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									                                                                                 St. Stephen’s, Troy,
                                                                                 celebrates a jovial

                                                     photo credit: Paul Hardy
                                                                                 first 50 years
                                                                                                                      page 5a a
                                                                                The “Missioners” who founded St. Stephen’s out of a Bible-study group in the 1950s:
                                                                                FRONT: Luell Simmons, Marion Simmons, and Mary Ann DeWitt Saint.
                                                                                BACK: Betty Beall, Mary Alice Heaton, and Roger Blackwood.

                                 The Record
                                 A diocesan edition of
                                 Episcopal Life

                                 Volume 18, No. 6                                                                                                                                                   June 2007

                                 PB meets with Episcopal Communicators

                                                                                                                                                                                                by Herb Gunn
                                                                                                                                                                                       ur tradition challenges
 NEWS THIS MONTH                                                                                                                                                                       all of us to speak truth
                                                                                                                                                                                       to power, to say to the
    in Michigan                                                                                                                                                       government of the world that there is
                                                                                                                                                                      something gravely and simply wrong
   It is a great time to be                                                                                                                                           where the divisions between rich
an Episcopalian. Some folks                                                                                                                                           and poor continue to expand,” said
discovered why at the annual                                                                                                                                          Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts
Ministry Fair on May 5.                                                                                                                                               Schori to the Episcopal Communi-
                                                                                                                                                                      cators gathered in Virginia for an
       See pages 6a-7a.
                                                                                                                                                                      annual conference. “In our world, the
              v                                                                                                                                                       prophets still speak for a world where
                                                                                                                                                                      the hungry are fed, the ill are healed,
                                                                                                                                                                      all children educated, women and men
  Where’s the bishop and                                                                                                                                              treated equally, and no one is denied
who’s he been talking with                                                                                                                                            the basic necessities of life.
while he’s away?                 Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, with former Michigan deacon Dutton Morehouse, ghg
                                 met with the Episcopal Communicators in Virginia at the Communicators’ spring meeting.                                                             Continued on page 5a

   “It takes awhile to get out
of the monolog stage, where
you’re telling God what you
                                 The Record’s trifecta falls a notch short
want, and to start being quiet   ACP gives Award of Excellence for news story by The Record editor

and listening to what God is
saying to you. ...”
                                              ith the 2004 redesign of
         See page 8a
                                              the monthly newspaper,
                                              The Record won top honors
                                 in 2004 and 2005 with the Polly Bond
              v                  Award of Excellence for General
                                 Excellence. In April, with the diocesan
   Want to know more about       newspaper aiming at top honors for a
Education for Ministry, a pro-   third consecutive year, the Episcopal
gram hosted by the University    Communicators bestowed an Award
of the South at Sewanee?         of Merit (2nd place) on The Record, while
                                 the Award of Excellence went to
         See page 10a
                                 Interchange of the Diocese of Southern
              v                  Ohio.
                                                                                                                                                                                                               photo credit: Dick Snyder

                                    The Record, said Tom Baden, editor
                                 of The Salt Lake Tribune who judged
    And your Letters,
 plus an invitation to post      the category, “comes across as very,
  your sermon podcasts.          very attuned to the diocese, its people
                                 and the issues they’re grappling with.
          Page 10a               The Record, more so than any other
                                 periodical I read, made a real commit-
                                                                                                             Jerry Hames, who retires this month as editor of Episcopal Life after 17 years, shares a moment
                                                Continued on page 2a                                         with Herb Gunn at the annual conference of the Episcopal Communicators.

                                      Editor’s                                        The Record’s future:
                                                                                   A pre-cursor of what’s to come

        The Record
     The Record, a diocesan
     edition of Episcopal Life,
     presents news of the
     Diocese of Michigan.
                                      H          ave you noticed? Your
                                                 nightly news is out-of-date.
                                                 It’s hard to break a fresh
                                      story at dinnertime after MSNBC,
                                      CNN and even Greta Van Susteren
                                      have been chewing it over all day.
                                                                                   One goal we are setting for the
                                                                                next year is to increase the frequency
                                                                                and availability of news across the
                                                                                diocese. We introduced a couple of
                                                                                online initiatives in January and have
                                                                                heard from the most avid readers in
                                                                                                                           site. The Record will summarize major
                                                                                                                           news stories and allocate space for
                                                                                                                           lengthy feature stories in the print
                                                                                                                           issue, which we will publish less fre-
                                                                                                                           quently and will refer readers to the
                                                                                                                           Web for more information.
     A nine-member Editorial          And by 9 p.m., everybody knows            the diocese that they appreciate the          The new approach will offer
     Board, to whom the editor is     more on the topic than Larry King.        weekly updates and announcements.
     accountable, is responsible                                                                                           weekly and bi-weekly news cycles for
     for oversight and production        The same obstacles impact news-            A few people read the monthly          The Record on the Web and offer
     of the newspaper.                papers. Evening stories are old and       issue online, but most readers wait        recaps and summaries in print eight
                                      cold by the morning edition. Gone         until they get their hands on the          times a year for our readers who don’t
     Editor: Herb Gunn                are the days of an all-day news cycle     actual newspaper. This ties us—pub-        look to the Web for their news.
     The Editorial Board:             with hours and hours to prepare the       lisher and readers—to a slow 30-day           We’ve repeated it often lately. In
     Richard Bailey, Ken Bearden      lead stories for the following morn-      news cycle. If a story doesn’t make        five years—no more than ten—we
     (executive secretary), Betsy     ing.                                      the print deadline, it sits around for a   won’t be reading The Record or
     Erikson, Rachid Hatem, Mark                                                month until the next issue is printed.
     Jenkins, (chair) Susan Larsen,     For a monthly newspaper, all the                                                   much of anything else on this soft,
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     Powell and Vic Rauch.               The combination of timeliness          fundamental shift in emphasis in how       It won’t be coming to your home
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     the first day of the preceding
                                      these changes impact our commit-          seen it in print, you can find it stored   cessed with cursors and computers,
     month, to:                                                                 at
                                      ment to explain the news and events                                                  and while the changes won’t happen
     Herb Gunn, editor
                                      of our Episcopal Church community            By early 2008, The Record Editorial     overnight, some of the news will.
     or The Record                    and to provide a place for the Dio-       Board will make a substantive shift        So The Record wants you to know
     4800 Woodward Avenue             cese of Michigan to come together in      in emphasis. The news we prepare           about it in the morning.
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                                      The Record receives awards for 2006
                                      Continued from page 1a

