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					                                                      Health Guarantee

Sold to______________________________________Price________Date_________________

Cocker Spaniel, purebred, AKC registration with purchase.

This puppy has been vet checked by my vet, Mark Burke, Smithville, TN

and has given him/her the usual health check, worming and first shots. To the best

of my knowledge this dog is healthy. I will issue a refund of price of puppy only, to

buyer should another vet find him/her to be unhealthy in any way that is unsatisfactory

to the buyer. I cannot be responsible, however, for any additional cost such as

the vet exam. This guarantee expires in one week, which gives the buyer ample

time to have the puppy checked and to contact seller with any issue. Genetic disease

is guaranteed for one year from purchase. If for any other reason you are unhappy with your

purchase, I will refund your money upon return of your puppy for any reason within 3 days.

This puppy has been weaned and is being feed Purina Puppy food.         Any sudden

change in diet must be gradual or puppy may become ill. The buyer assumes the

responsibility to maintain the puppy's health by carrying on the appropriate

feeding, vaccinations, exercise and exams.

We have tried to produce a healthy dog, both by breeding and raising the puppies in the best

way possible in regards to diet, exercise, socialization and veterinary care. If any problems

arise in the future, please inform us, as we need to be informed of any hidden health issues that

could arise in later years. At any time that you cannot continue to care for this animal, please do

not leave her to a shelter. I will help you to find her a home and take her back, if needed, until

one can be found. I do not wish for my puppies to go to a kill shelter and ask this for this reason.

Thank you for your purchase and good luck with your new baby.

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