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					                     VILLAGE OF WORTH
                      HELD October 5, 2010

CALL TO ORDER    Village President called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

ROLL CALL        Roll call indicated that the following trustees were present: James
                 Serpico Mary Rhein, Lezley Zubaty, Colleen McElroy, Pete Kats, and
                 Rich Dziedzic. Also in attendance at the meeting were Superintendent
                 of Public Works Wayne Demonbreun, Building Commissioner Bruce
                 Zartler, and Village Engineer Mike Spolar

PLEDGE OF        Pledge of Allegiance

ALLIED WASTE     Hank Potts spoke about the toter program for the Village of Worth,
                 each household will receive one 95 gallon tote free for garbage, the
                 week of October 18 on your regular garbage pick up day. Recyclables
                 can be placed in a container labeled recyclables for pick up and yard
                 waste can be placed in a 35 gallon garbage container labeled yard
                 waste, or the brown kraft bio degradable bag. If the resident needs a
                 second tote for garbage they may call Allied and request one. Allied
                 will rent totes to residents for yard waste for a fee of $30.00 per year
                 per tote.

                 President Keller stated that he has 8 adults in his house and uses 2 95
                 gallon totes.

                 Trustee Kats asked what will the residents need to do if they want
                 Allied to pick up their old garbage cans, Hank Potts responded they can
                 tape a note to the can that says throw me out. Trustee Kats also asked
                 about when will Allied pick up garbage in just the tote, not bags or
                 other containers. Hank Potts responded that this will happen after a
                 couple of weeks, we will place reminders to the resident to use the tote
                 that was provided. Hank Potts stated that the new style truck has an arm
                 on it and the largest issue for Allied is workers comp injuries, this new
                 truck will allow the employee to stay in the truck and pick up the
                 container by moving a joystick.

                 Trustee Zubaty asked if you only have one tote and you have a big
                 party, will the resident have to call you, Hank Potts responded no we
                 understand that people have parties.

                 Trustee McElroy asked what are the dates for yard waste pick up. Hank
                 Potts responded April 1 - December 1. Trustee McElroy asked about
                 pick up after December 1, Hank responded it will be picked up but it
                 will go in the garbage truck.

                 President Keller reiterated that these totes are free, and if a tote breaks
                 you can call Allied and they will repair or replace the tote.

                 Trustee McElroy asked if the garbage pick up days remain the same for
Minutes of the Meeting held October 5, 2010

                                garbage pick up. Hank Potts responded Yes. Trustee McElroy asked if
                                Allied discourages residents from putting their name and or address on
                                the tote. Hank Potts responded we do not encourage it.

                                Trustee Kats asked if you presently rent a tote how will that work,
                                Hank Potts responded, when you receive your invoice please do not
                                pay for the rental and if you paid you will be credited on your next bill.

                                Len Wilcer asked about the recyclables and yard waste. Hank Potts
                                explained that you will get one free tote for garbage, yard waste and
                                reclyables will be done like it always has been.

                                Jack Boehm asked about the new truck and will hanging branches
                                affect it. Hank s Potts stated no the arm comes out the side and can
                                move at 35 degree angles.

                                Steve Werner asked about large items. Hank explained that the bulk
                                pick up will remain the same

                                Hank Potts stated that if the resident has any questions or concerns they
                                can always call Allied.

 CITIZEN’S COMMENTS             None

 NEW BUSINESSES                 Trustee Dziedzic introduced 3 new businesses in the Village of Worth.
                                Kay’s Cash for Gold located at 7011 W. 111th Street, the owner
                                explained his business he buys gold for cash, and we only buy from
                                people with an ID. Trustee McElroy asked if they re sell, he stated that
                                it is not resold, it is melted into bars.
                                Grill Mix, Inc. located at 10607 S. Harlem, Trustee Dziedzic asked
                                what kind of food will he have the owner responded Mediterranean.
                                Trustee McElroy asked if the had a Cook County Inspection and if they
                                have a license to handle food, the license is approved pending Cook
                                County Health Inspection. Without any objection. This will remain on
                                the consent agenda.

