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Cylinders_ Deionisers


									                                                                                 Cylinders, Deionisers
 Cylinders, Moulded Graduations ISO 6706, PMP
• Full range of ISO 6706 graduated cylinders in transparent Polymethylpropylene                                                               Bb
• Clear moulded in graduations
• High degree of resistance to general chemicals
• Stable hexagonal, non-slip base                                                                                                             Cc
• Steam sterilisation at 121ºC does not affect accuracy

 Catalogue No           Capacity,   Outer diameter,   Height,   Sub divisions,       Pack qty.                                                Dd
                        ml          mm                mm        ml

 C944-250               10          14                140       0.2                  10                                                       Ee
 C944-252               25          20                170       0.5                  5
 C944-254               50          26                200       1                    5
 C944-256               100         31                250       1                    5
 C944-258               250         42                315       2                    1
 C944-260               500         55                360       5                    1
 C944-262               1000        66                440       10                   1
 C944-264               2000        83                535       20                   1                                                        Hh

 Cylinders, Printed Graduations, Class A, PMP
• Full range of Class A graduated cylinders in transparent PMP                                                                                Jj
• Tolerance equivalent to DIN 12681 Class A requirements
• Supplied with conformity certificate and individual serial number
• High degree of resistance to general chemicals                                                                                              Kk
• Stable hexagonal, non-slip base
 Catalogue No           Capacity,   Outer diameter,   Height,   Sub divisions,       Pack qty.                                                Ll
                        ml          mm                mm        ml

 C944-640               10          14                140       0.02                 2                                                        Mm
 C944-642               25          20                170       0.05                 2
 C944-644               50          26                200       1                    2
 C944-646               100         31                250       1                    2
 C944-648               250         42                315       2                    2
 C944-650               500         55                360       5                    2
 C944-652               1000        66                440       10                   2
 C944-654               2000        83                535       20                   1                                                        Pp

  Deionisers, Top-it-up 125 and 250                                                              D235-171                     D235-175

Available in two sizes, these units produce deionised water at the turn of a tap.                                                             Rr
Treated water can be taken instantly from the dispensing spout or with the
accessory hand-held gun. Colour change resin indicates when the cartridge is
exhausted. Supplied with one cartridge per unit.                                                                                              Ss

• High quality water instantly available                                                                                                      Tt
• Wall mounting
• Colour change resin

Technical Information for Top-it-up 125 and 250
 Catalogue No                             D235-171                       D235-175                Accessory Cartridges                         Ww
 Model                                    Top-it-up 125              Top-it-up 250
                                                                                                 Catalogue No   Description
 Flow rate, litres/hr                     60                         60
 Water quality, Mohm/cm                   0.1 to 10                  0.1 to 10
                                                                                                 D235-181       Replacement deionisation      Xx
                                                                                                                cartridge for Top-it-up 125
 Max. input pressure, bar                 6                          6                           D235-183       Replacement deionisation
 Dimensions (hxwxd), mm                   385 x 92 x 100             660 x 92 x 100                             cartridge for Top-it-up 250   Yy
 Weight, Kg                               2.5                        4.2                         D235-185       6 metre coiled delivery gun

Telephone: +44 (0)1635 872 929                                                                                     91
                      Deioniser, Elgastat, Model B114
Bb                  Designed to meet the needs of users who require only small amounts of high
                    purity water. The user is able to check water quality at the press of a button
                    using the battery operated meter. Supplied a pack of 4 cartridges.
                    • Requires no electrical input
                    • Wall mounted unit
Dd                  • Disposable cartridge enables quick and clean exchanges upon resin exhaustion
                    • Battery operated resistivity indicator displays treated water quality
                     Catalogue No                         D235-114
Ff                   Model                                B114
                     Flow rate, litres/hr                 30

Gg                   Water quality, Mž/cm                 1 to 10
                     Max. input pressure, bar             0.63
                     Dimensions (hxwxd), mm               380 x 180 x 152
                     Weight, Kg                           2.2

Ii                   Accessory Cartridges
                     Catalogue No           Description                               Pack qty.
Jj                   D235-118               Replacement resin cartridges              4

                      Deioniser, Micromeg
Ll   D235-133       This wall mounted deioniser is designed for users with a requirement for low
                    volumes of deionised water. The micromeg requires no electrical input as its
Mm                  water quality meter is battery operated. Supplied with 2 deionisation cartridges.