     Episcopal Life ISSN 1050-        ment to planning and executing            Associated Church Press                    report gives readers a bigger, behind-
     0057 USPS# 177-940 is            enterprise stories and themes. The                                                   the-scenes slice of the politics and
                                                                                   The Associated
     published monthly by the         mix of content was appealing.”                                                                    anxieties of assembly
     Domestic and Foreign                                                       Church Press (ACP)
                                         The Record received the Polly Bond                                                             resolutions that could
     Missionary Society, Inc.                                                   gave its Award of Excel-                                make or break a denom-
     815 Second Ave,                  Award of Excellence in two writing        lence for 2006 news
     New York, NY 10017.              categories. Editor Herb Gunn was                                                                  ination. The narrative is
     Periodical postage paid in                                                 stories to Episcopal Life.                              expansive, often stylish,
                                      noted for the feature coverage titled     The story “High Drama
     New York, NY and addi-
                                      “A Cold Reality” on energy use in                                                                 showing a command of
     tional mailing offices.                                                     in Response,” written by                                the issues and personali-
     POSTMASTER: Send                 churches around the diocese that
                                                                                Herb Gunn, editor of                                    ties. The quotes are gen-
     change of address to             was published in March 2006. In
                                                                                The Record, captured the                                erous, humanizing the
     Episcopal Life, PO Box 2050      the category Series of Articles on a
     Voorhees, NJ 08043-8000.                                                   debate and decisions at                                 voices of left and right,
                                      Single Topic, The Record was noted
                                                                                General Convention on                                   showing the nuances of
     To change subscription           for “Food, Glorious Food,” which
                                                                                the Windsor Report.                                     an anguished debate.”
     addresses, contact:              was published in September 2006.
                                      The Record also received the Award           “Beyond the sound                          Episcopal Life also was noted for
     Episcopal Life Circulation       of Merit for Critical Review with the     bites and sloganeering of the Epis-        the ACP Award of Merit for Best
     Department                                                                 copalians’ deadlock over sexuality
                                      story “Noteworthy Christmas: It’s                                                    in Class: National or International
     PO Box 2050
     Voorhees, NJ 08043-8000          About Life.” Published in Decem-          issues,” said competition judge Ray        Newspaper.          ber, the story covered Trinity,           Waddle, a columnist, author, and               [“High drama in General Convention’s
     800/374-9510                     Farmington Hills parishioner Nancy        editor of Reflections, the theological     response to the Anglican Communion” can
                                      Mitchell’s lifetime of writing.           journal of Yale Divinity School, “this     be found at]

2a                                                                                                                                       The Record//Episcopal Life
                                                                                                                                                        June 2007
U 2 can attend

Innovative mass comes to Dearborn in June
T       he music of the Irish band
        U2 will rock the walls of
        Christ Church in Dearborn
on June 16 at 4:30 p.m.. The service,
known as a U2Charist, is a diocesan
                                            “This is the first time in human
                                         history when we have the opportu-
                                         nity, and therefore the obligation,
                                         to make extreme poverty history,”
                                         said Blair Paige, New England coor-
                                                                                        U2Charist originator comes
celebration being hosted by Journey
of Faith, an experimental, congre-
                                         dinator for Episcopalians for Global
                                         Reconciliation. “Thirty-thousand               to Michigan this month
gational restart of “Old St. David’s,    children die every day due to ex-                                          by Mark Jenkins
Garden City” meeting on Saturdays        treme poverty, and 8000 people die
                                                                                               ho would have thought that the
in Christ Church’s Fellowship Hall.      of HIV/AIDS. That is the equiva-
                                                                                               term “U2Charist” would show up
The service will follow the pattern      lent of 10 September 11ths a day, or
                                                                                        on Wikipedia? (For readers who aren’t
of Journey of Faith’s weekly Eucha-      a tsunami every week. We as people
                                                                                        up to speed with the Internet, or the 21st
rist and will incorporate multimedia     of faith are called by our Creator to
                                                                                        Century for that matter, Wikipedia is “a
featuring music from U2’s catalog,       embrace this call to do what we can
                                                                                        multilingual, web-based, free content ency-
including such favorites as “Where       to make poverty history. As Bono
                                                                                        clopedia project ... written collaboratively
the Streets Have No Name,” “Yah-         has said, this is our generation’s
                                                                                        by volunteers; its articles can be edited by
weh,” and “One.”                         ‘moon shot.’”
                                                                                        anyone with access to the Internet.”
    Journey of Faith’s typical service       Bono, the lead singer of U2, has
                                                                                            And not only does it show up there but
is a simplified, more participatory      always been outspoken on issues
form of the standard Episcopal                                                          the definition is a pretty good one. The
                                         of social justice, and since the Live
Eucharist. Texts and readings                                                           first U2Charist (then spelled eU2charist)
                                         Aid concert in 1985, he has been                                                                Sarah Dylan Breuer
are drawn from a wide variety of                                                        was held in Baltimore, Maryland in 2004.
                                         involved in efforts to eradicate hun-
sources, some of which are written                                                      It was the brainchild of author, teacher and
                                         ger. Bono founded DATA (Debt,
specifically for and by members of                                                      preacher Sarah Dylan Breuer. A contributor to the recent book Get
                                         AIDS, and Trade for Africa) to
the congregation.                                                                       Up Off Your Knees: Preaching the U2 Catalog, she describes herself as a
                                         continue to address the realities
                                                                                        “huge U2 dork who had her hair cut just like Bono’s when she was
   “By Episcopal Church standards,       of extreme poverty and global
                                                                                        fourteen.” In addition to her love for U2, Breuer has served as the
our services are highly informal in      AIDS, and to educate and empower
                                                                                        editor of The Witness, is the editor of her own lectionary blog, which
dress and style,” said Mark Jenkins      people to action. The climax of
                                                                                        recently was named among “The Best Spiritual Blogs on the Inter-
rector of Journey of Faith. “We’re       U2’s recent Vertigo tour was Bono’s
                                                                                        net” by
trying to reach those who have           invitation to the audience to sign the
found more traditional approaches        ONE Declaration.                                   She will be the preacher for the U2Charist being held in Dear-
to be less than appealing. We’re                                                        born on June 16 at 4:30 p.m. at Christ Church, Dearborn.
                                            Bono was recently named Person
working to develop a congregational      of the Year (along with Bill and Me-
identity based upon: being hospi-        linda Gates) for his tireless work on        In addition to Journey of Faith          vice is being co-sponsored by Christ
table, being different, being compas-    behalf of the poor and people living      and the diocesan office of Youth            Church, Dearborn and St. John’s,
sionate and being member driven.         with HIV/AIDS.                            and Young Adult Ministries, the ser-        Plymouth.
Hosting a diocesan U2Charist seems
like a natural for us.”
   Preaching on June 16 will be
Sarah Dylan Breuer of Cambridge,             Mission Budget Committee begins
Mass., who in 1994 developed the
idea of a service to combine the
music of U2 with a focus on the
                                             hearings for 2008 mission and ministry
Millennium Development Goals.
Since its founding, U2Charists
have grown beyond their origin in
the Episcopal Church to become a
                                             T    he Mission Budget Committee held its first budget hearing
                                                  on May 16 at St. John’s, Royal Oak. The committee is
                                             using the budget hearings to present an overview of program
                                             and ministry that is proposed for 2008 and outline the chal-
worldwide phenomenon. Some of
                                             lenges in creating a budget that will provide sufficient funding
the visuals that will be used in the
                                             for the existing ministries of the Diocese of Michigan.
Dearborn service were put together
for use by a congregation in the                While last fall, the Diocesan Convention initialed its support
Church of England. The band U2               for a $2.6 million budget in 2008, Diocesan Council is charged
has given permission to the use of           with the task of returning to convention in October with a
their music in such services, so long        balanced budget for next year. In order to create that balanced       Randy Arsenault, chair of the budget committee,
as the emphasis on the MDG’s is              budget, the budget committee will be weighing the options of          and Diocesan Treasurer Gary Keranen.

maintained.                                  significantly curtailing program, ministry and staff of the diocese
                                             or significantly increasing revenues for the diocesan ministries.
   Every nation in the world has                                                                                   Budget Hearings
endorsed the Millennium Develop-                Even if all the congregations give at their full apportionment June 14—Christ Church, Dearborn 7 p.m.
ment Goals (MDG’s) to eradicate              level of support, explained Treasurer Gary Keranen, a member
                                                                                                               June 23—St. Andrew’s, Waterford, 9:30 a.m.
extreme poverty and global AIDS,             of St. Gabriel’s, Eastpointe, the diocese would be $193,000 away
                                                                                                               August 18—St. Paul’s, Jackson, 9:30 a.m.
and many churches, including the             from zero reliance on the funds in the Extended Ministries Fund.
                                                                                                                   September 11—St. Christopher/St. Paul’s,
Episcopal Church, have endorsed                The committee welcomes all interested people to its summer                                          Detroit 7 p.m.
them as well.                                meetings and discussions on the core values of the diocese.