                                Stealth Recovery located at 7225 W. Southwest Highway, the owner
                                explained that they will store cars that they repossess at the facility;
                                cars are usually there for about 3 business days. Building
                                Commissioner Zartler stated that they will need to go in front of the
                                REDB for approval for the fence. Trustee Dziedzic asked how many
                                cars the owner stated about 30. President Keller stated that we do have
                                an ordinance regarding parking on grass. The owner stated that they
                                will park on the pavement.

                                Trustee Dziedzic stated that Commissioner Zartler and I looked at new
                                business that would like to be a used car lot. Trustee Dziedzic stated
                                that he owns a car lot now. Commissioner Zartler discussed a business
                                license that was not on the agenda for One Stop Auto Sales of Illinois
Minutes of the Meeting held October 5, 2010

                                located at 6655 W. 111th Street. Commissioner Zartler stated that he is
                                going to sell used cars. Commissioner Zartler can approve up to 15 cars
                                and when the lot is repaved and striped, it will be re-evaluated for more
                                cars. They will not be able to wash cars or repair cars on the premises
                                there will be no traffic allowed on the side streets they will need to
                                enter and exit onto 111th Street. This will be placed on the next consent
                                agenda for approval.

 PRESIDENT’S REPORT             President Keller read correspondence from Palos Hills Resource &
                                Recreation Department regarding the PATSE bus service. President
                                Keller asked that we approve the invoice for $435.00. Trustee Rhein
                                asked if this could be paid out of the Hotel/Motel tax money
                                beautification/tourism it might be a little bit of a stretch. President
                                Keller will talk to Finance Director Dwayne Fox. Without any
                                objection. This will remain on the consent agenda.

                                President Keller announced the re-grand opening of the Worth Public
                                Library on October 17 from 1-3 p.m. all are invited.

                                President Keller passed out some financial information from the 2008
                                and 2009 audit. President Keller stated these figures are from our
                                official audit.

                                Fiscal year April 30, 2008 we received 2.7 million dollars in property
                                taxes in the fiscal year ending April 30, 2009 we received 1.8 million in
                                property taxes this is $900,000.00 less.

                                Fiscal year April 30, 2008 our expenses for the police department were
                                3 million in the fiscal year ending April 30, 2009 our expenses for the
                                police department were 3.6 million this is $600,000.00 more,
                                $300,000.00 is due to the police pension fund loss.

                                Fiscal year April 30, 2008 our net assets (revenue minus expenses) was
                                ½ million in the fiscal year ending April 30, 2009 our net assets
                                (revenue minus expenses) were 1.7 million deficit.

                                Fiscal year ending April 30, 2009 the taxes that we were going to
                                collect was projected to be 3.7 million we collected 2.5 million a 1.1
                                million deficit. President Keller explained that Trustee Rhein and I did
                                not vote in favor of that budget.

                                Dan Feltz asked about the 2009 projected property tax figure. Trustee
                                Rhein stated that when we compared property taxes from the year
                                before and the budgeted amount, we felt we would not get that in,
                                Trustee Rhein did not agree with the projected number. This was way
                                over the tax cap. President Keller stated that this audit is online.

                                Dan Feltz questioned the expenses for the boat launch, in 2008 it was
                                $25,000.00 and in 2009 it was $11,008. President Keller stated that we
Minutes of the Meeting held October 5, 2010

                                did go to seasons pass this year. Clerk Price stated that this could
                                reflect work done on the walking path in 2008. The expenses are for the
                                port a potties, public works to collect the garbage and maintenance.
                                President Keller explained we are required to keep the boat launch open
                                another 5 years because of grant money we used.

                                President Keller stated that he did follow up with the inquiry about

                                Walgreens, they are doing some remodeling and need the POD for
                                storage for a couple of weeks, they did come in and get a permit.

