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Prospects Group Magazine                      Issue 4

                                      Prospects celebrated its 10th birthday this year and what a successful
                                      decade it has been!

                                      Prospects now offers an extremely wide range of services to the
                                      educational support sector and the diversity of our work is shown to
                                      great effect in this, the fourth edition of Prospects in Partnership.

                                      Inside there’s news of our first year as a Regional Inspection Service
                                      Provider for Ofsted alongside articles about our innovative work with
                                      young people and their parents/carers. There are details on Prospects
                                      Sales and Marketing who supply educational resources to organisations
                                      across the UK. We also take a look at Prospects Recruitment Services,
                                      the recruitment agency which specialises in finding quality staff for the
                                      education, advice and guidance sector and much more besides.

The scope of our work is even broader than this magazine suggests. You can find out more about what
Prospects can do for your organisation by calling 020 8315 1530 but in the meantime, we hope this magazine
gives you an insight into what we do.

Kind regards

Ray Auvray
Chief Executive

 Forward thinking. Innovative. Responsive. Flexible. People-orientated. Commercially aware.

 These attributes make Prospects what it is today – one of the leading providers of educational support
 services in the UK. A national company, we specialise in meeting local needs with a diverse range of
 programmes that deliver tangible results.

 Combining the best values of the public sector with the dynamism and efficiency of a modern commercial
 organisation, we provide real benefits to our clients, customers, stakeholders and staff. Working in true
 partnership with our clients in the public, private and voluntary sectors, we pioneer innovative solutions and
 deliver best practice.

 Our people make us what we are.

 From school inspections and careers advice, through to recruitment services and web-based products,
 Prospects offers an unrivalled range of leading edge services.

 To find out more about our services, visit or contact us on 020 8315 1530.

 We look forward to working with you.

                                                                                                         C Prospects 2006

                                                                                                                              For editorial content contact
Eventful time for events division                                                                                         4   Julie Moore 0121 521 2302
This successful division is helping even more employers recruit                                                     
suitable staff with a brand new series of jobs and careers fairs.

A new offensive in prisons                                                                                                4
How Prospects is part of an initiative which uses IAG to help
rehabilitate offenders.

Ofsted - A closer inspection                                                                                              5
Looking back at the first 12 action-packed months as a Regional
Inspection Service Provider and looking forward to new challenges.

A NEET solution                                                                                                           6
How one Black Country borough is addressing the NEET
problem before it has a chance to start.

Bright prospects for recruitment                                                                                          7
Specialising in careers in education, advice and guidance,
Prospects Recruitment Services is just the job for the sector.

A new approach to unemployment                                                                                            7
New Deal is a big deal for Prospects subsidiary Careerfinder.

Best practice in Children’s Services                                                                                      8
News of a brand new booklet which highlights the
best Children’s Services.

One stop shop for resources                                                                                               8
Everything you’ve always wanted to know about
Prospects Sales and Marketing Unit.

Helping the hardest to help                                                                                               9
How Specialist Personal Advisers improve the life chances
of young people with serious problems.

Working wonders for adults                                                                                               10
A selection of recent nextstep case studies shows that
you’re never too old to succeed.

Record number of guidance interviews                                                                                     10
In a difficult financial climate, Prospects provided
a record number of interventions in 2005/6.

News in Brief                                                                                                            11
Bite-sized news from around the Prospects Group.

Prospects in Partnership: Shaping and delivering effective public services. For further information call 020 8315 1530
 Issue 4

 Eventful time for events division
As one of the UK’s key providers        Evidence shows that jobs and           ages of 14 - 19 to engage with
of careers, jobs and skills events,     careers fairs are one of the most      education, employment and
Prospects Events recently ran the       effective ways for companies to        training and empower them to
successful Opportunities West           recruit suitable staff.                make informed choices about the
Norfolk exhibition.                                                            many options open to them.
                                        In recent weeks, the Events
Sarah Glenn, part of the                Divison has taken over a series        Events Director Andrew Coates
Regeneration Team at the Borough        of jobs and careers fairs from         commented: “We are very excited
Council of King’s Lynn and West         Largenville and launched its own       about developing these events.
Norfolk commented: “Senior              brand new events.                      Visit
managers have already praised                                                  and to
the efficient organisation of the       Skills West Midlands will take         find out more.”
exhibition. I can’t speak too highly    place on 21st and 22nd March
of Andrew and Nina. Even when           2007 followed by North East Skills     Prospects Events also runs
there are hitches or crises it never    on 3rd and 4th October 2007.           exhibitions on behalf of other
appears that there is a problem         They will be the largest interactive   organisations. For further
because they respond so calmly.”        careers events in those regions and    information contact Andrew Coates
                                        aim to inspire visitors between the    on 01278 422301.