The Record//Episcopal Life
June 2007                                                                                                                                                            3a

Worldviews: A Seminar on American Religious Diversity
opens eyes and minds to Detroit’s community and culture

                       by Claude Jacobs

             orldviews, a weeklong                                                                                                     The seminar is open to all peo-
             seminar on American                                                                                                   ple who have an interest in learning
             religious diversity at the                                                                                            about other religions and meeting
University of Michigan-Dearborn, is                                                                                                Detroiters of different faiths.
in its sixth year. Scheduled for June                                                                                                  The basic cost of the seminar is
18-23, the program has its origins                                                                                                 $450, which includes transportation
in the aftermath of September                                                                                                      to all religious centers, most meals
11, 2001. The Episcopal Church,
                                                                                                                                   during the week, a course material
the Diocese of Michigan, Christ
                                                                                                                                   of readings. Scholarships are avail-
Episcopal Church Dearborn, the
                                                                                                                                   able. The seminar may be taken as
Michigan Roundtable for Diversity
                                                                                                                                   a non-credit workshop, university
and Inclusion (formerly NCCJ) and
                                                                                                                                   credit (3 hours in Religious Studies),
the University of Michigan-Dear-
                                                                                                                                   or as continuing education through
born joined together to create an
                                                                                                                                   the University of Michigan-Dear-
educational opportunity to acquaint
                                                                                                                                   born or the Association of Profes-
people with the religious diversity of
                                                                                                                                   sional Chaplains.
Metropolitan Detroit.
                                          Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara                                   Photo credit: Bill McNeece       [See registration information on the
   The goal of the seminar is to          Langar - Communal Meal Following Diwan (public worship)                                  back page of The Record.]
provide opportunities to build            Plymouth, Michigan
community through awareness and
dialogue. Lectures and discussions        Mosher works locally and nation-
at the university and Christ Church,      ally as a consultant and educator on
Dearborn, are combined with visits
to a variety of religious centers in-
                                          inter-religious relations, specializing
                                          in America’s religious diversity and               Gordonwood update
cluding Buddhist, Christian, Hindu,       Christian-Muslim understanding.
Jain, Jewish, Muslim, Native Ameri-       She is the author of Faith in the
                                                                                                  ishop Wendell Gibbs reported to the Diocesan Council on
can, and Sikh.                            Neighborhood, a new series of books
                                                                                                  March 10 that he has been meeting with a Gordonwood task
   The seminar’s facilitator is Lu-       published by Seabury Press, that
                                                                                             force, consisting of four persons, over the course of the past year
cinda Mosher who holds a Th.D.            explores what it means to live and
                                                                                             discerning what to do with the property formerly used as Gordon-
from the General Theological              worship among the many faiths
                                                                                             wood Camp and Retreat Center.
Seminary. Based in New York City,         unique to America’s neighborhoods.
                                                                                                “We have met with nearly a dozen groups or individuals, with
                                                                                             an eye toward what the property could be used for,” Gibbs said.
                                                                                             “There is no suggestion by the committee on the table at this time.
Youth activities this summer                                                                 We are still listening and we have some people to talk with. At such
                                                                                             time as there is a recommendation, it would come to council. It
                                                                                             would be vetted by the entire diocese. And would go to convention
Summer Camp plans                                                                            before any decision is made.”
   The Diocese of Michigan provides faith-based summer camp opportunities                       “I can tell you that there are some wonderful, interesting ideas
through a partnership with the Lutherans and Living Water Ministries. Living                 out there and there are some awful and scary [ideas, too]. It’s been a
Water Ministries is the umbrella organization that operates two residential                  fascinating experience.” He reminded the council that “the alterna-
camps at Michi-Lu-Ca Camp and Conference center in Fairview, Michigan,                       tive use for Gordonwood is to benefit youth and young adult minis-
and Stony Lake Lutheran Camp in New Era, Michigan.                                           try in the diocese, and I continue to hold that before the task force.”
   See for more information.

Youth Summer Service Project
   The second diocesan youth summer service project is planned for August
5-11. Called Compassion at Work: Detroit, the hands-on mission trip in De-                     A-Elite Home Care Services
troit will collaborate with Habitat for Humanity on their Blitz Build housing
project. The Blitz Build will take place in the Morningside Commons area                            Bath Visit (1-1/2 hour) • Available 24 hours/7 days
near Alter Road between Warren and Mack Avenue.                                                      Visiting Physician • RN’s • LPN’s • Nurse Aides
   For more infomation, call 313/521-6691 ext. 107 or see the project flyer at                         SERVING YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS
                                                                                                          Skilled Care     Auto Recovery        Respite Care
                                                                                                          Alzheimer’s      Med reminder         Live-Ins
Musical Theater Camp                                                                                      Diabetes         Personal care        And more
   St. Clare of Assisi, Ann Arbor, will host a musical theater camp, August
27-31 at St. Clare’s. The one-week camp will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.                                       In Home Medical Testing
(with a half-day option for younger children). The theater camp, directed by                                Free Nurse Evaluation with opening
Brian Buckner from the University of Michigan Theater program, is open for
kids grades 1 through 12. Fun and creative!                                                                          877-419-2413
                                                                                                      (employees bonded & insured, criminal & drug testing)
  For additional information, contact Cory Dixon at 734/662-2449 or check-                                 Serving Oakland, Macomb & Wayne Counties
out the flyer at

4a                                                                                                                                                 The Record//Episcopal Life
                                                                                                                                                                  June 2007
50 years celebrated

