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									                        The Cursillo Movement of the Archdiocese of Toronto

                      THE FOURTH DAY
 Spring 2005                                                               

   Special points of interest:                       CANONICAL DECREE
   LEADER SCHOOL                                FOR THE CURSILLO MOVEMENT
Monday's, Feb 28th - May 2nd
excluding-March 14th & 28th       On Pentecost, May 30, 2004, our Mother Church in the Vatican
                                  solemnly signed, through the Pontifical Council for the Laity, the
                                  canonical recognition of our movement. More precisely, the
Moonlight Retreat - May 2nd at    Catholic Church has officially approved the World Organization of
   St. Joan of Arc School         the Cursillo Movement (OMCC) and its Statute (or constitution).
     in Maple 7:30 p.m.
                                  The OMCC has been seeking this acceptance since the close of
CURSILLO WEEKENDS                 Vatican Council II in 1966. Our international representatives have
    Consolata Missionaries        been presenting our request that our particular charism as an
       on Islington Ave.          ecclesial movement be validated as contributing to the unity and
    1 block north of Albion
                                  mission of the Church.
      Men's Weekend
      May 5th - 8th, 2005         How did we satisfy the requirements?
    Women's Weekend
    May 12th - 15th, 2005         In his Apostolic Exhortation, "Christifideles Laici", Pope John Paul
                                  II stated that any movement that wants to be called ecclesial
     THE NATIONAL                 should distinguish itself by five criteria of ecclesiality. They are the
      ENCOUNTER                   following.
                                  * the primacy given to the call of every Christian to holiness
           Hosted by:
 The London Diocese Cursillo
                                  * the responsibility of professing the Catholic faith
University of Windsor, Windsor,   * the witness to a strong and authentic communion in filial
            Ontario                 relationship to the Pope
     June 23 to 26, 2005
  For more information visit:     * the conformity to and participation in the Church's apostolic goals
  Registration form enclosed.     * a commitment to a presence in human society

                                  Let us continue to depend on the life of grace, the power of the
                                  Holy Spirit and the intercession of St. Paul, our patron, to
 The Cursillo Movement
                                  demonstrate these qualifications.
  Archdiocese of Toronto
       P.O. Box #7
    150 Collier Street            Fr. Terrence McKenna
       Barrie, ON                 Spiritual Director
        L4M 4S9
I am Bill French and I made my Cursillo in 1980 in Barrie, at the table community of St. Noel Chabanel.

When we hear introductions like that at Cursillo events, we feel welcomed and part of the community of Christ with
a focus on evangelizing and changing the world. Those changes occur through my own conversion, then those close
to me and then the larger community.

Cursillo is an instrument of the Church given to us through the power of the Holy Spirit who directed both Bishop
Juan Hervas and Eduardo Bonin to change the environments they lived in to one of Christ. That was 60 years ago.

Cursillo still survives today because it was invoked by the power of the Holy Spirit. Cursillo, we say is a movement
of the Church, obedient to the Magisterium and the teachings of the Church.

At times our modern hedonistic world distracts us from our mission, but it still remains as simple as it was with the
apostles two millennia ago. We are called by Christ, to go forth and teach all nations in the name of the Father and
of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Cursillo gives us the tools also.

First we must strengthen ourselves through the spiritual tripod of Piety, Study and Action. Piety will lead to our
own personal growth in Holiness and strengthen our resolve. We must Study forming ourselves to know the teachings
of Christ, allowing ourselves to better understand our mission. And then we must turn our thoughts and minds to
Action and Evangelize the Environment we are in.

But like any successful endeavour it takes commitment. That seems to be a scarce commodity in our busy world
where everyone is so busy, many just trying to survive and pay their bills. Cursillo will not continue to be effective
unless more of us renew and refresh our commitment and dedication to the goals of Cursillo. For example over the
last four weekends, I have been the Rector and at least 75% of the team was the same. We are all willing to serve
Christ when called, but like warriors in a fierce battle, there must be relief. I realize many have commitments, but
for those that have made a commitment to Cursillo, Cursillo must be your first priority after family and spouse.

I ask everyone in Cursillo to get more involved. One way is to support your Ultreya. That doesn’t mean that you must
be at every gathering, but as a sign of Palanca, offer it up for the good of Cursillo and attend. To be better formed,
attend Leaders School and become a better trained warrior in this fierce battle we are encountering with the devil
in our society.