 A new offensive in prisons
Prospects is playing a lead role in a   formed London Advisory                 to leave custody.
brand new initiative which aims to      Partnership (LAP), have recently
tackle what experts acknowledge         won the contract from the Learning     ‘Getting Ahead’ provides IAG
to be one of the root causes of         and Skills Council (LSC) to provide    and mentoring to offenders in the
crime.                                  IAG services to all 8 prisons across   community throughout the Greater
                                        London.                                London area and complements the
Statistics show that 52% of male                                               Government’s Resettlement
prisoners and 71% of female             The contract was won against           Strategy.
prisoners have no qualifications        fierce competition in a competitive
and 67% of prisoners are                tendering process.                     Continuing the good work with
unemployed at the time of their                                                LAP, Prospects also took the lead
imprisonment. One of the key            In addition, Prospects has taken       in winning a bid to develop an
planks of the Government’s new          the lead on behalf of LAP in           intranet for young offenders in
Offender Learning Strategy is           bidding for European Social            Feltham Young Offenders
therefore to increase opportunities     Funding (ESF) and has been             Institution. Lifelong Learning
in the labour market for offenders      awarded two additional Offender        Director Steve Sheward
by improving their skills and           Learning contracts:                    commented: “This resource will
helping them find sustainable                                                  support the delivery of IAG in
employment.                             ‘Moving On’ focuses on delivering      Feltham. Once it is developed,
                                        IAG and mentoring in the 8             we plan to replicate the model
As part of this, Prospects and three    London prisons and specifically        in the 7 other London prisons.”
other members of the newly              targets offenders who are about

                                                                                                         C Prospects 2006
                                                                                                                           Prospects in Partnership

  Ofsted - A closer inspection
Prospects Learning Services (PLS)                                                 incorporate school improvement
has now been a Regional                                                           and has conducted thematic
Inspection Service Provider (RISP)                                                surveys across the region.
to Ofsted for a year.
                                                                                  POSITIVE IMPACT                          Before the end of the academic
In a busy 12 months, PLS has                                                                                               year, PLS may also be part of the
inspected over 1,300 primary                                                      At the same time, PLS has been           change programme that will merge
and secondary schools and pupil                                                   busy behind the scenes, enhancing        a number of inspectorates
referral units in the South A area                                                the quality assurance systems for        nationally under the leadership
which comprises London (North,                                                    inspectors, refining the protocols to    of Christine Gilbert, the recently
West, Central, East and South),                                                   support the complaints process and       appointed Chief of Her Majesty’s
Milton Keynes, Oxfordshire,                                                       improving the contractor ‘helpline’.     Inspectorate. Entitled ‘Her Majesty’s
Buckinghamshire, Berkshire,                                                                                                Inspectorate for Education,
Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and                                                  However, PLS Director of                 Children’s Services and Skills’,
Surrey. The majority of these visits                                              Inspections Dr Calvin Pike believes      this new inspectorate is intended to
were to schools whose last                                                        that the most rewarding aspect           come into force from April 2007.
inspections took place four years                                                 of inspections is knowing of their
ago but a significant number were                                                 positive impact at the chalk face.       The recent PLS conference focused
to schools which were deemed to                                                   Schools in the local authorities         on these developments and
have particular weaknesses.                                                       covered in PLS’s area have               featured a keynote speech from
                                                                                  reported very high levels of             Ofsted Regional Divisonal Manager
While this initial period has been                                                satisfaction with their inspections      Sheila Brown. Summing up the
a steep learning curve for all                                                    in their evaluation returns to Ofsted.   feelings of many of the delegates,
involved, the challenges have been                                                                                         one of the inspectors who attended
met successfully. Indeed, the                                                     One headteacher whose school             commented: “It was really good to
crucial relationship between Ofsted                                               was recently inspected by PLS            have HMI with us and to hear from
and the RISP is now stronger and                                                  commented: “We feel that it was          Sheila Brown directly. This
Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI)                                                    a valuable process and we have           demonstrated how the partnership
and Additional Inspectors (AI)                                                    gathered ideas into ways in which        has progressed and it was very
have started to work together more                                                we can move forward. You were all        motivating to see the responses
closely. What’s more, all the key                                                 so friendly, approachable, fair          from schools that showed the
indicators of Prospects contract                                                  and honest and you gave us the           Prospects team to be performing
performance have continued to                                                     opportunity to ask questions and         so well.”
improve during this time.                                                         reflect our school and its
                                                                                  practices.”                              Reflecting on the future, Calvin
In addition, PLS has worked closely                                                                                        said: “Our inspection team has
with Ofsted and RISP partners                                                     FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS                      an enormous range of skills,
trialling a Proportional Inspection                                                                                        knowledge and experience within
Programme (PIP) which aims to                                                     This year PIP will be rolled out         and outside the school context. I
refine the inspection programme so                                                nationally with a fifth of schools       very much hope that we will have
that visits are proportionate to                                                  across England getting ‘lighter          the opportunity to build on this
school needs. The team has also                                                   touch’ inspections, usually involving    expertise to continue to work with
developed the work of AIs to                                                      only one inspector for one day. At       Ofsted in providing a high quality of
                                                                                  the same time, schools given a           service for leaders, teachers
                                                                                  ‘notice to improve’ will benefit from    and learners across all sectors of
                                                                                  return visits that will help support     education.”
                                                                                  their development.