St. Stephen’s, Troy: Laughing all the way to the altar

                             by Herb Gunn

         he first 50 years of St.                                                       to be rector of a parish, and when        a stewardship campaign that led to
         Stephen’s has been hilarious.                                                  you were known and criticized as          the expansion of the building.
         That is to say quite success-                                                  the church committed to racial inte-
ful for a church community that                                                         gration and Civil Rights, and when
                                                                                        you called a Lutheran as your first         “Step up your contributions,
includes to “burst out laughing” as
                                                                                        full-time associate, you were being         Close out your charge accounts.
a core of its mission statement.
                                                                                        loved.”                                     Liquidate all your assets,
   On May 5-6, the Troy church,                                                                                                     Cough up those large amounts.
which anchors its history on “Tradi-                                                       Tradition with humanity and
tion with Humanity and Humor,”                                                          humor, he said, is something much           “St. Stephen’s is really moving,
celebrated its 50th anniversary. The                                                    more profound than a one-liner to           Already on the go.
parish held a Saturday evening                                                          set up a sermon.                            We are the happiest family,
banquet followed by a festive wor-                                                          “In our post-modern environ-             Parting with our dough.
ship service on Sunday morning that                                                     ment, it is not just a matter of
included a tip of the hat to many                                                       telling a funny story to warm up            “After the ground is broken,
original founders and past and pres-                                                    the congregation before you get to          After the church is built,
ent choir members singing a special                                                     the spirited part of the sermon. It is      If you have not been giving,
anniversary anthem written by Phil                                                      something much more profound. It            You will be filled with _____ .”
and Linda Pierce. Also featured in                                                      is almost as if a sacred irreverence is
the celebration were the Jim Miller                                                     necessary to authentic faith.
                                            Jon Sams, rector at St. Stephen’s, Troy.                                                 Sams couldn’t bring himself to
Ringers, the bell choir named for
                                                                                           “Something approaching irrever-        close the phrase, but it didn’t mat-
the renowned choir director and             and foremost, in each other. And no
                                                                                        ence is necessary for us to be truly      ter. The congregation, all-knowing,
organist.                                   building, no book and no belief is
                                                                                        reverent toward God,” Sams said.          broke into laughter.
    “One of the many ironies about          more sacred than the human person.
                                            There are profound implications to             As if to prove his point—or               “It’s not me,” Sams closed. “It’s
Christianity is that our tradition, by
                                            that in every respect.”                     distance himself from the respon-         the tradition. The tradition of humor
its very nature, is subversive, radical,
                                                                                        sibility of the church’s journey          has been here and will be here long
and re-inventing itself,” said Rector          Sams reminded the parish of its
                                                                                        toward understanding God through          after we are gone. It’s part of the
Jon Sams. He said that St. Stephen’s        history as a people discovering the
                                                                                        laughter—Sams read an account,            stone; it’s part of the floor. If you
strives to not only “remain faithful        bond that love creates.
                                                                                        attributed to Diemer, whom the            don’t have a sense of humor about
to our profound tradition of wor-              “When your clergy let you down,          church recalled as the first woman        this stuff, you won’t ever get St.
ship and faith inherited from our           and you had to find your way to             to be on a vestry. The occasion was       Stephen’s.”
Anglican ancestors, but to remove           God despite us, you were being
the barriers that so often wall people      loved,” he said.
off from experiencing it.”                     “When you were battling with
   Recounting something he was              each other— ‘should we build a
told by longtime parishioner Ann            wing for the church school? Can
Diemer, Sams said “at St. Stephen’s         we afford it? No, we can’t. Yes, we
we have had a bond that is stronger         can’—when you were struggling
than our opinion.”                          to envision the future that God
    “It’s about tradition with human-       was calling us into, you were being
ity and humor,” he said. “Why hu-           loved.
manity? It means people come first.            “When you called the first
It means that God meets us, first           woman in the Diocese of Michigan

     PB meets with Communicators
     Continued from page 1a

        “Communication is a prophetic task that you and I share with
     others,” she said. “What you and I do in this moment can bring hope
     and wholeness somewhere. The language and images we use can
     inspire and move others to be change agents themselves and I firmly
     believe that is the charism, the gift, of communicators. Proclamation,
     witness, storytelling, movie-making are all forms of communication
     meant to move people to a different place.”
        Jefferts Schori thanked communicators for their ministry in the
     Episcopal Church and she added that the task is to “challenge the
     injustices and death-dealing realities around us and to inspire and en-
     courage others to build toward God’s dream of shalom of life abun-
     dant, not only for ourselves but for every creature in the cosmos.
        “Prophets have two tasks, to critique what’s unjust and to offer
     strength and comfort to the despairing,” she said.

The Record//Episcopal Life
June 2007                                                                                                                                                         5a

Ministry Fair
A great time
                    by Kathie Anslow

             his is a great time to be
             an Episcopalian!”
                 With that rallying
cry, Gregory Straub, Executive
Officer of The Episcopal Church
and one of two keynote speakers at
the annual diocesan Ministry Fair on
May 5, set the tone for a day packed
with 30 workshops on a wide range
of topics.
  This year’s fair was held at Christ
Church, Grosse Pointe.
   While Straub addressed about
150 participants in the nave, Vicki
Zust, canon to the ordinary for the
Diocese of Southern Ohio, was
galvanizing an equal number in the
church’s Community Room with a
provocative talk on “Generational
Characteristics and How They Affect
Everything We Do.”
                                                                             Brendan Ross

   The buzz generated by both talks,
and by the informal discussions with
the speakers that followed, was evi-

                                                                                                                                                                                      Brendan Ross
dent throughout the day.                 Leonard Combs leads a workshop.

                                                                                            Gregory Straub, executive officer of The Episcopal Church and keynote speaker.

                                                                                               Wrapped in his trademark bow tie              always be mediated by experience.
                                                                                            and wry humor, Greg Straub seemed                   “We are not first-century beings
                                                                                            like everybody’s favorite professor as           or eighth-century BCE beings. The
                                                                                            he riffled through current headlines             world view of the ancients is not
                                                                                            about the church (“We’d be in deep               ours. If we do not apply experience,
                                                                                            despair if we relied on the secular              we are applying first-century ban-
                                                                                            press”) and pointed out that there               dages to 21st-century wounds.”
                                                                                            has been strife since Luke wrote the
                                                                                            Acts of the Apostles.                               Straub, who also is secretary of
                                                                                                                                             General Convention, then talked
                                                                                               “Then it was whether or not to                about the plans for action that
                                                                                            include the Gentiles,” he said, “along           emerged from last summer’s conven-
                                                                                            with the applicability of Jewish laws.”          tion in Columbus, particularly the
                                                                                            He dared the group to “name any                  Millennium Development Goals.
                                                                                            other time” when the Church wasn’t
                                                                                            arguing within itself.                               “At long last the secular world has
                                                                                                                                             caught up with where the Church has
                                                                                               His witty tour of Anglican history            been throughout history,” he said.
                                                                                            (including the days when congrega-               “Share what you have ... heal the sick
                                                                                            tions were either “high and hazy, low            ... care for those in need ... love your
                                                                                            and lazy, or broad and crazy”) ended             neighbors. These are Church works,
                                                                                            with this observation:                           done at the Lord’s command, not
                                                                                               “Yes, we are contentious. It’s the            secular works.”
                                                                                            tradition of our Church. But other-                And why is it a great time to be an
                                                                                            wise there would only be complacen-              Episcopalian?
                                                                                            cy. It’s because our faith matters to
                                                                                            us that we defend our interpretation                Because, Straub said, “we have
                                                                                            of it.”                                          shed the image of a club at prayer to
                                                                                                                                             become people of God, at work in
                                                                                               Straub also stressed that Anglican-           the Church and in the world.”
                                                                                            ism’s famous three-legged stool of
                                                                                            scripture, tradition and reason must                Meanwhile, Vicki Zust led a

6a                                                                                                                                                            The Record//Episcopal Life
                                                                                                                                                                             June 2007

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Brendan Ross
                                                          Vicki Zust, canon to the ordinary for the Diocese of Southern Ohio, spoke on generational sensibilities.

