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Projects - Formats for Academics _Projects and Departmental Library_.doc



                      Maharashtra Academy of Engineering
                             Alandi (D), Pune-412 105

             Department of Electronics & Telecommunication



Sl. No.                                  Title of Project

  1       Digital controller for Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)

  2       Palm guide device for museum using RFID Technology

  3       Grid Frequency based load shedding controller device

          Network topology development using SDN and DWDM technology for Tata
          Communications MAN network

  5       ARM based Audio Media Player system

  6       Wireless Wild Fire Detection System

          Design and development of biometric system for seeking personalized
          Wireless Intelligent Billing trolley for shopping malls using Zigbee and RFID

  9       ARM based Flood Management system

          ARM based Traffic signal breaking identifier unit using GSM and RFID
          Implementation of wireless security system for workplace using Zigbee,
          GSM and RFID technology
12   Design of an audio compression soft-core using VHDL

13   Hardware Implementation of Ray-Tracing algorithm using VHDL

14   ARM based automatic Toll Collection System using RF Trans-receiver

15   Emission monitoring system for vehicles using GSM technology

16   Embedded Web Server for Industrial Automation

17   Advanced Depot data management system for ‘PMPML’

18   Vehicle Tire Monitoring system with CAN and RF Interface

19   Iris Recognition using MATLAB

20   Content Based Image Retrieval using color approach

21   Wireless embedded system for patient monitoring and emergency services

22   Wireless Robot as Fire Extinguisher

23   Prepaid Electricity Billing system

24   Automated bulk SMS Using GSM technology

25   Visual Visitor Verifier

26   Wireless Multidrop networking system for process industry

27   Real Time Wireless sensor network for landslide detection

     Smart sensor network for Industrial or Automobile application with data

Sl. No.                                  Title of Project

  1       E-Village: An Innovation

  2       GPS based soldier tracking and Health indication system

  3       RTOS based traffic Light Control

  4       ARM based wireless parking management system

  5       Adaptive prediction by Successive Error Minimization

  6       Design and Implementation of a soft core CPU

  7       Adaptive noise cancellation using multirate techniques

  8       ARM based location tracking system using RF technology

  9       CDMA Simulator using coaxial cable

  10      Bluetooth based Industrial Monitoring and Control system

  11      EYE In Hand cell phone operated land rover

  12      Network Management system

  13      GSM based communication using CAN Protocol

  14      ARM based low cost Oscilloscope

  15      ARM based home automation and network system

  16      ARM based wireless Data Monitoring and Control and image acquisition
17   ARM based Bio-Metric access control system with Ethernet capability

18   ARM based multi rotational Ethernet based Webcam

19   Building a distributed embedded system

20   Matlab based 2D image tracking system for guiding missile

21   Matlab based face recognition system

22   Destination alert system in railway boogie

23   Long range contact less ID card system using RFID technology

24   Cyborg: PC controlled PIC based robotic arm

25   Wireless transmission of ECG signal using FM technique

26   Navigation of missile using cryptography technique

27   Underground Tank Monitoring System

28   Data Acquisition with Wireless LAN

29   Verbal character recognition system using MATLAB

30   Wireless Industrial Process Controller using RF technology

Sl. No.                                  Title of Project

  1       Peer to Peer IP Telephony

  2       Adaptive Estimation in Prediction Mode

  3       Designing a small Distributed System on ARM platform ported with RTOS

  4       Multi channel Real Time Data Acquisition System

  5       Implementation of Multirate Adaptive Filter

  6       Virtual Keyboard implementation using image processing

  7       Spam Filtering based on analysis of text embedded into an image

  8       Speaker Recognition using MEL-Frequency cepstrum coefficients

  9       Ticket Management System using Wireless LAN

  10      Embedding and extracting the text using digital images

  11      Steganography using Difference image Histogram and Image Smoothness

  12      Wireless Intrusion Detection System

  13      Image / Video Digital Water Marking System in DCT Domain

  14      SMS based City Guide System using Java Technology

  15      Filter bank based fingerprint matching

  16      Genetic Based Fuzzy Image Filter and its Application to Image Processing
17   Testing and Development of AT89S8252 microcontroller Board

18   Development of Hand Gesture Tele Robot

19   GSM Based Robotic Arm for Pick and Place Mechanism Using RFID

20   Design and Development of Web Controlled Robot

     Simulation and Implementation of Hardware in Loop Control of a DC Motor for
21   Automotive Application

22   Digital Graffiti and Stroke Capturing System Using VB and Java

23   Implementation of CAN Protocol

24   Development of Java based Application of Cluster Computing

25   Electronic Telephone Messaging System

26   Design and Development of DICOM Viewer

27   Router Configuration with various Routing Protocols

28   Micro controller based Refrigerator Management System for Industrial Applications

29   An Odometric Vehicle Tracking System

30   Universal Peripheral System using Micro controller

31   Design and Development of Microcontroller based Robotic System.

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