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                LEARNING CENTER


Management Team

John and Michelle Ginley are the Owners of Bright Start. The Director is Michele Dockery.

Contact information

John Ginley         815.666.9882
Michelle Ginley     815.666.7857
Michele Dockery     815.793.4253

The center is located at 1260 Iroquois Avenue, Suite 400, Naperville, IL 60563

Statement of Purpose

At Bright Start, we pledge to provide distinctive quality and unparalleled child care as we strive to gain the respect and trust of
our customers.

The success of Bright Start is determined by our success in operating as a unified team. We have to earn the trust and respect of
our customers every day. We sell the most important service a parent will ever use which is the care of their children. Service is
provided by people. There are no magic formulas.

Bright Start aims to offer safe and secure child care at all times. Close personal attention to each child is essential to providing a
quality experience for all children. Adequate personnel will be hired to ensure each child has the proper supervision while in our

Bright Start’s mission is to provide top level child care. We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we adhere to this
maxim, everything else will fall into place. Our services will exceed the expectations of you, our customer.

Hours of Operation
Bright Start is licensed to operate from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. We provide both full and part-day
schedules, as outlined in the payment schedule.

Daily Schedules


6:00-7:00      Arrival/routine care (feeding, diapering), health check

7:00-8:00      Tummy time, small group time, cuddle time

8:00-9:00       Breakfast

9:00-: 9:30     Routine care

9:30-10:00     Planned activity- Teacher directed

10:00- 10:30     Reading time, small group time

10:30- 11:30 Planned outdoor activities (weather permitting)

11:30- 12:00    Routine care

12:00- 1:00      Prepare for lunch, clean up, and routine care

!:00- 3:00       Prepare for nap, quiet time, cuddle time

3:00-3:30        Routine care

3:30-4:30        Large motor activity

4:30- 5:00       Planned activity, child initiated activities

5:00- 6:00       Teacher directed quiet activity, routine care, prepare for departure


6:00-7:00        Arrival/toilet time or routine care, child initiated activity, health check

7:00-7: 30      story time

7:30-8:00       Toilet time /hand washing

8:00-9:00       Breakfast

9:00- 10:00     circle time, teacher initiated activity, centers

10:00-11:00      Table time activity, manipulative, Art project

11:00-12:00      outdoor activity (weather permitting) large motor activity, hand washing

12:00- 1:00      Lunch/ routine care/ toilet time

1:00- 3:00       Nap, quiet time

3:00-3:30      Routine care/toilet times

3:30- 4:00      Snack time

 4:00-5:00      Manipulative, child-initiated activity, and centers

5:00- 6:00       Clean up, toilet, routine care, departure time


6:00-7:00      Arrival, greeting, health check, child initiated activity

7:00 –7:30     Story time

7:30 –8:00      Toilet time/ hand washing

8:00-9:00        Breakfast and clean up

9:00 - 10:00    Circle time and teacher directed activity (themes for the week)

10:00 –11:00     Outdoor play time (weather permitting) large motor activity

11:00-12:00      Centers, child-initiated activity

12:00 1:00       Toilet, hand washing, lunch

1:00 - 3:00       Nap, quiet time

3:00- 4:00       Toilet time, hand washing and snack

4:00-5:00       Centers, free-play

5:00-6:00       Clean up, toilet time, departure

School age schedule/Kindergarten

6:00-7:00      Arrival, wash hands, quiet activity, health check

7:00-8:00      Breakfast, get ready for school

8:00-8-30      Bus pick up to school/ a.m. kindergarten/grade school/teacher walks children to bus

11:45-12:15 Kindergarten arrives/ teacher greets children

12:15-12:30     p.m. kindergarten get on bus/ teacher assorts children

12:15-1:15    Wash hands, eat lunch

2:45-4:00 p.m. kindergarten arrives/ grade school / intermediate/ teacher greets children

4:00-5:00    Homework, free play, outside play

5:00-6:00     Wash up get ready for departure

Financial Issues

Late Pickup Fee /Policy
Our hours of operation are from 6:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. The charge for late pick-up is $1.00 per minute per child after 6:00 p.m.
After the first 10 minutes, we will attempt to call the parents/guardians 2 times. After the 2 nd attempt, we will begin calling each
of the names provided on the emergency contact list 2 times. If after 30 minutes we are unable to reach the parent/guardian or an
emergency contact, we will call either the police and/or the DCFS child abuse/neglect hotline. Please keep the emergency
contact list up to date.
Bright Start is responsible for the protection and well being of the child until the parent/guardian, police and or DCFS has picked
up the child.
Staff shall not hold the child responsible for the situation and that discussion of this issue will only be with the parent or guardian
and never with the child.
If you find yourself unable to be at Bright Start by closing, please call so we may reassure your child that Mom or Dad is safe,
but be prepared to pay the late pick-up charge.