                                                                                                                          Keynote themes pervaded the                      mission, led by Bruce Donigan and
                                                                                                                        morning and afternoon workshops.                   Lucinda Keils, focused on congre-
                                                                                                                           For example, Barry Randolph’s                   gations’ outreach ministries and on
                                                                                                                        enthusiastic presentation demonstrat-              practical ways to meet the Millen-
                                                                                                                                                                           nium Development Goals.
                                                                                                        Brad Whitaker

                                                                                                                        ed how the Church of the Messiah,
                                                                                                                        Detroit, has doubled the size of its                  There were workshops on becom-
                                                                                                                        congregation by evangelizing the                   ing more visitor-friendly; on pastoral
                                                                                                                        neighborhood.                                      response (particularly by lay persons)
                                                                                                                                                                           in difficult or emergency situations;
                                          Brad Whitaker

                                                          Greeters from Christ Church, Grosse Pointe:
                                                          Margaret Torp, Barbara Nickles and Al Torp.                      “Teenagers get their parents to
                                                                                                                        come,” he said. “The unchurched are                on Church and Politics ... and many,
                                                                                                                        comfortable. The table’s on the floor.             many more.
                                                          their education than on any other in
                                                          history. And only 15 percent attend                           No separation. We’re all one—four-                    It was an outstanding Ministry
Barry Randolph, priest at Church of the                   a house of worship at least once a                            year-olds and 82-year-olds.”                       Fair. It was ... and is ... a great time to
Messiah, Detroit.
                                                          month, compared for example with                                Workshops on advocacy and                        be an Episcopalian.
 Photography courtesy of                                  65 percent of the Silent Generation
    Brendan Ross and                                      (born 1927 -1943).
     Brad Whitaker                                           When the Church calls itself a                                WOMEN’S SPIRITUALITY PROJECT                                    2007 BACKPACKING
                                                          “family,” Zust said, this generation                                                                                             TRIPS on North
thoughtful and provocative analysis                       may think of a place where people                               2007 Women’s Wilderness                                          Manitou Island in Lake
of the five generations, spanning two                     fight with each other. “Even more                                  Trips of Perspective                                          Michigan. Each day
eras, living in the United States, and                    when the head is called Father,” she                                                                                             will include day hikes
what this means for the Church.                           added.                                                                                                                           and offer time for play,
                                                                                                                                                                                           reflection, good food
   The “Modern Era” encompasses                              The Millennial Generation is                                                                                                  and quiet time.
the G.I. Generation, the Silent                           the most supervised generation in                                                                                                I August 26-31, 2007
Generation, and the Baby Boomer                           history, according to Zust, because                                                                                              (also Saturday, July 21,
Generation. The “Postmodern Era”                          of concern about their safety and                                                                                                for a pre-trip workshop).
comprises “Generation X” and the                          well-being.                                                                                                                      For any woman who
                                                                                                                                                                                           feels a heart calling to
“Millennial Generation.”                                     “These kids have never been alone                                                                                             come; no experience
   Discussion and feedback were                           for more than five minutes,” she                                “WILDERNESS” DESCRIBES BOTH THE                                  necessary.
liveliest about Generation X—born                         laughed.                                                        EXTERNAL WILD BEAUTY OF NATURE AND THE                           II August 18-24, 2007
between 1961 and 1981—and the                                                                                             INTERNAL WILD LANDSCAPE OF OUR HEARTS,                           (also Saturday, July 21,
                                                             A positive note is that 90 percent                           MINDS AND SOULS.                                                 for an optional pre-trip
Millennials, who currently are aged                       of Millennials say that they have                                                                                                workshop).
five to 25.                                                                                                               The Women’s Wilderness Trips of Perspective allow
                                                          friends of a different race, and tend                                                                                            For experienced
                                                                                                                          women to return to the wilderness as an integral part of
   There were amusing statistics. For                     to be open-minded and inclusive.                                                                                                 back-packers or for
                                                                                                                          their spiritual journeys and as a meaningful way to nurture
Gen-Xers, TV has always been in                                                                                                                                                            women who will commit
                                                            Far less positive is that only four                           their spirits and gain perspective. On the trips women will
                                                                                                                                                                                           to being physically fit.
color and we have always been able                        percent are monthly attendees of any                            simplify their life and slow down to a pace that allows their
to go to the moon. For Millennials,                                                                                       soul to catch up.
                                                          house of worship.                                                                                                                2007 WRITING IN
roller skating has always been in-line                                                                                    For more information about the Women’s Wilderness                THE WILDERNESS
and popcorn has always been cooked                           Energetic discussion during and                              Trips of Perspective and for registration materials, visit       TRIP at MorningStar
in the microwave.                                         following Zust’s presentation came                     Or call 586-242-8270          Retreat Center in
                                                          up with many ways that the Church                               about Trips I and II and 586-291-8877 about Trip III.            LeRoy, MI
   But most statistics were sobering.                     might reach the Xs and Millennials                              The Women’s Spirituality Project is a self-sustaining            III September 20-23,
    Zust said that 100 percent of                         —interactive Web sites; e-mail access                           community of women on a faith journey who have a                 2007. An opportunity
Generation X are either the child of                      to clergy; newcomer-friendly service                            deep hunger for: time and a safe space to explore our            to plumb our spiritual
                                                                                                                          spirituality, affirmation and celebration of our gifts and       depths through writing
divorce or have a “best friend” who                       leaflets; opportunities for open dialog;
                                                                                                                          ideas, and the opportunity to share our stories in our own       exercises, time out-
is the child of divorce. The lowest                       a stable and nurturing environment,                                                                                              doors, sacred silence
                                                                                                                          voices with other women and to have our voices heard in a
percentage of GNP was spent on                            to name a few.                                                  circular rather than hierarchical model.                         and community time.

The Record//Episcopal Life
June 2007                                                                                                                                                                                                        7a

                                                                                                The bishop’s
                                   Gibbs                                                         sabbatical