 CLERK’S REPORT                 Clerk Price stated that on the consent agenda is to approve trick or treat
                                hours for the Village of Worth. The trustees agreed on 2-7 for the
                                hours. Without any objection. This will remain on the consent agenda.

                                Clerk Price announced the senior luncheon tickets are on sale for $6.00
                                the luncheon will be October 21. Trustee McElroy asked where it is
                                going to be held. Clerk Price stated the American Legion Hall

 Trustee Serpico
 Golf Course                    Trustee Serpico gave an update on the conditions of the course, the golf
 Finance                        season is winding down, we are getting the course back in shape, and
                                the course was aerated. Food & Beverage is holding its own keeping us
                                on track with financials. September down 20% to budget, total revenue
                                for golf course down 10% to budget. We will continue to keep the
                                restaurant open during the winter, Sunday breakfast buffet, Steak night
                                on Tuesday and Fish Fry on Friday. Trustee Serpico announced that
                                there will be a bean bag tournament on Thursday nights. Trustee Rhein
                                stated they will be open for banquets and private parties, if you are
                                interested you should contact Jim Tourloukis for more information.

                                Steve Werner asked for the total revenues and expenditures for the
                                month of September for the Water’s Edge. Trustee Serpico stated that it
                                is 23% down, Steve asked for the figures in dollars. Trustee Serpico
                                stated he would go over it with Steve after the meeting.

                                Trustee Rhein asked that the 2 items for expenditures for repairs out of
 Trustee Rhein
                                the confiscated cash funds to the cars for the police department on the
 Public Safety
                                consent agenda be removed from the consent agenda; she will discuss
 Golf Course
                                this with Finance Director to see that we have money in the confiscated
                                cash fund.

                                Trustee Rhein started that anyone that signed up for Nixle reports
                                should have received a message regarding the surge in break ins to cars,
                                with the economy this will worsen. Trustee Rhein stated that you
                                should take precautions, lock your car, do not leave valuables left in
                                sight. Trustee Rhein stated that the police department is recommending
                                that you lock your car if it is in the garage. Trustee Rhein stated that
Minutes of the Meeting held October 5, 2010

                                Tinley Park police department is checking and if your car is left open
                                they are leaving a sticker on your car that states your car is open.

                                Trustee Rhein announced the fall clean up at Lucas Berg Nature
                                Preserve on November 13 from 8 – noon, meet at the site on 111th
                                Street. Trustee Rhein stated that the Army Corps of Engineers is
                                issuing tickets if they catch you in there, other than twice a year
                                residents are restricted by the Army Corps of Engineers.

                                Trustee Rhein stated that she, Trustee Kats and Chief Carpino met to
                                discuss weather to reduce hours in the police department radio room,
                                she stated that we do not dispatch from here the dispatching is done
                                through Southwest Central Dispatch. Chicago Ridge is open 24 hours,
                                Oak Lawn is not open to residents at night time, Hickory Hills is open
                                24 hours they dispatch themselves. Trustee Rhein stated that she has
                                given the board a summary of the survey of how many people come
                                and visit the police department, every person that visited after midnight
                                was for a non-emergency reason. They discussed installing an
                                emergency phone outside that will automatically call Southwest Central
                                Dispatch. This is a safety precaution weather we reduce hours or not.
                                Trustee Rhein stated that we will continue to research into reducing
                                hours. Trustee Rhein asked to have the Village of Worth Attorney talk
                                to the Chicago Ridge Attorney to see what we are going to propose to
                                hold our prisoners overnight. Trustee Rhein stated that we pay
                                Southwest Central Dispatch to dispatch our officers if you call the non
                                emergency number and need an officer they call Southwest Dispatch to
                                have the officers dispatched.