Prospects in Partnership: Shaping and delivering effective public services. For further information call 020 8315 1530
 Issue 4

 A NEET solution
UNIQUE NEW SOLUTION TO                 special evenings aimed at
AN OLD PROBLEM                         educating parents and engaging
                                       young people.
Prospects recently devised and                                                 they handed their evaluation form
delivered an innovative project in     The format of these evenings was        in at the end of the second
Dudley in the West Midlands.           designed by each school’s Personal      session. Meanwhile, Summerhill
                                       Adviser who used his or her             School opted to weave the Every
Funded by Connexions Guidance          in-depth knowledge of their school      Child Matters strand of being
Communities, four schools and          to deliver activities which would be    healthy into their event – they
around 335 individuals took part       interesting, useful and fun for         gave each family a banana, apple,
in the initiative which was aimed      everyone who attended. All the          orange and tomato, which was
at preventing young people from        schools who participated decided        also an extremely memorable and
becoming NEET (Not in Education,       to play ‘The Real Game’, the            novel way of introducing the Fast
Employment or Training).               interactive game which is designed      Tomato careers website.
                                       to teach young people about the
Dudley decided the best way to         opportunities and responsibilities of   REPEAT PERFORMANCE
achieve this objective was to work     adult life. This went down a treat
not just with young people but         with one school finishing their         The project has been hailed such
with their parents and carers too.     session 45 minutes late because         a resounding success that it will
Dudley Operations Manager Gloria       they were enjoying it so much!          run in Dudley again this academic
Smith said this was not only                                                   year. In addition, the city of
because developing relationships       HEALTHY REWARDS                         Wolverhampton aims to build on
with parents/carers is on the                                                  Dudley’s good work and run their
Connexions agenda right now, but       It wasn’t all fun and games though      own specially tailored version of
also because the team is convinced     as everyone who attended the first      the programme in 2007.
that if parents know about the         session was required to complete
support that’s available, they will    a homework pack and hand it in          Dudley Guidance Manager Paul
encourage their children to make       at the second event. Designed by        Stamps, who oversaw the project,
the most of it.                        Prospects Curriculum Development        commented: “This was a highly
                                       Manager Linda Reason, the pack          worthwhile activity that was
Results so far indicate that this is   informed young people and their         appreciated by both parents and
indeed the case as feedback from       families of the assistance and          pupils. It was an excellent
participants has included comments     support available to help them          opportunity to raise career-related
like, ‘Thank you for letting us be     manage their career and make the        issues with Key Stage 3 pupils and
involved,’ and ‘the event was worth    right choices.                          parents in a friendly informal
coming to.’                                                                    manner. It is an exercise I look
                                       To encourage attendance at both         forward to repeating next year.”
STARTING YOUNG                         events and ensure that as many
                                       evaluation forms as possible were
The Dudley team realised that          filled in, the schools could opt to
if they were to prevent                use some of their funding to offer
disillusionment and cynicism they      prizes. Perhaps the most lavish of
needed to target young people          these was offered by Holly Hall
right at the start of their            Maths and Computing College
secondary school careers.              which gave families the chance to
Accordingly, Year 7 pupils and their   win both a portable flat screen TV
families were invited to attend two    and a laptop computer when

