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					                                                                                                                                       December 2007

The Forwarder
The Voice of Freight Forwarding in Canada

President’s Message                                                                                 At A Glance
The Forwarder had been in hiatus for approximately a year and                                       President’s Message ..................................1
your Board of Directors has recently decided to reinstate it. The                                   Unauthorized Disclosure Prohibited ..........3
Forwarder will be published regularly in the future to bring the
                                                                                                    One Forwarders’ Journey Towards
latest news and information to all our members and associates.
                                                                                                    Regulated Agent Status..............................4
This magazine is an important membership service and gives
CIFFA an opportunity to showcase many of our programs.                                              Testing Today: Totally Paperless
                                                                                                    Tomorrow? ..................................................5
Also it is hoped we can interview various members of the Board, our Regional Chairs, and
our Secretariat in future editions to provide the readership with the more personal side of         PIP Receives $11.6 Million
CIFFA. And as 2008 will be our 60th anniversary, it is hoped we will be able to celebrate           Renovation ..................................................6
this milestone throughout the year in The Forwarder and of course elsewhere. We want
The Forwarder to evolve into a ‘must read’ for all members, associates, suppliers, and gov-         Three Presidents, Three Viewpoints ..........7
ernment friends.
                                                                                                    Timely and Topical Training ......................8
When I was asked to provide a Holiday Message, my first thought was that most of these
messages come with dire warnings of what we as an industry will face in the New Year.               Young International Freight Forwarder
The warnings, the predictions, the pressures blare from the headlines every time we open            Column ........................................................8
a transportation news magazine. And I thought as I read these various messages, that it
has been many years since I have seen a THANK YOU!                                                  CIFFA Education Calendar Q1 2008..........10

Thus I would like to extend a major ‘Thank You’ to all our Regular Members. It may sound            Membership Grows ..................................11
mundane but without you, the Association would not exist. Without your support of the
Associations’ programs, revenues would evaporate. Ongoing revenues allow us to update               Fast Forward: from FIATA ‘07 Dubai to
our programs continually, investing in industry – leading, professional education. We all           FIATA’08 Vancouver ..................................12
benefit as our employees become better educated and trained – the knowledge workers
of the future.                                                                                      Participate!................................................14

Another ‘Thank You’ goes to all of our Associate Members. Just the interest you show by             Out and About – CIFFA Engagements......15
becoming Associate Members shows the dedication you have for your customers. You
support our Association and I encourage all members to take advantage of the services               HWY H2O ..................................................18
each of you offers. The Association will always promote that our Associate Members
should be the first place to go for members sourcing any of the vast number of services             Correspondence From
and product offerings available.                                                                    Around The World / Résumés ................19

Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association
170 Attwell Drive, Suite 480, Toronto, Ontario M9W 5Z5 Tel: 416-234-5100 Toll Free: 866-282-4332 Fax: 416-234-5152 Email:                              1
                                  President’s Message                                                            Our Educational team led by Doug Burek, Director of Education and
                                  Cont’d from page 1                                                             consisting of Anna Loginova, Maureen Jobin, and Brenda
                                                                                                                 McGregor deserve very warm ‘Thanks’ for their work in this most
                                  Again, I would like to extend Thanks to our Regional Committees led            important facet of CIFFA. Our educational and security programs are
                                  by Jennifer Kennedy (Eastern); Wendy Trudeau (Central); Amy                    the envy of many. It is these CIFFA staffers who ensure our member
                                  Gumboc (Western) and their teams. These dedicated volunteers work              employees are properly trained and compliant.
                                  so hard in the background to provide those excellent functions such
                                  as FCA’s and golf tournaments across the country. Without the dedi-            Behind the scenes are Lisa MacNeil, Receptionist, and Lynn
                                  cated efforts of the Regional Committees our excellent Education               Herman, Admin Assistant. To many members they are probably
                                  Programs Module 1 and 2 would not thrive as they have over the                 unknown but to the members of the Secretariat and the Board, we
                                  years.                                                                         are well aware of the workload they put in day to day. It is very much
                                  Allow me a small CIFFA request here. If there are employees of
                                  member companies who would like to assist, these Regional                      I was about to say that must be all … but most of you would know I
                                  organizations would dearly love to hear from you. Please visit                 am missing our Secretary Manager, Marilyn Massoud. She is the
                         and reach out a help-                conscience of CIFFA. If you need to know something about CIFFA, she
                                  ing hand.                                                                      will either know it or know exactly where to find it.

                                  A special ‘Thank You’ to my Executive: Marc Bibeau; Donna Letterio;            Not only do I thank Marilyn for the hard work and dedication she gives
                                  Mark Soubry; Paul Lobas; Mike Robbins, and Don Lucky. I have                   the Association day after day, I also thank her for keeping it all in line,
                                  often leaned on them for wisdom and advice during my first six                 even when that includes some of us.
                                  months in term and they know, will continue to do so.
                                                                                                                 I am trying to send a message that shows the more personal side of
                                  Thanks to the rest of the Board and the various Chairs – Bill Gottlieb;        CIFFA and I hope over this coming year you will get to know all of us
                                  Chris Gillespie; Gary Vince; Richard Bourque; Thomas Olesch;                   somewhat better. We are not a corporation – we are Your Association
                                  Craig McKay – for all your support. For your efforts in bringing infor-        and we want to be here for you. Our Association has changed in the
                                  mation, news and views to our membership quickly and efficiently we            last several months and will continue to change in the future. Through
                                  are in your debt.                                                              any change, though, we will assert member services as our top prior-
                                                                                                                 ity. Our aim is to make sure the interests and concerns of our mem-
                                  Another ‘Thank You’ goes to contributors at the Secretariat, Ruth              bers are forefront.
                                  Snowden and George Kuhn. Their expertise has allowed us to
                                  make use of their skills in so many areas of the Secretariat through-          As I mentioned earlier, this will be our 60th anniversary year and CIFFA
                                  out the year.                                                                  is hosting the FIATA congress in Vancouver in September. This will be
                                                                                                                 our opportunity to show the world just how Canadians and in particu-
                                                                                                                             lar, Canadian forwarders, can celebrate. I am extending an
                                                                                                                             invitation to all readers to join us in Vancouver and meet
                                                                                                                             delegates from around the world.

                                                                                                                            I sincerely wish everyone the best of health in 2008, Happy
                                                                                                                            Holidays, and may the wind always be at your back
                                                                                                                            throughout the year.

                                                                                                                            With Warmest Regards

                                                                                                                            Bob Walker
The Forwarder December 2007

                                                                                                                            CIFFA President

                                  CIFFA President Bob Walker with Karola Oates of Air Canada at Eastern Region
                                  FCA ‘07.