Late Payment Fees
At Bright Start, child care services must be paid for in advance of receiving the services. Tuition is charged on a weekly basis,
and is due on Monday, or the first day enrolled, for the current week. A late fee of $10 will be charged if payment is not received
by the first scheduled day of attendance of the week during which care is provided.

While an occasional exception may be made to this rule for families enrolled in our ACH or credit card payment programs,
anyone who makes cash or check payments will be charged a late payment fee if payment is not received before delivery of
Families who carry a balance must enroll in our ACH automatic tuition payment program, or our automatic credit card payment
program. All balances must be paid in full or services can be discontinued and legal proceedings can be commenced, at the
discretion of the management.

Registration Fee
An annual, non-refundable fee of $100.00 per child is due at time of registration. This payment should be submitted with
completed admission forms. The annual registration fee is reduced to $50.00 per child if you enroll in our ACH program at the
time of registration. Annual registration fees will be charged on January 1st each year for every child enrolled.

Payment Procedure
You may pay by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, Pay Pal, or automatic ACH deduction. If a
payment is returned, you will be notified and assessed a $35.00 returned check fee. Your child will be Denied Services until
restitution is made. Each family is required to pay the weekly fee whether or not the child is in attendance. This includes
holidays that the center is not open. On certain holidays, when unusually low attendance is expected, attendance sheets will be
posted. If attendance will be extremely low, Bright Start may opt to close the center. However, parents will still be responsible
for tuition. This weekly fee ensures that the child's spot is held for him/her. Drop-in care will continue to be charged on a daily

ACH Program
Bright Start offers an automatic tuition deduction program to our parents. This service provides for direct withdrawal from your
checking or savings account to pay for your child care services. This easy and convenient program helps to avoid late fees and
keeps your account in good standing.

Bright Start recognizes that the expenses of raising a family can be overwhelming. To help alleviate some of that financial
burden, Bright Start offers a 15% discount for multi-child families. This discount applies to the oldest child’s fee. This amount
is deducted from the family's tuition expense only.


Bright Start will carry public liability insurance in the single limit minimum amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence.


Bright Start has an open door admission policy for any family seeking enrollment. The children must be current on their
immunizations and free of communicable diseases. All forms will be available for completion during the orientation that will be
conducted by the center. The center also accepts enrollment in the subsidy program. Forms for the program are available at the
center or CCRC (Child Care Resource and Referral). Prior to enrollment, the parents or guardian is provided information about
the program and given an opportunity to observe during the hours of operation.
          The facility shall distribute a summary of the licensing standards, provided by the Department, to the parents or
guardian of each child at the time that the child is accepted for care in the facility. In addition, consumer information materials
provided by the Department including, but not limited to, information on reporting and prevention of child abuse and neglect and
preventing and reporting communicable disease shall be distributed to the parents or guardian or each child cared for when
designated for such distribution by the Department.

A written enrollment application is needed for each child with the signatures of the enrolling parents.


If for some reason you decide to discontinue your child's relationship with Bright Start, we require a two-week written notice.
This will give us time to fill your child's spot. Payment is due for the two-week notice period whether or not the child is brought
to school. Any outstanding fees must be paid on or before the child's last day. If legal action to collect fees becomes necessary,
the parent(s) will be responsible for legal fees incurred.

If Bright Start feels it can no longer enroll your child, you will be given a two-week notice. However, if your child exhibits
behaviors that endanger other children or staff, expulsion can be immediate. Examples of reasons for expulsion include (but are
not be limited to):

     1.   Failure of parent to pay tuition.
     2.   Failure of child to adjust to Bright Start after a reasonable amount of time.
     3.   Our inability to meet the child's needs without additional staff.
     4.   Failure to provide waiver/documentation of state required immunizations.
     5.   Behavior that endangers other children or staff.
     6.   Children will be referred to CCRC.

