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					People who wants a smart solution for a <b>school reunion</b>, do yourself a favour and just see
exactly how this mobile enabled web site WAP site application can provide in all your needs to
establish a well organized <b>school reunion</b>. Visit the following mobile enabled web site for a
very good practical example: Why is it working so brilliantly?
Because it does not only give you the best internet presence, but is also a very neat office working
tool to organize a <b>school reunion.</b> With the example wap site mentioned above, you don't
need that much emphasis on the traditional method of advertising <b>school reunions</b> by making
use of local papers and radio. You can then therefore safe money in the process. Just make sure you
get a good ranking in the Google search engine. With this application it is not going to cost you an
arm or a leg to just accomplish that. Yes it is your choice to use papers and alike, but with Google
results it will be easy enough. The example wap site mentioned, which is currently in a phase of
organizing a <b>school reunion</b>, already placed sixth from the top of the Google list in less than a
fortnight since present on the internet. The <b>reunion</b> members only have to type in their school
name and the rest will follow from the Google result. What is so different from the traditional method?
With this mobile WAP site, you can literally replace any old<b> year book</b>. So the yearbook is
incorporated into this WAP site with pictures, text and articles. You can even upload videos and enjoy
video streaming on your cell phone. The nice thing about this application is that <b>reunion</b>
members (school mates) can register onto the site from their cell phones and don't need to be in front
of a computer. Therefore offshore school mates can also participate. Build into the mobile enabled
web site is an internal forum where old school mates can chat and the administrators of the reunion
can use the forum to enhance their administration and communication of the planned
<b>school</b><b>reunion</b>. Also this mobile enabled web site or WAP pages can be used to
communicate with your registered members by using the internal bulk sms facility as well as the email
facility. Don't forget about the strong results that can be obtained with your newsletters addressed to
your newsletter mailing list, making live just so much easier to communicate with your school mates
names data base. I had a looked at the Facebook effort. The one compliment that needs to go to
Facebook is the fact that it is a good medium to advertise your reunion. But it quickly gets sucked into
all other facebook applications and does not make navigation easy between all profiles. Also the
group effort on Facebook is not fulfilling the need of a proper organized reunion. Information ends up
in duplication and chaos! Believe me, I am currently busy with organizing a school reunion and
already experienced the Facebook route. But the real smart issue is the fact that this application
extend from the old <b>yearbook</b> concept to the current and beyond, meaning that the kids of the
reunion members will be enabled to access Mom and Dads school years for as long as the web site
gets maintained and hosted. Old school yearbooks get lost with all the years and really become
fainted if the original printing work was not done in good quality. As a current school reunion
administrator: <a href=", I can only recommend this application.
Choose an applicable domain name, get it registered and off you go. How do we do it in practice?
Four of us old school mates formed what is called the administrators. The mobile enabled web site is
activated, and one administrator is doing the work of finding the old school mates by emailing and
telephone calls. Once that old school mate is contacted, he or she is ordered to join the website by
registering on the newsletter mailing list.This mailing list starts to become your consolidated name
data base to enable the administrators to communicate to the members within created mailing list
groups, using bulk sms and free email. Also the old school mate is requested to forward a short CV to
be published in his/her own space that also goes along with a place for a face profile photo. Once all
activated spaces are opened and all CV’s received the administrators can keep track of registering
and when the next phase of the school reunion can be started. In the mean time, you or one of the
administrators become your own webmaster on this mobile enabled web site by updating the website
with old photos of the school mates and even current photos of the school mates, so that Google
search engine results can be obtained as soon as possible. We featured sixth from the top with this
very same application in less than a fortnight, and this for R59-00 per month! We are also busy to
design a poll or vote document to enable the old school mates to vote on a reunion date (online from
PC platform or from cell phone platform). Also any other type of surveys can be created with this
application. Keep in mind that this application displays on PC, laptops, WAP enabled cell phones and
PDA's and the upload of the site into your cell phone browser is extremely fast and cost effective. We
also provide each and every registered school mate an username and password to enable him.het to
access his mates contact information and why must we pay for such privilege like other web sites you
currently get on the internet? <b>Summarized </b> 1. Cost effective for both parties 2. The
establishment of a structured data base. 3. Information centered. 4. Be your own web master, easy to
set up and maintain. 5. Reserve the old yearbook (if it is available) 6. An ongoing electronic yearbook
for life. 7. An office tool 8. Excellent search engine results very easily. 9.Advertisement space to sell
on PC and cell phone platform. 10.Not limited to "friends" only but rather the world can see it.

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