                                                                                                          C Prospects 2006
                                                                                                                         Prospects in Partnership

  Bright prospects for recruitment
The continuing expansion of the                                                   the Home Counties, PRS offers
education, advice and guidance                                                    organisations an unrivalled
sector has resulted in an urgent                                                  selection of suitably experienced
need for a recruitment consultancy                                                and qualified staff and can
that genuinely understands the                                                    significantly reduce recruitment
unique staffing requirements of the                                               bills. What’s more, because the
industry. Launched in July,                                                       standards in the sector change so
Prospects Recruitment Services                                                    frequently, PRS always keeps
                                                                                                                         and writing CVs, information about
(PRS) is staffed by specialists who                                               employers up-to-date with the
                                                                                                                         the market, qualifications required
understand how the sector works.                                                  latest industry developments,
                                                                                                                         and salary guidelines.
Indeed, in the past few months,                                                   including current salary
the PRS team has successfully                                                     expectations and changes to
                                                                                                                         Senior Recruitment Consultant Nina
placed dozens of candidates in                                                    training and qualifications.
                                                                                                                         Hardy commented: “Our innate
suitable positions.
                                                                                                                         understanding of the advice and
                                                                                  JUST THE JOB FOR CANDIDATES
                                                                                                                         guidance industry means we are
                                                                                                                         fast becoming the first choice for
EMPLOYERS                                                                         PRS candidates benefit from a
                                                                                                                         both employers and candidates in
                                                                                  comprehensive consultancy service
                                                                                                                         the sector.”
Operating in Greater London and                                                   which includes help with interviews

                                                                                                                         21st CENTURY JOB CLUBS
  A new approach to unemployment                                                                                         Careerfinder has also just been
                                                                                                                         awarded three contracts to provide
                                                                                                                         Programme Centres in the West of
The biggest shake up in New Deal                                                  getting as many people as possible
                                                                                                                         England, Somerset and Dorset.
provision since its introduction in                                               back into sustainable employment
1998 has recently taken place.                                                    as quickly as possible, the contract
                                                                                                                         The Careerfinder Programme
                                                                                  involves supporting unemployed
                                                                                                                         Centres will be a completely new
A major contracting exercise                                                      clients aged 18 plus with a range
                                                                                                                         way to deliver a ‘job club’ type
designed to streamline the                                                        of back-to-work strategies to suit
                                                                                                                         service which sees clients having to
provision was completed in                                                        individual needs.
                                                                                                                         attend the Centre for a minimum
May when New Deal contracts
                                                                                                                         number of hours every week and
were awarded to contractors                                                       This includes improving their
                                                                                                                         take a more pro-active approach to
across the UK.                                                                    self-confidence and motivation,
                                                                                                                         their job seeking.
                                                                                  enhancing their employability skills
One of the successful bidders                                                     and providing them with a work
                                                                                                                         Managing Director of Careerfinder
was a subsidiary of the Prospects                                                 experience programme. In certain
                                                                                                                         David Joslin commented: “We are
Group, Careerfinder, which offers                                                 cases, clients are offered training
                                                                                                                         delighted to be joining a select list
innovative career management                                                      for specific job areas and may be
                                                                                                                         of just 20 organisations offering
and dynamic business solutions.                                                   given support with careers
                                                                                                                         New Deal provision throughout
Since July, Careerfinder has been                                                 guidance, psychometric testing,
                                                                                                                         the UK. I believe our bid was
responsible for everybody in the                                                  debt counselling and advice on
                                                                                                                         successful because we have local
Somerset area on the New Deal                                                     offence disclosure. In addition,
                                                                                                                         knowledge combined with the
programme.                                                                        selected clients are given the
                                                                                                                         national strength of the Prospects
                                                                                  opportunity to gain new
With the overarching aim of                                                       qualifications.