Bright Start observes the following holidays: New Year's Day, Good Friday (half day) Memorial Day, Independence Day (4th of
July), Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after, and Christmas Day. The center will close at 1:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve.
If any of these holidays fall on Saturday (with the exception of Christmas Eve), we will close on the Friday before. If the holiday

falls on Sunday, we will close on the Monday after.

Each family is required to pay the weekly tuition fees, whether or not the child is in attendance. This includes holidays where the
center is not open. On certain holidays, when unusually low attendance is expected, attendance sheets will be posted. If
attendance will be extremely low (i.e., less that 20% attendance), Bright Start may opt to close the center. However, parents will
still be responsible for tuition. This weekly fee ensures that the child's spot is held for him.

Vacation Time Credit
After 1 year of enrollment, a family may take up to two weeks’ vacation while Bright Start is open at one-half the weekly fee.
Weeks are determined by the child’s scheduled program. If the child is enrolled full time, then 10 days of vacation is available. If
the child is enrolled for three days per week, than the child is entitled to 6 days of vacation etc... If there are any questions
pertaining to how many vacation days are available to your child please ask the director. A two-week written notice of this
vacation period is required. If no notice is given, or less than two weeks notice is given, the full weekly fee will be charged.
Payment of the half-portion of the weekly tuition is due before the vacation is taken.

Sick Time Credit
No tuition credit will be offered for days that a child is sick. The center operates on a tight budget with expenses that occur
whether or not an individual child is present. Therefore, we do not reduce the tuition for absences due to illness.


The daily arrival and departure of Bright Start is conducted in a way that protects each child's physical and emotional well-being.
Information provided by the parents about a child's immediate daily needs shall be communicated in a timely manner to staff
caring for the child.
     Child care staff shall conduct a daily pre-admission screening to determine if the child has obvious symptoms of illness. If
symptoms of illness are present, the child's inclusion or exclusion for the day shall be determined by the director in accordance
with DCFS guidelines.
                                         The staff shall refuse to release a child to any person, whether related or unrelated to the
                                          child, who has not been authorized by the parent or parents to receive the child. Persons
                                          not known to the staff shall be required to provide a driver's license (with photo), a photo
                                          identification card issued by the Illinois Secretary of State or other photo identification to
                                          establish their identity before the child is released to them. Such identification must be
                                          photocopied by staff.

                                        When a child is released to a person authorized on the contingency list, Bright Start will
                                         maintain a record of the person's name, the date and time.

                                        The time of each child's departure from the center shall be noted on a daily departure log
                                         and initialed, signed or otherwise documented by the person to whom the child is

           An approved individual must bring the child into the building in person each day. The center will only release the child
to those authorized by the parent or primary caregiver. This must be indicated on the enrollment form, and they must be over 18
years old. A written note or telephone call to Bright Start is acceptable in emergency cases only. A verbal notice is fine on that
day if this person is on the list of those authorized to pick up your child. If the person is not on that list, Bright Start must have
written permission to release your child. Identification will be required.

Upon arrival, each child must be signed in and will be greeted by staff. All children must be signed out when they leave the
building. School age children must be signed in/out when they leave for and return from school also.

Please inform your emergency contacts that they will be asked for identification. This is not meant to offend anyone, but is
simply a measure taken for the child's protection.

Anyone picking up or dropping off children cannot be under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. If a parent or adult appears
to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the staff of Bright Start will request the parent or adult to contact someone else to
transport the child safely. If the parent or adult refuses, Bright Start will contact the local authorities with the name and license
plate number of the impaired person and this is reported to DCFS.

Drop-In Policy

           Drop-in care will be provided at a rate of $75.00 per day to children who are fully registered in the Bright Start
program. Special arrangements must be made with the director prior to service, and space is subject to availability. Children who
are actively enrolled in our academic programs have priority placement. We recommend that you reserve a space in advance;
particularly around school holidays and other busy times of the year.

Medication Policy

If your child is on medication that needs to be administered while he or she is at Bright Start
          the medicine must be in the original container and labeled with the child's name
          Labeled with the doctor's name
           Have the name of the medication
          The dosage
          The expiration date
          When the medicine is to be given.
          A Medication Permission form must be filled out and signed, giving Bright Start permission to give the medication to
           your child.

