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									Session:                                 Small Business
                                     Information Worksheet


     You may like to refer to Parts 4 and 5 (in particular the section on
    how to conduct CPA, how to propose demonstration projects and how to
    interface with financial institutions) of the Guidance Manual for
    obtaining more information

    Read the case study carefully

    Pay special attention to the data and brochures provided


The information requested below is optimal if your credit request is less
than $250,000, but it would assist us in understanding your business.
Replies are encouraged to be brief. Some of this information may be
covered by a business plan, company literature or resume which you
already may have available. If so, please feel free to include this material.

1.1 Please provide a brief history of your business and describe your products
/ services

1.2 If you have been in business for less than 5 years, please summarize your
previous business experience

Worksheet 9 for the Case Study of the Spicy Deep Fried Peanut Factory
1.3 What do you feel are the two main strengths of your business? Consider
for example, management experience, competitive advantages, customer
loyalty, financial resources and any other aspects

1.4 What are the key risks and challenges in your business and how do you
manage against them?

1.5 What are your plans for the business in the next 2 years?

1.6 Is there anything else about your business that you would like us to know?
For example, has the nature of your business changed recently?

1.7 If there have been any difficulties in the past in your personal or
business credit history, you may explain them here

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Worksheet 9 for the Case Study of the Spicy Deep Fried Peanut Factory

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