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					Bringing Care Home
  The South West CCAC Staff Bulletin                                                    Volume 2, Issue 2                     February 2008


                                                                                                              • We will begin using the Common
Taking Care of Business                                                                                         Intake Assessment Tool (CIAT),
                                                                                                                developed provincially to provide a
The Standardized Workflow Project will ensure that case                                                         comprehensive, reliable and consistent
managers have more time to spend with their clients                                                             assessment of short-stay clients. Case
                                                                                                                managers can complete the assessment
                                                                                                                “E-form” on a laptop in a hospital
                                                                                                                room, a private home or wherever they
                                                                                                                find themselves.
                                                                                                              • Fax machines will be replaced by a
                                                                                                                secure web portal to share referral
                                                                                                                information with providers and long-
                                                                                                                term care homes. Says Sherry, “This
                                                                                                                will save paper, be quicker and avoid
South West CCAC Workflow Improvement Team: Front, l-r: Dorothy Geddes, Betty Moser, Barb Modesto,               misplacing documents.”
Barb Brosseau, Tammy Tolman, Lorraine Buchanan, Rae Nylander-Martin. Back, l-r: Rob Schonberger, Barb
Scheele, John McClelland, Robin Smith, Connie Johnson, Walter Rogers, Nancy Johnson, Kim Irwin, Megan
Nichols. Absent: Karen Chatfield, Godleif Devaere, Diane Laur, Anita Cole, Hilary Halliday, Sherry Fletcher   Client Services Manager Rae Nylander-
                                                                                                              Martin, a member of the St. Thomas

I   t’s a mouthful – Standardized
    Workflow Project – and let’s face
    it, it sounds pretty dry. But in fact,
the Project is all about making life
simpler for South West CCAC staff and
                                                        flows will be introduced across the South
                                                        West. Consistency will be a benefit for
                                                        clients, says Sherry. “If a client is in a
                                                        London hospital and is going home to
                                                        Hensall, there will be a uniform ap-
                                                                                                              WIT and project co-lead with HIRM
                                                                                                              Supervisor Kim Irwin, is excited about
                                                                                                              being involved. “It’s been a long pro-
                                                                                                              cess,” she says, “but we’re building
                                                                                                              momentum and can see our hard work
better for clients.                                     proach between sites as to how equip-                 coming to fruition.” Barbara Modesto, a
                                                        ment and services are ordered.” A                     fellow WIT member, has also enjoyed
“Ultimately this will help us get a clearer             Workflow Improvement Team is now                      the team’s work. “It has given us a sense
picture of client needs and free up case                under way in Owen Sound, and Wood-                    of direction in terms of the changes that
managers and team assistants to be more                 stock’s WIT will launch in February.                  are occurring now and in the future. It’s
available to clients,” says Sherry                                                                            been a very positive experience.”
Fletcher, Regional Client Services                      Among the work flow changes:
Manager, South. “Service will be faster                 • Health Information and Records                      HONOURING
with a reduced margin for error, and                      (HIRM) staff will now be responsible                Exceptional Client-Driven Care
we’ll be making the most efficient use of                 for data entry, equipment and supplies              The Staff Quality Council is seeking nomina-
our wonderful staff.”                                     ordering and referrals to care pro-                 tions for the Client-Driven Care Award of Dis-
                                                          viders. Case managers and team assis-               tinction, to be presented to a Staff Member or
                                                                                                              Team at the April 10, 2008 All-Staff Meeting in
The project has been underway at the St.                  tants will be able to focus on direct
                                                                                                              Stratford. Go to South West Intranet Current
Thomas office since September, led by a                   client service.
                                                                                                              News for further details.
Workflow Improvement Team (WIT)                         • We will gradually eliminate paper
                                                                                                              Nominations deadline: March 27, 2008.
composed of managers and frontline                        files, and everything will be shared and
staff. Once processes and practices have                  filed electronically.
been developed there, the new work-
  2       February 2008          Volume 2, Issue 2                                      The South West CCAC Staff Bulletin