     Bishop of the Diocese            Before starting a four-month sabbatical leave, Bishop Wendell Gibbs talked
                                   about his plans and expectations for his time away, in a conversation with Kathie
          The Rt. Rev.             Norman Anslow. Bishop Gibbs will return to the diocese on September 8.
      Wendell N. Gibbs, Jr.               Kathie Anslow for The Record:                WNG: Actually, I have. It’s              The campus is in downtown
                                   First off, just what is a sabbatical?       humbling. It takes awhile to get out      Copan Ruinas, a town named for the
                                   Is it more than a long vacation?            of the monolog stage, where you’re        famous Mayan ruins of Copan a half-
      Bishop’s Executive
                                                                               telling God what you want, and to         mile away. There will be field trips
            Staff                      Bishop Wendell N. Gibbs:
                                                                                                                         to the ruins and other historic sites,
                                                                               start being quiet and listening to
                                   It comes from the same root as
     Denise B. Crenshaw                                                        what God is saying to you.                which I’ll learn about in Spanish.
                                   “Sabbath”—the day of rest. In
            Dean                                                                   The Record: And then?                 And I look forward to chatting with
                                   academia, it’s time away from normal
 Whitaker School of Theology                                                                                             locals in the town square, about life
                                   duties to do other research and                 WNG: I will spend a second week                                                                                                   and people.
                                   study. For clergy, it’s the notion          staying in the guest house at the
                                   that after a certain period of time         monastery. Then I will be a co-con-          The Record: You’ll need a little
          Jo Gantzer                                                           secrator of the bishop coadjutor for      R&R after all that…
                                   —traditionally seven years, but it
  Canon for Lifelong Learning                                                  Virginia at the National Cathedral.          WNG: Yeah! In July I’m going
                                   varies—you should go and “take                                                        And then I head to Honduras for six       camping for two weeks in the North-
                                   Sabbath.” It’s supposed to be a time
                                   for rest, but especially for bishops it     weeks.                                    west, the Grand Tetons area, with
         The Rev. Canon            has become a time to do something                                                     an old friend from seminary. Then
                                                                                   The Record: The contrasts are
           Lisa A. Gray            they’ve always wanted to do, away                                                     Karlah and I are going with another
                                                                               dizzying. Why Honduras?
      Canon to the Ordinary        from normal routines and respon-                                                      couple to the Southwest, to look at                                                            WNG: This part is my particular
                                   sibilities. Things they’re passionate       passion, a dream I’ve had. It’s           places we might like for retirement.
                                   about but wouldn’t otherwise have           incredibly important for my future        Albuquerque is our anchor spot,
         Jo Ann Hardy              time to deal with.                                                                    but we’ll rent a fuel-efficient car
                                                                               ministry and this diocese.
  Diocesan Administrator and                                                                                             and wander to other places in New
                                      I look at it as a time when I can            I am going to a Spanish immer-
 Special Assistant to the Bishop                                                                                         Mexico and Arizona. After that, we’ll
                                   delve into things that will be sup-         sion school with the hope of becom-                                                                                                  have some family time in August.
                                   portive, informational, and forma-          ing fluent in Spanish. The reason
                                                                                                                         And then we’re going to Scotland
                                   tive—foundational—to my next                is the growing number of Hispanic
         The Rev. Canon                                                                                                  for 10 days. I’ve always wanted to go
                                   season of ministry.                         communities throughout the dio-
        John F. Keydel, Jr.                                                                                              there.
                                     The Record: How will you                  cese. I’d like the Episcopal Church
       Canon for Ministry                                                                                                   The Record: Have you planned
                                   begin?                                      to be part of those communities; to
         Development &                                                                                                   your itinerary for Scotland?
                                                                               offer them our brand of Christianity.
       Transition Ministries          WNG: I know that after seven             When we do that, I want to be in the         WNG: Not yet. We don’t even           years, I need a time of retreat. Alone      midst of it, not on the sidelines. My     know if we’ll land in Edinburgh or
                                   with God and my thoughts. With              dream is that before I prepare for my     Glasgow. Everybody we know who
     Trustees’ Director of         what has happened, and what I hope          next sabbatical, there will be at least   has ever been to Scotland is giving
        Stewardship                to have happen. So I will begin with        two Hispanic congregations in the         us advice. It’s hard to make choices.
     and Planned Giving            16 or so days at the Benedictine            diocese.                                  But we’ll go to Iona, for sure.
                                   Monastery in Three Rivers. I first
                                                                                   The Record: How’s your Span-             The Record: It’s an oxymoron,
         Kristine Miller           came to know them in 1984, and it’s
                                                                               ish right now?                            but can you provide any “advance           like home. It harkens back to my
                                                                                   WNG: Rusty! I took Spanish            reflections” about your sabbati-
                                   early days in a monastery.
                                                                               from second through 12th grade,           cal?
                                     The Record: What will that time           but switched to French in college. I         WNG: It should give me energy
                                   be like?                                    shouldn’t have done that. Then, of        for the next seven years. I need refu-
                                       WNG: I’ll spend the first week          course, it was Hebrew and Greek in        eling. This is a major refueling stop.
                                   literally all alone, staying in the her-    seminary. My Spanish is locked away          The time will fly faster than I can
                                   mitage. It’s a one-room sort of cabin       somewhere in my head, but I’m out         imagine. And there will be a lot to
                                   where you do your own cooking and           of practice.                              jump into when I get back. Prepara-
                                   have no contact with anyone. You                The Record: Can you describe          tions for Diocesan Convention, of
                                   can go to services if you want, but         the program for us?                       course. But before getting into those,
     Episcopal Church Center       you don’t talk to anybody and leave             WNG: Well, it’s cultural im-          there’s the tremendously important
      4800 Woodward Ave.           by a separate door. The prospect is         mersion, not a classroom, although        September meeting of the House of
     Detroit, MI 48201-1399        both exciting and a little unsettling       there’s 20 hours a week of one-on-        Bishops in New Orleans, with the
          313/832-4400             —to be that alone, for that long.           one instruction. I will live with a       Archbishop of Canterbury.
            Toll Free
                                     The Record: Have you ever                 family—an ordinary family—who                I may be a calmer presence in
                                   done anything like this before?             may or may not speak English.             New Orleans for having been away.

8a                                                                                                                                     The Record//Episcopal Life
                                                                                                                                                      June 2007

Breaking Bread. . . . .
   The Rev. Thomas Hawkins
has been named dean of the Detroit
Deanery. Hawkins serves as priest at
St. Timothy’s, Detroit.
                                                                          B    reaking Bread highlights the work of our congregations and
                                                                               their parishioners to break the bread of Christ. In this
                                                                          section, we welcome you to share the event or ministry that best
   Jenna Lewis,                                                           reflects how your congregation is representing Christ in your
a senior board-                                                           community each month.
ing student at
St. Andrew’s-                                                                “The Eucharist is the sacrament of Christ’s resurrection and
Sewanee School
                                                                          his ongoing presence at work among us.”
and a recipient
of the Bishop H.                                                                                 —A New Dictionary for Episcopalians, (p. 72)
Irving Mayson
program, was
named a Gates Millennium Scholar.
Established in 1999 with a one bil-
lion dollar grant from the Bill and
                                         Grace and St. Timothy’s embrace
Melinda Gates Foundation, the
Gates Millennium Scholar program
                                       their future while honoring their past
promotes academic excellence by

providing educational support for                  by Herb Gunn
outstanding students. Lewis                 wo Detroit church-                                                                at St. Timothy’s and
plans to attend the University of           es—St. Timothy’s,                                                                 at Grace during May
Pennsylvania in the fall.              Detroit, and Grace                                                                     and July. The vexing
                                       Church—are ventur-                                                                     issues of merging two
                                       ing forward toward                                                                     congregations are
   Keith                               a merge of the two con-                                                                being addressed by a
Lucas has                              gregations that could be                                                               12-member Next Step
joined                                 completed by the end                                                                   Committee drawn
Alvin Clark                            of the year.                                                                           from the two church-
as a sexton at                         But as some in the                                                                     es. The committee is
Christ Church,                         process keep focusing                                                                  studying everything
Detroit.                               on, it won’t be so much                                                                from finance, com-
                                       a merger of two older                                                                  munication and a new
   Terry Moore, parishioner at         churches as the begin-                                                                 name to building and
St. Andrew’s, Waterford, has been      ning of something new.                                                                 permanent site alterna-
named as a co-coordinator of the          After several years                                                                 tives.
Diocese of Michigan’s Episcopal        of discussion, which at     Grace Church Senior Warden Airlene Fowler Gross      ghg
                                                                                                                                 Meanwhile, St.
Relief and Development work. He        times involved a hand-      and St. Timothy’s Senior Warden Frantz Morisseau           Timothy’s held a cele-
succeeds Sue Millar, longtime          ful of other Detroit                                                                   bration on April 15 to
ERD contact person from St. Paul’s,    churches, Grace and St. Timothy’s began to hold             honor the parishioners who have been part of
Lansing. Moore joins Juanita           joint services and special occasions during 2006,           the history of the Detroit church, one that has
Woods, a member of St. Timothy’s,      alternating between the two buildings for most              already seen one merger. St. Timothy’s absorbed
Detroit, in the effort to promote      of the year. In February 2007, the two Detroit              St. Augustine’s in 1967.
ERD’s work in the diocese.             churches voted to approve a resolution to merge                “We want to do some rounding off of one
                                       and indicated to the Standing Committee and to              phase in order to more cleanly enter the next
   Beth Row-                           Diocesan Council their intention to move for-               phase of our combined life,” Hawkins said at
ley has accept-                        ward, even as some of the more vexing decisions             the celebration.
ed a position as                       of how and where lay before them.
the administra-                                                                                        “We are working in two directions,” he
                                          “We don’t know what building we will be in.              explained. “One is toward a detailed proposal
tive coordina-                         It might be one or the other or a third,” said St.
tor assigned                                                                                       for Diocesan Council and the other is this: we
                                       Timothy’s Rector Tom Hawkins at an apprecia-                need to do things together—liturgy, education,
to the ministry                        tion tea in mid-April. “The building is less impor-
development                                                                                        etc—while we are exploring the other issues.”
                                       tant. Our commitment to ministry, to the service
department on                                                                                         “We are really trying to get away from so
                                       of God and to each other is the decision we have
the diocesan                                                                                       many things that are ‘we/they’ so that it is more
                                       made this year.”
staff. She fills                                                                                   ‘us’,” said Airlene Fowler Gross, senior warden
a position after                          The two churches resumed joint worship for               at Grace Church, who is a member of the Next
the resignation                        the summer, holding services in June and August             Step Committee.
of Pamela
who served as
diocesan staff
secretary. Whit-                            If you support our advertisers or advertise your activities,
sett served the                                        you help The Record keep publishing.
Diocese of Michigan for five years.

