Confetti Spring Rolls _v_ Ginger-Carrot Soup _v_ Cured Tuna by sdsdfqw21



            Confetti Spring Rolls (v)                                                   Ginger-Carrot Soup (v)
  filled with beetroot, daikon, carrot & chèvre                                                        500

            Cured Tuna ‘Prosciutto’                                                   Pumpkin & Amoretti Ravioli
  home-cured local big-eye tuna served with a                                served with caper butter and fresh parmesan
    salad of orange and roasted beetroot                                                        cheese
                     650                                                                         600

        Lemongrass Chicken Skewers                                                Coconut Crumbed Tiger Prawns
       served with a peanut satay sauce                                                served with sweet chilli jam
                     700                                                                          800


            Grilled Mahi-Mahi Fillet                                             Leek and Mushroom Fricassee (v)
   served with saigon pumpkin & green salad                                                     on fettuccine
                     1,450                                                                         1,100

            Pan Roasted Red Mullet                                            Pan Roasted Duck Breast & Leg Confit
     served with warm potato & bean salad                                       w/ fondant potato, peas a la Francaise
                 w/ basil pesto                                                             & red wine jus
                    1,750                                                                       2,250

            Slow Braised Pork Belly                                             Chilli & Honey Glazed Roast Turkey
  braised and roasted served with truffle mash,                           w/ roast potatoes, spinach, steamed vegetables,
        wilted spinach and a red wine jus                                     stuffing, red wine jus & cranberry sauce
                      1,750                                                                     1,750

     Pumpkin & Curry Leaf Gnocchi (v)                                                        Black Pork Curry
 w/roasted garlic, cherry tomato marmalade &                              a local speciality served w/ brinjal pahi, yellow
            coriander, basil pesto                                      dahl, cucumber & tomato raita and mango chutney
                      950                                                                       1,400

      Cadju Nut & Green Pea Curry (v)                                               Ceylonese Red Chicken Curry
 a mild vegetarian curry served w/ saffron rice                          a spicy curry served w/ saffron rice and a selection
and a selection of vegetable curries, sambols &                                    of vegetable curries, sambols &
                 malay pickle                                                                malay pickle
                     1,400                                                                     1,400

               Malay Chilli Crab                                                Coconut & Mustard Seer Fish Curry
a famous dish using local ocean crabs marinated                                  a mild curry cooked in coconut milk
 and tempered in lemongrass, aromatic spices,                               and served with saffron rice and a selection of
         fresh herbs and coconut milk                                         vegetable curries, sambols & malay pickle
                     2,650                                                                      1,600

                            prices inclusive of all government taxes & subject to 10% service charge

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