Prospects in Partnership: Shaping and delivering effective public services. For further information call 020 8315 1530
 Issue 4

 Best practice in Children’s Services
This year’s Local Government            and future developments planned.
Chronicle Awards featured a brand
new category called the Children’s      Director of Children’s Services
Services Award. As sponsor of this      Development for Prospects Alison
important new award, Prospects          Williams, who undertook visits in
was extremely impressed with the        9 of the areas commented: “It was
exceptionally high standard of the      extremely interesting to see how
entries.                                different areas were tackling
                                        the challenges of the Every Child      young people and transformational
Now, in a bid to promote the            Matters agenda through                 community learning projects.
good practice demonstrated,             partnership, innovative practice
Prospects has produced a booklet        and involving children and young       If you would like a copy of
which summarises the ideas and          people in actively shaping new         ‘Towards Best Practice in Children’s
innovations of most of the entries      services.”                             Services’ please call
submitted. Entitled ‘Towards Best                                              Maureen Hooley 020 8315 1233.
Practice in Children’s Services’ it     The booklet features 27 different
will be sent to all Local Authorities   service offerings from areas as
and a wide range of strategic           diverse as Glasgow and                 The Local Government Chronicle
players. To ensure the booklet is       Buckinghamshire. It includes           Awards, which take place in
accurate and up-to-date, Prospects      examples of whole service              March, are recognised as a mark
Executive Directors and Senior          development to meet the five           of excellence. They reward teams
Managers visited many of the            ‘Every Child Matters’ outcomes,        for the difference they are making
participating Councils and              innovative multi-agency partnership    in their communities. Prospects is
Authorities to find out more about      work with looked after and other       once again sponsoring the 2007
their children’s services operations    vulnerable groups of children and      Children’s Services Award.

 One stop shop for resources
The diverse range of materials          team Mike Jones and Jonathan           to Connexions Partnerships and
available means that stocking           Lightfoot, who are well-known          Local Authorities who can place
a Connexions library is no easy         for their ‘can do’ approach, will      draw-down budgets with the unit.
task on a fixed budget.                 customise the fairs to suit specific   Expert staff will then monitor
                                        requirements.                          spending and provide
Fortunately, expert help is at                                                 comprehensive management
hand from Prospects Sales and           An example is the Black Country        information.
Marketing Unit (SMU) which              Resources Fair which is now in its
provides an invaluable service          6th successful year. Information       SMU is also one of the major
to hard-pressed librarians and          Adviser Lisa Bennett said: “People     providers of IAG resources to
Connexions co-ordinators.               who come to this fair really           prisons, universities and businesses
                                        appreciate the fact that we have       across the UK.
As well as producing an extensive       the expertise to help them spend
catalogue and easy to navigate          their money wisely.”                   For further information contact
website, SMU runs exhibitions                                                  Forbes Robertson on
throughout the country. Exhibition      Another useful service is provided     01229 814840.

                                                                                                          C Prospects 2006
                                                                                                                         Prospects in Partnership