                   Information is Liberating                                             Hicks, and Teresa Zohorsky will work
                                                                                         in the south, central and north parts of
                   A message from                                                        our region respectively. They will con-
                                                                                         nect with community organizations,
                   Sandra Coleman, Executive Director                                    work closely with case managers and
                                                                                         other South West CCAC staff, and iden-
“Knowledge is power. Information is         nity care and managing long-term care        tify new opportunities for us to partner
liberating.” These are the words of Kofi    placement. But information and referral      with our communities.
Annan, winner of the 2001 Nobel Peace       are central to our mission, and have the
Prize and former Secretary General of       potential to improve and even save lives.    This is an important step in strengthen-
the United Nations.                                                                      ing our focus on information. So were
                                            We provide information and referral          the recent presentations we made to
Although Annan was talking about            through our wonderful case managers as       family physicians across the region,
information on a global scale, his words    they talk to clients and physicians, and     introducing them to our information
are equally true in the microcosm. For      through the telephone service, staffed by    and referral role and encouraging them
the people of the South West, informa-      skilled professionals who know how to        to see as a valuable
tion is indeed liberating. With the right   listen with compassion.     resource in patient care.
information, they are free to care for      is another powerful I&R resource. Did
their own health and get the right          you know that the site received more         Don’t hesitate to contact Lisa, Celina or
services at the right time.                 than 1.5 million visits in 2007?             Teresa if you have comments or sugges-
                                                                                         tions about organizations, information
When people think of the South West         Earlier this month we welcomed three         and community partnerships in your area.
CCAC, they generally focus on our           new staff members to
more visible roles – organizing commu-      Lise Baronet Kosmack, Celina Thomas

                                                                                                 Placement Services Work Group Meeting,
Placement Team                                                                                   Jan, 24, 2008. Seated, l-r: Mary Lynn
                                                                                                   Priestap, Gail McMillan, Donnabeth

 Aims to Improve                                                                                    Sweetland, Marilee Garner. Standing,
                                                                                                     l-r: Pat Turnbull, Sherri McRobert, Mary
                                                                                                      Morley, Mary Sickinger. Attending
                                                                                                      by teleconference: Linda Martin,
Communication                                                                                        Donalda Fisher, Ann Rickwood and
                                                                                                      Lois Gilchrist. Absent: Jane Clement-
                                                                                                       Spurr. Prior Co-Chair: John McClelland.

One of the most challenging yet             process out for them so that they can        regularly to support the development of
satisfying South West CCAC jobs is          focus on the journey. We need to com-        these pieces.
                                            municate that a long-term care home
working with clients to make the
                                            provides positive opportunities for          “We get to show the compassionate
transition into long-term care.             people – opportunities for socialization     side of the South West CCAC,” says
Under the leadership of Mary Lynn           and activities that are much better          Donalda Fisher, Owen Sound Place-
Priestap, Regional Client Services          than the hospital or even home. At the       ment Services Case Manager. “When
Manager, a group of case managers and       same time, we need to present the            we’re talking to clients and families, we
placement coordinators has been meet-       transition realistically.”                   want to be positive about what long-
ing to discuss how it can best provide                                                   term care offers.” Adds Mary Morley,
this important service.                     To communicate these complex mes-            Seaforth Case Manager, “You can see
                                            sages, the group is developing some          the toll placement takes on families. Yet
“It’s never easy for people to make the     new print materials and a video that will    once their loved one is in the home,
decision,” said Mary Lynn at a recent       introduce long-term care to clients and      they often see an improvement. That’s
meeting. “Our goal is to smooth the         families. The group will be meeting          very rewarding for us.”
 The South West CCAC Staff Bulletin                                                Volume 2, Issue 2                             February 2008                 3

                   SHORT PROFILES                   to an organization where so many suc-                    formance measurement system, and was
                                                    cesses have already been achieved, and                   instrumental in establishing Champlain’s
                   Who’s Who                        where more are on the horizon,” she says.                first Strategic Plan.

                   Senior Director                  Originally from Forest, Ontario, Megan                   Megan is committed to creating a “learn-
                   Human Resources                  holds a BA in psychology from the Uni-                   ing organization” as defined by manage-
                   and Organizational               versity of Windsor and a Masters degree                  ment guru Peter Senge. “I want to help
Megan Allen-Lamb                                    in Public Health from the University of                  shape the culture through leadership
                                                    Alberta. After four years as Executive                   development and networks of high-func-
 Megan Allen-Lamb joins the South West              Director of the Haldimand-Norfolk                        tioning teams,” she says.
 CCAC from the Champlain CCAC, where                CCAC, she moved to Ottawa in Decem-
 she served as Senior Director Performance          ber 2006. There, Megan championed the                    When she’s not at work, Megan enjoys
 Management and Accountability. But her             development of a procurement strategy,                   outdoor activities and spending time
 roots are here in the South West, and she is       directed high-level internal integration                 with her husband Graham and two young
 delighted to be back. “It’s exciting to come       activities, led the advancement of a per-                children, Matthew and Mackenzie.