Unauthorized Disclosure
                                                                            Steve Conrad, speaking first, outlined the Air Cargo Security initiative,
                                                                            the objectives of which are to enhance aviation security in Canada
                                                                            and facilitate the flow of international and domestic cargo – while the
                                                                            chain remains effective, efficient and economically viable. Quite a

                                                                            Transport Canada’s solution is to create a risk based approach to
                                                                            security facilitated through a system of voluntarily Regulated Agents.
                                                                            The program is voluntary in so much as there is currently no legisla-
                                                                            tion in Canada forcing compliance and it is anticipated to be at least
                                                                            two years before legislation is introduced. Like the American C-TPAT
                                                                            security initiative, however, Canada’s Air Cargo Security guarantees
                                                                            participation – voluntary or not – simply by placing roadblocks in the
                                                                            path of “unsecured cargo”. Cargo tendered by freight forwarding
                                                                            companies which are not Regulated Agents will face delays, incur
                                                                            costs and ultimately will not move as quickly or efficiently as the
                                                                            cargo of Regulated Agents. It will be a commercial imperative that
                                                                            freight forwarding companies ‘voluntarily’ become regulated agents.

                                                                            Canada’s neighbours to the south, with their terrorizing experience of
                                                                            9/11 are key drivers of Canada’s new security initiative. Already sev-
                                                                            eral airlines flying from American airports have refused Canadian orig-
These are the words that emblazon every piece of information sur-           inating cargo on passenger aircraft, citing Transportation Security
rounding Transport Canada’s new Air Cargo Security (ACS) initiative. It     Administration (TSA) directives denying them the right to board
has taken eighteen months of hard slogging, with CIFFA engaged at           “Unknown Shipper” cargo. With the Unauthorized Disclosure
every level, for Transport Canada to hammer out the ‘voluntary ‘Air         Prohibited tag attached to these secretive proclamations, it is becom-
Cargo Security initiative, at the heart of which beats the concept of the   ing increasingly difficult for Canadian forwarders to know the exact
Regulated Agent – the freight forwarder. Finally this past fall,            parameters of shipping air cargo via the USA. Although Canada’s ACS
Transport Canada began communication in earnest with various                initiative is designed to meet US requirements, there are no guaran-
stakeholders introducing the ACS initiative, a far reaching security        tees the TSA will recognize the Canadian program.
environment affecting every facet of the air export supply chain.
                                                                            From as international perspective, Air Canada is well placed to identi-
CIFFA has been front and centre of the communications efforts, striv-       fy best practises and share them with Transport Canada. Already the
ing to bring clear, concise detail to every CIFFA member tendering air      carrier is working with cargo security regimes in the UK, France, other
cargo. CIFFA’s leadership role in embracing the entire air export sup-      European countries and of course, with the TSA in the USA. Michael
ply chain and attempting to gather input from all impacted sectors has      Morey’s presentation underlined the need that industry initiatives
contributed significantly to the development of the project. CIFFA’s        ensure harmonization with other international security programs, to
industry briefings and willingness to commit time and effort to pro-        drive the uniformity needed to deal efficiently with air cargo security
gram implementation has ensured that during the past few months,            in multiple countries. Morey also outlined the benefits of security
word of the ACS initiative is starting to reach the ears of the freight     measures that cover the whole supply chain all the way to the aircraft.
forwarding community and the trucking and warehousing organiza-
tions who participate in export air cargo.                                  If air carriers and freight forwarders are perplexed by the complexities
                                                                            of security programs imagine the plight of the truckers. Like a cry in
                                                                                                                                                            The Forwarder December 2007

During this past October, CIFFA participated in two industry panels on      the wilderness, the Canadian Trucking Alliance’s Ron Lennox insists
the new ACS intiative. At the Canadian Courier and Logistics                that only through a truly national cargo security plan can Canada hope
Association conference, Andrew Radmore, Senior Security Advisor             to achieve an efficient, effective and secure supply chain.
for Transport Canada and Carol Buxton, Siemens Canada represent-
ed Transport Canada and ieCanda respectively. At ieCanada’s 76th            If there is a government agency and an acronym, the truckers are
Annual Conference, Stephen Conrad, Project Director of Transport            involved. The list grows inexorably. Drivers crossing the border face
Canada’s Air Cargo Security initiative, was joined by Michael Morey         US Customs and Border Protection programs, C-TPAT and FAST; US
of Air Canada, Ron Lennox of the Canadian Trucking Alliance and             FDA Bioterrorism Act with the Prior Notice Requirements; the CBP
Gavin McGrath of McGrath O’Connor LLP.                                      commercial trade processing system, ACE; Hazmat background

                                  Unauthorized Disclosure Prohibited                                        tually to third party service providers. No longer will a handshake
                                  Cont’d from page 3                                                        and a rate sheet suffice to share the liability for security between
                                                                                                            freight forwarder, warehouse operator and trucking company. In
                                  checks; CBSA PIP; Transport Canada’s Dangerous Goods legislation          the’ Swiss Cheese’ approach to risk management of the new ACS
                                  and new Port ID security; the list goes on. Each program, adminis-        initiative, McGrath explained how security layers overlaid on each
                                  tered by yet another government department has individual security        other create a successful barrier to unauthorized entry. There may
                                  requirements and background check requirements – and fees.                be holes in every layer of security, but when they are all in place on
                                                                                                            top of one another, the holes will not be aligned and thus we achieve
                                  The multiplicity of identification cards, the need for communication      a secure supply chain. Programs like the ACS initiative are
                                  and training, the need for changed administration with each new           inevitable, and industry groups – like CIFFA and the CTA must con-
                                  program drives costs spiralling upward and takes Canada further           tinue to be proactive to ensure that a new security regime does not
                                  away from a national cargo security plan. Lennox concludes that           place undue burdens or risks on the forwarding industry.
                                  truckers in the air cargo niche will certainly need to comply with the
                                  new Transport Canada requirements as a commercial decision. Will          The Air Cargo Security initiative is here and the Regulated Agent is
                                  broad-based carriers drop air cargo and decline to serve certain          core to the program. Freight forwarders must participate. As Steve
                                  customers or markets, impacting capacity and service? Lennox              Conrad told the shippers at ieCanada’s conference, “If your freight
                                  says it is too early to say.                                              forwarder or carrier is not participating [in the Secure Supply Chain
                                                                                                            Management System, part of the ACS initiative], and so has not reg-
                                  As freight forwarders become Regulated Agents, lawyer Gavin               istered your name, eventually your cargo will not fly on a passenger
                                  McGrath stressed the need to extend security requirements contrac-        aircraft.” It is time to get on board.

