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									Updated 25 Sept 2008                                   Indicates projects submitted by 19 sept
                                                                                                 Sl.   Batch                   HT Nos       Title             Company         Abstract
                        Bhoj Reddy Engineering College for Women                                 1     Niharika Bandaru        05321A0545   Virtual           CMTES           The apps aims at building a
                       CSE Dept - Final Year Projects - Approval List                                  S. Anusha               05321A0507   Classrooms for                    system that allows classroom
                                                                                                                                            distant learner                   sessions as virtual classrooms to
                                                                                                                                                                              the distant learner. The regular
                                                                                                                                                                              sessions conducted in the
                                                                                                                                                                              college can be recorded and
                                                                                                                                                                              available as e learning material
                                                                                                                                                                              as virtual classrooms to the
                                                                                                                                                                              distant learner.

                                                                                                 2     Ch.VNK Prashanthi       05321A0552   Metacrawler for   CMTES           The application proposes to
                                                                                                       P. Deepika              05321A0517   Immigration                       isolate problems of fake
                                                                                                                                            Services                          certificates and employment
                                                                                                                                                                              details furnished by the
                                                                                                 3     Sindhu B                06325A0511   Flex Based        Tele Paradigm   This flex based tool can be used
                                                                                                       Satya Naga Harshini M   05321A0568   Programming                       to identify the candidates
                                                                                                                                            Testing Tool                      programming skill levels.

                                                                                                 4     K. Alekya               05321A0501   Career Destiny    COIGN           Web based apps – jobseekers to
                                                                                                       P. K Priyadarshini      05321A0533                                     upload resumes, search for jobs
                                                                                                                                                                              – job portal
                                                                                                 5     Vaishnavi Gayatri       05321A05B5   XML Based Tool    Tele-Paradigm   Create adapter to convert Dream
                                                                                                                                            Master Page                       weavers pages to import to .NET
                                                                                                                                            Generation                        paradigm

                                                                                                 6     K. Sirisha                                             CMTES           It is an integrated public
                                                                                                       G.Sowmya                05321A0582                                     distribution system ensuring
                                                                                                                               05321A0587                                     uniform supply of product and
                                                                                                                                                                              payment tracking.
                                                                                                 7     C. Nikita               05321A0548   Façade for        Tele Paradigm   Flex based interface web
                                                                                                       Arshia                  05321A0510   Publishing Web                    application for publishing web
                                                                                                                                            Services                          services
                                                                                                 8.    Priya Patidar           05321A0555   Flex based        Teleparadigm    Flex based website design-
                                                                                                       Swathi Katanguri        05321A05A2   wizard for                        Different skins regarding the info
                                                                                                                                            automated                         of the college, staff, labs, events,
                                                                                                                                            website                           placements.
                                                                                                                                            generation for
                                                                                                 9.    Rachana Reddy M         05321A0559   Flex based        Teleparadigm    A mechanism to know the truck
                                                                                                       Nayyara Kauser          05321A0542   freight                           identification, shipping details,
                                                                                                                                            management                        problems faced by the truck on to
                                                                                                                                            system using                      mobile of the company owner
                                                                                                                                            sunspot                           using Sun SPOT, web services
                                                                                                                                            technology                        and Flex.
                                                                                                 10.   J. Sai Manasa Sudha     05321A0565   Web parts –       Teleparadigm    The project Web parts provides
                                                                                                       L. V. Sireesha          05321A0581   Access Control                    additional features such as
                                                                                                                                                                              personalization profile to the
                                                                                                                                                                              users, restricted access and also
                                                                                                                                                                              GUI based hit count to the
                                                                                                 11.   C. Saranya              05321A0566   INTERACTO         COIGN           Socket programming done
                                                                                                       E. Saranya              05321A0567                                     through Ajax and using XML for
                                                                                                                                                                              database. Chatting in regional
                                                                                                                                                                              languages through Unicode
                                                                                                                                                                              support by using Fonts Pack
                                                                                                 12.   G. Shwetha              05321A0577   E-Mentor          Teleparadigm    Develops a website which acts
                                                                                                       D. Sowjanya             05321A0584   program for                       as a platform for many aspiring
                                                                                                                                            Women                             girl students to interact with the
                                                                                                                                                                              successful people in various
                                                                                                                                                                              fields. This interaction is enabled
                                                                                                                                                                              mainly through e-mails and chat
                                                                                                 13.   Kalyani Sri Waghdevi    05321A0528   Real Estate       COIGN           Deals with real estate
                                                                                                       K V. Malathi            05321A0535   Business Tool                     transactions.
14.   T. Sowmya Sheela        05321A0588                        COIGN           Prevents the download music file
                                           Music Masti
      P. Swathi               05321A05A5                                        to play on different machines
                                                                                other than the downloaded one.
                                                                                Artists can upload albums and
                                                                                can encode them by adding
                                                                                digital rights to the songs.

