BMW Accident notification and allowed exporting
   .csv files to CVS server.
2. Tweak to the Debtors Audit Trail for payment on open jobs in a
    historical period.

Ver 6.81c
1. Bug fix on the "Print Daily Plan Department" report.
2. Change of QuickQuote file layout (Technical).
3. "Automatically Save PDF Quote" added to the Defaults
4. Parts on Backorder report can now be spilt into 5 days and more.
5. Doubled photos. (increased from 16 to 32).
6. Fixed small bug that sometimes an empty line would be
   added to the quote or extras.
7. Prevent "Multiple line selection" in extras quote.

Ver 6.9
Ver 6.91
1. Network user name added to the pword table (ADD COLUMNS ->
2. Password added to the "OK Button" when the user is asked to invoice
    if the costing is not completed / inaccurate.
3. Date does not automatically assign if the user "tabs" into the RFC field
    on the Parts Order page - it does auto assgn if the user clicks on the field.

Ver 6.91a
1.Fixed adding columns to Password not working in the step above.
  Also made this option run for multiple shops.

Ver 6.92
1. Added multiple user selected filters to the password report.
2. BIN files are moved when moving data from one Shop to another.
3. "Vehicles Written off" report added to Management Reports.
4. Platinum Option added.
                   (ADD COLUMNS -> GENERAL TABLE)
5. RFC Report added (Platinum Version).
6. Technical : Removed all vars declared but never used (code optimization)
7. Password added to the Print Job Card button.
8. The Ins invoice and Repeat Cust invoice make use of the same code
      block (Technical).
9. The Pro Forma Invoice option no longer closes the RO.
10 WS_Batch password added to protect printing the Workshop Batch and
      Job Card options.

Ver 6.92a
1. Fix in sort print order of passwords (technical).
2. "Parts with profit less than 20%" report added (Platinum version)

Ver 6.92b
1. XXX and Used parts are flagged on the Parts Order page of the RO.
2. Parts on Backorder report allows the user to specify the number of days
3. Job Card allows user to print the notes on a seperate page.
4. Invoice Notes font made bold.
5. Excel export from Sales report layout cleaned up.
6. Fixed printing passwords used report for a single user. (Date range

Ver 6.92c
1. "Open ROs Costed For Insurer" report added to Management reports.

Ver 6.92d
1. Fasttract scans now attached to the FT email
2. Stopped setting DR and RO numbers when doing a quick re-build.
3. The "Continuous" option set to True and ColSpacing & RowSpacing set to
   in the XLS export engine on the Print preview (Technical).
4. Split Towing invoice from the main DR/RO
                    (ADD COLUMNS -> GENERAL TABLE)
                    (ADD COLUMNS -> DEFAULTS)
                    (ADD COLUMNS -> HEADER)
5. Sys_Maint password added to the "Add New" button on the select Insurer
     menu of the DR/RO Cust Info page.
6. Bug fix :- Repair New part was not allocated to the Job Card as a repair
         under the labour category
7. Field sizes increased : All postal adresses to 40 chrs
                          Cust and Ins email addr to 50 chrs
                          Key Ref to 10 chrs
                    (ADD COLUMNS -> INSURANCE TABLE)
                    (ADD COLUMNS -> REPEAT CUST TABLE)
8. New Towing system impelmented.
9. Bug fix on the photos for the QuickQuotes module.

Ver 6.93
1. FastTract system :- The original quote is aatached in PDF format.
2. QuickQuotes :- The part no and QQ boolean removed if the part price
                   is changed.
3. Tow Ref no, Tow Inv no and Date Inv Sent fields added
                   (ADD COLUMNS -> GENERAL TABLE)
4. XXX now appears on the DR Parts List.
5. DR/RO file no longer closes when an item is deleted out of the BIN.

Ver 6.94
 Released for testing.

Ver 6.94a
1. User may put any file into the QuoteAttachment folder and it will be
    attached to the Quote email
2. The time stamp has been added to the SMS sending on the notes page.

Ver 6.94b
1. Bug fix to stop RO closing when printing the Excess invoice.
2. Checks inserted to prevent duplicate descriptions affecting the
         final costing calcs.
3. Check inserted to make sure the part cost is 0 for "non-parts".

Ver 6.94c
1. Towing reports added to the Management Report section.
2. Reports grouped into SubMenus in the Management Report section.

Ver 6.94d
1. Mod to the CVS (BMW) datafiles
2. Passaword added to the Convert Bn of the Towing DR.
3. Accident/Damage Description added into the Notes PG of the DR/RO.
4. K&A Smart report for Excel export completed.