                                  One Freight Forwarder’s Journey Toward
                                  Regulated Agent Status
                                  Kim Gallacher                                                             requirements, and document the procedures you use to comply with
                                                                                                            each. We chose the second, apparently just to be different.
                                  ecurity should be based on distrust. This is an abrupt change from
                                  the environment that we have enjoyed in the past: one of col-             CIFFA helped us, by offering initial training sessions for our Cargo
                                  leagues, vendors, and shippers all welcome to visit or roam our           Security Coordinators. We also chose to hire CIFFA for an on site
                                  places of business. We can still visit, but within an environment that    training session for our ACR's. Sea Air’s general awareness training
                                  places the utmost respect on aviation security. While our reception       and annual review training will be done internally.
                                  areas and boardrooms may remain open for visitors, our warehous-
                                  es and cargo preparation areas must not. Aviation security – not to       Everything about this program is dependent on your own particular
                                  mention friends, colleagues and family who fly – depend on it.            organization, and the way you do business. Do you have your own
                                                                                                            warehouse? Do you have your own drivers? We do have our own
                                  After receiving Transport Canada's initial document package, the          warehouse, drivers and warehouse staff, but also use subcontrac-
                                  first step we took at Sea Air International Forwarders was simply to      tors for precarriage of air freight. MOU’s and other contract detail is
                                  digest the requirements and to plan how they could fit into our           useful when using subcontractors. CIFFA can help with this also.
                                  organization in the future. Thankfully, Transport Canada described
                                  the requirements as performance based, not standards based. The           Controlling access to the warehouse and to air cargo always
                                  challenge is that they won't tell you what to do exactly; they just ask   depends on your particular circumstances, as well as the layout of
                                  that whatever it is that you do is compliant. Document what you do,       your building. For example, we had to add a gated section at the
                                  and show them that it works. Prove it. Tricky.                            receiving area in our warehouse, in order to ensure that incoming
                                                                                                            drivers were no longer able to access our warehouse. All warehouse
                                  Most of the things you would do to protect aviation security, you are     employees, drivers, and other delivery personnel are now required
                                  probably already doing in your organization either as a quality con-      to report there. Most visitors are not granted access to the ware-
                                  trol or loss prevention measure. Keep your Cargo Security Plan as         house, because they simply don't need to be there. It sure helps to
                                  simple as possible – it’s not meant to strangle you, and it won’t         have a warehouse manager who isn’t afraid to ask everyone, “What
The Forwarder December 2007

                                  unless you let it. If you don’t need it, don’t add it. It’s not exactly   may I ask are you doing here?” I forget just exactly how he says it.
                                  meant to be bed time reading for insomniacs either – keep it brief.
                                                                                                            We’re well on our way to implementation, and although there will be
                                  There are two ways I thought of to format the Cargo Security Plan         a period of adjustment our visitors are having no trouble with our
                                  (CSP). Either way could be compliant as long as all elements of the       new little gate. CSC’s, ACR’s, CSP’s and more MOU’s are here to
                                  requirements are addressed. One is to mirror a quality document           stay, and we’re getting ready. More acronyms, who knew?
                                  that you already have in your organization, presumably following the
                                  flow of goods and documents through your system. Then, cross
                                  check the Transport Canada required elements against it, adding or        Kim Gallacher is the Ocean Freight Manager at Sea Air International
                                  amending as necessary. A second is to mirror the Transport Canada         Forwarders Limited.

     Transport Canada has issued a Memorandum of Understanding
     (MOU) to a large number of companies in Canada who are part of
     the supply chain, and who wish to join the Air Cargo Security
     Program and become "regulated". Requirements include
     completion of an Air Cargo Security Plan and mandated air cargo
     security training. To assist with this training, CIFFA has developed
     three programs that meet Transport Canada's requirements.

     CSC                                                            ACR*                                                            GEN*
     Cargo Security Coordinator                                     Authorized Cargo Representative                                 General Awareness
     This in-class training is designed for                         Created for the person with the need, right                     Developed for all others in the supply
     senior company representatives who have                        and qualifications to access air cargo; and                     chain, who need basic and generic
     the responsibility and authority to manage                     who will liaise with the company CSC.                           information on air cargo security.
     air cargo security issues, as well as liaise
     with Transport Canada as necessary.

     Learn how to handle cargo destined for air transport in a                             For further information, contact:
     "secure" environment, how to recognize and respond to air                             CIFFA ACADEMY
     cargo that has been tampered with, and how to restore a                               170 Attwell Dr., Suite 480, Toronto ON, Canada M9W 5Z5
     secure environment for air cargo.                                                     Tel. 416-234-5100 ext. 225 Toll Free: 1-866-282-4332
                                                                                           Fax: 416-234-5152 E-mail:
     * e-Learning programs are available 24/7                                              Web site:

     Note: Due to the security sensitive nature of these programs, CIFFA reserves the right to accept registrations from known companies only.

                                   Testing Today: Totally Paperless Tomorrow?
                                   Imagine – no document pouch. Imagine –                                The MAWB can also be reproduced and does not need to be an origi-
                                   no more photo-copies. Imagine – no more                               nal. However for the launch, the MAWB will still be tendered in paper
                                   boxes of files collecting dust in the ware-                           form until all legal aspects have been addressed.
                                                                                                         “After the launch of the pilot and the concept is proved to be success-
IATA’s e-freight pilot, launched November 5, 2007 brings this future                                     ful, the next phase will be ramp up. Stay tuned for more AC Cargo
closer to reality.                                                                                       locations and pilot partners to be added in Canada, the United
                                                                                                         Kingdom and other countries in 2008,” adds Morey.
Cargo on key trade routes connecting Canada, Hong Kong, the
Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden and the U.K will be processed elec-
tronically. At each pilot location cargo experts from participating air-
lines, freight forwarders, ground handling agents, local customs
administrations and airport authorities worked together closely over
the preceding 10 months to prepare the pilots.

“Our colleagues in HKG, LHR, YVR and YYZ are the first Air Canada
Cargo stations to pilot this exciting initiative!” says Michael Morey,
                                                                                                                                                                                       The Forwarder December 2007

Director Cargo Standards and Procedures, Air Canada Cargo. Along
with our e-freight pilot partners DHL Global Forwarding and
Kuehne+Nagel, the pilot was launched to prove a concept: The con-
cept being that certain paper documents do not need to be transport-
ed in parallel with the freight. “

Five documents, which can be reproduced electronically, form the
basis of the paper free pilot: the House waybill – HAWB, Consolidation
Manifest, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, and the Flight Manifest.                                      Michael Morey, Chris Gillespie, Don Lucky