                                Trustee McElroy asked what if the other towns that our circled on your
                                list have agreements with other places? Trustee Rhein stated
                                Bridgeview sends to Oak Lawn, Burbank sends to Oak Lawn. Trustee
                                Rhein stated that Chicago Ridge is closer and we can pick up and take
                                to Bridgeview Court. President Keller stated that our cells are in need
                                of work and we cannot hold a female and male at the same time.
                                Chicago Ridge would feed them and the liability would be on Chicago
                                Ridge. Trustee Rhein stated that Chicago Ridge would be willing to
                                take prisoners from 4:30 p.m. – 6 a.m. for a flat fee of $650.00. Trustee
                                McElroy asked are we ever full? Trustee Rhein replied if we have a
                                male and a female one has to go to Chicago Ridge. Trustee Rhein
                                stated that we have an average of 10 prisoners per month. Trustee
                                McElroy stated that looking at numbers Friday has more, would we
                                ease into it or reduce hours on off days. Trustee Rhein stated to be open
                                later on a weekend would not benefit us any, we can send prisoners
                                over there at 4:30 p.m. President Keller we will be paying a monthly
                                fee. Trustee Rhein stated the radio room has to watch the prisoners they
                                need to be constantly watched cannot leave for 5 minutes. Trustee Kats
                                stated that we would hold prisoners during the day only.

                                Mr. Soldan stated that when you call 911 from a cell phone it does not
Minutes of the Meeting held October 5, 2010

                                go to our dispatch. Trustee Serpico said you can register your phone
                                number with that company, if you have never done that it could go to
                                any dispatch.

                                Steve Werner asked do we know if Chicago Ridge ever gets full.
                                Trustee Rhein stated they would then be brought somewhere else. Palos
                                Hills, Palos Park, Palos Heights are all closed at night.

                                 Trustee Rhein stated the minutes from Feb 17, 2009 are very vague in
                                 regards to the restructuring of the golf course bonds. Trustee Rhein has
                                 a tape of the meeting and will let Mr. Feltz listen to it if he would like.
                                 Trustee Rhein stated that the board was told the terms and conditions of
                                 the bond, such as interest rate, and length would be brought back to the
                                 board for discussion and approval, but this did not happen. On that tape
                                 Finance Director Barb Maziarek states that we are not actually voting
                                 on the terms right now, this is just the beginning and there is much
                                 more to vote on. Pete Kats was quoted as asking if this information
                                 would come later so we will have the opportunity to discuss which way
                                 we want to go, longer or shorter term. Barb Maziarek said, correct.
                                 Also on the tape Finance Chairman Trustee Werner stated that the
                                 Finance Director would have a recommendation for us once we get the
                                 rates and we know what were up against. Trustee Rhein stated that we
                                 didn't know how long this would take because of market conditions.
                                 Trustee Rhein said that there were 4 board meeting after the February
                                 17th meeting, and not one mention of the bond status. She stated that
                                 the Board was told by four people, Mayor Guzdziol, The Finance
                                 Director, Finance Chairperson Werner and Jeff from Mesirow
                                 Financial that this information would come back to the board and it did
                                 not. President Keller stated that he was talking with a woman at a
                                 concession stand and she told him the bonds were sold and finalized
                                 because she helped work on them. That's how he found out. After the
                                 election President Keller receive correspondence from Vince Cainkar
                                 regarding the final structure for the bonds.

                                Jack Boehm stated that there was no evidence of authorization from
                                this board to Mesirow to issue bonds then, there was no discussion of
                                terms, interest rates, or length of bonds, so where is the authorization.
                                Jack Boehm asked if Attorney Odelson looked at this. Jack stated that
                                this is criminal he thinks we need to subpoena Mesirow. Trustee Rhein
                                said that in the ordinance we did authorize Mesirow and the Village
                                President to purchase bonds. Jack said the money to purchase these
                                existing bonds was generated from the issuance of the new bonds, and
                                you can not authorize the issuance of new bonds without being specific
                                as to the term of the new bond and the interest rate that would apply to
                                that. Trustee Rhein stated that we did receive 22 pages of technical
                                information, Jack asked where is the all the information. Trustee Rhein
                                stated that she would be happy to sit down with Jack and show him
                                what she received. Trustee Rhein said she kept getting interrupted,
                                Trustee Rhein asked if she could have more time to look over the
Minutes of the Meeting held October 5, 2010

                                information, the paperwork was delivered on Friday and the vote was
                                on Tuesday.