For those that don’t get around as well as they used to, pray and offer sacrifices for the Cursillo Movement. Your
Palanca will strengthen those that are fighting the battle.

For those who have not made a commitment to Cursillo and are involved in other apostolates, get involved with action
groups who are trying to make our society one of Christ. The same sex marriage bill, even if passed, should not lead
us to despair. We should continue to support those that continue to fight for the family and children. The
government says granting same unions marriage status is a rights issue. In fact if passed it removes the rights of
children which are primary responsibilities of marriage. Children will no longer be guaranteed protection by a mother
and father and with modern science may never know their parents. It is diabolical. However if we continue the fight,
same sex marriage legislation can be reversed when we face another federal election. Look at how successfully the
moral majority impacted the US elections last November. Remember, evil prospers when good people do nothing.
Cursillo is not a platform for political comment, but it is called to change the world to one of Christ.

I would like to say that even though I have been in the Lay Director’s position before, I come with renewed
enthusiasm, and am much more aware of the need for Cursillo in the world today than, even five years ago. With the
help of the Secretariat and our wonderful, committed and dedicated Spiritual Director Father Terry McKenna, we
will try our utmost to be the guardians of the truth and guide Cursillo with the power of the Holy Spirit. However,
the Holy Spirit calls on us all to be involved in this mission.

Cursillo calls us to evangelize. We do so by making a friend, being a friend and then when the time is right, we bring
that friend to Christ.

Let us continue on this journey united all in Christ.

De Colores, Bill French, Lay Director
Friendship As Palanca                                        From: “Missionaries of Africa”

“I no longer call you servants, … , but … friends (John      Our Dear Fr. Ray
15:15).” With this revelation to the apostles at the last
supper, Jesus asserts something significant. Friendship,     To have come back to Africa was a surprise for you as
henceforth is the medium in which Christ relates to his      it was for me. Ten months ago I had no idea that I would
disciples, including us. Therefore, it ought to be the       be coming back.
same with us when we interact with each other and with
our neighbour, be they Christian or not.                     At the age of 75, I had become rather inactive in
                                                             Quebec City where I had been residing for only a few
Make a friend, be a friend and bring that friend to          months. With my heart surgery five years ago and two
Christ. This is the mentality of the Cursillo Movement.      heart failures later, I thought that nobody would want
Being a friend, being friendly and fostering friendship is   me in Africa. But someone did and I thank the Lord for
our modus operandi, our way of proceeding. We do not         that. So last November (2003) I arrived in South Africa
seek to evangelize our environments in a spirit of           and from the very first week I was busy in a parish that
conquest, condescension, argument, humiliation,              did not have a parish priest for months.
intimidation or ideology.
                                                             My health is good but I must really take it easy as I get
However, to establish and maintain an atmosphere of          tired very quickly. I am doing regular ministry in a parish
friendship is not easy. The flesh will tempt us to expect    where I have confessions on Saturday and celebrate the
quicker results through fewer painstaking ways, such as      three usual masses of the weekend. I have blessed
organization, advertising, sensationalism or saturation.     marriages, jubilees, celebrated funerals, visited the
Any short-term gains with these approaches will be           sick, celebrated the Eucharist in convents and for High
shallow and discouraging.                                    School students, etc. etc. I have given two retreats (20
                                                             days each) on the Catholic Radio of South Africa. I have
Therefore, let us chose the high road and path to            listened to myself on the radio. I was surprised to
lasting fruit: the way of friendship. Cursillo founder,      realize that my French accent was so strong. A
Eduardo Bonin, insists that we are most authentic as         gentleman said that while listening to me he thought
cursillistas when we rely on our friendships to be the       that Maurice Chevalier had come back to life! I have
most effective means of grace.                               been kept busy. I hope also out of mischief.