                                                       On April 10, all South West CCAC staff will be gathering in Stratford for a day of education,
                                                       inspiration and celebration. At the heart of this event is the presentation of Service Awards to
                                                       those who have contributed to our organization and our clients for many years. Each honouree
                                                       chose a Service Award gift from an online catalogue, so you can be sure they will be receiving
  Celebrating Years of Service.                        exactly what they wanted!
                      South West CCAC                  Congratulations to all Service Award winners – you are an inspiration to us all.

 5 YEARS                      10 YEARS                           15 YEARS                           20 YEARS                           25 YEARS
 Elgin                        Elgin                              Elgin                              Grey Bruce                         Grey Bruce
 Barb Brosseau,               Dorothy Geddes                     Donna Laur-Schieck,                Orma Cunningham,                   Carol Anne Wright
 Doreen Greenfield,                                              Sandra McDonald                    Shari Douglas,
                              Grey Bruce                                                                                               Huron
 Sharon Hyland,                                                                                     Bonnie McGinnis
                              Karen Nunn,                        Grey Bruce                                                            Betty MacDonald
 Denise Squires,
                              Debbie Wilson                      Ginny Barfoot, Patti               Huron
 Denise Wasko                                                                                                                          London
                                                                 Boron, June Dudgeon,               Donna Harris,
                              London                                                                                                   Carole Nelson
 Grey Bruce                                                      Cheryl Lennox, Denise              Debbie Gable
                              Jean Fitzmaurice,
 Janette Diebel, Diane                                           Simpson, Jean Wilson                                                  Perth
                              Mary Fonger,                                                          London
 Eastwood, Lisa Mackie,                                                                                                                Connie Vandersleen
                              Paula Henderson,                   Huron                              Carol Barr,
 Karen McArthur, Nancy
                              Susan McLean,                      Merrilyn McBurney                  Dale Breault,
 McCartney, Sally McGill,
                              Gail Molloy,                                                          Pat Cartwright,
 Jo-Anne Prime,                                                  London
                              Janine Smith                                                          Joan Cavanaugh,
 Helen Warren                                                    Pat Ball, Brenda Butchart,
                                                                                                    Nancy Johnson,
                                                                 Mary Haynes, Jane
 London                                                                                             Judy Kompf,
                                                                 Howitt, Norine Keevil,
 Heather Bedford, Anita                                                                             Rosalie Markham,
                                                                 Pat Lynch, Catherine
 Cole, Sandra Coleman,                                                                              Lorraine McVeigh,
                                                                 Ovens, Judy Peckham,
 Sujata Coyle, Barb                                                                                 Tammy Reid
                                                                 Rob Trepanier
 Edmiston, Patrick Fergu-
 son, Ellen Hanna, Joanne                                        Oxford
                                                                                                    Susan Gummow
 Hatt, Lorna Kroh, Michelle                                      Karen Peat
 McKellar, Carol Merton,      We want to recognize everyone celebrating a milestone. If your name isn’t on the list and you think you are celebrating a milestone,
 Rae Nylander-Martin          please email Susan Johnson.

 Oxford                           WELCOME to the following staff who have joined us since January 2008
 Tina Calic, Arlene                 London: Dave Goddard, Steve Beatty, Bonnie Thompson, France Riviere-Quintanilla and Michel Harkous
 Clemence, Lisa Watson
                                                                     St. Thomas: Ashley Pressey and Kendra Moyse
 Perth                                                Stratford: Nancy Bernhardt, Linda MaGill, Heidi Wagler and Barbara Fink
 Nancy Brubacher
                                         Owen Sound and Walkerton: Huguette de Repentigny, Jennifer Coghlin and Susan Armstrong
  4        February 2008          Volume 2, Issue 2                                             The South West CCAC Staff Bulletin