15.   G. Sharadha             05321A0571   Real time            Telaparadigm    Real time Collaboration system
      G. Rama Devi            05321A0562   collaboration                        software consists of consoles, a
                                           system                               server, an application module,
                                                                                system services and a
                                                                                repository. A match making
                                                                                service based on to
                                                                                create a collaboration to facilitate
16.   N. Sujatha              05321A0598                        CMTES           This application helps in
      V. Shashi Rekha         05321A0572   HR Training and                      maintaining the staff
                                           Recruitment                          requirements in various projects
                                           System                               added with proper company
                                                                                domain training.
17    W. Deepthi              05321A0518   Intranet             CMTES           GUI Tool to handle common
      C. Dharani Reddy        05321A0519   Communicator                         tasks over the network.
18.   K. Sravanthi            05321A0591   Face Pattern         COIGN           Desktop application to recognize
                                           Identification                       patterns using artificial neuron -
                                           using Neural                         Neural Networks
19.   Sravanthi               05321A0592   Central Prison       CMTES           CPMS – maintains parole details,
      G. Sujitha              05321A0599   Management                           inmates history, wages.
20    N. Anusha               05321A0506                        CMTES           Application protects, detects data
      N. Swathi               05321A05A4   Network Security                     corruption, compression and
21    G. Silpa                05321A0578                        CMTES           Web based system for the public
                                           Social Welfare,
      M. Sowjanya             05321A0585                                        to pay bills and apply different
                                           Bill Payment and
                                                                                govt certificates.
22    P. Raghavi              05321A0561   Book House           CMTES           This application is used different
      G. Shireesha            05321A0576                                        org for sales and management
                                                                                of books and reading materials.
23    K. Sindhura             05321A0580   Class View           COIGN           Apps generate the hierarchy of
      N. Sree Lakshmi         05321A0594   Generator                            classes, methods, signatures in
                                                                                the form of class diagrams.
24.   V. Anusha               05321A0508   Cellular Logic       Pentagon        Enhancement of the existing 2D
      N. Haindavi             05321A0523   Array Processing     Research        images to 3D images using
                                           of 3D Digital        Center          orthogonal technique

25    V.Niharika              05321A0547   Momento              Tele Paradigm   Struts framework –
      C. Priyanka             05321A0556   Implementation                       ORIGINATOR: CARETAKER to
                                           Framework for                        facilitate recovery & storage.
                                           Struts Application