This focus, then, determines our approach to palanca.        I have celebrated several times now here in South
Palanca is the necessary lever we receive when we pray,      Africa my 75th anniversary and my golden jubilee of
offer penances and make sacrifices that our                  sacerdotal and missionary priesthood. I am grateful to
evangelization of environments will be effective. As         the Lord for his mercy and protection during those
cursillistas our palanca, therefore, ought to be             many years at his service.
presented to the Father in Christ by the Spirit as a
request that our befriending will be fruitful.               By all means you can put a bit of my letter with my
                                                             address in your fourth day mailing. I will be delighted to
Further, our prayer for effective friendship will lead us    hear from Cursillo friends.
to study the dynamics of friendship. This, too, is
palanca.                                                     My best greetings and wishes. I keep you in my prayers
                                                             and count on yours.
Thirdly, after due piety and study, we will find clarity
about how to pursue others in friendship. This third         De Colores.
step, where grace builds on our gregarious nature, is
also palanca.                                                Fr. Ray

Ultreya (Onward)!                                                                  P.O. Box 10057
                                                                                    1613 Edenglen
                                                                                     South Africa
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           Good afternoon. My name is Debbie Tardif. I made my Cursillo in Nov 1995 and sat at the community of St. Therese
           I am here to share with you today the role our Blessed Mother holds within the Cursillo Movement as well as the role she
holds within my own personal life.
           The Virgin Mary, frequently called the Mother of Divine Grace, Cause of our Joy and Queen of the Apostles, inspired the
Cursillo Movement from the very beginning. "It is true that in the Cursillo (Weekend) there is not a talk dedicated to her; however,
it is also true that she is always, in one way or another, very much a part of the Cursillo. She is included in several of the talks, in
many of the prayers (especially the Rosary), and in every decisive moment of the Cursillo (Weekend)."
           "In her earthly life, she was the perfect Figure of Christ's disciple, mirror of all the virtues, and she incarnated the
beatitudes proclaimed by Christ. Therefore, the whole Church, in her incomparable variety of life and works, finds in the Blessed
Virgin the most authentic form of the perfect imitation of Christ."
           The Council did not hesitate to call Mary the perfect model for the lay apostolate and specifically for the spirituality
which should animate it. "While leading on earth a life common to all men, one filled with family concerns and labors, she was always
intimately united with her Son and cooperated in the work of the Savior in a manner altogether special."
           Within my own life the words of Our Lady resound within my own soul "My soul doth magnify the Lord and my Spirit
rejoices in God my Saviour.... For He that is mighty has done great things for me and holy is His name. And His mercy is from
generation to generation to those who fear Him."
           Ten years ago, in 1993, I read a book called ‘The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood'. This book touched my soul so deeply
that I asked our Blessed Mother if I could be her apostle. I believe with all my heart that this simple prayer was the acceleration
of my intimate relationship with God. I know and understand that if you desire, even hunger to possess a greater love for the
Lord, ask to desire a greater love for His mother.
           In 1994, Mary led me to the book ‘Preparation for Total Consecration according to St. Louis de Montfort. My husband,
Gordon, our four children, ages 13, 12, 10 and 9, and myself consecrated ourselves totally to Jesus through Mary. As Mary did not
always understand the ways of God, we too did not totally understand this consecration, but as Mary - we too believed, did not
question and persevered. We ended our consecration on a pilgrimage to Mary. My intent - To give my family to Mary. And she in
return has given us her Son, Jesus.
            Being consecrated to Jesus through His Mother Mary I have become her possession. Everything of mine now belongs to
her and to her I willing give everything. I first and foremost return to her all the graces I receive. I give her my thoughts, my
words, my actions, my heart, my good intentions and my poor ones, every situation, people that irritate me and people who give me
joy. I give her all those that have asked me to pray for them, and those who are sick, suffering and/or dying. I give her their
family's, as well as, all their pains and sorrows. I give her the palanca I do for others and she keeps track of it all. I have given
her my husband, my children, my home and my income, I even give her my bills. I do this by simply placing all things in her heart.
From there they belong to her and she looks after all of her possessions.
           I have learned to place all my trust in Mary. I give her everything and everyone and with love she returns to me her Son
and she enables me to receive Him with greater love, for she is the dispenser of all Graces. Mary has kept nothing for herself.
Her love is perfect love, therefore, it is completely self-giving and Mary's greatest desire is to see her Son, our God, unselfishly
loved by man.
           People have questioned my dependance on Mary, wondering where my love, dependance and relationship with the Lord was.
But I have learned through reading, practice and experience that Mary is a great gift from God, Himself. A magnificent treasure.
A hidden source of sanctity. Because of my trust, love and dependance in Mary she has led me into an intimate courtship with her
           That fall of 1994, my husband, Gordon, entered the RCIA program and at Easter in 1995 he was received into the Catholic
Church. I prayed for nineteen years that Gord would share our faith, but now my prayers became Our Lady's and she, herself,
asked her Son, and as in the Wedding Feast at Cana, He refuses her nothing.
           In the fall of 1995, I was led to my Cursillo Weekend. I was on a road that there was no turning back. I wanted everyone
to have what the Lord had given me through Cursillo. Gord, made his Cursillo the following summer and for a new Catholic, God's
love now became tangible. We were on the same road-heading in the same direction.
           What the Lord has given me since my Cursillo is His love. Cursillo opened my heart and my eyes to the Lord, but our Blessed
Mother Mary deepened and expanded this love so that my soul too magnifies the Lord. For the Lord has made His kingdom within
me. He is a God of love and He has shared His love with me. He has created in me a desire and a longing to work for Him, to bring
souls to Him and He has taught me the hard road is the most loving. He has shown me His love in the people whom He allowed to
touch my life and in the next instant He lets me know my littleness and my nothingness. He is a God of Great Majesty, Divine
Wisdom and Merciful Love and HE IS my Lord, my God and my Saviour.
           Over the years I have become our Lady's apostle. I have grown to love her immensely. I speak of her highly and I speak
of her often. I cannot love Mary enough. I cannot speak of her enough.
In the gospels it reveals "the one whom the Lord loved" meaning St. John. John could lay his head on the Lord in such intimacy.
From the cross, Jesus chose John to be the one to look after His Mother. Why? I believe because John had a very deep love for
Mary and because of this John had an intimacy with Jesus that no other apostle possessed. Mary holds a deep place in the Lord's
heart. In the Lord's love. When the day comes and the Lord reveals to us how much he, Himself loves and uses His Mother, will
we be ashamed at how little we love her and use her?
                                                      DeColores, Debbie Tardif
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                                                                Cursillo in the Archdiocese of Toronto
                                                                         I had the opportunity of being invited to the
                                                                Priest's Council meeting held at the Chancery Office on
                                                                February 15th to present the Cursillo movement and the
                                                                positive effect it can have on the parish.