                                  PIP Receives $11.6 Million Renovation
                                  Partners in Protection (PIP), the 12 year old vol-                                                  Minimum Security Measures: More prescriptive
                                  untary industry partnership program run by the                                                    and specific physical security requirements, famil-
                                  Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA), is about                                                     iar to anyone conversant with the C-TPAT program.
                                  to receive a major renovation. The revised pro-                                                     Validation: Of the application and profile by CBSA
                                  gram, announced last October at IE Canada’s                                                       officers BEFORE certification.
                                  annual conference by Kimber Johnston, Vice                                                          Consequences to Failure: Including removal of
                                  President for Canada Border Services Agency’s                                                     privileges and other financial or business conse-
                                  Enforcement Branch, is targeted to achieve                                                        quences.
                                  compatibility with the American C-TPAT volun-
                                  tary program by June 2008. Following the                                                          The CBSA reiterated that the whole point is to
                                  announcement, CIFFA met with CBSA and indus-                                                      receive global recognition of PIP. However, the
                                  try to more fully explore the implications of the                                                 CBSA must be mindful that PIP is not merely a ‘bor-
                                  new PIP program.                                       “The revisions intended for the PIP        der-crossing’ initiative but is rather a supply chain
                                                                                                                                    initiative, impacting several government agencies
                                  Under the original (and still existing) PIP pro-       program should be of increased ben-        and departments. Program development can only
                                  gram, participants sign a Memorandum of                efit to Canadians once it becomes          succeed with one eye on the C-TPAT program to the
                                  Understanding (MOU) with the CBSA and submit           mutually recognized. Unfortunately,        south and the Authorized Economic Operator con-
                                  a Security Profile. There are no audits, no                                                       cept developed in the EU.
                                                                                         with continuing political uncertainty in
                                  investigations and no consequences to failure
                                  or non-compliance. Not surprisingly, the only          the U.S. there is no guarantee that the    CIFFA continues to raise a strong voice to govern-
                                  real benefit to the current PIP program is the         program will be stabilized. Doing it       ment, calling for alignment of security programs
                                  difficult to measure reward of becoming a ‘good        once and doing it right is something       within Canada. How will the new PIP program inte-
                                  corporate citizen’. Today’s PIP is based on                                                       grate with the Transport Canada Air Cargo Security
                                                                                         that both governments need to strive
                                  three foundations:                                                                                Initiative? Duplication and redundancy across gov-
                                        Security: Physical site and facility security.   for as the current process is becoming     ernment departments drives cost and confusion.
                                        Awareness: CBSA seminars detail aware-           extremely costly to the private sector.”   Until governments become efficient, the industry
                                        ness of terrorism or security threats                                                       will continue to suffer.
                                        Information Exchange: Participants report        Don Lucky, President,
                                        suspicious activities to the CBSA, involving     Cole Freight Inc.                          Faced with uncertainty over timing of the US recog-
                                        theft, drugs or terrorism.                                                                  nition of the new PIP program and facing time and
                                                                                                                                    resource restraints within its own organization, the
                                  Following an influx of $11.6 million dollars                                                      CBSA is unable to commit to a time frame for con-
                                  announced in January 2007 to the PIP program, new enhancements                 version of existing PIP partners to the new program. Slow and care-
                                  will change the focus, in efforts to achieve global recognition for the        ful as ever, the CBSA has begun a consultation process – at which
                                  Canadian program. A cornerstone of the new program – as yet unre-              CIFFA is a vocal participant. CIFFA will speak for forwarders on the
                                  alized and by no means assured – will be mutual recognition of PIP by          newly formed CBSA/industry PIP Steering Committee, with represen-
                                  the US as C-TPAT compatible, thus ensuring Canadian exporters con-             tation from importers, exporters, couriers and carriers.
                                  tinued access to this critical market: A ‘priority’ as the CBSA stated
                                  several times, not a ‘given’. Along with a new streamlined application         Members can prepare now to meet the June ’08 target date by
                                  process and a partner/ industry specific Security Profile the new and          attending CIFFA events, reviewing the new material available on the
                                  improved PIP will focus on:                                                    CBSA site at and planning well in advance of the pro-
                                                                                                                 posed June 2008 deadline.
The Forwarder December 2007

Three Presidents, Three Viewpoints
Three Presidents representing significant organizations in Canada’s     portation infrastructure was sorely in need of investment. By 2010
supply chain logistics sector shared their views in an executive        port capacity in this country will be fully outgrown. China has 100
panel at the Canadian Courier and Logistics Conference (CCLA) in        new ocean terminals – Canada has only five in total, including
Mississauga this past fall. All three companies are members of          Prince Rupert. In addition to our limited infrastructure, Mr. Kurt
CIFFA and spoke to issues close to the heart of many involved in        identified two additional key trends. The increasing shortage of
this industry.                                                          skilled labour is making it ever more difficult to serve customers in
                                                                        a complex global trading environment. Add to this the current tran-
Purolator Courier Ltd., President and Chief Executive Officer Mr.       sition from an industry that has been transaction based to one that
Bob Johnson focused on two issues: Increasing border security,          is process and workflow driven – and gaps begin to loom in future
with its rising costs and complexities; and the need to go green.       workforce development.
Industry leading Purolator Courier has embraced the environment
issue with new route optimization software and ‘no idle’ policies for   This sentiment was echoed by Dr. Ajay K. Virmani, President, of
drivers. New, lighter, electric hybrid vehicles are becoming increas-   award winning cargo airline, Cargojet, who identified the lack of
ingly more important in Canadian courier fleets facing the chal-        skilled technical labour in the airline industry as a possible road-
lenges of sustainable growth.                                           block to growth. Airlines are also faced with challenges of infra-
                                                                        structure and being responsive to environmental concerns. Airlines
In his opening remarks, Mr. Ferdinand Kurt, new President and           like Cargojet may need millions of investment dollars in the future
CEO of Kuehne and Nagel Ltd., Canada noted that Canada’s trans-         to buy new fuel efficient aircraft.


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                            T H AT ’ S T H E S T R E N G T H O F T H E G R O U P !

                                  Timely and Topical Training
                                  Looking back over the past year or forward to                                                     development and deployment of the initiative. Since
                                  2008, one of the greatest issues facing for-                                                      the fall of 2006 every staff person on the Secretariat
                                  warders can be captured in one word – securi-         “The CSC training in Calgary was a          has engaged with Transport Canada. Senior staffers
                                  ty. Eight little letters ... one huge concept.        very informative session outlining          in the Secretariat office have devoted hundreds of
                                  “Transport Canada’s Air Cargo Security Initiative     what is expected in our industry. It        hours in dialogue with Transport Canada one-on-one,
                                  – the Regulated Agent program – impacts the           helped Panalpina prepare for short,         in meetings with other impacted organizations and in
                                  entire air cargo supply chain. It will affect how                                                 working with members. The outcomes of all this
                                                                                        medium and long term implementa-
                                  everyone does business – forwarders, ware-                                                        effort are significant.
                                  house operators, ground transfer companies,           tion strategies. It also allowed the
                                  shippers and CIFFA. We expect this program to         freight forwarders to jointly identify      CIFFA’s leadership in delivering the message and
                                  eventually develop into something that encom-         potential stumbling blocks and how          preparing its members for their future as Regulated
                                  passes multi-modal transportation” says               to overcome them,” wrote Mark               Agents is tangible. 115 individuals, including person-
                                  Director of Education, Doug Burek.                    Fatica, Panalpina Inc., Business            nel from Transport Canada and the Canada Border
                                                                                        Unit Manager, Calgary +                     Services Agency, have participated in the one day,
                                  CIFFA has invested considerable time and              Edmonton.                                   classroom-based Cargo Security Co-ordinator training
                                  resources working with Transport Canada in the                                                    program. Developed specifically to meet the needs of
                                                                                                                                                                            Cont’d on page 9

                                  Experiencing FIATA                                                                              when it was announced I was the World Award Winner.
                                                                                                                                  Totally unexpected I must say. Being recognized for
                                  World Congress in                                                                               one’s work in one’s field in the presence of such an
                                                                                                                                  august gathering is quite the honor and gave me a
                                  Dubai                                                                                           sense of achievement.