                                Trustee Kats stated that we were told that if you give us the
                                authorization, write the ordinance so it's in place so that when the bond
                                market is right, we don't have to wait for the attorney to write an
                                ordinance. In turn they gave us their word they would come back to us
                                with what the terms would be. Trustee Zubaty asked if we can request
                                that information from Mesirow.

 Trustee Zubaty                 Trustee Zubaty stated that on the consent agenda is the approval of the
 Finance                        bill list in the amount of $90,109.00. Without any objection. This will
 Building, Licensing &          remain on the consent agenda.
                                Trustee Zubaty stated that on the consent agenda is the approval of the
                                Water’s Edge bill list in the amount of $61,965.34. Without any
                                objection. This will remain on the consent agenda.

                                Trustee Zubaty read correspondence from the Census Bureau thanking
                                the committee, board and the residents for a great response. The Census
                                Bureau presented the Village of Worth with a plaque showing their

                                Trustee Zubaty announced that the home rule information committee
                                will meet at 4:30 at the Village Hall and will be at the Worth Library on
                                October 6 from 7-9, any resident with questions or concerns should
                                stop by. Trustee Zubaty stated that home rule efforts do have the
                                support. We were endorsed by the, Public Works union Clerical union
                                and the Police union.

                                Trustee Serpico commented that the meeting held at the Terrace Centre
                                last night just for the record none of the board members were let in it
                                was a bout home rule a very disrespectful thing to do.

                                Steve Werner asked does the Water’s Edge bill list have the payroll on
                                it? Trustee Zubaty said yes, Trustee Serpico said no. Trustee Rhein
                                stated the Village of Worth pays for everything but it goes through the
                                management company they are employed by Billy Casper previously
                                employed by Kemper Sports the Village of Worth is the funding
                                obviously this has been done since 1999.

 Trustee McElroy                Trustee McElroy thanked Tandem Landscaping for the donated the
 Economic Development           items in front of the Village Hall. Trustee Rhein mentioned that
 Public Works                   Tandem did remove the tree stumps which saved us money. Trustee
                                McElroy stated that out of beautification money we did purchase some

                                Trustee McElroy announced the Beautification meeting will be held on
                                October 12, we will be discussing the fall clean up and pot planting.
Minutes of the Meeting held October 5, 2010
                                 Economic Development Committee meeting will be in November, we
                                 are looking for brochures that you have, you also may advertise in our
                                 Village newsletter.

                                  Dan Felts asked about the Worth Days numbers. Trustee Kats stated
                                  that by the next meeting we should have some accurate numbers for

 Trustee Kats                     Trustee Kats gave an update on Lloyd Drive, the pavement is done, the
 Public Works                     ditch area and the black dirt has been put down it looks very nice. The
 Public Safety                    no parking signs are up and tickets will be issued as necessary, this was
                                  done with money from Cook County.

                                  Trustee Kats stated that the leaf program stickers are on sale for $50.00
                                  at the village hall if you want to participate in the leaf pick up program,
                                  without this sticker we will not pick up your leaves. Trustee Rhein
                                  asked if that is a flat fee for the season. Trustee Kats stated yes.

                                  Trustee Kats stated there was a public meeting held in a public place
                                  and I was refused entry because I am a board meeting, I funded it with
                                  my taxes it is a travesty that I was denied access.

                                  Steve Werner asked how many times do they come by with the leaf
                                  program, Trustee Kats stated that you will get a leaf vacuum schedule
                                  there are 4 or 5 pick ups. Trustee Rhein stated that if we have 2 feet of
                                  snow they are going to stay there.

                                  Trustee Rhein asked if the leaf program is on the web site. Trustee Kats
                                  stated yes.