The Record//Episcopal Life
June 2007                                                                                                                                               9a

                                         From                                                       A weighty
                                         Perspective                                               proposition

  Joe Summers, priest at Church of the Incarnation, Pittsfield Township
  Administrative Coordinator of Oasis TBLG Outreach
                                                                                     Concerned groups plan

I    applied for my current part-time
     job as administrative coordina-
     tor of Oasis, a ministry of the
Diocese of Michigan that welcomes,
affirms and supports lesbian, gay,
bisexual and transgender people
                                         ruling as anything other than the
                                         declaration that TBLG people are
                                         some kind of second-class citizens
                                         in the eyes of the state. It also can
                                         have such a devastating impact on
                                         couples and families in terms of the
                                                                                     retreat to address Prop. II
                                                                                     and Michigan court ruling
                                                                                        Oasis, the TBLG Concerns Committee, the Huron Valley Dean-
                                                                                     ery, and a number of area congregations are sponsoring a planning re-
                                                                                     treat on June 9 to address the impact of the recent Michigan Court of
(LGBT), in part because I had just       loss of benefits and income.                Appeals ruling that same-sex couples are not to be legally recognized.
heard about the Michigan Court of           If, for example, you’ve been on             The retreat will be held at St. Luke’s, Ypsilanti, beginning at
Appeals ruling on Proposition II.        your partner’s health benefits, the         8:30 a.m. Please contact Joe Summers at or
I was aware how harmful simply           cost of moving to getting individual        734/846-3578 in order to register.
the passage of that proposition had      insurance is simply exorbitant. In            See
been in terms of demeaning same-         addition, many people have condi-
sex relationships, but then came         tions that make getting health insur-
levels of harm from the vote that no     ance simply impossible.
one had imagined                                                                 and that their rights are protected,     Proposition II. My hope is that
                                            The result is that many same-
    Prior to Election Day 2004, the      sex couples and families are now        is for real or whether it is simply      it will lead to a time of action—
proponents of Proposition II said in     considering whether or not to stay      lip service. The good news about         whether on the political, education-
their campaign literature that declar-   in Michigan. As our president of        justice, equality, and respecting the    al, pastoral, or spiritual level—and
ing marriage restricted to one man       Oasis, Jesus Acosta-Hughes, said at     dignity of every human being is          we can come together to figure out
and one woman would not have any         our recent Banquet for the Beloved:     not just something we are simply         what we can do and how best to do
implications for same-sex partner        “I’ve been willing to stand up to       to practice in church—it is a reality    it.
benefits. The Michigan Court of          every kind of discrimination myself,    we are called to make manifest in           The retreat will be held at St.
Appeals, however, now has declared       but I’m not willing to risk putting     society. The bottom line is that how     Luke’s, Ypsilanti, beginning at 8:30
that Proposition II means that           my child in jeopardy.”                  we respond to this ruling will have      a.m. (see above).
same-sex couples and their families                                              a real impact on whether Michigan
                                             TBLG individuals, couples, and      is seen as a place where same-sex           As was so evident in the movie
cannot be legally recognized and
                                         families have become a central part     couples and families are safe and        “Amazing Grace,” history shows
thus, for example, same-sex partners
                                         of many churches throughout the         valued—or not.                           us that even small groups of people
cannot receive benefits because that
                                         diocese. Now the question is                                                     can make a difference, but it takes
is the kind of benefit often associat-                                              On June 9, there will be a plan-
                                         whether or not our commitment                                                    a lot of grace in the form of cour-
ed with marriage. This open-ended,                                               ning retreat for people who feel
                                         to love and honor one another, to                                                age, imagination, persistence, and
expansive, interpretation is terribly                                            called to address the impact of
                                         see that each is treated with dignity                                            organization. May it be so!
troubling. It is hard not to see this

                            Exploring Your
                                                                                             Thank You to The Record
                         Spiritual Journey                                                        for 10 years of supporting the
                                                                                            Becoming the Household of God Conference
                                                                                                 The committee asks for readers’
        A powerful program to identify God’s work in your life.                                  continued support of The Record;
            Contact Nanette Lutz at the Whitaker School to begin the
     transformation. Call 313/833-4423 and see
                                                                                             please be generous with your donations!

10a                                                                                                                                     The Record//Episcopal Life
                                                                                                                                                       June 2007

                                           From                                                 EFM offers
                                           My                                                  education for
                                                                                              Christian service
     Carrie Cunningham
     Christ Church, Grosse Pointe

E        ducation for Ministry (EFM)
         is a four-year program of
         theological education and
reflection. Created by the University
of the South (Sewanee), the EFM
seminars assist baptized Christians
                                           different groups, the most ever in
                                           the diocese. Two of the groups, at
                                           St. Michael’s, Lansing, and Church
                                           of the Advent, West Bloomfield, are
                                           new this year.
                                                                                      Currently, there are 10 active
                                                                                    mentors in the diocese: Teresa
                                                                                    Walters (St. Paul’s, Jackson); the
                                                                                    Rev. Richard Hamlin (St. Michael’s,
                                                                                    Lansing); the Rev. Carol Mader (St.
                                                                                    Augustine’s, Mason); the Rev. Kevin
                                                                                                                             United States, Canada and many
                                                                                                                             other places such as Europe, Asia,
                                                                                                                             the Caribbean and Australia. The
                                                                                                                             bulk of EFM groups are filled with
                                                                                                                             Episcopalians, but other denomina-
                                                                                                                             tions are also represented.
                                              Twelve persons graduated from
in pursuing their religious call to        EFM in the diocese in 2006 and           Warner (Advent, West Bloomfield);           The Diocese of Michigan vigor-
service.                                   another four will complete the           Barbara Mackey (St. Andrew’s, Ann        ously supports EFM in Michigan,
   When people are confirmed,              four-year program this spring. They      Arbor); Gay Gillespie and Suzanne        both financially, which reduces
the Sewanee Web site says, nascent         are Paul LeClair and Pam Sherry          Johnson (St. Gabriel’s, Eastpointe);     tuition costs for students, and by
Christians prepare to mirror and           from the group at St. Gabriel’s,         and Carol Campbell, Unah Matu-           encouraging Episcopalians to take
embody the Trinity. Ministers ask          Eastpointe; and Mary Eldrige and         Ndambuki and Don Wiggins                 the course. “The Diocese’s support
God to “renew in these your ser-           Angela Sherbine of St. Andrew’s,         (Cathedral Church of St. Paul).          for the program encourages us in
vants the covenant you made with           Ann Arbor.                                  “The best part about being a          the learning of critical theological
them at Baptism. Send them forth              EFM mentors lead the seminar          mentor is being able to see people       thinking,” Wiggins said.
in the power of the spirit to perform      groups. They come steeped in             grow and become confident when             May EFM continue to flourish in
the service you set before them.”          knowledge, as Sewanee requires           speaking about their faith,” said        Michigan!
EFM trains students for this service.      that they be trained by the program      Don Wiggins, the coordinator for
                                                                                    the program in the diocese.                 [For further information about starting
   EFM has a two-pronged                   every 18 months. They then guide                                                  an EFM group or becoming an EFM
approach for students to realize           the spiritual development in their          Begun in 1977, EFM boasts more        student, contact Don Wiggins at 248-
their Christian calling. First, students   groups.                                  than 20,000 graduates, and today         547-9413 or by e-mail at dandlwiggins@
study the Old Testament (first year),                                               there are nearly 1,000 groups in the]
New Testament (second year),
Church history (third year) and