  Helping the hardest to help
Card games, a walk around the                                                     offenders, young parents, looked
school grounds, cognitive                                                         after children, black and minority
behavioural therapy - they’re all                                                 ethnic groups, asylum seekers or
techniques used by Specialist                                                     young people with mental health
Personal Advisers (PAs) to help                                                   problems.
young people who have problems
severe enough to seriously impair                                                 Each Specialist PA usually has
their life chances.                                                               around 30 young people to help
                                                                                  at any one time although this
Previously known as Targeted PAs,                                                 obviously varies according to the
Specialist PAs work with young                                                    time of year and can be as many
people who have been identified                                                   as 40.
as extremely likely to become
NEET (Not in Education,                                                           SERIOUS PROBLEMS
                                                                                                                          sessions trying to engage him, the
Employment or Training).
                                                                                                                          Specialist PA eventually discovered
                                                                                  Because of the severity of the
                                                                                                                          that his family was having major
Prospects has been running the                                                    problems, interventions are
                                                                                                                          problems with their neighbours.
Specialist PA programme across                                                    anything but straightforward. Kirsty
                                                                                                                          The PA then liaised with the local
the South London boroughs of                                                      commented: “We usually find there
                                                                                                                          council on the family’s behalf, the
Bromley, Croydon, Sutton, Merton                                                  are major underlying issues which
                                                                                                                          end result being that the young
and Kingston for nearly 5 years                                                   are causing the problems. Drug
                                                                                                                          person began attending school
now. During this time, the team                                                   and alcohol abuse, teenage
                                                                                                                          again, for the first time in many
has enjoyed considerable success                                                  pregnancy, the complete
with many young people who were                                                   breakdown of family relationships
previously not attending school                                                   and homelessness are all very
                                                                                                                          Specialist PAs come from a wide
re-engaging with education and                                                    common. There is also a large
                                                                                                                          variety of backgrounds and include
going on to take their GCSEs.                                                     number of looked after children.
                                                                                                                          ex-teachers, probation officers and
                                                                                  To get to the root of the problem,
                                                                                                                          youth workers. Their in-depth
Indeed, Bromley Team Manager                                                      we will try a wide variety of
                                                                                                                          knowledge of their own individual
Kirsty Taylor says that their                                                     techniques until we discover the
                                                                                                                          area is used to great effect within
caseload has noticeably increased                                                 best way to relate to and engage
                                                                                                                          Prospects as they pass on their
recently as school staff have                                                     with that particular young person.
                                                                                                                          specialist knowledge to other staff
recognised the value of the                                                       Offering a flexible programme of
                                                                                                                          via formal training sessions and
programme: “In the beginning                                                      support we will see the young
                                                                                                                          informal networking groups.
the referrals were nearly all for                                                 person as often or as seldom as
young people who were very close                                                  appropriate, for 12 months or even
                                                                                                                          The Operations Manager at
to becoming excluded; nowadays                                                    longer until we feel they are ready
                                                                                                                          Merton, Greg Burgess, is delighted
our work tends to be of a more                                                    to benefit from the mainstream
                                                                                                                          with the programme’s results:
preventative nature, catching                                                     Connexions service.”
                                                                                                                          “Each Specialist PA has an
young people before problems
                                                                                                                          intensive caseload with around one
start.”                                                                           DIVERSE SOLUTIONS
                                                                                                                          third of cases being ‘critical’. It is
                                                                                                                          therefore always extremely
FURTHER SPECIALISATION                                                            The solution to the problem often
                                                                                                                          heartening when we hear of young
                                                                                  comes from an unexpected area.
                                                                                                                          people overcoming their obstacles
In Merton, each Specialist PA                                                     For example, Kirsty cites the case
                                                                                                                          and getting back on the road
specialises further by working with                                               of a young person who had not
                                                                                                                          to success.”
a specific group of clients. This                                                 been attending school for some
means they work either with young                                                 time. After spending many

Prospects in Partnership: Shaping and delivering effective public services. For further information call 020 8315 1530
 Issue 4

 Working wonders for adults
As one of the largest providers       it would be too costly for him         and experience that she says she
of adult guidance in the country,     to take the UK qualification.          had taken for granted. Linda said:
Prospects offers advice, guidance     The nextstep adviser helped him        “The whole process helped me
and information services to adults    secure the necessary funding to        realise that I was more capable
in 21 Local Authority areas under     retrain as an electrician.             than I had thought. I certainly left
the nextstep banner.                                                         with more than a new CV!”
                                      JUSTINE                                Linda is now enjoying her ‘ideal
Cross Company nextstep Manager        Justine had been a nanny for over      career’.
Sue Mairis points out: “The success   ten years but had seen a job she
stories below illustrate that         really wanted, working as a            WINSTON
whatever a person’s background,       Customer Service Assistant on the      Winston has mild learning
nextstep advisers can help them       Bakerloo line. The nextstep adviser    difficulties and mental health
recognise their strengths, increase   helped her with her application        problems which had contributed
their confidence and, ultimately,     form and interview skills and          to him being out of work for a
get them back out into the world      Justine got the job, despite stiff     number of years. The nextstep
of work.”                             competition from 600 applicants.       adviser suggested voluntary work
                                                                             would be a good route to getting
VLADIMAR                              LINDA                                  back into paid employment and
A Russian immigrant, Vladimar         Linda was unemployed and lacking       arranged for Winston to help out
wanted to continue his career as      in self-confidence but her nextstep    at the local hospital three days a
an Air Traffic Controller but found   adviser picked out important skills    week.