26    M. Anusha               05321A0505   Integrated Media     CMTES           System coordinates
      L. Pushpa Haritha       05321A0558   Manager                              communication across the media
27    P. Chandana             05321A0513   Sales & Service      CMTES           Application helps vehicle
      Y.Promoditha            05321A0551   Monitoring                           dealer/vendor organizations to
                                           Syatem                               deal with sales and services
                                                                                automation/integrated system.
28    A. Karuna Sree          05321A0530   Voice XML            Tele Paradigm   Apps based on XML to IVR
      D. Naga Preethi         05321A0541   based IVR                            patterns and response systems.
29    Naaz Fatima             05321A0540   Small Gadgets        CMTES           Static updates, online solutions
      Neeraja                 05321A0543   Online                               and repair for small gadgets
30    G. Hema Choudary        05321A0524   Thinking Media       Virinchi        A web portal providing online
      K. Lakshmi Kavya Sree   05321A0534                                        movie production and distribution
                                                                                services to its customers where
                                                                                they have to be a part of thinking
                                                                                media by registering themselves
                                                                                as a talent or expert or investor
                                                                                or a franchise.
31    N. pallavi              05321A0549   Transport            CMTES           Allows the companies and
      Rajini Shinde           06325A0503   Routing System                       organizations to hire transport
                                                                                from private transport companies
                                                                                to arrange the pick up and drop
                                                                         facility for their employees. The
                                                                         site is maintained by the
                                                                         transport operators administrator.
32   J. Jyothi           05321A0526   BLAST Tool          COIGN          The system deals with sending
     G. R. Arpana        05321A0509                                      e-mails and sms in bulk to many
                                                                         users at a time.
33   P. Soundarya        05321A0583   Voice based         Renaissance    In this system the user can have
     G. swetha           05321A05A9   railway             Softlabs       interactive speech with the
                                      reservation                        railway reservation system. One
                                                                         can get reservation done on
34   Ch. Mounika         05321A0539   Website fetcher     COIGN          Web browser
     M. Noharika         05321A0546
35   J. Shilpita         05321A0575   Trouble ticketing   Teleparadigm   An based platform using
     N. Sowjanya         05321A0586                                      web services for aggregation and
                                                                         to keep track of the exceptions,
                                                                         present the o/p using crystal
36   R. Monika           05D21A0517   E-Medicare          CMTES          Medical insurance system.
     D. Gnyapika         05141A0538
37   V. Ramya            05321A0563   Open Ended Bid      Teleparadigm   To build a solution for bid
     T. Rupa Devi        05321A0564   Tracking System                    workflow management
38   B. Sravani          05321A0590   Contact
     K. Vanitha          05321A05B7   Mr. Vinod
39   CH Swetha           05321A05A8                       Teleparadigm   It is used model present mutual
     G Swetha            05321A05B0   Mutual fund                        funds in AMC using .net and
                                      comparator                         displays top mutual funds
                                                                         performance in company.
40   Neha Sigmekar       05321A0544                       Teleparadigm   This search engine is made only
     Sheetal Anand       05321A0573                                      for the search of oncology which
                                      Ontology system
                                                                         makes use of web3.0 which is an
                                      for oncology
                                                                         emerging technology which is
                                                                         used to retrieve information
41   K. Dayamani         05321A0515   Medication          Teleparadigm   Tool to search pharmacies
     S.Prathyusha        05321A0554   Services                           availability and stock position of
                                                                         different medicines
42   J. Radhika                       Creating ESB        Teleparadigm   In proposed system we will be
     G V Spoorthy Raj                 using JCAPS                        creating an enterprise service
                                                                         bus using sun’s JCAPS(Java
                         04321A0562                                      Composite Application Platform
                         05321A0589                                      Suite)
43   K Usha Kiran                     Moto trader         COIGN          This will be analyzed,
     A. Sindhura                                                         designed,developed and tested
                         05321A05B4                                      in the specified period of time
                         05321A0579                                      using the advanced
44   R Pranitha Kumari                Dynamic             Teleparadigm   This application feature in java
     E Vasantha                       Programming                        enables the behaviour of
                         06321A0510   using JAVA                         application to change
                         05321A05B8                                      dynamically
45   G Janaki Reddy                   Integrated share    CMTES          The proposed system is to
     T Manasa Kumari                  investment &                       provide an integrated online web
                                      monitoring                         service to the public and
                                      system                             companies to have a
                         05321A0525                                      transparency about the public
                         05321A0537                                      issues and payments
46   Greeshma V Nair                  Quality Tracker     COIGN          The proposed application track
     G Deepika           05321A0516                                      the history of the issue by
                                                                         maintaining a database with
                                                                         necessary parameters (like issue
                                                                         id, priority, status, time etc.,)
47   K Manasa                         Airlines Catering   COIGN          This project aims at developing a
     C Swetha            05321A0536   Services                           web application which can be
                                                                         configured by multiple users to
                                                                         maintain the catering services for
                                                                         airlines. We want to customize
                                                                         meals to suit the preferences of
                                                                         the passengers.
48   Amreen                           Hospital            F-TEC          The proposed system as
     Anupama G           05321A0502   Information                        information about different
                                      System                             hospitals present in city so that it
                                                                         can be helpful for the people.
                                                                         And for the people wo want to
                                                                         know details about hospitals in
                                                                         an area.
49   Seema Naz           05321A0569   Smart Portal        COIGN          The proposed system is very
     M Sravya                                                          useful wherein one can create
                                                                       our own events, discussion
                                                                       topics, share useful links,
                                                                       maintain a friend list, send
                                                                       messages to friends
50   M Sriharsha                      RIA Integration   Teleparadigm   This project integrates all the
     K Purna Chandrika   05J11A0532                                    above technologies which useful
                                                                       different scripting languages into
                                                                       single portal, that enables the
                                                                       user to get more efficient output.
51   L. Shilpa                        Flex Front End    Teleparadigm   This proposed project “Flex Front
     T. Supraja                       To Drupal CMS                    End to Drupal CMS” will be
                                                                       analysed, designed, developed
                                                                       and tested in the specified period
                                                                       of time using the advanced MS
                                                                       java technology.

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