                                           Letters to the editor

theological issues(4th year). Second,
the seminar group engages in what’s
called Theological Reflection, a                                                                                                            tte
                                                                                                                                                r to ord ard A

                                                                                                                                          Le Rec oodw 201
method of integrating the events of                                                                                                         he W I 48
                                                                                                                                           T 0
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their lives with Scripture and culture
                                                                                                                                              Letter to the Editor
to inform their theological beliefs.                 Sermons from Michigan reach across the pond                                              The Record
                                                                                                                                              4800 Woodward Avenue
                                                                                                                                              Detroit, MI 48201

   Meeting weekly during a nine-
month academic cycle, students             Dear Editor:
worship together, discuss their les-          I am an American Ph.D. student        but due to a crisis of his own faith,    as attending Sunday services at my
sons, share spiritual autobiographies      of Medieval English at the Univer-       my father chose to raise me outside      parish church here in England—St.
and work through a series of com-          sity of Birmingham in the UK and         of the faith. I was looking for a sign   Mary’s in Charnwood. I just thought
mon lessons. Close relationships           have been listening to the podcasts      from God that I should join this         you might like to know that the
begin to develop amongst seminar           from St. John’s, Detroit, for the last   Church, that it is what He wants me      sermons from Michigan reach the
members. According to the Sewanee          few weeks. I came upon them while        to do. And then, at the bottom of a      faithful across the pond as well as in
Web site, “Participants sharpen their      looking for hymns on the iTunes          list of hymns, (I was searching for      your own parishes.
skills of personal and cultural assess-    Website for my upcoming wedding.         “All Things Bright and Beautiful”)          God Bless.
ment to be effective in a variety of                                                was a podcast from an Episcopal
ministries.”                                  At the time I was struggling to
                                                                                    church in Detroit, Michigan—my
                                           decide whether to be confirmed
    EFM does not ordain its gradu-                                                  home town!                                                                                    Sincerely,
                                           in the Anglican communion. My
ates, but rather instructs people in       extended family is Catholic and I           Since then I have been listening                      Aleisha Montgomery
all walks of life for participation in     was baptized in the Catholic church,     to these podcasts regularly as well           Leicestershire, United Kingdom
the mission of the Church.
   EFM in the Diocese of Michigan
has blossomed since its first class        Editor’s Note: Preachers, do you podcast your sermons?
was taught at the Cathedral Church         The Record is preparing to list audio resources on sermons that are stored as audio files on the Internet.
of St. Paul 17 years ago. This year        Let us know where we can find yours. Write
there are 60 students among seven

The Record//Episcopal Life
June 2007                                                                                                                                                                           11a
                       Diocesan Ministry Development Calendar

Spirituality and Rule of Life:                                          Upcoming Prevention                                The Gospel of Luke
Prayers and Powers                                                       Training Schedule
                                                                                                                           Sept. 17, Oct. 1, 15, 29, Nov. 12, 26, Dec. 10
June 2                                                                         Saturday, June 9                            An in depth exploration of the gospel according to
(A Small amount of reading before class)                                    St. Peter’s, Tecumseh                          St. Luke
Faculty: The Rev. William Wylie-Kellermann                 Safeguarding God’s Children                                     Faculty: Dr. Janis Fletcher
Location: St. Peter’s, Detroit                             9 a.m. – 1 p.m.                                                 Location: St. John’s, Royal Oak
Cost: $30                                                  Sexual Exploitation & Harassment Prevention                     Cost: 7 sessions - Special fall rate $70
Time: 9-3                                                  1 p.m. – 5 p.m.                                                 Time: Mondays, 7 - 9 p.m.
(2 Diocesan CEUs)
                                                                                 September 22                               -or-
Worldviews: A Seminar on American                                  Christ Church Cranbrook, Bloomfield, Hills
                                                           Safeguarding God’s Children                                     Sept. 18, Oct. 2, 16, 30, Nov. 13, 27, Dec. 11:
Religious Diversity                                        9 a.m. – 1 p.m.                                                 Location: St. David’s, Southfield
                                                           Sexual Exploitation & Harassment Prevention                     Cost: 7 sessions - Special fall rate $70
June 18-23                                                 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.                                                 Time: Tuesdays, 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Faculty: Dr. Lucinda Mosher and metro Detroit religious
leaders                                                    Please arrive at least 15-30 minutes early for registration.
Location: University of Michigan Dearborn, Christ Church
Dearborn and various religious houses of worship.              There are limited prevention workshops scheduled
Cost: $450                                                 for the upcoming academic year. Please coordinate your                      Worldviews
Time: Six days and some evenings
(10 Diocesan CEUs)
                                                           schedule so that you are able to attend these workshops                      Lecture
                                                           in order to fulfill the requirements of the new diocesan
                                                           policy.                                                                      Dr. Ralph G. Williams, the
Ethics                                                          Registrations will be taken at the workshop. The regis-              Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
                                                           tration fee is $20 per individual workshop or $30 for both                of English in the Department
September 8, October 6, November 3 & December 1            workshops taken the same day. If taking both sessions,                    of English Language and Lit-
Faculty: The Rev. John Henry                               please bring a bag lunch.                                                 erature and Adjunct Lecturer
Location: Trinity, Belleville                                   If you have questions concerning the curriculum please               in Near Eastern Studies at the
Cost: $120                                                 contact Dean Denise Crenshaw at the Whitaker School                       University of Michigan will
Time: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.                                      of Theology 313/833-4412 or
                                                                                                                                     offer a special lecture in con-
(8 Diocesan CEUs)                                          Nanette Lutz 313/833-4423 or
                                                                                                                                     juntion with the Worldviews
                                                                                                                                     seminary, on Thursday, June
                                                                                                                                     21, at 7 p.m. at Christ Church,

              Worldviews:                                                                                                               This event is free and open
                                                                                                                                     to the public.
              A Seminar on American Religious Diversity

                                                                                                                              June 18-23
                                                                                                               at the University of Michigan Dearborn,
                                                                                                                       Christ Church Dearborn
                                                                                                               and various religious houses of worship

                                                                                                                      Faculty: Dr. Lucinda Mosher
                                                                                                                   and metro Detroit religious leaders
                                                                                                                              Cost: $450
                                                                                                                   Time: Six days and some evenings

                                                                                                           A beautiful slideshow that is part of the Pluralism Project
                                                                                                                can be found through
              Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara                            Photograph by Bill McNeece
              Diwan - (Public Worship)
              Plymouth, Michigan

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