           Both the director and the child's teacher will be responsible for dispensing the medicine, and you must discuss any
           medications with the teacher and director directly, to make certain that there is no confusion about dispensing the
           medication. Medication will be administered at the time or with the meal you specify and a written record kept. All
           medication will be stored in a locked box.

Sick Child Policy
It is very important that sick children do not come to the center. The children use the same washrooms and they often "mouth"
the same toys. They are often very affectionate with each other and it is very difficult to keep a sick child from infecting everyone

Bright Start will not accept the child for care if any of the following symptoms are present or have been present within the last 24

         fever over 100°
         runny nose that is green or yellow
         conjunctivitis (pink eye)
         flu
         unusual rash
         severe cough
         rapid or labored breathing
         severe cold
         vomiting
         diarrhea
         head lice
         contagious illness of any sort that results in child being too ill to participate in daily activities

The child may return to school 24 hours after his or her temperature has returned to normal, without fever reducing medication,
24 hours after the child is no longer vomiting, or 24 to 48 hours (depending on the illness) after the first dose of an antibiotic. If a
child receives an antibiotic for an ear infection he or she may return to school immediately if he has been free of other symptoms
mentioned for at least 24 hours.

Isolation Policy
If the child shows any of the previously discussed symptoms while at school, he or she will be removed from the group and held
in the designated "isolation" area, which is the director's office. The parent or authorized adult will be notified to pick up the
child. If a parent cannot be contacted within thirty minutes, Bright Start will contact an alternate from the child's emergency card.

Communicable Disease Policy
Bright Start will not accept a child for care if he or she has a communicable disease of any sort (e.g., chicken pox), or if any of
the symptoms discussed earlier are present or have been present within the last 24 hours. A doctor's release must be provided for
a child to return to the program after experiencing a communicable disease.

Emergency Care Procedures

Teaching staff are trained in the usage of infant/pediatric CPR and first aid. Minor cuts and abrasions suffered while at Bright
Start will receive proper care. Specifically, they will be washed with soap and warm water and properly bandaged. Treatment
will be logged in the medical log and the parent will be notified when the injury occurred. Please note that Bright Start is required
to log any injuries observed on your child that may have occurred outside of the center.

If a medical emergency arises, a parent will be contacted before any emergency treatment takes place unless doing so endangers
the child's life. In such a case, necessary steps will be taken, putting the child first (calling 911, hospital, doctor, poison control,
and so forth). If a parent is unable to be reached, the other adults designated on the child's Emergency Information Card will be
contacted. If needed, the child will be taken to a health center. If a medical emergency happens off-site, these same procedures
will be followed, except that we will transport the child to the nearest hospital.

Health Policy

The health examination report shall be on a form provided by the Department of Health and Family Service and shall be signed
and dated by a physician, physician assistant or health care provider.

The health examination requirement may be waived if the parent of a child requests in writing that the department grant an
exemption based upon the parent's adherence to religious belief in exclusive use of prayer or spiritual means for healing in
accordance with the teachings of a bona fide religious sect or denomination.

A child's health history completed by the child's parent shall be on file at Bright Start by the first day of attendance. Children who
have special needs of any sort shall have that child's needs posted in the teacher notebook, with only the child's first name and
last initial, in order to maintain confidentiality.

Bright Start requires a record of immunizations for each child, or a signed immunization waiver.
This should be on file by the first day of attendance.

In all cases the child's confidentiality is protected.

Religious Practices

Bright Start is a nonsectarian, nondenominational organization. We do not have any religious affiliation, and we do not provide
any religious instruction. If you have concerns about a religious issue that your child faces at Bright Start, please discuss it either
with the child's teacher or with the director.

Bright Start’s teachers organize class parties at their discretion, often at Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Halloween, and so forth. If
you do not wish to have your child participate in these, please let your child's teacher know, and an alternate activity will be
available. These activities are intended to be fun and to promote cultural awareness, and should not be regarded as religious

Christian Scientist

In accordance with the Child Care Act of 1969, as amended, a parent may request that immunizations, physical examinations,
and/or medical treatment be waived on religious grounds. A request for such waiver shall be in writing, signed, by the parent or
parents, and kept in the child’s record. If unable to contact parent or certified practitioner, facility will follow our own
emergency policies.