                                  Steve Werner stated that the room was rented by private citizens just
                                  like the Village board did to have their meeting there. The private
                                  person pays more for the room than the Village did to rent that room.
                                  Trustee McElroy stated that we are residents.

                                  Rocco Carioto asked where this meeting was posted, Trustee Zubaty
                                  stated that her father received a flyer on his door. Trustee Zubaty stated
                                  that her father was let in the meeting but she was not allowed in.
                                  Trustee Zubaty did not receive a flyer. Trustee Zubaty serves the board
                                  and the people of Worth she does not think of herself as a politician.

                                  Mr. Ryan said he saw it on topix.

                                  Rocco Carioto stated that we live in the United States of America and if
                                  it concerns the Village nobody should be turned away.

                                  Steve Werner stated that this did not cost the taxpayer a dollar it was
                                  paid by a private resident.

Minutes of the Meeting held October 5, 2010

 Trustee Dziedzic               Trustee Dziedzic asked that Ordinance #10-31 an ordinance regarding
 Building, Licensing &          Charity Raffle be stricken from the agenda.
 Economic Development           Trustee Dziedzic stated that on the consent agenda is to approve
                                Ordinance #10-33 Amending Section 3-6-6, license classifications,
                                fees, number issued, of Title 3, Business Regulations of the Worth
                                Municipal Code, this is to increase the liquor license class A1 by one
                                for The Original G.O. Fitz

                                A resident asked if we get money from Thorntons. President Keller
                                stated yes we get a portion of sales tax.

 ESTABLISHMENT OF               Trustee Rhein seconded by Trustee Kats to establish the consent
 CONSENT AGENDA                 agenda. Trustee McElroy asked to have the minutes removed from
                                September 21 from the consent agenda. A voice vote followed. Motion

                                                            Consent Agenda
                                                            October 5, 2010

                                Approve the regular minutes from September 21, 2010 Trustee
                                McElroy asked this be stricken from the consent agenda

                                Approve Trick or Treat hours from 2-7 p.m. on October 31, 2010

                                Approve the expenditure of $6,720.00 from the confiscated cash fund
                                to set up a vehicle for the Patrol Division. - Trustee Rhein asked this be
                                stricken from the consent agenda

                                Approve the expenditure of $4,000.00 from confiscated cash fund to set
                                up a vehicle for the Detective - Trustee Rhein asked this be stricken
                                from the consent agenda

                                Approve the bill list in the amount of $90,109.00

                                Approve Water’s Edge bill list in the amount of $61,965.34

                                Approve business license for:
                                Kay’s Cash for Gold located at 7011 W. 111th Street

                                Grill Mix, Inc. located at 10607 S. Harlem – approval pending Cook
                                County Health Inspection

                                Stealth Recovery located at 7225 W. Southwest Highway – Needs to
                                meet with Real Estate Development Board

                                Approve Ordinance #10-31 Ordinance regarding Charity Raffle -
                                Trustee Dziedzic asked this be stricken from the consent agenda

Minutes of the Meeting held October 5, 2010

                                Approve Ordinance 10-33 Amending Section 3-6-6 License
                                classifications, fees, number issued of Title 3 Business Regulations

                                Approve Expenditure of $425.00 for the PATSE Bus Service

                                Trustee Serpico asked if we get receipts from PATSE Bus, Trustee
                                Zubaty asked about Stealth Recovery, Clerk Price stated that it has to
                                be approved by the REDB and then come back to the village board.

 ADOPT CONSENT                  Trustee Rhein seconded by Trustee McElroy to approve the consent
 AGENDA                         agenda as adopted. A roll call followed. Ayes: Trustee Rhein, Zubaty,
                                Serpico, McElroy Kats, and Dziedzic (6). Nays: (0). Absent: (0).
                                Motion carried.

 CITIZEN’S COMMENTS             None

 ADJOURNMENT                    Trustee Serpico moved seconded by Trustee Kats to adjourn the regular
                                meeting at 8:55 p.m. A voice vote followed. Motion carried.

                                Bonnie M. Price, CMC
                                Village Clerk


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