                                  Siva Vankineni                                                                                  The next few days were a whirlwind of meetings and
                                                                                                                                  presentations at the congress. I was overwhelmed at
                                  It was late evening on the 17th of September                                                    being recognized and greeted by the captains of the
                                  2007. I had just landed at the Dubai                 Siva Vankineni with Bill Gottlieb in       freight forwarding industry at every nook and cranny, be
                                  International Airport and was amazed at the          Dubai                                      it at the venue or elsewhere. I felt like a rock star and am
                                  place. It was a beehive of activity. Completing                                                 sure the other three winners did too.
                                  the arrival formalities, I looked around and
                                  spotted the “FIATA World Congress” welcome board in the arrivals                  The conclusion ceremony and dinner at the Al Hadeerah, Bab Al
                                  lounge. In no time I was driven to the Radisson SAS hotel, the first 5            Shams desert resort was another highlight of the event. The setting
                                  star rated hotel in the Emirates. I was touched at the sight of a bou-            was surreal and exotic at the same time. It felt like I was in some fan-
                                  quet of flowers and a personally signed letter from Mr. Markus                    tasy land and I did feel a twinge of jealousy about the lifestyles of the
                                  Schoeni, Manager, Advisory Bodies Vocational Training at the FIATA                Middle East royalty.
                                  Secretariat, Switzerland, welcoming and congratulating me. It was an
                                  honor getting such personalized attention. I knew then and there that             On my flight back to Canada after the ceremony concluded, I was
                                  this was going to be a most memorable experience.                                 reminiscing at the past and what led to this honor in my life. I remem-
                                                                                                                    bered the day when Doug Burek, Director, education at CIFFA and
                                  I was looking forward to meeting the other regional winners. The                  Alicia Romano, winner of YIFFY 2005 walked in the CIFFA Module II
                                  venue was the Al Ameera ball room in the Grand Hyatt. There were 4                class and encouraged us all to take a shot at the contest. Glad I heed-
                                  regional winners including myself. As I represented the Americas, oth-            ed their suggestion!
                                  ers represented Europe, Asia and The Middle East including Africa. Our
The Forwarder December 2007

                                  countries were Canada, Spain, Indonesia and Egypt. In total there                 I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all who helped me in my
                                  were over 1000 delegates from 84 countries at the FIATA Congress.                 quest. I could only achieve what I did with the help of people in organ-
                                                                                                                    izations like CIFFA, TT club, FIATA and IATA. I would love to see the
                                  The awards ceremony started with speeches from Mr. Manfred F.                     same encouragement given by all these organizations continue in the
                                  Boes, the then President of FIATA and Mr. Andres Mueller (TT Club),               future so that we can attract the talented crowd and propel the whole
                                  Chairman of YIFFY Award Steering Committee.                                       industry into the future.

                                  Then came the nail-biting time for the four regional winners. Who                Siva Vankineni is a Director with Logistics Plus
                                  would win the big award? I cannot describe the pride and joy I felt    

Timely and Topical Training
Cont’d from page 8

members – and their ground transport and                                                       the organization, CIFFA’s one hour on-line, on-demand
warehouse suppliers – the CSC training                                                         General Awareness e-Learning Program efficiently outlines
clearly outlines the process and the                                                           the threats that exist and the benefits of security.
requirements for becoming ‘regulated’.             Vanessa Head, Manager at Farrow
                                                   International, who took the CSC             Going beyond the need for training, CIFFA has also worked
Freight forwarders, truckers and ware-             course in Toronto recently, agrees          with legal counsel to develop contract templates for use
house operators handling air cargo know                                                        with sub-contracted warehouse and trucking companies.
that by sending employees to the CIFFA             wholeheartedly. “I thought that the         The ‘preferred vendors’ found at
training, they will meet the new require-          training was well delivered, was very       dors.asp can help members conduct all the mandatory ele-
ments. And CIFFA makes it easy. For                informative and helped to break the         ments of the new “Background Check” (and there is more
Authorized Cargo Representatives (ACR) –           program down into manageable                than just the Criminal Record Name Check) or produce the
the people handling air cargo; drivers,                                                        new mandatory “company issued photo id”.
warehouse staff, air export agents – CIFFA         pieces. The teachers are fantastic
has developed the on-line, on-demand               too!”                                       Education is taken seriously at CIFFA. Preparing individuals
Authorized Cargo Representative (ACR) e-                                                       and organizations to deal effectively in the new world of
Learning Program. For everyone else in                                                         freight forwarding is the mandate of the CIFFA Academy.


      WE GET EXPORTERS. We know that once you’ve signed a big contract, making sure your order gets to where it needs to go is just one more thing to
      worry about. At Export Development Canada (EDC), whether you’re shipping to Shanghai or Sherman Oaks, California, we’ve got you covered. From
      Accounts Receivable Insurance and Contract Bonding Services to loans that help you comply with the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
      (C-TPAT), we can help ensure you successfully complete your order so you can move on to the next one. Because that’s what every exporter wants.

      R     I    S     K          M      A     N      A     G     E    M      E    N       T           S    O     L    U     T    I    O     N      S             The Forwarder December 2007

                                                       1 866 248 4744
                                                             Realize a World of Opportunity

                                                        CIFFA Academy Education Calendar
                                                        1st Quarter 2008
                                                        Advance your skills, knowledge and career in transportation logistics.

                                                        January                                                  February
                                   S        M       T       W       T      F       S      S        M         T      W       T       F       S

                                                    1       2       3      4       5                                                1       2

                                   6        7       8       9       10     11      12     3        4         5      6       7       8       9

                                   13       14      15      16      17     18      19     10       11        12     13      14      15      16

                                   20       21      22      23      24     25      26     17       18        19     20      21      22      23

                                   27       28      29      30      31                    24       25        26     27      28      29

                                                         March                                          Events Listing
                                   S        M       T       W       T      F       S      • Jan. 17: Cargo Security Coordinator, Toronto
                                                                                          • Jan. 31: Cargo Security Coordinator, Montreal
                                                                                          • Feb. 5-7: Initial Air DG, Vancouver
                                                                                          • Feb. 6-7: Recurrent Air DG, Vancouver
                                   2        3       4       5       6      7       8
                                                                                          • Feb. 5-7: Initial Air DG, Toronto
                                                                                          • Feb. 6-7: Recurrent Air DG, Toronto
                                   9        10      11      12      13     14      15     • Feb. 5-7: Initial Air DG, Montreal (English)
                                                                                          • Feb: 6-7: Recurrent Air DG, Montreal (English)
                                   16       17      18      19      20     21      22     • Feb. 12: Cargo Security Coordinator, Toronto
                                                                                          • Feb. 19-21: Initial Air DG, Edmonton
                                   23       24      25      26      27     28      29     • Feb. 20-21: Recurrent Air DG, Edmonton
                                                                                          • Feb. 20: Incoterms & Letter of Credit, Vancouver
                                                                                          • Feb. 21: Cargo Insurance & Risks Forwarders
                                   30       31
                                                                                            Face, Vancouver
                                                                                          • Feb. 27: Cargo Security Coordinator, Montreal
                                       Did you know? Transport Canada’s Air Cargo
                                       Security Program requires staff training on air    •    Mar. 11-13:   Initial Air DG, Calgary
                                       cargo security. CIFFA has developed 3 training     •    Mar. 12-13:   Recurrent Air DG, Calgary
                                       programs to help with compliance:                  •    Mar. 11-13:   Initial Air DG, Montreal (French)
                                        • Cargo Security Coordinator (classroom-based);   •    Mar. 12-13:   Recurrent Air DG, Montreal (French)
                                        • Authorized Cargo Representative (e-learning);   •    Mar. 25-27:   Initial Air DG, Montreal (English)
The Forwarder December 2007

                                        • General Awareness (e-learning).                 •    Mar. 26-27:   Recurrent Air DG, Montreal (English)

                                                                         CIFFA Contact Information:
                                                              Mail: 170 Attwell Dr., #480, Toronto, ON, M9W 5Z5
                                                    Tel: 416-234-5100    Toll-free: 1-866-2824332       Fax: 416-234-5152
                                             E-mail:   Web site:

Membership Grows
CIFFA raises a strong voice in support of freight forwarders in Canada
and around the world. In the first six months of the 2007, CIFFA wel-
comed 23 new Regular Members.