               Eulogy for Shirley Van Leeuwen,                                                         across the
               Case Manager, Elgin office                  by Connie Johnson          Cupid takes aim d for special Valentine
                                                                                                  We aske
                                                                                      South West          ’re well-love
                                                                                                  ooks like we
               W       hat a journey
                       you have been
on over the past 13 months. You faced
                                            teaching crafts and baking cookies
                                            in Heaven.                                 memories. L

it with so much courage and inner           Shirley you had friends and email bud-
strength, that you gave those around        dies from all over Ontario and beyond.
                                                                                                          Toni Gilchrist, Walkerton
you strength to walk beside you. Shirl      You always had a story about your
                                                                                                      “Several years ago, my three boys
you rarely did anything by the book, so     friends from the Walkerton/Hanover
                                                                                                   presented me with a lovely, three-heart
why would this journey be any differ-       area and your scrapping buddies. You
                                                                                                  garnet ring – and a story to go with it. After
ent. We all prayed that somewhere           dearly loved your cousins that you
                                                                                                several trips to the Kincardine store, one of
along the line you would catch a break,     grew up with as a child. You and Carol
                                                                                                the boys was asked about my ring size. He
but that was not meant to be.               have some fond and colourful memo-
                                                                                                 replied, “She has perfect, lady-size fingers.”
                                            ries. Margaret, Sandra and Connie will
                                                                                                  The ring was indeed a “perfect” fit! I wear
How we will miss the twinkle in your        cherish the memories of your travels.
                                                                                                    it every Valentine’s Day to remember
eye and your lopsided grin that meant       Thank you Shirl for the love and sup-
                                                                                                       their thoughtfulness and love.”
there was mischief afoot. We will al-       port you were able to share with
ways remember your laughter, zest for       Denise this past year.
living, sense of adventure and colour-
ful sense of humour. Shirl, you were        You have been a wonderful colleague
always a champion for the underdog          and co-worker. All of us at the South
                                                                                              Joanne Turnbull,
or the unfortunate. You were so smart       West CCAC will miss you dearly.                                    London
                                                                                               “I’ve got my own M
and had such a quick and easy grasp         Your patients and clients have been re-                                  cDreamy! Last Valen
                                                                                               after opening choc                           tine’s Day,
of new concepts and ideas. It could be      warded just having been in your care.                                    olate, flowers, choc
                                                                                              ered strawberries                             olate-cov-
                                                                                                                  , wine and my fav
disarming for those of us trying to                                                           Tommy Boy, Andr                          ourite movie
                                                                                                                   e told me he had
catch up. We were all so proud of you       The greatest concern over the past               package. Amazed                               one more
                                                                                                                  by what I’d been giv
when you completed your BA. We              year was for Rob, and how on earth               I replied, “Top that                         en already,
                                                                                                                   !” Well, inside was
will always remember the fun and            would you break the news of the                  and earrings in m                            a pendant
                                                                                                                 y green birthstone
high jinx that were had at parties, card    latest set back to the kids. How you            told me to close m                         . McDreamy
                                                                                                                   y eyes while he fas
                                                                                            jewelry on me. Whe                            tened the
games, trips to the cottage, the ball       worried about Robbie and Jamie and                                      n I opened them
                                                                                            mirror, I wasn’t                             before the
park, to Las Vegas or just sitting on       missed Michelle being so far away.                                  wearing green at
                                                                                           sparkling diamon                              all – but
your deck. Your love of scrap book-                                                                             ds. I had received
                                                                                           ful jewelry sets! I gu                     two beauti-
ing and your natural talent gave you        Your love and friendship means the                                   ess my own McDre
                                                                                                                                        amy really
                                                                                           did “Top that!”
hours and hours of enjoyment, espe-         world to us and we will carry it in
cially if you were doing pages of your      our hearts until we meet again. It
family. Ella says the angels came           has been an honour and a blessing
                                                                                                Cheryl Renecker, Stratford
to get you and you have a new job           to be your friend.                                                                         a lovely
                                                                                                Ever y year, my special Valentine has
                                                                                                                                     me at the
                                                                                                bouquet of red roses delivered to
Golden Pair                                                                                     office. Once, Brian came in to pick
                                                                                                                                     me up for
Jacquie McGregor’s daughter, Laura, and            B uncing Baby B y                            lunch. I introduced him    to my co-workers –
                                                                                                                                       rly been
her skating partner, Rique Newby-Estrella,         Dianne, Randy and Stephanie Platt            including Ron Hoogkamp. He’d clea
                                                                                                                                          te and
                   recently took top honours       are pleased to announce the birth             impressed by Brian’s annual floral tribu
                                                                                                                                        the rest
                   in pairs at the Dennis                         of Graeme Connor               told him, “Oh, you’re the one making
                   Silverthorne Memorial                            Platt, 8 lbs. 8 oz.,         of us men look bad on   Valentine’s Day!”

                   Invitational Skating                              Jan. 2, 2008.
                   Competition, Sarnia.