Field Trips

Certain situations lend themselves to short field trips for fun and learning (for example, a visit to the fire station, police station, or
post office when we are talking about community helpers). In addition to short field trips, we usually take several all-day field
trips during the year (Brookfield Zoo, a Pumpkin Farm) etc… Parents are notified two weeks in advance of any field trip, and the
day before a reminder will be sent home. On most such trips, we will ask for Parent chaperones. Most field trips incur an
additional but reasonable surcharge, and no child is obligated to participate

Show and Tell

If your child brings a toy for show and tell, please make sure it has no small parts that could come off and cause choking, and
make sure that it is appropriate to the classroom setting (i.e., no weapons). All toys should be safe for children under three years
of age. Bright Start is not responsible for toys from home that get broken or lost at the center. The responsibility remains with the
child and the parents.


Due to the sensitive nature of information that you will know as a parent of young children, it is our policy at Bright Start to keep
sensitive information confidential. Teachers will not discuss personal information about your child or family except for DCFS.
Teachers sign a confidentiality agreement stating so. Any information about children or their families must be shared on a need
to know basis only with the exception of DCFS. Thus, be very sensitive about discussing children’s developmental needs and
family information in public places such as the lounge or hallway. Others that do not have a need to know could hear such
information. Protect the interests of each child and family by keeping confidentiality. Also strive to be supportive of center
efforts by avoiding negative or malicious discussions about center issues. Together we can achieve great early care and
education. Stay positive and focus on the early childhood needs of the children in your care.


DEFINITION: "Discipline" means the ongoing process of helping children to develop self-control for self-management while
protecting and maintaining the integrity of the child


Caregivers shall use positive discipline, which shall include the following:

         Communicate to children using positive statements.
         Encourage children with adult support, to use their own words and solutions in order to resolve their own interpersonal
         Redirecting the child is a crucial step
         Communicate with children by getting down to their eye level and talking to them in a calm quiet manner about what
          behavior is expected.
         Time-outs – 1 minute per the age of child, after the age of 2


          Any person, while on child care premises, shall not engage in any of the following actions toward children:

                   Inflict corporal punishment in any manner upon a child’s body.
                   Hit, spank, beat, shake, pinch, or any other measure that produces physical discomfort.
                   Cruel, harsh, unusual, humiliating, or frightening methods of discipline, including threatening the use of
                    physical punishment.
                   Placement in a locked or dark room.
                   Public or private humiliation, yelling, or abusive or profane language.
                   Ridiculing a child or the child’s family

                    Staff shall not associate disciplinary action or rewards with rest, food, or toileting.

                    Caregivers shall not:

                             Use time out for any child less than three (3) years of age.
                             Use time out for any purpose other than to enable the child to regain control.

                              Physically restrain children except: when it is necessary to ensure their own safety or that of others
                               and only for as long as it is necessary for control of the situation.


                                         1. This Policy shall be distributed to parents and staff.

                                         2. Caregivers shall have ongoing communication between home and day care regarding
                                         all aspects of the care of the child.

                                         3. Caregivers shall document any history of recurring discipline problems and subsequent
                                         formal parent conferences in the child’s record.

                                         4. In cases of recurring or severe misbehavior, parents will be contacted so that we may
                                         work things out together. If the misbehavior continues the Director may place the child
                                         on a two week probationary period. If the situation does not improve, or a plan cannot be
                                         implemented for improvement during the probationary period, parents will have one
                                         week to withdraw their child from the Day Care.

Communication between Bright Start and Parents

Bright Start has an open door policy where communication is not only essential but mandatory. We insist that each parent
receives a daily report/update on all activities that their child has participated in. In return, we expect each parent to convey any
pertinent issues involving their child. I.e. sleeping difficulties, health issues or concerns, behavior etc…

Bright Start Structure

John Ginley-President 815.666.9882
Michelle Ginley-Vice President 815.666.7857
Michele Dockery-Director 815.793.4253


Outdoor Activity

Please dress your child appropriately for the current weather and in play clothes with shoes that adequately protect the feet (tennis
shoes are a good choice). We have fabulous Outdoor activities every day, except for inclement weather. Generally, if it is under
32° or above 90°, we will not go outdoors, unless in the director's opinion the weather is acceptable; notably, hot weather is ideal
for summer splash days. During the school year, Outdoor activities usually last 30 to 45 minutes. In the summer, much more
outdoor play is encouraged. In the summer, please pack a swimming suit and a towel every Friday. Friday is water day, weather
permitting! Children may get dirty outside, so please keep a complete change of clothes in your child's cubby.