In building his new Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage
Company, Richard Gervais the President of AXXESS INTERNATIONAL
INC. found value in becoming a member of CIFFA. “The access to
industry information and market intelligence is very important for the
development of our company. CIFFA is a reliable and worldwide rec-
ognized source. The e-Bulletin provides us with international news
and changes in regulations as well as industry trends,” says Richard
Gervais. “AXXESS INTERNATIONAL INC. also believes in personnel
development and therefore appreciates the specialized technical
training programs offered by CIFFA.”

The 20 new Associate members joining in the same period come from
industries as diverse as investigative services to cartage companies           Richard Gervais and Sonia Anderson
and port authorities. Associate members join CIFFA to gain better
access to their target clients, to support their clients and to receive cur-
rent news and training. These organizations provide valuable products
and services to Regular Members, often offering preferred pricing and
other benefits to members. CIFFA encourages Regular Members to
look first to Associate Members when making purchasing decisions.

     New Regular Members for 2007 (January – June)                                 New Associate Members for 2007 (January – June)
     A.G.O. Transportation Inc.                                                    AOL Cartage Inc.
     Aeronautic Freight Systems Inc.                                               Avalon Risk Management, Inc.
     Anything to Anywhere Worldwide Logistics                                      Burl-Oak Investigative Services
     Axxess International Inc.                                                     Chapman Freeborn Airchartering Ltd.
     BALtrans Logistics (Canada) Ltd.                                              E. J. Brooks Industries Ltd.
     Branson International Inc.                                                    Fernandes Hearn LLP
     Cargomax International Inc.                                                   Halifax Port Authority
     Cargopedia Inc.                                                               Hamilton International Airport
     Courtney Agencies Ltd.                                                        Hays Specialist Recruitment
     Euroworld Transport System Canada Inc.                                        Hyndman Transport (1972) Limited
     Green Global Logistics Inc.                                                    Importers Transport Council
     Imperial Logistics Inc.                                                       Konica Minolta & Unique Card Concepts Inc.
     Logistics Plus Canada, Ltd.                                                   Magrath O’Conner LLP
     Mathers Logistics                                                             MSM Transportation Inc.
                                                                                                                                          The Forwarder December 2007

     Patriot Freight Services Inc.                                                 Pauls Transport
     Prestige Transitaires International                                           Stoakley-Dudley Consultants
     Skyway International Freight Forwarders Ltd.                                  Support Corporation
     Synergex Logistics Corp                                                       Torofx Inc.

                                                                          Fast Forward: from FIATA ‘
                                                                           The Canadian contingent returned from the FIATA
                                                                           2007 Congress in Dubai a few weeks ago bearing
                                                                           accolades, prizes and plans for next year’s event in

                                                                           While at the Congress, CIFFA’s own William (Bill)
                                                                           Gottlieb commenced his term as President of FIATA.
                                                                           Mr. Gottlieb is the President of David Kirsch
                                                                           Forwarders Limited and has held several senior roles
                                                                           in CIFFA and FIATA.

                                                                           Mr. Gottlieb also had the honour of inviting the FIATA
                                                                           congress delegates and all member Associations to
                                                                           the next world congress to be held in Vancouver, BC, in
                                                                           the autumn of 2008 ( During his
                                                                           remarks, Bill extolled the great networking opportuni-
The Forwarder December 2007

                                                                           ties of the FIATA Congress and encouraged partici-
                                                                           pants to continue what they started in Dubai at the
                                                                           2008 Vancouver Congress.: “The only thing better
                                                                           than meeting an old friend is making a new friend.”
                                                                           The FIATA congress is more than just networking and
                                                                           galas. Christopher J. Gillespie, President & CEO,
                                                                           Gillespie-Munro Inc. is a past president of FIATA and

                                   Above: On the main stage in Dubai, Siva accepts award
                                   Bottom Left: Bill Gottlieb, Marilyn Massoud and Chris Gillespie relax at twilight in Dubai
                                                                                Marilyn Massoud invites visitors to the CIFFA booth to come next
                                                                                year to Vancouver

                                                                                Planning is what she does, and Marilyn Massoud planned exact-
                                                                                ly the right number of maple flavoured cookies to take to Dubai as
                                                                                treats for delegates stopping by the CIFFA booth – on their way to
                                                                                Vancouver we hope.

                                                                                Dubai is a city that never sleeps, as Marilyn discovered while attend-
                                                                                ing this year's World Congress. “If you think traffic is bad in Toronto,
‘07 Dubai to FIATA’ 08 Vancouver                                                you've never traveled between Dubai and Sharjah – construction is
                                                                                everywhere, anytime, day or night! “ Marilyn advises. “It is true what
    currently Chairman of the FIATA Multimodal Transport Institute, and as      they say, 50% of the world's cranes are in Dubai. And the lights at
    such, sits on the extended Board of Directors. “The main forum enti-        night – they’re something to behold.”
    tled, 100% Transportation Security – Myth or Reality, grappled with the
    concept, as embraced by the recent US legislation, requiring 100%           The delegates had a full 5 day agenda, beginning some days at
    scanning of all marine containers bound for that country.                   08:00 with the trade exhibits and ending at 22:00 after a stimu-
                                                                                lating networking cocktail. The Vancouver 2008 exhibit booth
    “While there is no question that security is of paramount importance the    welcomed over 800 delegates, giving each a Canadian flag and
    layered approach as suggested in the US presentation proposes the most      sticker for their congress badge, making them "honourary
    economic and practical solution. No one doubts the catastrophic effect a    Canadians". The CIFFA Directors were privileged to attend a sun-
    marine based terrorist event would have on the global economy as a con-     set cocktail hosted by DVV Media Middle East, at the 360
    sequence of the impact on world trade, but it was also felt that home       Restaurant Lookout at the end of a causeway off of the Burj Al
    grown risks present equal if not greater challenges to security regimes,”   Arab Hotel. “The location and the beautiful sunset were high-
    commented Mr. Gillespie.                                                    lights of my trip to Dubai,” enthuses Marilyn.

    Recognizing talent when they see it, the YIFFY awards committee select-     Dinner in the Desert was all one could have imagined--Arab
    ed Siva Vankineni, Director of Logistics Plus Canada as this year’s pres-   "guards" on horseback and on camels riding the perimeter of the
                                                                                                                                                                The Forwarder December 2007

    tigious Young International Freight Forwarder of the Year. Mr. Vankineni    entertainment compound - photo ops abounded! An Arabic band,
    prevailed over three other finalists from Egypt, Indonesia and Spain to     singers, and traditional Gulf dancers, including belly dancers, kept
    bring home the big prize.                                                   the crowd entertained. It was certainly a fitting way to close out
                                                                                the Dubai FIATA World Congress.
    Canada also brought home a new certificate which was presented in Dubai.
    FIATA revalidated CIFFA's Professional Education Program Modules I and II   Plan now to attend the 2008 FIATA Congress in Vancouver next
    and recognized the program as ‘industry-leading, professional training’.    autumn.