                    • Wall mounted unit
Nn                  • Disposable cartridges
                    • Battery operated resistivity indicator displays treated water quality
                     Catalogue No                         D235-133
                     Model                                Micromeg
Pp                   Flow rate, litres/hr                 90
                     Water quality, Mž/cm                 1 to 10
Qq                   Max. input pressure, bar             3.5
                     Dimensions (hxwxd), mm               200 x 230 x 550

Rr                   Weight, Kg                           6.5

                      Accessory Cartridges
                     Catalogue No           Description                               Pack qty.

Tt                   D235-137               Replacement deionisation cartridges       4


Ww                           For Water Stills please refer
                             to page 348 in the catalogue



92                                           Telephone: +44 (0)1635 872 929
    Deionisers, Ultrapure Water Systems, Purelab
    UHQ-II and UHQ-PS                                                                                                            Bb
Compact bench mounting systems designed to produce the ultra high quality                                    D235-210
water essential to laboratory applications such as Atomic absorption, HPLC, Ion                                                  Cc
Chromatography, Fluorescence analysis, TOC and Microbiological Analysis.

• Purelab UHQ-II operates automatically on raw, potable feed water or the                                                        Dd
  reservoir can be manually filled with a pre-purified supply
• Purelab UHQ-PS excludes the reverse osmosis membrane and is designed
  to operate automatically on pre-purified water supply                                                                          Ee

The system uses the following:                                                                                                   Ff
• Reverse Osmosis- A pre-treatment cartridge containing a highly efficient, low
  pressure, thin-film composite membrane to deionise the feedwater and                                                           Gg
  remove colloidal and microbiological impurities

• Adsorption- A cartridge of high quality absorption media for removal of low                                                    Hh
  molecular weight organic compounds
• Deionisation- A cartridge of specially conditioned nuclear grade ion
  exchange resin for absolute ionic purity
• Microfiltration- A sub-micron membrane cartridge to provide enhanced
  security from any trace colloidal organics, micro-organisms and particles
• Photo-oxidation- A short wavelength ultra-violet photo chemical reactor cell
  for destruction of micro-organisms and cleavage of trace organic compounds,                                                    Ll
  to assist in the reduction of Total Organic Carbon
 Catalogue No                                     D235-210                               D235-215
 Model                                            UHQ II                                 UHQ PS
 Tank capacity, litres                            4 litres                               4 litres
 Cycle time, minutes                              30 minutes                             30 minutes
 Feed water flow rate                             1 litre/minute                         1.5 litres/minute
 Dispense rate                                    Up to 0.75 litres/minute               Up to 0.75 litres/minute                Oo
 Output                                           15 litres/8h                           50 litres/8h
 Purity of inorganics                             > 18mž-cm at 25ºC                      < 18Mž-cm at 25ºC                       Pp
 Purity of organics                               < 0.0001 AU at 254nm (10cm cell)       <0.0001 AU at 254nm (10cm cell)

 TOC                                              <20ppb                                 <20ppb
 Micro-organisms                                  1 cfu/ml                               1cfu/ml
 Particles                                        0.05µ filtration                       0.05µ filtration
 Dimensions (hxwxd), mm                           400 x 232 x 400                        400 x 232 x 400                         Rr

  Accessory Cartridges                                                                                                           Ss
 Catalogue No            Description

 D235-220                Cartridge pack containing 2 organic adsorption cartridges and 2 ion exchange cartridges
 D235-222                Microfilter cartridge
 D235-224                Composite vent filter                                                                                   Uu
 D235-226                Reverse osmosis cartridge
 D235-228                UV lamp                                                                                                 Vv





Telephone: +44 (0)1635 872 929                                                                        93

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