 Record number of guidance interviews
Last year Prospects gave guidance     people in the country and just over    remain by far the most popular
interviews to a record number of      50% of the young people of             method of giving (and receiving)
young people.                         London.                                IAG.

Official figures show that in         The company’s specialist advisers      Peter Heaviside, Director of
2005/6, Prospects provided            deliver these IAG services in a wide   Guidance Services said: “In 2005/6
289,223 interventions with young      range of ways to suit the diverse      the funding available for
people – a staggering 21% more        requirements of 21st century           Connexions services was not
than in 2004/5. What’s more,          teenagers. This includes a huge        increased in some areas and was
an impressive 78% were personal       variety of publications, websites,     increased by less than 2% in
face-to-face contacts which are       drop in and outreach centres and       others. This makes this increase
deemed to be the most effective       curriculum support services to         in interventions an even more
method of helping young people.       schools. Our advisers also work        remarkable achievement especially
                                      with employers and a wide range        as this increase has been achieved
One of the UK’s leading providers     of social agencies and give support    without any reduction in quality.
of educational support services,      and information to parents.            Indeed, more interventions means
Prospects is also the largest         However, even in today’s high          young people waiting less time to
supplier of information, advice and   tech world of e-guidance and free      be helped and benefiting from
guidance (IAG) services, providing    telephone helplines, personal          more direct support.”
services to over 10% of young         interviews with young people

                                                                                                        C Prospects 2006
                                                                                                                                        News in brief

                                                                              IMPORTANT ENDORSEMENT FOR LEADING PARENT
                                                                              PARTNERSHIP AWARD
                                                                              The Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) has recently been endorsed
                                                                              by the Department for Education and Skills. Devised by Prospects to
                                                                              ensure schools meet 10 key objectives relating to all aspects of parental
                                                                              involvement, this increasingly popular award also helps schools to meet
                                                                              the latest Ofsted requirements.

                                                                              PROSPECTS LEARNING SERVICES BITES INTO BIG APPLE
                                                                              Prospects Learning Services Director of Training Penny Holden recently
                                                                              inspected two schools in New York as part of a pilot programme which aims
                                                                              to review the state schools there. Penny said that although the two schools
                                                                              were very different, they both had excellent leaders who were beginning to
                                                                              make enormous changes to their institutions.

                                                                              KEY ENDORSEMENT FOR COACHING DIVISION
                                                                              The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) has endorsed three of
                                                                              Prospects Coaching Division’s coaching programmes. The Coaching Skills,
                                                                              Coaching Champions and Coaching Train-the-Trainer programmes are now
                                                                              approved by ILM which is recognised as the foremost professional body in
                                                                              the field of leadership and management.

                                                                              REAL GAME MADE EASIER TO BUY
                                                                              Schools can now use their e-learning credits (ELCs) to purchase the
                                                                              new web-based version of the Real Game from Curriculum Online, the
                                                                              Government’s online catalogue of digital learning resources. Aimed at
                                                                              Years 8 and 9, the game helps students learn more about themselves
                                                                              and the opportunities and responsibilities of adult life. For more details

                                                                              WINNING WAYS AT CAREERFINDER
                                                                              Prospects subsidiary, Careerfinder, has been selected to supply career
                                                                              management services to the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).
                                                                              The win means that the Institute’s 92,000 members and students will be
                                                                              helped to fulfil their potential using methods including psychometric testing,
                                                                              Careermapper and coaching.

                                                                              NEXTSTEP SOUTH YORKSHIRE PRAISED BY LSC
                                                                              The Prospects nextstep team in South Yorkshire has once again been named
                                                                              as the top performing contractor in the country. The Learning and Skills
                                                                              Council (LSC) commented: “I can’t find any other provider in the country
                                                                              who has achieved the target on information and advanced services and is
                                                                              up at 90% achievement of the advice target by the end of May.”

Prospects in Partnership: Shaping and delivering effective public services. For further information call 020 8315 1530
“LPPA has been a really
 valuable part of our school
 improvement strategy and a
 real benefit to the school”

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 made us look at our     real difference for your school simply contact:
 practice and has
 enabled us to improve
 the quality of our
 parental involvement”

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 focused activity
 and provided an
 excellent framework”


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