                                   Network. Meet colleagues out-
                                   side the office. Meet new people.
                                   Connect. Participate in some of
                                   the local events brought to your
                                   Region. Golf tournaments,
                                   Forwarders Choice Awards gala
                                   evenings, Education Grad events,
                                   meetings and more – there is an
                                   event for you.

                                   Right: Wendy Trudeau, Central Region
                                   Chair is surrounded by the sweet tones
                                   of the ‘Barons of Barbershop’, who give
                                   CIFFA’s $500 honorarium to charity.
                                   Central FCA ‘07
                                   (Photo by Canadian Sailings)
The Forwarder December 2007

                                                                                                  Above: Joyce Hammock, Publisher “Canadian Sailings/ Transportation & Trade
                                                                                                  Logistics”, Brian Russell, British Airways and Donna Letterio, DHL Global
                                                                                                  Forwarding and member CIFFA National Board of Directors. Eastern FCA ‘07
                                                                                                  (Photo by Canadian Sailings)
                                          George Kuhn receives his life-time achievement award.
                                          (Photo by Canadian Sailings)

                                                                                                   “Canadian Sailings/Transportation & Trade Logistics” along
                                                                                                   with sister publication “The Journal of Commerce” are the
                                                                                                   Canadian media sponsors of FIATA 2008.

                                                                                       CIFFA Central Regional

                                                                                       Back row: Len Notaro,
                                                                                       Skip Hughes, Maged
                                                                                       Ghali, Arnis Bredovskis,
                                                                                       Tom McGinn

                                                                                       Front row: Vania Gava,
                                                                                       Jodie Wilson, Wendy
                                                                                       Trudeau, Edna Carr

                                                                                       (Photo by Canadian

                                                                a     ble:
 Valuable                                                 avail

 International                                          ICC Uniform Customs and Practice for
                                                        Documentary Credits 2007 Revision
 Business and                                           (UCP 600)

 Reference                                                     $48.00 - book format
                                                                                                                       The Forwarder December 2007

                                                               $13.00 - leaflet format
 Publications                                                  (GST and shipping are additional)

                                              CIFFA members receive a 10%
                                              discount on UCP products.
Visit our website for the complete catalogue and order form.
                                                        w w w. c h a m b e r. c a
     For more information, please contact Angela Roy at 613.238.4000 ext. 265 or

                                   Out and About – CIFFA Engagements
                                      2007 has been an active and engaging year for CIFFA National          If you plan to attend an industry event, consider attending
                                      Board of Directors and Secretariat staff. And 2008 is shaping         where CIFFA is participating. Drop by the booth, introduce
                                      up to be just as action packed. Where is the ‘voice of freight        yourself to the person speaking for CIFFA – join a strong and
                                      forwarding ‘heard? CIFFA is being heard in classrooms, in             vibrant community.
                                      boardrooms, in Ottawa and around the world.

                                                      Date                                     City                                     Speaker
                                                      January 3 - 5, 2007                      Toronto                                  CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      February 16, 2007                        Toronto                                  CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      February 26, 2007                        Calgary                                  CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      February 26, 2007                        Calgary                                  CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      March 01, 2007                           Toronto                                  Chris Gillespie
                                                                                                                                        CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      March 15 - 19, 2007                      Zurich, Switzerland                      Chris Gillespie, Bill Gottlieb
                                                      April 03, 2007                           Ottawa                                   CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      April 05, 2007                           Toronto                                  CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      April 10, 2007                           Toronto                                  CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      April 15 - 19, 2007                      Phoenix, Arizona                         Bill Gottlieb
                                                      April 25 - 27, 2007                      Gatineau                                 CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      May 01, 2007                             Toronto                                  CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      May 03, 2007                             Toronto                                  CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      May 11, 2007                             Memphis                                  CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      May 17, 2007                             Toronto                                  CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      May 24, 2007                             Ottawa                                   Mark Soubry
                                                      June 11, 2007                            Ottawa                                   CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      June 20, 2007                            Toronto                                  Mark Soubry
                                                      June 20, 2007                            Toronto                                  CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      June 22, 2007                            Winnipeg                                 CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      July 18, 2007                            Ottawa                                   CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      August 17, 2007                          Hamilton                                 CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      August 21, 2007                          Ottawa                                   CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      August 26 - 29, 2007                     Montreal                                 CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      September 10, 2007                       Oakville                                 CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      September 11, 2007                       Vancouver                                Amy Gumboc
                                                      September 25, 2007                       Toronto                                  CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      October 16, 2007                         Mississauga                              CIFFA Secretariat

                                                      October 18 - 23, 2007                    Dubai, UAE                               Chris Gillespie, Bill Gottlieb
                                                                                                                                        CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      October 20, 2007                         Mississauga                              CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      October 23, 2007                         Mississauga                              CIFFA Secretariat
The Forwarder December 2007

                                                      October 29 - November 2, 2007            Montreal                                 CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      November 22, 2007                        Ottawa                                   CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      November 23, 2007                        Ottawa                                   CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      December 11, 2007                        Ottawa                                   CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      December 20, 2007                        Toronto                                  CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      January 2 - 4, 2008                      Toronto                                  CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      February 12, 2008                        Ottawa                                   CIFFA Secretariat
                                                      March 26 - 27, 2008                      Toronto                                  CIFFA Secretariat

  Mark your calendars now for TRANSPO 2008. The CITA presents TRANSPO 2008 Conference and Exhibition in partnership with Canadian
  Transportation & Logistics (CT&L), and with the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association. TRANSPO 2008 is a can't-miss event
  that is sure to be of great interest to all professionals involved in Canada's dynamic transportation industry. Plan to visit CIFFA at our booth
  #303. Visit for full details.

Event                                                                       Topic
Seneca College Training                                                     Dangerous Goods Training
Canadian Security Sector Council                                            Board Meeting & Dinner
CBMU                                                                        Education Working Group
IE Canada Conference                                                        Creating a National Cargo Security Plan
Transpo - CITA Transpo                                                      Supply Chain Policy Needs for Smooth Sailing,
07 Conference                                                               CIFFA Exhibit Booth
FIATA Headquarters Meeting                                                  FIATA
CBSA                                                                        Working Group
CIFFA/IATA Joint Council                                                     Working Group
IE Canada Conference                                                        Emerging Issues in Customs
Nat'l Customs Brokers & Forwarders Assoc. of America                        Our Evolving Role in the Int’l Marketplace
Canadian Airports Council 2007 Conference                                   The Business and Operational Sides of the Cargo Sector
CIFFA/IATA Joint Council                                                    Working Group
Women in Logistics                                                          Dinner Seminar
IATA/FIATA DGTTF Meeting                                                    Working Group
CAC Air Cargo Policy Forum                                                  Air Cargo Security
CBSA/ESPN Steering Committee                                                Working Group
CILTNA                                                                      Transportation Situation & Outlook Conference
IATA/CIFFA Joint Council Air Cargo Security Forum                           Working Group
IATA/CIFFA Joint Council Air Cargo Security Forum                           Working Group
CSCSC                                                                       Board Meeting
CBSA/ESPN Steering Committee                                                Working Group
Hamilton Ports Authority Conference                                         Bottlenecks & Black Holes. How to Avoid Them.
CBSA/ESPN Steering Committee                                                Working Group
29th Annual ACPA Conference                                                 Productivity and Competitiveness in a Global Market
CSCSC Assoc. Forum                                                          Working Group
2nd Annual Asia Canada Maritime Conference                                  Panelist; "Gateway to the Future"
21st Annual Transportation Innovation & Cost Savings Conference             Moderator; "Canada's Cargo Security Mandate"
CCLA 2007 Conference "Delivering Opportunities & Managing                   Panelist; "Canada's Cargo Security Mandate"
FIATA World Congress                                                        MTI , FIATA Board, ABVT Validation Meeting,
                                                                            CIFFA Exhibit Booth
CTRF & Ottawa CILT Joint Conference                                         Future Development Transportation Infrastructure
IE Canada's 76th Annual Conference, Trade Show & Gala                       "Canada's Cargo Security Mandate"
                                                                                                                                                          The Forwarder December 2007