                                                                        Along with the priest representatives from all
                                                                over the Archdiocese, those in attendance included His
                                                                Eminence Aloysius Cardinal Ambrozic and a number of
                                                                bishops including His Excellency Bishop Grecco who
                                                                presided at our commitment ceremony last fall.

                                                                        I was able to emphasize that Cursillo is an
                                                                effective method of building up parish organizations that
                                                                in turn can assist the parish and the archdiocese in its
                                                                evangelizing mission. I stressed that Cursillo does not
                                                                take good people from the parish to be in Cursillo, but
                                                                that Cursillo takes those who are searching for more in
                                                                their faith and instils in them a hunger to help with the
                                                                mission of the church in the world. I mentioned that in
                                                                many parishes, the leaders are veteran Cursillistas.

                                                                         I had a number of good questions and would say
                                                                Cursillo was received very positively. Many were not
                                                                aware that Cursillo was still alive in the Archdiocese and
                                                                were happy to hear that it is still functioning. One priest
                                                                mentioned that he made his Cursillo in Ohio when he was
                                                                in the seminary and said it was the most moving faith
                                                                experience he has ever encountered. What more can be

                                                                        I am sure if you approach your parish priest to
                                                                do a pulpit presentation about Cursillo, you may find him
                                                                more accepting as a result of the presentation.

                                                                May God continue to bless us as we do our work in

                                                                Bill French
                                                                Lay Director

Appeal for Funds          During the weekend we commonly call the talk, where we tell the candidates how much the
weekend costs us, the Pain Talk. Well this is my annual Pain Talk. The weekends cost us about $4,000 to $5,000
depending on the number of candidates and team. So for a year the total for the 4 weekends is about $20,000. The
incidentals such as post office box, mailings, newsletter, forms, brochures, website, telephone, supplies, books,
stipends etc. add up to another $5,000. So to operate Cursillo we need about $25,000 annually.
         I ask you to give generously as our bank account is in the negative at the present time, especially after the
mailing of this newsletter. To lighten the burden, I ask that you consider making donations with post dated cheques
spread out over the year either on a monthly or quarterly basis.
         For those who have been gifted with extra material wealth, I ask you to give more generously. For those who
are not able to give because of lack of funds, I simply ask that you pray and offer Palanca for Cursillo and its continued
mission in the world.
         Someone pointed out recently that if we trust in the Lord he will provide and multiply the gifts we have. You
are His messengers in this world, so I call on you to be the multipliers of His gifts.
         God Bless you in your generosity.
         Bill French, Lay Director

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