 Things to Bring and Not to Bring
Parents must provide an entire change of clothing (pants, top, underwear, socks) for the season to leave in the child's cubby for
use in the event of spills or soiling. Please mark each item with the child's name and check daily for clothing in need of
laundering. When necessary, return a replacement change of clothing the following day of attendance. If your child needs a
change of clothing and none is found in the child's cubby, you will be called and asked to bring a set.

 Children are encouraged to bring "companion" toys to school, such as a favorite stuffed animal or a favorite pillow for naptime.
If a child requires medications of any sort, parents must make arrangements with the child's teacher, as well as with the director.
Children are not allowed to self-medicate, and should not bring any medicines with them.

Bright Start is considered a Kid Safe Zone, and as such, children should not bring any toys of destruction, which include toy guns
or weapons of any sort, dangerous materials of any sort, fireworks of any sort, or drugs not prescribed for your child.

Transportation Policy
Bright Start will use a chartered vehicle or licensed contract motor carrier for off campus field trips. The following requirements
shall be met: The vehicle shall be:

     1.   Registered in Illinois.
     2.   Clean, uncluttered, and free of obstructions on the floors, aisles, and seats.
     3.   Enclosed. No open air vehicles
     4.   Equipped with a first aid kit.
     5.   Equipped with a list of children transported w/emergency contact information
     6.   Carry all insurance required by law

          Bulletin Board

          All preschool and day care centers must have a prominent bulletin board where formal documents are posted for the
          parents' inspection. Our bulletin board is located in the front near the entrance. It is here that we post our license, rules,
          and violations for viewing.

Unemployment Abatement Program
In the event of a job loss, please contact the director. We feel very strongly that it is important to continue your child's education
though these difficult circumstances. As such, Bright Start offers a Tuition Abatement Program for parents who have suffered a
job loss. We will provide a 25 percent discount on your child's tuition for up to 6 months. Documentation is required.

Participation in this program is subject to the approval of the owners, and its benefits cannot extend for more than six months.

Maternity Leave Abatement Program
Welcoming a new baby into your home is a very special time. It can be both joyous and stressful, especially if your maternity
leave causes you to lose childcare subsidy benefits, or if your employer does not provide paid maternity leave. It is important for
young children to be secure in their routines during this transition period. As such, Bright Start offers a Maternity Tuition
Abatement Program that is similar to our Unemployment Abatement program. Bright Start provides a 25 percent discount on
your child's tuition for up to six weeks.

Participation in this program is subject to the approval of the owners, and its benefits cannot extend for more than six weeks.

Parental Roles and Responsibilities
An orientation meeting is scheduled with all parents upon enrollment, to give parents the opportunity to confer with their child's
teacher regarding the developmental and physical needs of their child. The teacher will share classroom information on the early
childhood education program and develop communication with the parent.

At any and all times, parents are welcome to observe our Early Childhood Education Program. Supportive family relationships
are essential to providing a good program for young children. Teachers are available for on-going communication with parents by
daily contact, parents leaving written notes, or through telephone conversations. In addition, special conferences may be
requested with teachers, teacher's assistants, and/or the director.

Naturally, you are welcome to drop in and visit or observe any time Bright Start is in operation. You will also have the option to
take advantage of our electronic monitoring system which allows you to peruse the center from your PC.
    We would appreciate if you came for a minimum of thirty minutes to have lunch with your child or participate in any other
daily activity. Brief visits tend to be disruptive to the child and the class.

                                                                                                                         10 | P a g e

Parent Handbook

This parent handbook has been prepared for your information and understanding of the policies, philosophies, practices and
benefits of BRIGHT START. Please read it carefully. Upon completion of your review of this handbook, sign the statement below,
and return it to the Director.

I, ____________________, have received and read a copy of BRIGHT START’S parent Handbook which outlines the goals,
policies, benefits and expectations of BRIGHT START, as well as my responsibilities as a parent.

I have familiarized myself with the contents of this handbook. By my signature below, I acknowledge, understand, accept and
agree to comply with the information contained in the parent handbook provided to me by BRIGHT START. I understand this
handbook is not intended to cover every situation which may arise during my child’s enrollment, but is simply a general guide
to the goals, policies, practices, benefits and expectations of BRIGHT START.


(Parent signature)

Date: ______________________

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