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CV - Josh Freitas.doc


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Personal Information
Address           123 Derry Avenue
                  Armadale WA 6112
ABN               78 045 217 291
Mobile            0422 606 835
Email             jfreitas@iinet.net.au

Tertiary Education
          2002 Diploma of Information Technology (Software Development)
          Computer Power Group (Originally Spherion) (Perth, Western Australia)
          February 2002 – July 2002
          Visual Basic as Major Elective

Skills and Competencies

                     Version                                 Duration of Use      Last Used                Expertise
Operating            Windows 2000, XP, 2003                  4 years              Present Day              Advanced
Systems              and Server Variants

Languages            Delphi                                  3 years              Present day              Advanced
                     Visual Basic                            1 years              January 2004             Intermediate
                     Cold Fusion 5                           18 months            August 2005              Advanced
                     C#                                      7 Months             Present Day              Advanced
                     Delphi for .NET & ASP. NET              2 year               Present Day              Advanced
                     Flash                                   3 months             August 2005              Intermediate
                     Transact SQL                            3 years              Present Day              Advanced

Applications         Install Shield                          2 years              August 2005              Intermediate
                     MS Office                               4 year               Present Day              Advanced
                     Terminal Services                       3 years              Present Day              Advanced
                     MS Project                              1 year               August 2005              Advanced
                     MS Exchange Server                      2 years              August 2005              Advanced
                     Crystal Reports                         3 years              August 2005              Advanced

Databases            MS SQL Server/MSDE                      3 years              Present Day              Advanced
                     PostgreSQL                              3 Months             Present Day              Intermediate
                     Sybase ASA                              1 year               December 2004            Intermediate

Professional Summary
         4 years commercial experience
         Agile IT specialist with proven success in multiple projects in the Sports, Non for Profit and Transit market.
         Highly skilled in developing Client/Server applications using SQL Server 2000, Delphi, Delphi for ASP .NET
         Proven ability with Structured Design and Development Methodologies.

                                                     Joshua Freitas
                                                      0422 606 835
Past Professional Employment
Contract Analyst Programmer (Full Time)
ERG Transit (Balcatta, Western Australia)
March 2006 to June 2006 (3 Months)

     Delphi 4 & 7 for Windows 32, C#

     PostgreSQL 8, Paradox

     Project Description
     The job was to maintain an existing Transit back end system as well as designing and implementing major value
     adding features to their product. This work involved working with intelligent Smart cards and card reader devices
     over a serial connection.

     The majority of the work was moving their system from a local Paradox file system to a multi-user Postgres
     Client/Server environment.

        Feature Design
        Feature Documentation
        Internal Liaison in a corporate environment
        Feature Development in Delphi for Win32
        Working with Serial Devices (Card Readers, Ticket machines)
        Debugging and maintenance of existing products
        Working with the FTP Protocol
        Working with Crystal Reports 7, 8, 9, 10

Distribution Manager & System Development (Full Time)
Melmoss Pty. Ltd \ Waves Surf wear (Myaree, Western Australia)
August 2005 to March 2006 (9 Months)

     Delphi 10 (BDS 2006) for ASP .NET, C#

     Access 2000, Microsoft SQL Server 2000

     Project Description
     The job was to build an application to maintain fortnightly rosters, holidays and merchandising purchase plans
     with the end goal of increasing productivity of the company headquarters. The bulk of the system was designed to
     put all data manipulation on the SQL Server in the form of stored procedures and views.

     Also during the time of employment was involved in headquarters operations as head of the returns department.

        System Design
        System Documentation
        System Development
        Work process analysis
        Communicating with Store and Administrative staff
        Communicating with Suppliers
        Database Design and Maintenance

                                                    Joshua Freitas
                                                     0422 606 835
Programmer/Analyst (Full Time)
Metisc (Victoria Park, Western Australia)
August 2002 to August 2005 (3 Years)

     Visual Basic, Delphi 5 – 9 (BDS 2005) for Windows 32, Delphi for .NET & ASP .NET, Cold Fusion 5, C#

     Access 2000, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Sybase ASA, MYOB

     Project Description
     During this period I was responsible for the maintenance and enhancements of six applications and the complete
     design and development of four brand new products. Many of these products were built as value adding utility add
     ons to the iMIS CRM suite. The largest product was a large sports management package (iScore) that operated as
     its own CRM and managed items like registration, fixtures, competition setup and financials.

     During the last 12 months of employment I became the most senior member at Metisc and was in charge of the
     development direction and placed as lead developer and team leader. One of my major roles was designing a
     library of business objects that Metisc could maintain as their common library and eventually reproduce for
     commercial resale. This object library is now the back bone of all applications at Metisc.

        System Design
        System Documentation
        System Development
        Project management of iMIS/iScore implementations
        Work process analysis
        Direct Client Liaison and support
        Managing Quality Assurance Testing
        Management of product releases
        Worked with low level Exchange Event Hooks
        Basic Windows API Hooking
        Worked with Xpedite SMS, Fax and Email gateway
        Worked with Medialinq Fax gateway
        Working with International clients usually in United States or Europe
        Running Demonstrations & Web seminars
        Ran a National iScore Training course in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.
        Development of COM and Shared libraries
        On site support and development
        Managing migration of Cold fusion to ASP .NET
        Development of a common code Library that compiles as .NET assembly and Win32 (*)
        Worked with Simple web services
        Investigating New Technologies to enhance products

* This was possible since Delphi for Win 32 and .NET, the syntax remains the same similar to C++ Managed and
Unmanaged. This made use of .NET where possible as well as use the equivalent in Win32 using conditional compiles.

** Delphi for .NET/ASP .NET is the same syntax Delphi language (Object Pascal) using the .NET libraries as its basis.
It is capable of doing VCL for .NET, Win Forms and ASP .NET projects. The syntax is very close to VB .NET.

                                                    Joshua Freitas
                                                     0422 606 835
Specialised Courses
      2005 MXDU Conference (Flash Track)
      Macromedia (Sydney, Western Australia)
      March 2005

      2004 .NET Web services and Best Practices
      Microsoft (Perth, Western Australia)
      December 2004

      2003 Introduction to Flash (Customised)
      Schematic Design (Perth, Western Australia)
      December 2003

      2003 How to Manage Your Time
      New Horizons (Perth, Western Australia)
      September 2003

      2006 Certificates 2, 3, 4 Sports Coaching (Martial Arts)
      Ging Mo Academy (Perth, Western Australia)
      March 2006 – Present
      Currently Ongoing

      2006 Senior First Aid
      Royal Perth Life Saving (Perth, Western Australia)
      May 2006

      Kung Fu Trainee Instructor (Part Time)
      Ging Mo Academy (Perth, Western Australia)
      March 2006 to Present

      My role as an instructor consists of instructing Students in both technically and contextual aspects. I believe
      that it requires me the following skills:

               Great communication skills
               Great sense of confidence and pride in my work
               Hard working ethic
               Ability to work with lots of different people
               Setting goals for both myself and others and working with others in achieving those goals

      Mr Andrew Wooding
      ERG Transit – Project Manager
      Mobile: 0422 912 207

      Mr Marcus Michael
      Melmoss Pty Ltd – General Manager
      Phone: (08) 9330 2889
      Mobile: 0418 908 091

      Mr Graham Hill
      METISC Computer Services - Managing Director
      Phone: (08) 9291 7888
      Mobile: 0418 448 228

                                                   Joshua Freitas
                                                    0422 606 835

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