IATA/FIATA DGTTF Meeting                                                    Working Group
Awareness Group for Aviation Security                                       Technical Committee Meeting
Coalition for Secure & Trade                                                Efficient Borders
CBSA/ESPN Steering Committee                                                Working Group
Seneca College Training                                                     Ocean Dangerous Goods
Seneca College Training                                                     Air Dangerous Goods
CBSA/ESPN Steering Committee                                                Working Group
Transpo 2008 Conference & Exhibition                                        Global Trade: Is Canada Competitive?

                                   At the Head of HWY H2O
                                   North America’s oldest highway, the 3,700 km Great Lakes / St.            nal would design 100% cargo screening into its build. Melford
                                   Lawrence Seaway system – HWY H2O – is re-inventing itself as the          International Terminals would rival Asian port production at 45,000
                                   green alternative to road and rail transportation. Serving North          TEU per hectare. Integral to the new container terminal is the devel-
                                   America’s commercial, industrial and agricultural heartland, HWY H2O      opment of the supply chain facilities with a huge logistics park to pro-
                                   has the potential to reduce fuel consumption, lower total greenhouse      vide facilities for value-added processing related to the cargo coming
                                   gas emissions and ease congestion on over-crowded highways. The           in and out of the port.
                                   $300 million container terminal proposed by Melford International
                                   Terminals at the head of HWY H2O has the potential to bring millions      How far and how fast the private enterprise Melford International
                                   of containers to the inland water route.                                  Terminals moves is a question. With the Port of Halifax operating at
                                                                                                             around 50% of capacity, should investment dollars go towards a new
                                   The St. Lawrence River, the Seaway and the Great Lakes provide the        terminal or should better utilization of Halifax be a first priority? What
                                   ‘highway’, ports are the on/off ramps, rail links provide access to the   are the risks attached to building a new terminal dependent on a 32
                                   landlocked geographies and road carriers deliver that crucial ‘final      kilometre stretch of short line railroad connecting to the ‘only game in
                                   mile’ to destination. Traditionally focused on those mainstays of North   town’ CN line at Truro? If the dream of a huge logistics park is real-
                                   American economy – agri-business, mining and heavy industry –             ized, where will the sophisticated knowledge workers needed to serve
                                   HWY H2O is also targeting new inter-modal cargo. With the possibili-      the clients come from?
                                   ty of a new state of the art, US Green Lane Compliant, container ter-
                                   minal rivalling Vancouver at the head of the highway, container traffic   Certainly, the future is exciting to contemplate. In Melford Terminals’
                                   gains credence.                                                           brave new world, specially designed cranes will load and unload 53’
                                                                                                             reinforced containers from super post Panamax vessels. Some con-
                                   At the third annual HWY H2O Conference in Toronto last November,          tainers will go inland by rail, some will transfer vessel to vessel and
                                   Paul Martin, President and Robert Stevens, CEO of Melford                 some will go to the logistics park. Barges and feeder vessels will
                                   International Terminal Inc. shared their plans for a leading edge con-    carry millions of containers inland, floating serenely on HWY H2O to
                                   tainer terminal on the mainland side of the Strait of Canso, about 32     the heartland of North America’s consumer markets in Chicago,
                                   kilometres from the CN mainline at Truro Nova Scotia. Designed to         Toronto and Montreal.
                                   “raise the bar for North American security technology’, the new termi-
The Forwarder December 2007

Correspondence from around the world
CIFFA has received correspondence from the locations listed below, looking for agency relationships with Canadian firms. CIFFA has not reviewed
this correspondence or vetted these companies or individuals. Interested members send your requests to, quoting either
Agency or Resume and the item number required.

1         Cairo, Egypt                                                      20     Islamabad Airport, Pakistan
2         Karachi, Pakistan                                                 21     Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
3         Mashad, Iran                                                      22     Istanbul, Turkey
4         Valley Stream, New York, USA                                      23     Sanaa, Yemen
5         Tabarka, Tunisia                                                  24     Mohammadpur, Bangladesh
6         Tianjin, China                                                    25     Lagos, Nigeria
7         Hochiminh city, Vietnam                                           26     Domlur, Bangalore
8         Port Said, Egypt                                                  27     Bratislava, Slovakia
9         Lima, Peru                                                        28     Khartoum, Sudan
10        Jakarta, Indonesia                                                29     Navi Mumbai, India
11        Shanghai, China                                                   30     Qingdao, China
12        Casablanca, Morocco                                               31     Giza, Egypt
13        Chennai, India                                                    32     Lahore Cantt, Pakistan
14        Shenzhen, China                                                   33     Kowloon, Hong Kong
15        Tehran, Iran                                                      34     Germany
16        Rotterdam, The Netherlands                                        35     Gloucester, UK
17        Dubai, UAE                                                        36     West Midlands, UK
18        Adana, Turkey                                                     37     New Delhi, India
19        Mombasa, Kenya                                                    38     Mashad, Iran

We’ve also received résumés and expressions of interest from individuals.

     1      Toronto Area. 23 years experience in freight forwarding seeking a Senior Import Cargo Agent position.

     2      Brampton Area. Minimal cross docking experience looking for warehouse/dock work.

     3      Mississauga Area. Chief Officer/Deputy Captain in the Merchant Navy looking for a career on land after 10 years of service at sea.

     4      Richmond Hill Area. 2 years experience as Air Freight Imports Agent. Looking for position in Import/Export & Global Logistics

     5      Greater Montreal Area. 8 years experience managing International freight forwarding company.

     6      Toronto Area. 6 years experience in export documentation. 4 years Canadian/2 years Brazilian. Speaks Portuguese & French.
                                                                                                                                                       The Forwarder December 2007

     7      Montreal Area. Degree in Law & Masters Degree in Maritime Business and Law. Speaks French & Portuguese. No Experience.

     8      Etobicoke Area. 14 years experience in Operations & Administration dealing with Export Documentation.

     9      Vancouver but willing to relocate. Export financing transactions and letters of credit. Speaks Portuguese and basic French.

     10     Greater Toronto Area. 9 years transportation/freight forwarding experience. Speaks Russian & Uzbek.

     11     Mississauga Area. 17 years extensive experience in import/export/freight forwarding. CITT & CCS designations.


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