Ver 6.94e
1. Mod to the FastTract import to add the Assessed_File.PDF to the BIN.
Ver 6.94f
1. Small mod to the Ins Costing to allow for a "no parts" situation.
2. Pastal Interface added
                       (ADD COLUMNS -> DEFAULTS)

Ver 6.94g
1. Cust Tow file now closes when the invoice is printed.

Ver 6.95
1. K&A Smart report data is limited to the requirements stpiulated by
2. Tests on Win 7 carried out - the only issue found to date is the
       export to XLS.
3. Cust email addr added to DR, open RO, closed RO and Converted reports.

Ver 7.01
1. Code re-compiled to remove the CVS server send option.

Ver 7.01a
1.The quote page on FastTract files cannot be altered once authorised.

Ver 7.01b
1.Changes to the export of invoices to pastel.

Ver 7.01c
1.More changes to the export of invoices to pastel.

Ver 7.02
1. Parts Ordering can be done under Password Protection

Ver 7.02a
1. If there are no parts on an RO, the system will no longer check the
        costing when invoicing (bug fix)

Ver 7.02b
1. Pastel Export facility tweak and explained in the "About Menu"
2. FastTract tweak to allow QuoteLinx users access to the extras from a DR

Ver 7.02c
1. Tweak to the job card layout - sched in date added
2. 120 days added to the Statements/Debtors Audit trail

Ver 7.03
1. Insurer Report added to the Management Reports
2. "Alt" added to the quote operations for "Alternate part"
3. VIN No added to the Manufacturer Report (Management Reports)

Ver 7.03a
1. Added a pastel export export code to Insurance and repeat
  customer tables.

2. Added Pastel Export code to input screens of insurance
   companies and repeat customers.
3. When exporting to Pastel use the pastel code first and if none
   exists use the system assigned code.
4. Account Codes (Parts, Labour, Paint etc..) can now be set by
   the user an the pastel export interface.
5. Instructions updated to include the changes.
6. "InStock" shows as blue on the Parts Order Page.

Ver 7.03b
1. Pastel Exports Fixes :
   a) Payments
   - Changed from + to - and vica versa.
   - Discount and home amount swapped in payment export.
   - Payment amount moved to second last column ONLY
   - Discount Tax Type changed to 01
   b) Invoices
   - Swapped inclusive and exclusive amounts
   - Added towing, consumables and discount to detail
   - If amount is 0 in the detail dont include the amount

Ver 7.03c
1. Bank Account name field increased by 20 chrs
2. Order No added to the Final Costing
3. Password added to access the FastTract system

Ver 7.03d
1. K&A Smart report adjusted to include the VIN number for Mnfs
2. "Customer Updates over a date range report" added to
      Management Reports section.
3. "Loan cars given to work in progress report" added to
      Management Reports section.

Ver 7.03e
1. Accountability Sticker allowance made on all invoices
         (place INV.JPG in the server data folder)
2. Parts on open RO report : fixed the totals for sale amounts

Ver 7.1

Ver 7.1a
1. Tweak for FastTract - assessed/extras PDF files saved with date in name

Ver 7.2
1. Bug fix in the Parts Ordering Password - RELEASED
Ver 7.21
1. Made changes to exporting of invoices to pastel.

Ver 7.21b
1. User can select to include ROs under R5000 in the KA Smart report.
2. Towing files are automatically excluded for the KA Smart report.

Ver 7.3
1. Delayed Invoices Report added to the PLATINUM version of TeamWork.
2. Tweaks to QuickQuote and FastTract modules.
3. FastTract Attachment size checked at 5 meg.

Ver 7.31
1. Towing Invoice fields added for user to implment whatever charge they
2. Towing Incentive options added to the Platimum Version of TeamWork.

Ver 7.32
1. QQ allows zero part numbers to add to the quote (bug fix)
2. New protections added to TeamWork.
3. Engine No added to the Parts list
4. Spacing on Ins Invoice altered for the PDF layout
5. FastTract buttons disabled until the Full Assessment is sent.

Ver 7.33
1. Sales export added for Pastel

Ver 7.34
1. Line nos on the Ins Audit now match to the quote line nos.

Ver 7.34a
1. Print "Money or Time" password added to the quote print option.
2. Claim No added to the Job Card.

Ver 7.35
1."DRs on-site not Authorised" Report added to Management Reports.
2. "Type of Part" and "Mark up" added to the Insurance Audit.

Ver 7.36
1. User can set the DR lists to Descending Order
2. Daily Planning notes can now be saved on the RO
            (ADD COLUMNS -> OTHER)

Ver 7.36a
1. Loyalty Card system implemented.

Ver 7.36b
Ver 7.4


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